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I love having a USB port built into the car.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

I always wanted a small SUV. A car big enough for the family but cute enough for me. I looked at the journeys for a while before getting one. We go on long trips, so the fact that I am comfortable in my seat is a plus. I have room for everyone, with the 7 passenger seats. And behind the front seat on the floor, we have two compartments to hold items. We can even put ice in there and use it as a cooler. Which I think is pretty neat. When I go grocery shopping, which is often without all the kids,I put my seats down and I have plenty of space for my groceries to fit neatly. And when we go on long trips we have the luggage racks at the top to strap my luggage bag up to. So again, plenty of room and space. I also love the USB port that is in my car, so I don't have to worry about losing the car charger plug that goes into the lighter. I just need my cord. The child lock and the ability to lock the windows, well,that is a big help for me. We have two troubled boys that we just adopted. And they will open the doors while we are driving. So the child lock doors are such a blessing. And the windows will go up and down unless locked from the front of the car. My journey drives so smooth,it's always a nice quiet ride. And its red, which is my favorite color. Need I say more. This is a great choice for a family vehicle. Oh, and car seats fit fine in both the middle and the back seat.

- Karen K

Journey Crossroads

2016 Dodge Journey

I bought new in August 2016 after trading in the 2016 4 cylinder. That model had no power to get out of its own way. Took a trip to WI and exiting 57 onto 74 I was nearly involved in a crash. Told my hubby this car has to go. With close to 57,000 miles my car has been in and out of the shop. Celenoid, gas tank replacement. Had two recalls. I do not like floor storage. Too hard to get to. I do like passenger seat storage. I get good gas mileage. I am on the road alot. The 6 cylinder has power. My hubby went with me to get this one. It cost me 4000. to trade from 4 to 6 cylinder but so worth it. We also have bumper to bumper warranty. It cost 4999. Additional to price. I am thankful to have it. If Iever buy again Iwill stick with Chevy. The storage is great Iput the seats down, I carry steer semi tires and several trailer tires. Journey and Tic Toc have room to move around. I also can take theirbed on trips. We haul cars and I drove a journey. That is what lead me to buying one.

- Janeen

Great family vehicle, lots of space, easy on the bank account.

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

I love my journey! I have had my car for almost two years and have not had any issues. My car gets really good gas mileage and has the power to pull everything I need since we purchased a custom hitch for it. The first two rows are comfortable and the third row seems to work for the kids, but I am not sure I could sit back there for a long trip. It is very convenient though, having the space. It has about four cubbies for storage in the floor and the front seat which is very convenient with kids and long trips. Living in the mountains, I wish I purchased a journey that was 4 wheel drive. A couple things that lower my points are the blind spots in the rear and the noise when the rear windows are rolled down. Other than that, I love my car. The blind spot could be fixed with a backup camera. It has all the features that one needs, such as cruise control and volume and channel control on the steering wheel. It also has ac/heater controls for the rear which is nice.

- Danielle D

Pros/cons of Dodge Journey.

2016 Dodge Journey

The Journey is the best price for a 7 seater. Although space is limited especially when you try to fit tall men in it. Several electronic features a plus. Map outdated quickly. Hidden compartments and coolers a plus in this make/model. Doors have slots that go deep and items get down in them which is hard to retrieve. Steering wheel has audio controls which makes it safer driving. The back has additional storage compartment which is great when car is full of people. I found it only offers a 1 year battery for this make and model and the battery is behind the driver's front tire which is not convenient for a simple fix. My Dodge has had 2 recalls in 2 years of having it. Parts for the vehicle can only be bought through dealer not AutoZone, discount auto type places. Making appointments for service has been difficult. After making an appointment you still wait. I replaced 2 air filters and then had the oil changed. They marked air filters as needed replacing.

- Dana M

Great family car! But needs a little more legroom and better cup holders.

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

I like the journey it rides nice and is fairly comfortable. There are a few things I would like to add. First I would like a hand bar on ceilings by the doors. I am disabled and it is difficult for me to get in and out. Having a bar to grab would help. I also wo uh ld like more or better convenience items like better cup holders, especially in the back seat. A thing comes down in the middle of seat with 2 holders but they are not good they do not hold cups or cans securely. I also wish there was storage in the pull down thing! And I want storage on the back of both seats instead of just one like mine has. The only major problem I have is the leg space. The back seat is not very comfortable and it is almost impossible for an adult to sit in the 3rd row... which is why we bought the car. An adult has to sit with legs sideways and 2 will not fit!

- Frances M

Three rows! Still room for two carseats and those teenagers!! Haha perfect car for someone who's not ready to get the "soccer mom' minivan but needs more room than a car and gas mileage isn't bad

2016 Dodge Journey

I like my journal over all but I just think I got a bad one off the lot! I have already put money into it the first year I bought it being brand-new with no help from dealership,which found every way to go around it! I have a family of seven and have been a minivan mom for years so that was my main fear! We don't have all the room we did but we still have room to be comfortable and I do live the buckets in the floors!I like how I can move the seats forward and back and easy to lay down and pick back up! That is something I am doing all the time with two carseats!! I don't like how my doors can open if I'm driving unless in safety mode which again I am thinking is a lemon thing bc everyone else I know who has a journey can not do that? Overall good car I just think I got a bad one off the lot and went through a bad company not trying to fix anything

- Stacey G

It does not get the advertised fuel economy.

2016 Dodge Journey

This car is on several list as one of the ten worst cars made in America. It has poor driver visibility, poor legroom, the resale value drops like a brick in a vacuum, it does not get promised fuel economy. If you are not a tall person you cannot safely see the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. The engine/transmission combination is known for having problems. I will never buy another Dodge product in my life, and I will never buy another new vehicle again. The cost of new cars is to high for the quality delivered. New vehicles don't come with spare tires or jacks, just low tire warning systems. You must have a way to re-inflate a low tire or ruin it driving. I have been told (not verified) that these run-flat tires cost $300. 00 to replace. New cars simply are not worth the cost or headache involved in my opinion.

- Joseph T

Disappointments of a Dodge Journey

2016 Dodge Journey SE

Dodge Journey does not hold its value, I bought the car brand new and once it hit 100,000 miles it immediately started having problems. The throttle had to be replaced. The car has already began to sound loud when you crank it. It's had a Couple recalls. The back seat air vents blow really hot air while the A/C is on. It would be cold in the front of the car but hot in the backseat. I do like that it has 3 rows and space in the back when the 3rd row is down. The parts are cheaper to get for this vehicle but it's not worth all the money in my opinion. After everything we've been through with this journey we are in the process of searching for another vehicle. I wish I had a 6 cylinder because the power on the 4 cylinder is terrible! I would not buy another Dodge Journey or any Dodge product!

- Ann H

My 2016 Dodge journey cons and pros.

2016 Dodge Journey

It is a push start no special features such as back up camera, on star, no heated seats, small interior, no leather seats. Has Bluetooth radio and connects phone calls from your phone third row seats and has air bags. The horn will honk if you lock your keys in the car but one time it didn't and I had to pay pop a lock when the keys were lying on the seat. The windows are powered. The seats have to be manually moved back and forth and the back seat is a little tricky to work sometimes. There is a built in ice chest in the back seat floor board which helps on long trips or just a trip to the park. The color is black so it gets really hot on the summer but has a great a/c. The heater works great also in the winter. It comes with luggage rails on the top which I have used during traveling.

- Amanda H

Car to fit all my needs and more

2016 Dodge Journey SE

Dodge never fails to deliver excellent vehicles. The journey is easy on gas and runs really smooth. Never had any issues with performance or problems in general. My model has a 3rd row so it is really comfortable and it puts a spin on the traditional mom van. I love having the option of the extra space in the back. I can put the bench seat up or lay it down giving me more trunk space. Having children with sports gear and bags, extra space is a must. For anyone looking to buy a SUV this vehicle will give you the cool vibe while providing reliability and space. The crossroad model are considered fully loaded. This comes with a navigational system, leather seats, and sunroof. I love it because it gives you the feel of a car but the space of a van. I couldn't imagine ever needing a van.

- ashley F

Not a fan of the Dodge Journey-cramped space and not well manufactured

2016 Dodge Journey

This vehicle looks nice and has third row seating, however, on the inside it is really small. They added some compartments inside the vehicle for storage which in theory is nice, but they are too small to do anything with. If you have a carseat and you are over about 62 inches, the vehicle will not be comfortable. Mine was leased new and there are so many convenience things that are missing, I feel like they skimped to save on money in making this vehicle. For example, my vehicle does not even have automatic headlights. Also, the first six months we had the vehicle, it was in the shop almost constantly for recalls and service (the manufacturer had not secured one of the fender liners and the exhaust also wiggled loose and had to be reattached).

- Amanda D

The Dodge Journey is Great for a Young Family

2016 Dodge Journey

We decided on the Dodge Journey because of the third row of seating that you can easily fold down for luggage. The gas mileage isn't bad. We travel frequently between our current home and hometown, which is about 350 miles, and we can make it there on one tank of gas with no problem. We upgraded to this SUV when we had a baby a year ago. I love that the back seat has its own temperature control so we can adjust for him. We had a transmission issue a few months ago that would have been expensive to fix had we not purchased a warranty from the dealership. Overall we are happy with this car and will keep it for several more years, but will probably have to get something bigger as our family grows since we do travel so much.

- Emily B

I think Dodge Journey's are a great any person vehicle.

2016 Dodge Journey

This is my second Dodge Journey. My husband used to work at a dealership, and he brought one home to pick up a potential buyer. I fell in love with it and bought it. That one was used, and I had it for two years. I traded it for a brand new one. It is the perfect family car. I have grown kids, so we also like to load up my third row and go to concerts with our friends. I am big on the way my stereo sounds, and I cannot complain. I went from a 6 cylinder to a 4 cylinder. I was a little concerned about that, but I cannot find any fault in its get up and go. This is not a huge vehicle, so it is not hard to drive or park. I love the way it looks. I have been happy with my purchase.

- Jamie B

Dodge journey 2016, the good and the few bad.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

I do not have many issues with this car maybe two at the absolute most. One of the problems I have with the car is the shortage the USB port causes on my charges when I directly plug them up to listen to music. Another is the gas mileage, I do wish the gas mileage was just a tad bit better. I love the amount of storage this car has, so much space to put things. I have never had an issues with its performance it drives smoothly and has a good pick up. It is super comfy to ride in which is a plus for me because I do a lot of driving. It is very roomy. I have two kids both and car seats and it's super easy to get people in and out without moving the car seats.

- Dakota S

The best mom car on the market.

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

I absolutely adore this car. My husband was the one to pick it out initially as our family car but it is my daily driver and it has every feature I could ask for. I don't use my third row often. With it folded down I have ample trunk and storage but when I do need the third row seating it is so quick and easy to pop that seat up. It is a comfortable ride; easy to handle with plenty of power and my family loves the dual temperature controls. For me, a busy housewife, this vehicle looks and feels luxurious but as someone who is budget conscious I found the price point to be more than reasonable. I have no guilt over this car whatsoever.

- Kelly W

The Perfect Vehicle For New Families

2016 Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey is a fantastic vehicle for new families. It is extremely reliable and performs well in all road conditions, including snow and ice. It is easy to drive and comfortable. It also features child car seat attachments and the ability to drop the seats flat. The only negative I have in regards to the Journey is that the back seats are fairly narrow and would appear to be more aimed at younger passengers, rather than fully grown adults. Regardless, this vehicle is comfortable enough for long car rides. The sound system is very good. The AC is very effective within a short period of time, as is the heating system.

- Elizabeth L

That there are different models, and we chose the Crossroads version, which includes the 3 row 7 seat option, and the larger built in touch screen with Navigation and a whole host of other features.

2016 Dodge Journey

I chose this vehicle for its versatility. My model has the 3 row, 7 seat option. Although we only have a family of 5, the 2 extra seats definitely come in handy when picking up friends and family members. We also picked this crossover SUV for the extra space and roomy interior, as we love to include our Rottweiler in our outings, and she can have an entire back area to herself (with the back row folded down, offers a ton of space!) The only thing I can possibly complain about is that the gas mileage isn't the greatest. But all in all, a 5 stars family vehicle that seats 7, but looks better than a minivan!

- Stephanie M

A good comfortable reliable small car.

2016 Dodge Journey

My Dodge if a fairly good vehicle. It is very reliable. The electronic features are wonderful. Bluetooth and hands free features are included and work very well. There is a third row hidden seat but the leg room is so small our tween can not sit there as well as any grown up and a car seat will not fit there at all. When the third row seat is up you have no trunk room at all. There are three seats behind the passenger and driver seats. The seat in the middle will not accommodate a car seat or an adult. It's a good reliable car for people who do not have large families or a lot of passengers.

- Joy M

The hidden compartments are great for small things.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

The Dodge Journey is a great as a family car and a single person car. It provides a lot of space and compartments to put things in. It is easy to drive and has a helpful reverse camera that I love to use when parking. The automatic Bluetooth helps me have a connection with my phone without actually using it. I can make phone calls on the go and also speak-to-text messages. I love how I don't have to hassle with finding my key to open the car when I can simply hold the door handle and the car will open if I have the key near the car(ex. Anywhere in my purse) I absolutely love this car!

- Vanessa P

Dodge Journey crossroad has great features.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love the fact that it has a 3rd row but it is not a long and gaudy vehicle. The GPS, heated seats, heated steering wheel and dual climate control are a plus. The gas mileage could improve but it is not too bad. I get 27 in the city and 35 on the highway. It drives really smooth and it came with a 3 year/ 36,000 mile warranty. I love the features and the look of this vehicle however it is not a sturdy vehicle cosmetic wise. I bought the car brand new and I am not hard on what all; but the siding of the car is coming off and a couple of things inside are breaking off as well.

- Amber M

Good, reliable mid-priced vehicle.

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

It is very reliable. It goes well in the snow. I live on a steep hill and this is one of the best vehicles I have owned to just drive out without getting stuck. It is comfortable. It is versatile inside with third row that folds down and second row that folds down and a combination of each row half down and half up. It is good on gas. Does real well on the highway. Only complaint I have with vehicle are the factory issued tires. Kimmo solus, has the sidewall of one tire blow out with less than 1000 miles on the car. All tires needed to be replaced at less than 20,000 miles.

- Mary W

Has comfortable seats for a base model.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

The Bluetooth system is not very good. Sometimes to connect you have to start-turn off-then restart the car or open and close the drivers door and then if will pick up your Bluetooth device. Also on recalls, the Dodge dealership never has the part in for the recall. We've had it for 2 1/2 yrs and still hasn't been replaced. Also the battery once replaced turns on randomly but nothing is wrong with the battery. Also sometimes the car will not recognize the smart key and takes a few times of ON/OFF and pressing the start with the smart key for the car to start.

- Nicole J

The Dodge Journey is a great family vehicle.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

The fit and finish if the interior is great. The large touchscreen is very nice and easy to navigate. The view out the windows is very open and the blind spots in the rear quarters are small. Having dual A/C for the front and rear is a must living in Arizona. The third row seat is on the small side and better suited for children rather than adults. However access to the third row is very easy. When both rows of rear seats are folded down there is lots of space for hauling items, and the small compartment at the back is a perfect place to store basic tools.

- Troy P

Best purchase of our families lives.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love our 2016 Dodge Journey. Having 2 kids still in car seats is a huge hassle and the car seats take up a lot of room in a normal car. Which leaves no space for anyone else to ride along with you. Well that is not the case here. Our SUV is very spacious on the inside and has 3 row seating which is spectacular. It has remote start which is great in the winter time so the car can warm up and is nice and comfortable before the kids get in. The only thing I wish our SUV had was a backup camera and navigation. But all and all our best purchase.

- Nick V

Dependable and roomy Dodge Journey

2016 Dodge Journey SE

I have had my vehicle for over a year now and I have not had any major problems. It handles well and it has a lot of room the 4 rear seats lay down for extra storage. One of the things that I am not really found off is that it really does not give me good mileage but maybe that's due to me driving short distances from home to work. I like the cloth seats they are really easy to clean and maintain. It has Bluetooth for Hands free calling all windows are power windows. It is a little low for my taste but it gets me to where I need to be.

- DEe V

My favorite aspect is the extra storage in the backseat floors reduces clutter.

2016 Dodge Journey

I absolutely love my journey. It is sporty yet functional. It is great on gasoline while still being able to haul all of my children and than some. The third row seating is amazing. Great for taking trips with the kids. It is a wonderful family vehicle. It has great connectivity with my phone when I push to start. I can make all my phone calls or music choices without even touching my phone while driving, making it much safer while still making it comfortable. Beautiful car on the outside with all the function of a family vehicle.

- Bailey G

Features I love of the journey.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

My journey is so easy to handle! This journey has three row seating! All the seat fold down to haul things even the passenger front seat folds down. Under the front passenger seat is a storage space. Under the floor mats in the second row is cooler spaces. You can put ice in there and keep foods cold while traveling! The stereo is nice. I love the push button start, just wish my car had the automatic start! Has dual temperature zones! The heat will burn you out and the ac freeze you out!

- Rhonda K

IMO. Most underrated SUV on the road today.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

Overall, this vehicle is wonderful. Great capacity, which is fantastic for a family. It's amazing for going on adventures. Even the most standard packages that come with this vehicle is a nice addition. Like most anything though, there are a few flaws. Your basic tires and brakes weren't designed for this vehicle. Unfortunately, I have gone through more tires and brakes than I would have thought. I would definitely recommend a Dodge Journey to a friend or family member.

- Mark H

Family of 6 and little room for much else

2016 Dodge Journey Base

Overall I have been pleased with my Dodge Journey. I have a family of 6. The only thing I feel like I would change is the amount of space. There is not much room at all for groceries if all 6 of us are in the vehicle. I also wish that I could put one seat completely down, the way the car is made, you have to put two down as they are attached which makes it hard to let my older two children out for school in the morning. Other than these small issues I love the vehicle.

- Kelsey S

Dodge Journey: Allow passengers to control their own comfort level

2016 Dodge Journey SE

I feel like it's been pretty reliable so far. I haven't had any major mechanical problems with it so far other than the horn needing repaired after it stopped working. My kids really love the rear clinic control buttons so they can adjust it to their comfort level instead of asking the people in the front seats to adjust the temperature. I also like the ability to lock the climate and window controls from the front in case I have young children riding in the car.

- Rene L

The Dodge Journey is a great family car!

2016 Dodge Journey

I love that our Dodge Journey has three row seating. This really sold me on the car because it has plenty of room for our family! The car gets really good gas mileage. I like the easy to use touch screen for the radio and the climate control. The car is comfortable but does not have a backup camera. The car also does not have a way to hook your phone up to it so you can talk and drive. I just use my bluetooth but this feature may be a problem for some people.

- Heather R

Dodge Journeys great safety and security features.

2016 Dodge Journey

My Dodge Journey is a great car. It has many convenient features and drives with ease. My most favorite feature is the lock system. As long as you have your key fob you only have to touch any of the. Door handles for them to unlock. Also without the key fob present you will not be able to start the ignition. So that is another awesome feature on this car that I love. I really do not have anything negative to say about my Journey. It is just a great car!

- Jessica L

SUV and Family Car all in one

2016 Dodge Journey SE

Car performs great and haven't had any issues. Had one recall for the auto drive, but took it to a dealership and it was taken care of immediately. I love having the 3rd row for when we have friends or family visit. Otherwise the 3rd row is folded down for maximum trunk space. The 2nd row fits a car seat forward facing with space for bags and the child's legs. The anchors are easy to locate as well. The Bluetooth connectivity is easy to utilize.

- Heather B

A Mother's Car: Dodge Journey SE

2016 Dodge Journey SE

It is a great reliable vehicle with lots of space but it has the small shaking effect and revs but does not go anywhere. There's no V6 or V8 so it's definitely not the car you want if you want speed. The interior is easy to clean (I have 3 kids) and it still looks new after 3 years and a small detail job using a vacuum interior cleaning. I have not had any technical issues or mechanical issues at all. Just normal checkups with the oil change.

- Berry B

electronic nightmare

2016 Dodge Journey

owned this journey now for nearly 3 years, it has power steering pump replaced battery replaced 8.4 screen replaced, doors only open when they want, remote start works sometimes, key not detected, when it is in my hand or in the car, key fob battery low alarm comes on when the battery is ok 3.1 volts and the list goes on, the car will be traded in 2 month time just before the warrenty is up, I will never buy another dodge again

- malcolm

Great vehicle for a small family.

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

The Journey is very comfortably in the first two rows. Not so much in the third row. Handling is nimble and the ride is very smooth. Plenty of storage space and nice creature comforts. The SXT trim level is short on technology such as Bluetooth and the fuel mileage is ok. Engine and transmission performance is great and allows for some spirited driving along with a good suspension. All in all it is a great vehicle for the price.

- Glenn G

Dodge Journey comes with compartments that can double as coolers.

2016 Dodge Journey R/T

This is a really reliable car. The seats are not as comfortable as I would like. They can be quite uncomfortable on long car rides. I also wish that it came with a backup camera standard. I enjoy the heated steering wheel and seats. The compartments in the floor of the back seat and under the passenger seat comes in handy a lot too. I also wish the storage space in the back was a little bigger when the third row seats were up.

- Kristen C

Great for families with children 12 and under

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

The Dodge Journey SXT is great for families. It is an 8 seater car. The car drives smooth. It is great for long trips. The trunk is very spacious to put luggage, groceries, strollers, etc if you do not put up the 3rd row. A problem I have is the leg room between the 2nd and 3rd row. If an adult or teenager wanted to sit back there, the legroom is tight. The 3rd row is better to put your child's car seats or for small children

- Joanna F

One thing about this car is it has hidden storage compartments under the mats.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

This care gas more than one recall on it. One of those recalls includes the transmission which is never good. The car has third row seating, however there is very little leg room for you passengers. If you are using your third row. You have little to no room for 'trunk' space. This is a fairly tiny SUV. It's perfect for people under 5'7. If you have more than one car seat for your kids. You might need to rethink this choice.

- Brooke D

No room in back for strollers. Back seats don't have much leg room at all.

2016 Dodge Journey

I don't like that there is no back up camera. I feel like I should have driven it longer or looked at other vehicles before buying this one. Makes some weird random noises so I can't get it to do it at the dealership. No room for anything in the back if the third row seating is being used. Had to stuff our bags practically on top of a 10 year old in the very back. Very uncomfortable 13 hour drive for her.

- Jennifer E

The great Journey- the Dodge Journey review.

2016 Dodge Journey

This is the best vehicle. Three rows heated steering wheel heated sears great on the road & even better on gas. Only complaint would be the trunk space but third row turns into more trunk space. The entertainment system is to die for, touch screen Bluetooth it is how you control everything with the car this car is definitely a must buy if you have a big family but it is also just a great car to own.

- Duncan M

2016 Dodge Journey. Candy Apple Red Good SUV

2016 Dodge Journey Base

I love this vehicle. It has been Dependable I have no problems with it gas mileage is good it was good out on the road. The color is very noticeable. Candy Apple red. I continue to get my maintenance on my car every 4000 miles. The engine runs smooth there is plenty of space on the inside for cargo or other passengers. I would recommend this S UV to anyone who doesn't want just a compact car.

- Peggy D

Dodge journey takes a journey!

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

So far our dodge has been reliable. No performance problems. The dealer loaded our cell phone information so we could answer directly through the car's speakers. The driver's seat is easy to adjust since my husband is much taller than I am so adjustment is often required. One thing not so good is that the glove box is small and there is no place to put a trash bag so we hang it on the gear shift.

- Claire D

Great car at an affordable price

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

Performance is great. Have never had an issue. Features are fair could use a little more leg room back seats are really not meant for a tall person. Besides that it is a great family car. Pretty good gas mileage. Back seat are conveniently and easily lowered to make room for larger items. Plenty of hidden storage spaces for those valuables. All and all it's a great car at an affordable price.

- Denise C

Comfortable for a family of 6

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

I love it! Fits my family of six very comfortably. The price is very affordable and it has been very reliable thus far. It's aesthetically pleasing and very smooth to drive. I definitely recommend. The transition between my old car and the Journey was so easy. Even though it uses more gas it's very worth it. I feel like my kids are safe, comfy, and living in AZ they get the ac they need!

- Yolanda H

It's very sporty looking and can carry 7 passengers.

2016 Dodge Journey

I bought a SUV because I was tired of driving a van. I cart around a lot of kids so I needed the 3rd row seating. I like the journey so far. I bought it used in June 2018. It's harder to get in and out of for me. I have chronic knee pain. I love the way it handles. I also love the seat and wheel warmer and the remote start. I'm looking forward to see how it handles in the snow.

- Judy M

2016 Dodge Journey many lows but a couple highs.

2016 Dodge Journey

The engine always made weird noises but they couldn't figure out where it was from the Bluetooth connection takes at the most min. Of 5 minutes to connect navigation would just shut off. Good for fitting multiple people in though there are 7 seats including the driver, lots of room to fit car seats in when you are traveling around with young children, but terrible on gas and miles.

- Ashley K

Spacious cargo room and versatility

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

I love the size. It has third row seating. Very spacious. Mileage could be better, but it is workable. Drives very smooth. I wish it had navigation and Bluetooth, I think those items would make this vehicle that much better. I like how the seats fold completely down for better cargo space and the front seats have secret storage along with the back seat floor mat secret storage.

- Ashley H

Not worth the investment, at all!

2016 Dodge Journey

My 2016 is a borderline lemon, it is been to the shop more than twice for the transmission, I have received a recall for a part that I have yet to have installed because it has not been sent from the manufacturer. It is currently giving me the same problems that it has given me in the past. I am not getting my money's worth and I wish I would have gotten something different.

- Lisa L

Great on gas for family of six, save us money and we all fit.

2016 Dodge Journey

It's great for small family with little kids. Love the great storage it has. Able to hide or put stuff away that might need later. We put our folding chairs in the compartment in the back and when we go to our son's games we have them there already. It's nice to drive on long trips its smooth and comfortable. Great to charge everyone phones there's ports front to back.

- Lupita G

The brakes are too weak for size of car. Overheating issues.

2016 Dodge Journey

It has a really huge issue with overheating. There is a plastic part that cost us $189 to fix I guess once it gets hot it cracks. The part it self is not expensive it was the labor and the time it took to fix was my biggest issue. And our breaks that are factory are too weak for the size of the vehicle and must be replaced. I have 5 kids and that's a huge concern.

- Robin L L

My beautiful blue Journey.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love my Journey. It is high up to see the road. It is very roomy. I can haul things around in it. The ride is smooth and quite. The second row seats go up and down easily. It handles easily. I love the radio system. It sounds great. I can see the name of the song and the name of the group singing the song. I like the fact the temperature outside is on console.

- Sue L

Dodge journey. Large in size and comfort.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

The car does not handle turns well and feels like it might flip sometimes. It also has trouble accelerating uphill. However, it drives smooth for the most part and cruise control is a nice feature. The interior is a nice black and the seats are extremely comfortable. It has personal a/c controls for driver, passenger, and back seats. It has three rows of seats.

- Patricia T

2016 Dodge Journey- the SUV for winners.

2016 Dodge Journey

I have had absolutely no problems with this vehicle and I have had it for about a year now. It is spacious and it gives you the feel of luxury without the expensive price tag. It features a touch screen for controlling the temperature, radio and a backup camera. The mpg is great, especially for an SUV. I love Dodge and wouldn't want another type of vehicle.

- Ally P

2016 Dodge Journey Thoughts

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

I enjoy the vehicle- it's smooth, drives very well as a V-6. I wish it had a Bluetooth. It's a 2016 so I thought that would just be a standard thing. The driver window doesn't work 9/10 times. It seems to be an electrical issue and we will have to take it in. But with that said, it's safe, gets us around and fits (tightly with third row) our family of five.

- Kelly R

It is a great family car, it does not feel so much like a 'mom car' like a van.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

All vehicles should have Bluetooth these days, which mine does not, and to add Bluetooth it is very expensive because the entire radio needs to be replaced and also they have to add microphones and speakers to the vehicle. Also I do not like that my car does not have automatic headlights, I think every car should have that we are in the age of technology.

- Danielle P

Reliable good in gas but it doesn't have the space needed for the 7 passenger.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

This is my first dealer vehicle. It does not have Bluetooth or backup camera. Of course I asked for nothing fancy. I really love this vehicle. It is very reliable and good in gas. I just wished it had more space for the actual 7 passengers. Not all 7 passengers fit as is supposed to. But other than that it's a convenient vehicle to get you back and forth

- Monica Zapata M

Smoothest ride you can imagine.

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

Only wrong I see is the panel lights on dashboard seem to fade in and out at times. This model has no backup camera or Bluetooth. Seven seater sits comfortably. Super comfortable ride. Lots of storage space on floor of back seats. Could be used as a cooler or just storage inner container can be removed for easy cleaning. Overall car look is pretty nice.

- Yen R

It's not worth it, if you get a Dodge Journey make sure to get the 6 cylinder.

2016 Dodge Journey

Its small a 4 cylinder small SUV which drives so slow, and it doesn't have any special things inside car like my Chrysler does, no heated seats, no power seats or no leather seats. Also it seems really small from the inside. I need a luxury big car I guess or I wont be happy. And on top of it all it already has 4 recalls and I just got it 5 months ago.

- Rachael C

2016 dodge journey with amazing space for a large family plus more.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

Tons of room. Comfortably. We have driven cross country many times with no issues at all. Gas mileage is amazing. My husband is 6 foot tall and fits great. Having three kids in car seats was a concern of mine but they fit very well. It is super easy to get them in and out and the 3rd row makes it just that more convenient for a large family like mine.

- Danielle U

It has an AUX cord and bluetooth!

2016 Dodge Journey

My vehicle is amazing. It has bluetooth, 7 seats, an AUX cord, and so much more! It has lots of space for storage. It runs very smooth and gets 19 miles per hour on the highway. It has great traction and I never worry about it breaking down. I have had this car for 2 years and I have never had a problem with this car and I am so happy I own this car!

- Cheyenne E

Great vehicle with minor problems. Very loud

2016 Dodge Journey R/T

In my opinion it's too big for me but a good truck. Gas is expensive for it it's grey and loud which will be good for teenage boys or men that like to be heard. The middle seat hardly has a seat belt. The middle seat is also not really connected properly anytime you speed up if anyone is in it the will tilt back like if they were on a roller coaster.

- kate E

The gear shift is in a comfortable spot and not hard to change gears.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

Being in the driver's seat is comfortable. All the features are so easily accessible and easy to maneuver. It is a great family car and fits our children’s car seats well. The third row is not always used but when it is, it is very handy. When we have the third row seats folded down, there is a lot of space in the trunk to pack so much and more.

- Zuleima R

Overall decent small family size car

2016 Dodge Journey SE

We make multiple out of State Road trips during the year and it's a fairly comfortable ride. The third row seating is very small, my two kids in the back don't have enough leg room at all. There are plenty of blind spots in this vehicle so extra caution is necessary. It's over all been a decent car, just not very suitable for my growing family.

- Tammy H

My vehicle is my everyday car, I enjoy driving it because it is good on gas.

2016 Dodge Journey

I think that the only problem with this vehicle is that you can really fit three car seats into the back. So being a nanny it makes it very challenging. It is very good on gas. I have had it for 3 years, and it is still my everyday car and it has not died on me yet! It is seats a really nice, and the third row really helps when I go on vacation!

- Chloe B

Best vehicle I have ever owned.

2016 Dodge Journey

Overall the Dodge journey is the best vehicle I have owned. Despite its small profile the interior is very roomy and comfortable. The touchscreen display is very clear and user friendly. I purchased the 4 cylinder model and I couldn’t be happier with the gas mileage. Despite the smaller engine it has plenty of get up and go when you need it!

- Krystal M

Great starter family vehicle

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

I like that my vehicle can either be 2 rows or 3. The trunk is large with a lot of storage, and on the floor by the second row has storage as well. I just wish the seats were automatic, and I wish it didn't look so much like a van. I also would like if the middle section between the driver and passenger seat had more space. It's a bit cramped.

- Tati S

Great gas mileage. Nice storage space in the middle roll.

2016 Dodge Journey

Nice and room. Love able to fit more people in it. Love the color. Best gas mileage than any other vehicle that I've ever had. Very sporty. High performance. Very high tech. Seats are comfortable. Very the storage in the floorboard in the middle seats. The only thing bad about the vehicle in the there is enough leg room in the far back seat.

- Vicki S

2016 Dodge Journey-pros & cons.

2016 Dodge Journey

Love the cargo room when all 3 sets of seats are not being used but no storage space when all 3 sets of seats are used-has lumbar seats which are quite comfortable-love the all wheel drive-the brakes rusted out within the first year & of course are not covered by the warranty-had a small transmission leak which was covered by the warranty.

- Kathleen A

Its family size great for road trips. And gets me from a to b.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

When we got the car we had to jump start the car replace the battery 6 months later buy four brand new tires 6 months later other than that the car runs perfectly it's roomy. Space for kids, it has third row seating. A/c gets cold fast along with heat in winter time. Radio is touch screen it has CD player, auxiliary for Spotify music.

- Donna H

Great winter vehicle for family.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

So far there have been no problems. We keep up with regular maintenance and they have reported no problems. We have had some rough winters in our area and the vehicle has performed through negative temperatures, high snows and icy roads. It is very comfortable and has plenty of room for a family of four and all of their belongings.

- Dylan Z

Great AWD vehicle awesome in the snow

2016 Dodge Journey SE

The car is really comfortable and has the v6 with AWD so it has power. The interior leaves a little to be desired it has squeaks the seats in the far back are really tight but will due in a pinch and I really like that there are a ton of storage cubbies all over the car. Overall I really like it and have not had any problems at 28k

- Brandon M

The awesomeness of the 2016 Dodge Journey.

2016 Dodge Journey

My Dodge Journey drives really well! The back up camera really helps with backing out of my uphill driveway and any parking I have to do. The air/heat can be synced to the driver, passenger, & backseat or be controlled individually. There are seven seats total. The third row of seats can be folded flat to make room for more cargo.

- Maggie C

A nice reliable SUV for a good price

2016 Dodge Journey SE

Comfortable small SUV with plenty of room for seven people. Third row seat is very convenient. Good gas mileage 25 city 35 highway. Very reliable, starts up every time and is driven across town daily. All power windows and mirrors are convenient and nice stereo system. A little slow on acceleration but is only a four cylinder.

- Dylan C

Well performing and roomy.

2016 Dodge Journey

The vehicle is a good reliable one. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of more luxury vehicles. It hasn't given me any mechanical problems in the last few years. It drives well, but it can have trouble getting up to speed, in fact I think my minivan does better. But again, it's reliable and that's what's most important.

- Tomorrow P

Keyless entry and the key fob in the car to start/run it. Keep track of keys.

2016 Dodge Journey

Love the heated seats in the winter time!! Remote start is something new for us, but it has come in very handy. For some reason the cruise is being temperamental and does not always work like it is supposed to. The 3rd row seating is nice to have without driving a minivan. Easy access to get to the 3rd row. Plenty of legroom.

- Erika G

Drives smooth and safe with no issues.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

Love my dog journey very spacious and comfortable. Love that they have many different departments where stuff can be saved. Like the back view camera that will sound off when you're getting close to something. It has a great GPS also. Only thing that I dislike is having a hard time to first connect my phone to the Bluetooth.

- ashley B

Our dodge journey that can fit anything inside it.

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

It is great for packing kids in and is also easy to drive. Our dodge journey is an awesome fit for our family. It is amazing how good this car runs and gets through icy spots on the road. If you want to move this car could fit anything inside it like the one time we had to fit a giant dresser in the back when we were moving.

- Ellie B

It is a good family car at a budget friendly price, unlike most 3 row Suvs.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love that it has enough space for my whole family so we have the ability to take longer trips. I do wish the third row had more leg room, as it is really only suitable for kids. I typically have the seats folded for more trunk space. A backup camera would also be nice but overall it is a great family car for a great price.

- Cody B

2016 Dodge Journey- the highs & the lows.

2016 Dodge Journey

Affordable car for a largish family. Would like if it were a bit larger in the cargo area with the third row seats engaged. Reliable and the stowaway storage places are a plus. Has a lot of get up and go but also very good on gas mileage. I’d recommend it for those who need more seating but cannot afford a larger SUV.

- Cynthia C

All of the compartments built into the SUV is a huge plus

2016 Dodge Journey SE

My vehicle is reliable but doesn't have a lot of room in the third row. It doesn't feel like it was made for a third row seat. If feels like someone put a row of seats in the trunk. It drives smoothly and is okay on gas. It's not the most up to date in technology. A rear view camera would be a huge upgrade and heated seats.

- Brittany M

Our 2016 Dodge Journey is a perfect family car.

2016 Dodge Journey

It is a great family car with an extra row of seats for three extra passengers that fold down for more storage. My husband wishes that it was an all terrain vehicle, so it would handle easier in the snow when we visit his family. Also, we had to put a tow package on it for our boat. We haven't had any problems, we love it.

- Elana L

Sleek and safe. This is a car I love the best one I have ever bought.

2016 Dodge Journey

It is a very super duper safe car and it is very safe also and it is very roomy with a lot of trunk space making it very roomy. It is convenient and smooth when driving making it roomy smooth and safe. Once again the Dodge is sleek and shiny great for driving and looks clean and nice which makes it safe and nice and clean.

- Tiffany A

2016 dodge journey is a reliable vehicle.

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

Have had no problems with this vehicle other than in extremely cold weather I think the power steering makes a noise. The dealer was unable to duplicate the problem while it was under factory warranty. That I did not appreciate. Other than that it is been a great vehicle. It could be much better on gas mileage than it is.

- Edwin S

The vehicle has a camera for backing with great visual effects.

2016 Dodge Journey

There have been known transmission issues with this year, make and model. Otherwise a good car. I enjoy driving the Dodge vehicles and it is performance. The vehicle has air-conditioning, comfortable seats. Seat warmers and seats approximately five adults very comfortably although the vehicle can set up to seven people.

- Jean E

Further review of this vehicle should be done before purchasing. Lots of flaws.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

It is nice but not as roomy as I had thought it would be. We also have to keep replacing a brake cylinder that goes out and causes a terrible noise. The third back seat is difficult to get to. I would prefer different headrest, they rattle unless all the way down. I would probably not purchase this vehicle again.

- Teresa S

I used this vehicle daily At over a 120 miles daily.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

I have not had any problems with this vehicle. I have the 4 cylinder version. The 4 cylinder has horsepower but not enough especially when you're on the freeway but I should have paid a little extra and received a 6 cylinder which has more horsepower over all. I give it regular maintenance And I am past 66000 miles.

- Damian S

It drives so well and it feels safe when driving, the winter that passed was the first one in my new SUV and it did great in the snow and ice.

2016 Dodge Journey

What I like about my vehicle is that the windows are tinted, so I didn't have to spend money doing it myself. I also like that it is big enough to seat 7 and that there is enough cargo space when we are not using the third row. I was not used to driving a big suv but the transition from my small car was super smooth

- Jessica V

Nice 19 inch wheels mini SUV, with sporty looks.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

The car is overall good but the transmission/engine tends to jump from time to time. It's a comfortable ride and ok on gas. The looks are nice and very spacious in the inside with a lot a hidden cabins. The price is also very affordable. It is ideal for families if you don't want a van. It's more like a small SUV.

- Dennis M

Dodge Journey. The Practical SUV.

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

My midsize FWD Dodge Journey is economical, practical and attractive. It seats up to 8 passengers and has a roomy cargo space. Great for the soccer mom type and comfortable for long distance traveling. The dash has digital display, touch screen CD stereo. Cruise control, air conditioning and keyless, remote entry.


Affordable SUV for families.

2016 Dodge Journey

Only problem is we didn't upgrade package but other than that it is great. It is very spacious and we love the hidden storage compartments in the floor. We also love the fold down third row because it has a lot of legroom for tall adults. We would recommend this vehicle for anyone looking for an affordable such.

- Re G

Dodge Journey review 2016

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

The vehicle is Very bad in the snow, it's also not very accommodating to drive, no special features, just basic, no Bluetooth capability, engine problems and transmission issues often. It's horrible on gas mileage, depending on fuel or flex fuel, it has a decent sound system, but very awful display or interface

- Derek J

My vehicle is all black and when driving the turning of the wheel is smooth.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

It is very comfortable and spatial. When driving the steering is always smooth. The car was even sold at a great price. The interior design is simple and elegant to me. Fits a comfortable amount of people. The size is not too big or too small. The technology is flawless as well because it has not failed me yet.

- Ebony M

This is a very efficient car.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like that there is keyless ignition button to start the car. No need for keys!! Also the doors unlock when you touch the handle as long as you have the key fob. And you cannot start the car without having the key. Built in child seat. I do t like that the third row seat is so small. Only small kids will fit.

- Jessica E

Great value crossover, easy to care for and fun to drive.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

Comfortable and reliable crossover SUV. No maintenance issues. Easy and fun to drive. I have never had a problem with it. Somewhat basic in the features, not a whole lot of advanced tech features, but a good car and good value for the money. I am happy with my purchase and would buy a new model in the future.

- Nick P

Dodge Journey Crossroad Plus

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad Plus

Very pretty vehicle. Nice interiors and exterior. The gas mileage is not the best. It uses a lot of gas because the motor is too big. Overall it's a really nice family car. It includes Sirius XM, it has GPS included too. You can either use automatic transmission or manual. Would be better if it had a sunroof.

- Madeline D

I love the bumper to bumper package.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love the three rows, great for family. I have the bumper to bumper package so almost everything is covered if something should go wrong. The interior is very nice with storage compartments, large nav screen XM radio etc. I do thing the style is a little minivan-esque but overall I really enjoy this car.

- Katie C

It is a great family vehicle and has lots of space to either haul things or to transport up to 8 people!

2016 Dodge Journey

I love the navigation system and touch screen features. It is an R/T model so the acceleration is wonderful as well. I also like that it notifies me of low tire pressure and when my oil is due to be changed. The one complaint I have is the seats aren't as comfortable as I'd like, but definitely liveable.

- Danielle M

2016 Dodge Journey. Great vehicle.

2016 Dodge Journey

Lots of storage and seating. Roomy. Fun to drive and smooth ride. Good price. Reliable. No problems yet. Convenient three row seating. Great family car and road trip vehicle. My first Dodge and will buy another in the future. Has built-in coolers which are convenient for trios and keeping beverages cold.

- Lynn D

Hands free. Does the job. Amazing car.

2016 Dodge Journey

I don't have any problems with my ca. I have no complaints it does what I need it to do which is commute my family to and from their destinations I love the Bluetooth features I don't have to worry about husband talking with phone in his hand everything is hands free in this vehicle which is a big plus!

- Mr R

Decent size family vehicle

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

Overall love our Dodge Journey, the 3rd row legroom is limited and the trunk space when the 3rd row is up is non-existence. The backup cam is a nice added feature. The ride has always been smooth in our many road trips. My son and I've camped out a few time in it, a little tight but it kept us warm.

- Lori C

It's really easy to handle, has good pick up and handles the road well in all types of weather.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love that it's big enough to carry my family and plenty of room for cargo/groceries/etc. I do NOT like that it does not have an automatic liftgate. It's very heavy and I am short as well as live on a hill. Makes closing it incredibly challenging. Would have been nice to have had a backup camera too.

- Traci W

Perfect SUV. Third row seating fully loaded. Comfortable, spacious and plenty of storage room needed for traveling

2016 Dodge Journey

The only problem I have ever had with my car is the check engine light comes on randomly due to an error that was done during the making of the car. It does not affect the vehicle in anyway. Doing regular maintenance as always is what keeps the vehicle moving. No complaints I absolutely love my car.

- Catherine R

My 2016 Dodge journey review.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

My dodge journey is very roomy and has plenty of cargo space. It is very dependable and gets great gas mileage. The handling is a little rough for being such a light vehicle and is very stiff when taking tight turns. I appreciate the fact that the entire vehicle is climate controlled in all 3 rows.

- Brandon C

The size of my vehicle is the best size for a five person family.

2016 Dodge Journey

My Dodge Journey is one of my favorite cars I have owned. The size and the space is the best for the size of my family and I. Its not too big but also not too small, fits good in spaces and bigger than a sedan. All my groceries fit in the trunk and if I need more space, I can put the back row down.

- Liz G

Good mid size car that may seem like a minivan.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

Great mid size family car. Kids enjoy the space and able to have room for a three seaters. Also has several small areas to store stuff. Has a good back view camera to see when backing up. There is also a mirror that your able to view the back seats to keep track of the kids is they are acting up.

- Ashley H

Run smooth. Run fast. Fuel efficient.

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

The performance of the car is really good. It is a minivan type of car approximately fit around 7-8 people. It runs so smooth even tho the wheel steer kind of heavy but overall I love it. The interior looks fancy and elegant, with the screen player. Mine is gray color and the paint looks so nice.

- sha P

It's great on gas, great speakers, mileage as well.

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

It says it's all wheel drive but it isn't! There is always things going wrong with it. The SUV broke down at the pharmacy drive through and we had to put it in neutral and push it to a parking spot. We needed a new battery when the car is new! We could only get a tow, a jump and add water to it.

- Melissa D

Family trip taker gas saver.

2016 Dodge Journey

Virtually no manufacturer problems thus far. Been a very enjoyable and gas friendly family vehicle. We've taken numerous road trips with our 4 children. The only issue was a slight off-roading accident that damaged a belt in a tire. Cheaply made manufacturer tires. Otherwise splendid family car.

- Katie R

Dodge journey - lack of space.

2016 Dodge Journey R/T

It is extremely comfortable and good on gas. The only issue that I have with it is the lack of storage/trunk space. I bought this vehicle thinking that it would have plenty of space to go on trips with our 4 kids, but once we have all the kids in the car there is no where to pack our belongings.

- Jacque F

It has a built in roll cage.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

I love my car it is a great family car. It has a built in roll cage, booster seats, 4wd, 3rd row seating, fits my entire family, lots of legroom, storage areas in the front and back my car has been wrecked and fixed it still drives amazing it has been everywhere Hawaii, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas.

- Megan R

Journey overview: spacious, sporty, workhorse.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

Tons of space and great highway mileage even when loaded with 5 guys and their luggage {around 30 mpg). Not much get up and go power for its size with only 4 cylinders. Difficult to accelerate but good mpg at cruising speed. Overall good SUV. Holds up to 7 people. Looks very sharp and sporty.

- Allen S

My car is durable but can easily look worn. The front seat has to be all the way forward for it to sit a car seat which isn't comfortable for the passenger.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like that it has the back seat third row option and when I am not using it, there is a large trunk. I do not like how small each row is through especially for a car seat. I like the big screen in the center but it doesn't automatically come with navigation option. This should be a standard.

- Sarah P

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroads gets an A+!

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

I love the Dodge Journey! It's reliable, perfect sized for me and my family and fits passengers comfortably. I also love the safety features like the many airbag locations & backup camera that really ups the safety factor. If I had to choose another car, I would choose the journey twice more.

- Lauren R

My review of the Dodge Journey 2016.

2016 Dodge Journey

I have 5 kids so it is really roomy. Comfortable ride. The seats fold down another reason I like the Dodge Journey. Hauls a lot of groceries. It has a built in cooler in the dash for road trips. The breaks I am not too fond of. I feel the factory breaks are too weak for the Journey body type.

- Robin L

Auto lights in Dodge many cup holders threw out 7 passenger seating smooth ride.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love both of my vehicles they are reliable and I get the oil changes done every 3k miles so the gas per mile is actually decent for both. We do not drive over 30 miles one way for work so a full tank of gas lasts us a week to 2 weeks depending on road conditions tire inflation and weather.

- Megan B

Dodge Journey All wheel drive with 3rd row seating Review

2016 Dodge Journey SE

3rd row seating is nice, handles good easy, to drive, good gas mileage, like the all wheel drive, dual heat control for front and back is a good feature, a variety of trim features is offered, has a reasonable cost for the available features, nice rebates were offered at the time of purchase

- Chelsea L

Gets excellent mileage in town and on the highway.

2016 Dodge Journey

It has a small rumble when traveling to speed. That is the only problem I have had. It has had 1 recall on the cruise control which was taken care of with no problem. It gets about 27 miles per gallon on the highway which I am very happy with. It is comfortable to drive. I like it very much.

- David A

Back up camera is great for parking assistance.

2016 Dodge Journey

I have had zero performance or reliability issues with the Journey. The vehicle is comfortable to drive and has sufficient space for passengers and cargo. I like the backup camera, back seat temperature controls, and Bluetooth capabilities. I wish it told me miles to empty for the gas tank.

- Helen D

Love the third row seat and the dual climate control.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

The ride is very comfortable. Have plenty of room for my grandchildren with the 3rd row seat. Gets about 27 mpg. The only issues I have had is the wheel sensors are always needing replaced, and I do not go down any dirt roads. My husband is a large man and he is comfortable in this vehicle.

- christina G

It is very comfortable and can fit up to 8 people.

2016 Dodge Journey

The dodge journey is very comfortable and reliable. It is spacious enough that we've taken many family trips and thanks to the third row seats are able to cram more people in comfortably. When not using the third seat it can be stored easily and we can use the extra space for hauling items.

- Faith Y

Dodge Journey: gas guzzler.

2016 Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey comes standard with a 4 cylinder engine, which may seem to be more fuel efficient or more eco friendly, but you would be wrong. A four cylinder engine with under 200 horsepower and a curb weight of over 3, 000 pounds for the car makes for a highly fuel inefficient vehicle.

- Alex H

So far so good. Could use screen backup help.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

I like it I have bad hips and is easy to get in and out. Not to high not to low. All we have got for at this point is new tires. Features are plain just the way I like it. Could use a better radio. Doesn't have auto lights would like it to. Easy for me to drive. Hard to see when I back up.

- Leonard C

Great Family Car - very few drawbacks

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad Plus

So far no serious problems, we are 75k in. The transmission doesn't always shift as smooth as I like, and the compressor for the AC is undersized but works (Florida heat puts it to the limits though) We have enjoyed the car, it's a great value for the money when it comes to a family car.

- Sarah L

It drives really smooth. However, my 4 cylinder is not made to speed up quickly.

2016 Dodge Journey

I have a basic model. It meets the needs of my family. The seats slide back or fold down easily. There is not much space in the 'trunk' when all the seats are up. Also, there is not a third seat belt for the back seat. I wish I would've upgraded rop bluetooth. No problems under the hood.

- Becky C

Travel efficient and extremely roomy.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

The journey is not a bad vehicle. It has enough room for everything and everyone. The one problem about it is the gas. It takes up so much gas to where you have to go back for more before the week is over. Other than that, it is extremely great for traveling near and far despite the gas.

- Krystal J

There is storage inside the seats by lifting up the cushions.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love my Dodge Journey because it feels like a car but it seats 8 people. The seats fold down easily when I need to transport things. Decent gas mileage. I average 27 miles per gallon. One thing I wish it had was a Bluetooth. I cannot talk handsfree or listen to music over the speakers.

- Rachel W

My vehicle is a Dodge Journey black that is the perfect car.

2016 Dodge Journey R/T

I experience no problems with my car, it drives smoother than other cars. The gas is about 30- 35 dollars for gas but not as bad as other cars. The SUV has air vents for each person in the car for their own use. It fits 7 people in total in the car. I would not trade my car for another.

- Angelica C

love the having the third row of seats as an option

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

I am very happy with the vehicles, the quality and performance is great. I have had no problems with the vehicle at all. The screen is large which is great but at night it is really bright and can be a bit much wish I could turn down or dim the light. Overall I am happy with the car.

- Heather V

Love the journey so much we bought 2!

2016 Dodge Journey SE

We love the cargo space and passenger room. My husband loves that they used the same engine as in the dodge challenger so it has lots of get up and go. I love that it is easy to drive and handles like a much smaller car. The clearance and 4 wheel drive make it nice to drive on the snow.

- Chris R

Not enough space for a growing family.

2016 Dodge Journey

It is crowded for me and my family 4 kids. My oldest son is 15 and he cannot stretch his legs that well. There's not enough leg room for him. It's just all around crowded. It is not 4*4 and I wish it had some sort of electronic installed. I would also like more cargo space in the back.

- Carol R

I like that it is high off the ground, and I also like that there is space to store things underneath the floor of the 2nd row.

2016 Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey is a reliable SUV that seats up to 7 people. The only issue that I have encountered is that when the third row seats are in use there is almost no cargo space. You might get a couple grocery bags. I like that the climate can be different in the back and in the front.

- Luia R

Not for a young growing family.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

Not enough storage space behind the third row. Also would like the third row to have had room for three seats instead of only two. I purchased this car to use as a family vehicle for our large family however it is very difficult to fit multiple car seats as well as a stroller in this.

- Brittany W

Dodge Journey summary performance

2016 Dodge Journey R/T

I have had this car for two years. Have not had any problems. When I first purchased the car some of the sensors went out and the dealership had to replace them but other than that it runs fine. Easy smooth ride. Gas mileage is not great. I have to fill up my car about twice a week.

- Alexis L

If you're looking for an affordable vehicle to comfortably fit your family and perform well for everyday driving, this is the one for you.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love that it has a sporty look. It meets all of my driving needs and comfortably fits my family of six. It handles well on the road and has a smooth ride. I wish it had more power, as it doesn't always respond as well as I would expect it to and sometimes struggles on steep hills.

- Adam S

Nice small peppy SUV good gas mileage perfect for busy family.

2016 Dodge Journey R/T

Trunk is small without seats down.. Kind of small on inside but works for a busy family.. My husband likes to drive it to work.. Heated seats are amazing.. Like the hidden storage in the floor and front seats..Good gas mileage.. Good for road trips.. Drives nice and peppy for SUV..

- Lauren T

Nice features for the price.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad Plus

It has a lot of features in this trim level. Have not had any problems with breaking down. The cargo area holds a lot of stuff. You get a lot of features for the price. It is a very versatile vehicle for passengers & cargo. Has a large gas tank which is nice for long car trips.

- A F

dependable, great quality even purchased as used

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

There have not been any mechanical problems seen with this second hand vehicle. The only problem is a false panel where the fog light would be installed fell out, and needs to be replaced and re-installed to fill the space, for appearance purposes, overall has been a joy to own,

- Mark S

It's Mine! And my wife's as will, mostly hers though!

2016 Dodge Journey

I like the built in floor ice chest /storage areas. I also enjoy the Bluetooth connection for hands free music/and phone calls. It fits my whole family comfortably. Different options on how to fold seats in different ways has helped out a lot when fitting odd shaped misc items.

- Eric C

Love that its double exhaust and high performance and all wheel drive.

2016 Dodge Journey

After getting my transmission fix and starter no problems. The truck performance is good now. It's a reliability is good. My Journey truck is high up not low to the ground. Four wheels drive is excellent in snow you want get stuck in snow. Plenty of room have a 3rd row of seating.

- Jeannette A

Dodge journey is a great family vehicle.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

It drives really smooth. The seats are comfortable. I love the push to start. Everything is automatic. I like that I can hook my phone up with Bluetooth and listen to music. I have 2 car seats in the back that fit great. And there's a 3rd row of seating that we can use if needed.

- Samantha D

Something interesting about my vehicle is the third row option.

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

I really love my car. I just wish I had a bigger screen. It has a lot of space and I really like that I can take down so many seats. I love the third row option. I also wish that more features came with the standard version because the regular standard version does not have many.

- Raven V

My dodge is a journey of my life.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

4 cylinder motor does not climb mountains well. But very comfortable and roomy. I enjoy long road trips. Wish it had a navigation system. The sound system is alpine and very awesome. I am afraid it will have transmission problems as it is a huge vehicle with a very small engine:

- Angel W

It runs really good, has great gas mileage for being a small suv.

2016 Dodge Journey

I absolutely love how comfortable the seats are. The front and middle rows are super roomy. I don't like how little room the third row has but the fact that all the seats fold down except the driver seat more than makes up for it. It isn't very quiet inside while driving either.

- Nickcole J

Sporty and functional Dodge Journey.

2016 Dodge Journey

The rear doors open completely. The front seats are heated. There is a rearview camera for reverse. The doors automatically lock. There is sufficient storage room- in the rear cargo area as well as under/in the seats. It handles well on the freeway and on residential streets.

- Shay E

The size of vehicle has been a good choice for my small family.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

It has been a real nice size vehicle for my small family and has been helpful getting things loaded and unloaded with a large back space area. I have also enjoyed the smaller engine for less gas usage. The sound system is really good and nice to have Bluetooth to play music.

- Paul L

My Dodge Journey has dual heating controls!

2016 Dodge Journey

I really like the fact that my Dodge Journey has dual heating as I am always cold & my husband is always hot. I also like the fact that my vehicle is a 7 person vehicle being able to transport family to and from places without having to worry about taking multiple vehicles.

- Stefanie D

The Dodge Journey is a nice sized family friendly vehicle.

2016 Dodge Journey

My Dodge Journey is a 7 person vehicle with 3rd row seating which makes it really nice & convenient when traveling. I also like the fact that my vehicle has dual heating controls as I am always cold so being able to adjust the temperature for my side of the vehicle is nice.

- Stefanie D

It fits my whole family and their ball and sports gear.

2016 Dodge Journey

It fits my family of 6 with a couple of seats to spare if I absolutely need them. Most of my troubles have come from the tires which are not really related to the vehicles overall functionality. I love all of the features however I do need to go in to have my GPS updated.

- Amber H

Highly recommend this vehicle

2016 Dodge Journey SE

I love my journey. It is reliable and has never caused me any problems at all in the 3 years of having it.I highly recommended this vehicle to anyone. It's a great family car, and has good room also. It drives very smoothly, and it's very comfortable for long drives also.

- Brittany B

Journey is a great value and spacious; beware of electronics though.

2016 Dodge Journey

Have had Dodge cars in past and they seem to always have issues with electronics in their cars. I love my Journey and it is fully loaded so really nice! Have had issues with radio and DVD player already. Smooth ride, spacious enough for hauling most things, fits 7 people.

- Michelle C

ROOMY VEHICLE with terrific amenities!

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

Roomy inside with great features like back up camera alert, stereo is great and sturdy seats. Love the outside 'look' of this vehicle. Seats comfortably with children including car seats and seats adjust terrific for any size of person. Lots of cargo/trunk space as well.

- Debra W

Perfect vehicle for the family.

2016 Dodge Journey

3rd row seating. Both back rows of seats can be laid flat for lots of trunk space. Heated seats and steering wheel. Keyless start and door unlock. Touch screen. Extra storage compartments under seats and floor. Safe. Comfortable. Reliable. Handles very well in the snow.

- Jennifer N

Roomy and great gas mileage

2016 Dodge Journey R/T

Plenty of room for family of 5. Went to St Louis from Omaha and got great gas mileage! Heated seats and the electric start was perfect for the winter. It's not a minivan van but roomy enough to be one. Being a baseball/football mom with three kids it's a great vehicle.

- Jasmin O

Vehicle works for the family

2016 Dodge Journey SE

Overall I have enjoyed the car. However, there have been several small issues that start to add up. The rear air turns on sporadically, the glove box broke, and the windshield wiper fluid pipe broke. Besides that, the car has been reliable and functions for the family.

- JuliAnne E

Issues with the Dodge Journey

2016 Dodge Journey SE

The transmission is slipping and has been since we bought it The gear shift easily goes from drive to neutral this only really bothers me when I'm going 50 mph. The vehicle has third row seating but it is extremely small. Other than those things I love the vehicle.

- J S

My dodge journey is a reliable SUV.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

The only thing I wish it had was a Bluetooth connection. The seats are comfortable, and I like that the back seats fold down. Makes it convenient for transporting items and groceries. I have had it for 2 years and it is been one of the most reliable SUVs I have owned.

- Angela J

My journey - a trip through life.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

I love my journey. It is just the right size for me. I can carry many things. It is comfortable and nice on a long trip. This is my second journey. It is reliable and goes well in the snow. The gas mileage is also good. I have not had any problems with either journey.

- Kim F

Dodge great car that is good to drive.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like my car. Rides nice. Lots of room. Heated seats. CD player and Bluetooth. Good gas mileage. Wish it had built in DVD player. Wish it had a sunroof and better GPS. Had a problem getting the GPS updated. Like all the storage in the car. Under seat storage.

- Ben L

Great value! Lots of room for families!

2016 Dodge Journey

No problems as of yet. I liked the price for what you get, or value. My husband complains that it doesn't have enough power, but I tell him I'm not trying to race anyone. I also like the hidden compartments throughout the vehicle. I liked the color and style as well.

- Amanda G

Dodge journey 2016 review.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

We really love our dodge journey. The only issues we have with it are that it does not get good gas mileage and the key box thing sometimes has issues. Other than that it has a lot of space which is great for hauling stuff. It is great for when we take road trips.

- Jordan M

Dodge Journey: a good family road trip car

2016 Dodge Journey SE

Nice comfortable seats. Good speakers for music. Good bass, good on gas for long road trips. Nice steering wheel. Good for big families. I enjoy how much trunk space there is. Super nice interior. I got the red one, so nice exterior as well. Just a nice family SUV

- skyla C

An interesting aspect with the vehicle are the middle seats.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

The dodge journey is a very reliable car for long or short trips. I haven't experienced any problems nor casualties. Except there is one thing, the suspension isn't the best with speed bumps but is still good. The seats in the back do go down for more trunk space.

- James P

Great crossover vehicle for larger families!

2016 Dodge Journey

This vehicle is great for larger families. I especially love that it is not completely an SUV, but still have third-row seating. The only gripe I have is that when the third row is up, there is hardly any space in the trunk, so going grocery shopping can be tough.

- Megan D

I love the built in booster seat!

2016 Dodge Journey

It is 4 door, very spacious. It has a roll cage built inside. Built in booster seat. Can fit a one man canoe. The seats are comfortable, every day driver. Drives great. Family car and holds all my groceries. 3Rd row seating. Durable, easy to clean. Nice interior.

- Megan E

My Journey has room for six people or I can fold the entire row down.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

I previously owned a Dodge Grand Caravan and loved how reliable it was. We owned a van and wanted something smaller but needed three rows. The Journey is roomy, sporty and reliable as well. We are very happy with the Journey. I would consider one in the future.

- Eva M

Make sure you have a good run on hills and you might have to have the engine rev at 3500 rpms to keep your speed with the 2.4 liter model.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love that it is spacious and has an optional 3rd row for seating. I like how the seats just fold down and is out of the way. I like that each seat has Its own ac vent. I just wished it had more power on hills, but was do you expect from the 2.4 liter model.

- David K

Positive and negative 2016 Dodge Journey.

2016 Dodge Journey

To small with car seats in second row. 3rd row is small. Would be better if 3rd row had 3 seatbelts. Love the hidden storage. Would like to be able to control back air from front and would love keyless entry. Would also like if it had compartments for change.

- Lindsey A

Most comfortable if no more than four passengers.

2016 Dodge Journey

Like - u connect features and gas mileage. Dodge does a great job of keeping you updated with any recalls and the dealer is always in top of the auto care... Dislike - too compact.. The vehicle has a 3rd row but you can only really use it for a small child..

- Chawn C

Dodge is not top tier of cars

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

Check engine light comes on a lot the tires need to be aligned more. There's a lot of transmission issues. I wouldn't buy another dodge. The technical issues aren't worth what I paid for it. I'd much rather get a ford more affordable and less issues. The end

- Becky W

Seats Eight Adults comfortably.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

The Dodge Journey is a reliable vehicle that will seat eight passengers comfortably. The only downside to owning one of these or any Dodge is the cost of parts and labor seem to be higher than some other manufacturers. This vehicle comes standard with a v-6.

- Daryl W

Great family SUV! Lots of storage space.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

Having problems with traction, does have much power in the motor. Very comfy seats, love how many I can seat! Basic touch screen radio. Love how many cup holders I have. Lots of storage! A/c and heat work great! Very good sized family SUV. Decently priced.

- Ashlyn P

2016 Dodge Journey Review

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

Great cheap vehicle. Great on gas. Love that it is all wheel drive and has a self-start remote. Had to replace wheel sensor at 48,000 miles. Wished it had more leg room when the second row of seats are up and hatch back room. Overall it's a great vehicle.

- Sandy S

Nice small family vehicle.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

I love the car but it has had many various recalls. It is both annoying and time consuming to keep taking it to the dealer. It is a smooth ride but could use a little more power. It has lots of storage areas and is very roomy. Nice backup camera feature.


Gas mileage stinks for the highway.

2016 Dodge Journey

The gas mileage is horrible I wish that it would get better mileage on the highway. Comfort is great since it has a 3rd row and I have 3 boys they need all the room. Features I wish it had a better heating system it's either to hot or to cold in the car.

- Jennifer G

Great reliable SUV has everything I need and more.

2016 Dodge Journey R/T

I love the journey, it is safe and reliable! Love the features the r/t comes with, it is also great on gas, has a lot of storage space and nice interior black with red stitching. The amenities are very reliable and convenient, no issues with the vehicle.

- Brittany F

A good starter family car

2016 Dodge Journey SE

No problems, I love it. Its roomy and comfy. I definitely recommend this car for anyone who is starting a family. Only thing that I don't like about the car is when you stop the car and a passenger wants to get out you have to unlock the doors for them.

- Brittany T

Fun and family car for all your life needs.

2016 Dodge Journey

Great comfortable safe reliable car. Perfect for starting a family. Has GPS and rear camera. And a built in booster seat for children. Seat warmers, Bluetooth and AUX connection for phones. Lots of cup holders and seats. Lots of room perfect for travel.

- Jaime V

The Journey meets our family needs!

2016 Dodge Journey

My family really loves our Journey. We just need a little more leg space in the third row. It is needed for tall people ok for smaller kids. Our main goal was to seat six, have air in all rows and good gas mileage. Which our Journey does meet our needs.

- Cynthia P

My dodge journey and what I like about it.

2016 Dodge Journey

My vehicle has three rows of seats. It seats 7 comfortably. Both the second and third rows fold down to give more room for transporting things. It is a very comfortable for the driver and I like that the radio can be controlled from the steering wheel.

- Cynthia S

It's great for a young family, but not for teenagers

2016 Dodge Journey

Our journey is great. We got all the extras included. The heated seats warm my lower back so perfectly that I don't want to get out of the car. There isn't much headroom. Any time a adult sits in the backseat, they bang their head against the tv mount.

- Kristina D

Great car, lot of space and storage.

2016 Dodge Journey

Bad in rain or snow. Shifting to fast so it uses to much gas. Love the extra row for driving the kids. TV is working great and the kids can use the extra remote. The headphones are great and I don't have to listen to the movie. All together great car.

- Maggie P

Great for big or growing families.

2016 Dodge Journey

I have not had any problems whatsoever with this car. It has a third row seat and all the seats fold down flat, which makes it great for hauling around three teenagers and all their stuff. It gets about 25 miles per gallon and the ride is very smooth.

- Jessica C

Cute compact SUV with plenty of storage that is hidden.

2016 Dodge Journey SE

I feel like my vehicle can't handle going up hills. The seats could a little more comfortable. The seats are a little hard. Other than that the vehicle is good. The car is good on gas and it has plenty of storage space we use the car to go everywhere

- Cindy S

It is a great family vehicle.

2016 Dodge Journey

My 2016 Dodge journey is a great car for the price. It has enough seating for my family of 6. It is comfortable, and gets us wherever we want to go. The only thing I dislike is the small "trunk area" whenever all of us are using all the seating area.

- Sheila K

Dodge journey features review.

2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad

This vehicle is very reliable. I have not had any problems in the three years that I have had it. One of my favorite features are the included navigation. It is so helpful and clear on the large screen. The comfort of this vehicle is amazing as well.

- Christy U

Hands free radio which is my favorite part. Touch screen radio.

2016 Dodge Journey SXT

We really love the size of the vehicle. The third row isn't huge but adds to extra storage space. The price of the vehicle is also a great feature. It is a pretty basic SUV but I would recommend it to anyone looking for a bigger SUV at a lower price.

- Danielle H

Not a lot of storage space.

2016 Dodge Journey

I bought this car off the lot with 8 miles on the odometer. I have never had an issue with anything other than regular maintenance, such as routine oil change, new wipers and new tires. I love the third row seating and it fits my family comfortably.

- Heather G

It very comfortable to drive and a same for a passenger.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like how well it does in the snow. I like the fact that it has 3 rows, but I wish the back row was easier to get to. I also wish there was more room in the back when the 3rd row is up. I wish there was more leg space in the back row as well.

- Savannah S

A Safe and Reliable cat suitable for entire family

2016 Dodge Journey

I love my Dodge Journey. It is not only safe and reliable, but provides an ample amount of space for my entire family! whether it is just my husband and I, or the whole family and the dog! I feel comfortable knowing that we can travel safely.

- francesca s

It has no get up and go. I can be going up a slight incline and have the pedal completely to the floor. The RPM will shoot up real high, the engine will sound like it's going to explode and it will creep along ever so slowly.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like the third row seating. I do not like the lack of get up and go. I wish the windows would go down without needing to hold the button in the entire time. I like the color of the vehicle. It roomy enough inside for my entire family.

- Christina S

I feel very safe with the drivability and handling of the vehicle.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like the seats they are comfortable.. I do not like that my vehicle has been in for repairs for wired items like window electrical when I didn't even have 30,000 miles on it and gas tank issues not to mention cruise control issue.

- Nancy C

I can take calls while driving...

2016 Dodge Journey

I love my Dodge journey. It was a lot cheaper than most of 3rd row SUVs on the market. I was able to get most of the features I was looking for at an affordable price. The only drawback is there is not a lot of storage room..

- April B

Comfortable seats love that the back seat floor have compartments.

2016 Dodge Journey

The back seat does not have enough room I have two kids with car seats so the people in the front have to have there seats so far up just so the kids can fit me and my husband at not very tall people in 5’4 he’s 5’11.

- Madison C

Unreliable. Sales person does not sell you the car they praise about.

2016 Dodge Journey

Only has 28k miles and already had a transmission break and air conditioning went out. Will never buy another Dodge or Chrysler again. Purchased the extended warranty and have a hassle each time I go into get it fixed.

- Amber S

Lots of secret storage places . Gas efficient! And small in sizing

2016 Dodge Journey

I like that it's gas efficient. But I dislike that it is so small it's supposed to fit 7 passengers but the passengers in the back who is my daughter is always soooo uncomfortable. There's hardly any space for her feet

- Xiomary L

My car is my onboard therapy. It is where I relax, unwind, drive, and enjoy myself. There is dancing because of the awesome sound quality and the climate cooling throughout the car.

2016 Dodge Journey

My vehicle is great with connectivity. There is in car navigation, hands free phone service, and satellite radio. I love driving in my car because it is a time to relax and reduces all the stress of my everyday life.

- Ashley R

Vehicle does not get great gas mileage for additionally having ecoboost.

2016 Dodge Journey

This vehicle get terrible gas mileage. We fill this vehicle up more often than I have to for my truck. After only two years on lease parts of the interior is also cracking. I cannot wait to turn this vehicle back in.

- Cory S

Very classy and roomy for storage.

2016 Dodge Journey

Comfortable and roomy. The very back rear seating is pretty tight and hard to get in and out so we always have our kids sit back there. Otherwise we really liked how much room we had overall and the storage is great.

- Alison S

Dodge journey is excellent.

2016 Dodge Journey

The Dodge journey has a lot of room in it. Has compartments from front to back. a lot of room in the back for different things. Has a lot of room if you put down the seats. Has USB ports. And love the gas mileage.

- Dodge J

Lots of room for extra passengers. I also like the extra storage in the floorboard.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like the Journey for the most part. The only things I don't like about it are that I feel like there is a bad blind spot when looking out the back window. Also the acceleration isn't very good going up hills

- Dani L

Cute, fun gas loving suv!

2016 Dodge Journey

i have a 2016 dodge journey and i love it! i have a slt model. the 3rd row seat is one of the main reason i purchased this car. it has a 4 cylinder engine. its decent on gas. has good get up and go. 5/5 car!

- robyn r

Plenty of storage, comfortable.

2016 Dodge Journey

There's a ton of storage! I love this car but the third row seat is nearly impossible to utilize as a real seat. I had to replace the transmission when the car was a year old. Thankfully, I had a warranty!

- Nicki B

Seats up to seven people comfortably and has lots of storage space.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love the look of this car. The interior is great, seats are comfortable and have extra storage space. Sound system is good. The engine though is kind of weak. Acceleration and up hill driving is sub par.

- Brent P

It's great at hauling 7 people plus whatever else you need. It has great storage space throughout.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like that it fits my 2 kids plus more people. I don't like how it handles or how big it is. I would trade it in for something else if I knew there was something similar available at this price point.

- Kari G

The connected feature is only for a limited type of functions,all others have to be added on --We had to install a hand free system even though we were led to believe that we could do this thru Wifi.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like the look of the car and the interior seating and storage--it is a comfortable ride --I do not like the gas mileage ,very poor--it has too many blind spots and very cheap exterior construction--

- Paul L

very satisfied with my purchase

2016 Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey that I have is very nice and smooth running, mine has a 4 cylinder engine but is very peppy. very useful for taking my grand kids anywhere we need to go with all of their equipment

- alan m

My car is really good at taking to the beach because there is a lot of storage space along with coolers in the floorboards.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like the fact that my car is very reliable but I dislike the fact that although it has three rows of seats the very back seats are so tight that only the dog and small children can fit back there.

- Stephanie A

This SUV drives well in inclement weather, increasing It's safety.

2016 Dodge Journey

Living in Maine you need a vehicle good in snow or other inclement weather. This AWD works well in snow and has some decent power. I dislike the gas mileage but it seems fair enough for an SUV.

- Phillip S

One important thing about a dodge journey is the braking system isn't efficient for the weight of the vehicle.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like my dodge because it's real comfortable and roomy on long trips.It has decent power and the speakers are decent. I dislike my dodge because of the way it handles on narrow and curvy roads.

- James B

Great car with plenty of room for a small family!!

2016 Dodge Journey

I love that it's a small suv but still has a 3rd row. I do wish it was a little easier to get to the 3rd row. I also love the many compartments that you can put items in your car out of sight.

- Amy H

Gas mileage is about 22 miles/gallon.

2016 Dodge Journey

Backup camera, radio, comfortable seats, ease of driving, lots of room, & expandable cargo space is what I love about my car. The only thing I find uncomfortable is the height to get in & out.

- Brenda B

I feel safe driving this vehicle and love the way it handles.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love the way the vehicle handles and the ease of driving it. For a mid-size SUV, it has more than enough room for what I need it for. The options that came with the car are an added bonus.

- Cindy P

It's a great value for my money.

2016 Dodge Journey

I really enjoy that my Dodge Journey is very comfortable and roomy. It does contain a third row seat which helps with traveling with family. We also really like the back temperature control.

- Tammy M

Great family car for the money.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love my car. Affordability, gas mileage, special features (like the back up camera) Overall, it's a decent family small SUV. The down side it has had four recalls in the past year. :/

- melanie H

That it is a smooth ride and gets great gas mileage.

2016 Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey is a mid size family car, that is easy to drive. The extra feature of having bluetooth to receive calls is perfect! It gets great gas mileage and easy to travel with!

- Kristin F

The Journey provides affordable comfort.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like the way my Journey drives and steers. I do not like that moving the seat back is motorized so it takes a little while. I like that the seats fold down for more room in the back.

- Dani F

An interesting detail is the heated steering wheel. It is convenient for winter.

2016 Dodge Journey

The vehicle is overall very good. The only problems we have sometimes is the gas cap coming un done even after getting fixed which is annoying but it gets me from point A to point B.

- Olivia R

My vehicle has great gas mileage and plenty of room.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like it because it is mine. It is roomy and it looks nice. I do not like the fact that it does not have XM radio. The only way to lift the hatch is to walk outside of the vehicle.

- Patricia A

Very dependable Not to mention affordable With Great brand name of Dodge.

2016 Dodge Journey

A very comfortable ride with a lot of room to carry my family and my photography gear. Great on fuel and the perfect option for my mobile office of photography. I really enjoy it.

- jeff g


2016 Dodge Journey



The Dodge Journey is a great family sport utility vehicle.

2016 Dodge Journey

Love how it drives. Fits two car seats very well without cramping the driver. The 3rd row is a little tight but I don't need to use it very often and love it's there when needed.

- Tabitha B

Lightweight, easy driving inexpensive durable vehicle.

2016 Dodge Journey

My vehicle is smooth riding.Slow on the take off. Does well after the acceleration. Warns you if your tire needs air, if you left your blinker on, and if you need an oil change.

- Clarence M

It's a family car. My car is a compact SUV and not a minivan.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love that it has a 3rd row and how many compartments it has for storage. I dislike that it doesn't have a rear view camera built in that I had to have it added in the mirror.

- Brittany T

Lots of room and space in this car.

2016 Dodge Journey

It's a very comfortable car to drive. Lots of room to take my grandsons on trips and be very comfortable going cross country. Lots of room for things in the back. Great car.

- vicki m

That it is great on gas mileage especially for road trips.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like the color and trim of the SUV. I like the car package and bells and whistles. I dislike the SUV's ability to accelerate and that it lacks some power generated features.

- Patrick H

The dodge journey experience

2016 Dodge Journey

I love my Journey. It's great on gas and I love the 3rd row seating. We have the one with leather seats and they are perfect. Good gas mileage and great all around family suv

- Lindy P

It gives what you need for less You will not regret buying this vehicle.

2016 Dodge Journey

Affordable. Very roomy, Not good on fuel efficiency, We have had two issues in 2 years with it, Electronics and a steering problem however they were both fixed by the dealer

- michael g

Not as good mpg as you would think.

2016 Dodge Journey

Wish the third row had more leg room. Love all the compartments to store stuff. Its big enough for my two English mastiffs to fit in the back with the third row folded down.

- Nicole P

E-95 has which is way more economic than other vehicles.

2016 Dodge Journey

It's great for long trips, very spacious. Fuel economy. 3rd row seats. Runs smooth, kids love it because they get to stretch out and not worry about hitting front row seat.

- Maria D

The price and the quality of the model of the vehicle. Dodge has been good to us for the past 2 years

2016 Dodge Journey

A convenient vehicle for the family. Although we kind of outgrown the car, as we are 5 people in the car. Love the booster seats for my kids. Love the color and the style.

- Laura C

Overall, definitely a vehicle to consider

2016 Dodge Journey

Sometimes it breaks weird. I do wish it had auto headlights, but that's ok. Overall, I like it. It's a comfortable ride and has lots of extra features that suit me well.

- Traci D

It's perfect for small or large families. It's reliable.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like that it has a third row for more passengers. I like that's spacious for my family. I don't like that it doesn't have the best traction in snow and ice conditions.

- Martha R

Good mileage and a spacious SUV. It has Bluetooth, FM am and satellite stations.

2016 Dodge Journey

It is very spacious, three seater unfortunately the third row fits only small children or petite adults. It is very good on gas mileage when traveling and in town too.

- Judith V

The vehicle is very spacious and can seat up to 7 passengers which I love.

2016 Dodge Journey

I would have liked the 6 cylinder version of the Dodge Journey. On uphill's it feels as though the 4 cylinder version of the Dodge Journey does not have enough power.

- Pedro S

I am proud to own it. I did my research and got a great price.

2016 Dodge Journey

It features 3rd row seating & all wheel drive. The seating is comfortable and the Bluetooth pairs easily. The vehicle runs smoothly and I have had no issues with it.

- Lee W

Title: family car with style, middle and back seats turn down which makes it easy for transportation of large boxes or small furniture

2016 Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey has a smooth ride plenty of room seats 7 very comfortably. My only concern is the panel on the driver side where you adjust the seat keeps cracking

- Alicea F

That probably would be that it seats 7 people so we can take the family.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like just about everything is automatic. Like it because it seats 7 people. Also like it because it has a lot of storage departments. So far there are no dislikes.

- Peggy R

The car has a lot of room, cup holders and charging ports to make it great for road trips

2016 Dodge Journey

The car is very reliable and comfortable. I have experienced some difficulties in service and communication with dodge dealerships when I take my car in for service.

- Rachel C

That it was affordable, and can run on alternative fuel.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love my vehicle because I got to pick it out and buy it brand new. It has plenty of get-up-and-go, is comfortable, is Rumi, and I am able to use ethanol for fuel.

- Bari B

Nice small SUV with third row seating and convenient compartments.

2016 Dodge Journey

This is a nice vehicle. I love the third row feature. I do not like the fact that the only way to open the trunk is from the outside. Great gas mileage and roomy.

- Patricia M

Most of it is built in America

2016 Dodge Journey

Drives and rides very well. Gas mileage is ok but could be improved. Should have put better tires on it. Would liked to have a 4 disc player instead of one disc.

- ben S

Good family vehicle. We really love having the extra row of seating.

2016 Dodge Journey

The vehicle has a slow take off. It is very reliable and good on gas. Also, I really like having the third row seating and the extra storage in back floor board.

- Ann R

Gas mileage and third row of seats.

2016 Dodge Journey

It has good mileage. Has a third row of seat, which comes in handy for large families. It is nice to drive. Do not really dislike anything about it at this time.

- Laura B

Minimal cargo space and 3rd row is tight. Better for children

2016 Dodge Journey

I bought this vehicle because it has the 3rd row seating. However if you are using the 3rd row there is minimal trunk space. It is fairly good on gas for an suv.

- Melissa H

It's a high powered golf cart. . And not worth the money I paid for.

2016 Dodge Journey

Its a 4 cylinder SUV. . Its slow has no speed to start its falling apart poorly made. It's not what I expected and I will not buy any type of Dodge ever again.

- Jamie N

The keyless entry works before the touch you slide your hand into the door knob and the door unlocks and the truth is also keyless entry

2016 Dodge Journey

the dodge journey has such a smooth ride and the keyless entry is so awesome. I love how I don't even have to open the car it just opens as I put my hand there

- aiyana s

A family friendly vehicle

2016 Dodge Journey

This vehicle has been a great family car. The size and the comfort of it really sold our family on it. It drives smooth and doesn't have horrible gas mileage

- Kelsie L

Sporty fun to drive. Quick when you need it

2016 Dodge Journey

Very peppy, like the design inside and out. The 3rd row seat isn't much it's for very small kids. Really the size my kids now are it doesn't do us any good

- Lucas L

That it gets good gas mileage

2016 Dodge Journey

I like that I get very good gas mileage, it also has lots of hidden places to store items and can hold lot of people. One thing I dislike is not much power

- Nathan C

It is very good in the snow.

2016 Dodge Journey

For some reason the car goes out of alignment pretty easily damaging the tires. My windshield wiper fluid needed to be fixed and I had some wiring issues.

- Matthew L

It's overall a great family car with plenty of room and you feel safe.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love the smooth ride in my vehicle. I love all the space in my car as well as the extra hidden compartments on the floors it is great for my sons toys.

- Robin B

It's a smooth ride. Plenty of space, but not as quick to accelerate.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like the size. There's plenty of space for passengers and for hauling things. I feel like the engine is not as powerful as previous cars I've owned.

- Bailey J

Its a mom taxi and need to be reliable.

2016 Dodge Journey

It's not 4x drive. Back seat is not roomy enough. The color is not what I wanted. I like how it drives and the room in the front and first back seat.

- Ray R

The engine is a 169 hp and has lots of power.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like the space. I do not like the difficulty of getting to the third row seating. I do not like that it lacks some features I would like to have.

- Lois M

No mechanical problems so far. Runs smooth and looks good. Loves all the options.

2016 Dodge Journey

Great features, enough room for the whole family. Stylish design. Large touch screen controls. Always get compliments. Way better than a minivan.

- Matt D

Great for families and travel!

2016 Dodge Journey

It's a wonderful vehicle. Great on gas, lots of room. Has 3 rows and tons of storage Super comfortable for long road trips and feels very safe.

- Marissa V

Spacious, comfortable and reliable

2016 Dodge Journey

I have not had an issues with this car. It is reliable and comfortable. It is roomy and my kids and I always feel as though we have extra space.

- Danielle E

The car rides unbelievably smooth.

2016 Dodge Journey

My vehicle is very roomy and comfortable. It has the choice of either a third row of seats or bigger trunk. The gas mileage is great for a SUV.

- Heather p

Dodge Journey 2016 amazing storage

2016 Dodge Journey

I really enjoy the space that my car has inside of it for passengers. It also has hidden storage in the floorboards, passenger seats, and trunk

- Emily L

It has more space than it looks like.

2016 Dodge Journey

Feels hesitant to get going. Shakes a little when you step on the gas to speed up. Pulls to the right. Was told there's nothing wrong with it.

- Cliff C

The seating is not very comfortable.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like the third row seating. It gets fairly good gas mileage. It does not have much power and I would like for it to be a little more roomy.

- David M

Reliable, comfortable, good gas mileage

2016 Dodge Journey

Very reliable, good gas mileage, I have driven it from Kentucky to Texas/Georgia/Carolinas/Florida/Arkansas/Tennessee and have had no issues.

- Jesse L

A good starter family car.

2016 Dodge Journey

Very good amount of seating for younger kids, son is hitting 12 and car is getting super tight. Lots of compartments in floorboard and such.

- Crystal G

It has a 3rd row seating and is 4 cylinder.

2016 Dodge Journey

I Like that it has a third row sitting. Also like the fuel efficiency because it is 4 cylinders. Just thinks it needs a little more power.

- pedro W

The care is nothing too special, but it gets the job done.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like that it is pretty spacious. I don't like that it is not as technologically advanced as other vehicles. It gets me where I need to go.

- Anthony C

I enjoy the vehicle has all the upgrades I wanted in a car

2016 Dodge Journey

I love my car besides the recent problems I have been having with it, including the radio/navigation going out and the alternator going bad

- Jessie W

Family friendly and affordable with lots of cargo room

2016 Dodge Journey

It has lots of room both head and leg and still room in the back to carry things. It is family friendly and very comfortable. No complaints

- Melody L

It handles well in all types of weather—sun, rain, snow, and ice.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like how it drives and handles the road. I appreciate the various features for comfort and convenience inside the vehicle. No complaints.

- Jon B

My new favorite automotive brand

2016 Dodge Journey

I have only had it for a couple of months but I am happy with my decision to purchase it. It has many great features and it drives great.

- Stacie G

the journey has a lot of room , the 2nd and 3rd row of seats fold down

2016 Dodge Journey

one dislike it has a blindspot when driving, when your going down the highway on the passenger side right behind the seat It's hard to see

- phil G

It's mine! And that it has 3 rows

2016 Dodge Journey

It's white and has 23k miles on it. The drivers side rear tire is leaking. And there was a recent warranty for a cruise control problem.

- Jon M

The coolers in the floor are awesome.

2016 Dodge Journey

I have coolers in the floor and very comfortable seats. The only thing I don't like is when the back seats are up there is not much room.

- Heather S

It drives very well, it is easy to maneuver and it is got pretty good gas mileage.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love how roomie it is. It fits our family of 4 very well especially since my husband is 6’3. I dislike that it is only a 4 cylinder.

- Shen S

It drives really smooth and the gas mileage is about average.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like the 3rd row and GPS system. I do not like the flimsiness of the car. Things break a lot easier as far as cosmetics are concerned.

- Amber H

It is perfect for single income families.

2016 Dodge Journey

Vehicle is spacious to accommodate 2 kids. Vehicle is fuel efficient... Vehicle is comfortable... Vehicle is perfect for road trips..

- Diane F

Constantly in the shop because of things that should not have passed inspection.

2016 Dodge Journey

I have had a lot of issues with it since I got it, and there is no foot room in back row. I do like how it is all wheel drive though.

- Stephanie S

It's durable and it handles well.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like that it's big enough for my family. I like that it's an appealing vehicle. I don't like that it doesn't have a backup camera.

- Lashun l

It is light and very fast.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love how comfortable my seats are. I also love how roomy the front and middle rows are. I do not like how small the third row is.

- Nikki J

Seats 7 people including baby car seats.... Fill it up and travel :)

2016 Dodge Journey

Brakes are rusted. And tire keeps showing low PSI other then that I love it! Keyless entry! Heated seats! Nice and clean and roomy

- Kristen T

Dependability, just go on and go.

2016 Dodge Journey

It is reliable and beautiful. The ride is smooth. The features are really well made. There is nothing I do not like about my care.

- Rosa G

It drives well for the size.

2016 Dodge Journey

It. Drives good. The Journey is good in snow. Journey has 7 seats so enough room for everyone. The Journey could be better on gas.

- Donna M

How many miles per gallon of fuel it uses.

2016 Dodge Journey

The vehicle lacks leg room. Why have a 3rd row when you cannot even utilize it. spacing is terrible. Carpet is hard to keep clean.

- Mary P

It is a great car for families.

2016 Dodge Journey

There is no problems but I would of liked heated seats and a on screen backup camera and each person controls in the back for ac.

- Shelley D

That it gets great gas mileage. Mine is much better than what was advertised.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love my car because it is very roomy, especially for a smaller SUV. My payments are less than $200/month, and that helps too.

- Melissa B

It is a good value and works really great

2016 Dodge Journey

I like because it can be made a 7 seater van. It is powerful. I dislike the gas mileage and two recalls in 2 years of owning it.

- Vineet K

No more Dodge vehicles. No more Dodge products. No more Dodge products.

2016 Dodge Journey

Transmission went out at 72, 000 miles. The transmission went out at 72, 000 miles. Dodge will not be my next vehicle to drive.

- Elaine W

It has a blind spot when trying to pull into traffic.

2016 Dodge Journey

It is very dependable. I do not like that it already is making noise in the body, not much power, and no back up camera or gps.

- Pamela B

Extra stow compartments in the middle row and built in cup holders in the doors.

2016 Dodge Journey

Great compromise between style and functionality. Great controls setup and some edition have built in navigation and Bluetooth.

- Daniel K

That it's worth investing in if you are a small family household.

2016 Dodge Journey

I do not like that it's not fast enough, that my car does not have gps or sunroof. I like that is its small and gas economical.

- Reina E

Very reliable and will buy another one when we decide to purchase the next one.

2016 Dodge Journey

I have owned this vehicle for 5 years and not any trouble whatsoever. I have only had to do the regular scheduled maintenance.

- Karen C

The Dodge journey has great gas mileage and easy maintenance.

2016 Dodge Journey

The Dodge journey is comfortable, it has a nice look, roomy, good gas mileage, the vehicle rides smooth, handles beautifully.

- Angela F

I like the 3rd row seating. I like that I can pair my phone to the vehicle. I am pleased with the gas mileage.

2016 Dodge Journey

I am happy with the vehicle besides the blind spots and the small storage space. I do not like where the battery is located.

- Charlene W

It has plenty of space for 3 kids.

2016 Dodge Journey

I love the way that it drives. I love that it has optional third row seating. I don't like that it doesn't have navigation.

- Jessica M

it drives very well in the rain and snow, it's a great car.

2016 Dodge Journey

i like that is good on the highway. i like that it takes from point A to B. I dislike that i can't get sirius radio on it.

- Andre R

I think the reluctance to downshift is the biggest driving flaw.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like the size, not too big, not too small. It drives fairly well but sometimes has trouble shifting. Gas mileage is good.

- Lacey A

It is got a third row which is awesome for a family with two car seats.

2016 Dodge Journey

I like its drivability and look. I like it is safety features. I wish it had better gas mileage. It is got a lot of space.

- Katy K

We love the third row seating.

2016 Dodge Journey

Great vehicle, roomy, good gas mileage, overall very impressed with this to date, no complaints. Very happy with purchase

- Leslie M

Dodge journey mirrors impact driving safely.

2016 Dodge Journey

The mirrors on both sides are too big or not placed in correct positions and cause serious blind spots in all directions.

- Martha W

It is dependable. It has multi uses. It is affordable.

2016 Dodge Journey

It is versatile for seating and carrying items. It is good on gas. Fits easily in parking garages. Has a smooth ride.

- Maryann W