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Benefits of a Dodge Journey.

I very much enjoy the Dodge Journey. This is my second one I have owned. I do wish that my new Journey had some of the perks the old one had thought. Such as the dash cooler and wall outlet plug in the center console. Although in the new model there is a cigarette port for another charging station in the very back. I enjoy the Journey because of the three row seating. The three rows come in handy when you travel a lot with children like we do. Each kiddo has their own row to stretch out in on long trips. It has a very smooth and quiet ride. We travel a lot and long distances so that makes a big difference to use. Even when we have our roof rack on and filled you cannot hear outside wind noises. Gas mileage is good when traveling on the highways. Even day to day driving does not use a lot of fuel. I normally have to fill up every 12 days when driving to work and home everyday. Also the extra storage in the floor and seats is helpful. I always keep a first aid kit in one and a roadside kit in the other. Plus there is room in the trunk floor as well. Over all I enjoy the space and luxury of the Journey at a lower price than some other third row seater vehicles.

- Dakota R

Smooth like butter- inside and out; tires to sunroof.

I initially purchased my journey for the 3rd row seating feature, as we are looking to expand our family. . . But once I sat in the driver's seat on the car lot, I never looked back. It was honestly the first and only car I looked at that day. I have zero regrets. It gets the same seating room as higher end luxury cars like the armada, suburban and expedition, at a fraction of the cost- with better gas mileage! My particular journey has the invaluable backup camera that at times can be a little. . . Paranoid. . . But has saved my bumper more times than I can count, ha-ha. I do not use the sunroof much as the weather here is getting cold. . . But it will give me a good opportunity to test the drive train as snow comes! I genuinely have no complaints about this car. . . Aside from there is not a dealership nearby to handle any maintenance.

- Charlie J

Dodge Journey. A comfortable, affordable family car that is stylish and hip.

I was searching for a vehicle that had a lot of room inside. I use to own a Nissan Sentra which I loved but it was not big enough inside. I went to Dodge and looked around and found the Journey. It has 3 row seating and the seats fold down to give me plenty of room to haul things if needed. It is capable of driving 7 people with still plenty of legroom. It has plenty of storage space and has a really air conditioner in the fro9nt and back. Plenty of cup holders and chargers. The gas mileage is not that bad. I feel it could be a little better, but the good definitely outweighs the bad. It is a comfortable ride and has good power. My kids and their friends have plenty of legroom and love the stereo. I wish it had Bluetooth but does come with an aux. I love my Journey and do not think I will go back to a car again.

- Melissa C

Get the most bang for your buck with the Dodge journey.

The 2017 Dodge journey is a very reliable family vehicle. It drives very smooth and good on gas. The outside appearance is very appealing and the inside seats 7. The third row seats fold down to allow a lot of cargo space. The seats are comfy and make long drives a lot easier on the body. There are storage compartments built into the floors that make great ice chests to store drinks and snacks for road trips. The audio system is great for those who love playing there tunes. The air conditioning works great even in 110 degree desert heat. If you are looking for a family vehicle that is reliable and comfortable for everyone the Dodge journey is the vehicle to get. The price for what you get is unbelievably. It costs so little for so much and it's a vehicle I plan on keeping in my family for a very long time.

- Melanie C

The comfortable and reliable 2017 dodge journey sxt.

I really like my vehicle, it has been very safe and reliable in the snow this winter. The 3rd row seat is a bit small for an adult to sit comfortably, but it works perfectly for my dog to sit so we have plenty of room for the whole family. I was a little disappointed that newer vehicles, even the lower level packages are not standard equipped with the Bluetooth connection for mobile phones. Especially since so many states have hands free laws now. That is my biggest complaint. The entertainment system and controls are fairly easy to use. As are most other features the vehicle is equipped with. Gets decent gas mileage for its size and engine. It is the first brand new car I have ever owned and I am very pleased with my choice.

- Jessica P

Reasonably priced SUV with great cargo space and seats 7.

I absolutely love my Dodge Journey. The third row seats allow me to seat 7 people. The seats also have the ability to fold down giving me the flexibility to transport many things. For an SUV it gets 26 miles to the gallon in town and about 35 on the freeway. It cost less than most all the cars I test drove and they do not provide as much seating or cargo space. I love the instrument panel and smooth ride. It is great on long trips. I like the built in coolers not only for long trips but when I go grocery shopping I can put my food in them and keep them cold until I get home. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a new vehicle whether they are looking for a car or an SUV.

- Eva S

Best part of the vehicle is the temperature controls.

The journey is a great vehicle. Plenty of space for my family. Third row seating. Seats are very comfortable. Third row lays down for extra storage space in the back. Middle row floorboard has two small compartments for storage. Separate controls for heating and a/c for front and back of vehicle. Is automatic transmission, but can also be switched to standard transmission. I have never seen anything like that before. It is great on gas mileage. System also lets you know fuel level, when an oil change is due, low tire, oil temperature, digital speedometer. Am/FM radio, CD player, Bluetooth, USB connections.

- Erin A

Definitely better than a minivan. Cost less than an SUV. Bigger than a car. Meet the crossover that is economical family vehicle Low on cost with a smooth ride. Before you purchase make sure you test drive this vehicle a lot. There are some safety features that are a concern, but it is a great vehicle if you can get past those.

The vehicle is comfortable to drive. The front end is sloped at an angel hard to see over. The polar piece next to the windshield on both the driver and passenger side are very wide and impede your vision. I have almost hit a pedestrian bc I couldn't see them. There are many side blind spots making lane changing difficult. The vehicle accelerates slower than the other vehicles of other makers in the marketplace. This vehicle is also not standard equipped with a backup camera like most of it counterparts. However, it is a great car with a reasonable price with a smooth ride once you get it going.

- MaryBeth W

I love the dual heating/air conditioning system!

My Journey is very comfortable. The heating and air conditioning is dual controlled allowing the driver and passenger to cool/heat According to their own needs. The back two rows of seats can be adjusted for either passengers or luggage/groceries as needed. My Journey is easy to drive. Visibility for lane changes is good. The back up camera is useful and makes backing into spaces very easy. The navigation system is easy to use and driving to new places is easier to do because of the system. Bluetooth connectivity makes accepting/receiving calls simple and easy to use.

- Frances C

We really love the keyless entry; you just have to have the key fob on you to run the vehicle. We LOVE that as a safety feature!!

We got this vehicle in March to replace a car that had been in our first accident. We love it! We like the room, we love that there is a third row, we LOVE the keyless entry!! My husband jokes that it's like we're Jedis opening our car. One thing that I do NOT LIKE about this vehicle is the transmission issues that Dodge seems to be famous for. Why is it that in 2018, Dodge vehicles STILL have transmissions that go bad, FAST? (I used to own a Dodge Caravan about 15-20 years ago and that was our biggest issue then with it: transmission went bad.)

- Jennifer F

The 2017 Dodge Journey is one of the most comfortable cars I have ever been in.

Great vehicle with third row seating. Third row is easily accessible. The vehicle has keyless entry and push to start. The floor compartments in the middle row are roomy and you can put ice in it to keep drinks cool. This specific model does not have u-connect so there is no Bluetooth connectability. The vehicle does have an AUX port and USB port, however. Seats are incredibly comfortable. Visibility is not 100% when the third row seats are up. This specific model did not come with a back up camera.

- Ashley T

Journey Dodge. Rear seat folds into the floor.

The SUV is roomy, it has little compartments in the floor to store extra storage. It has seating for 6 people 4 adults and three children. Once the car is in motion all the doors lock automatically. The car is loaded with cup holders for drinks which makes it nice for long trips. The rear seat folds down into the floor when not in use. The one thing they could add is a grip handle on the dash for older folks. We love our SUV and will buy a new one in the future once we rack up the miles on this one.

- Debbie K

Push start 7 seater dodge journey.

This car has 7 seats available, folding down the third row seating for more trunk space. You can use it for a big family size or for driving people around for instance uber driving. The seats are comfortable and are electric moving. There's no key needed to start the vehicle, it is a push start. Just touch the inside of the handle with the key fob on your person to unlock the car. To lock just push the tiny button on the handle while the key fob is on your person.

- Erin B

The good and bad of the dodge journey.

The dodge journey had issues as soon as I drove it off the lot. The car had less than 300 miles and the coil pack had to be replaced. In less than 25,000 miles the battery was bad. In less than 57,000 miles we were having issues with the right side air vent blowing hot air even though the left blew cold. On the good side it is a comfortable vehicle with lots of space. When I purchase my next vehicle it will not be a dodge.

- Michael R

It has a good crash rating and you get good value for the money.

I love my Dodge Journey. It is sleek and sporty. It gets great gas mileage. I also like the 3rd row seating and the fact the seats fold flat for a clean flat floor in the down position. The car handles well. The stereo is adequate with the 4 inch touch screen and integrated satellite radio. I like the information center in the middle of the gauge cluster and the steering wheel controls. They are very intuitive to use.

- William S

That it is perfect for road trips.

I personality don't like how much it looks like the Dodge minivans. The performance is good on the other hand and I have had no problems with it. The only thing that I do hate is how much gas that it uses. I have taken this SUV on many road trips and it still runs good and has plenty of space for luggage and passengers. The feature that I love the most is the built in coolers. Can you say perfect and very useful?

- Ebony J

2017 Dodge Journey SXT all-wheel drive.

I really enjoy the fact that it holds 7 passengers with the third row seat. I also like the sound system it is very good and has great bass. I wish they would make Bluetooth standard on all the models. I have the 6-cylinder model which has great response time. The brakes respond very well as well. My wife is only about 5 4 and says she thinks it is hard to see but for me it is fine.

- Gene C

Tire pressure light will not stay off no matter how many times its reset.

We purchased the vehicle in April of 2017. It is been a pretty good car so far. We have had a few issues. One being the tire pressure light keeps coming on and will not stay off. There's nothing wrong with the tire so we are not sure what's up with it. Two, the trunk space is a joke. This is definitely not a car you want if you have a big family and plan to do any kind of traveling.

- Toni R




Sporty mid size SUV. . . Great to drive and easy to ride!

The Journey has a lot passenger room and is very convenient for my granddaughter to enter and exit. Really love the gas mileage and it handles great! We added a GPS and backup camera that works really great with the large screen. Very good storage under front seats. . . And rear seats are easy to convert for larger items. Looks very sporty and have gotten lots of compliments!

- Lisa V

It has a great sound system, drives well and has a lot of additional storage compartments. All of the seats (minus the driver seat) are fold-able for traveling/carrying large items.

I've only had just a few issues with this vehicle: 1. The windshield wiper fluid hose came loose. Easy fix. 2. The gas cap/engine light would come on when the gas cap was not tightened enough. I really like all of the compartments for storage, the bluetooth capabilities and the sound system are nice. It drives well and it is very low on exterior noises coming into the cabin.

- Carmen K

The 2017 Dodge Journey is comfortable and easy to drive.

The 2017 Dodge Journey is really an amazing car. Usually when a car has third row seating, there normally is not a lot of legroom, but this car beats those odds and provides comfort for everyone in the car. The car is also super easy and comfortable to drive. None of the pedals are too touchy and the car accelerates very smoothly, and it drives great in the snow.

- Phoebe G

I like the bright red color! I like the drive shaft in the middle.

I like that my car is smaller, but still roomy when I have people in the car. One thing I do not like is there is no storage, no trunk so if we took a family trip we have no place for suitcases. I like the awd, I have had issues with the heating/ac. The radio display stayed on what the last seething was for heat/air and volume and wouldn't shut off or change.

- Rhonda N

My Journey. Best car I have had in awhile.

Great small SUV with still the amount of space I need. I have lots of storage for the size and love my third row seating, it runs very smooth and light. The luggage rack is a plus and my passengers love the heated vents in the middle row seating. The only problem is that it's so light weight that when I drive in the wind it feels like its rocking in the wind.

- Lynn M

An insane amount of space for many passengers.

I recently bought my Dodge journey 2017 and all I can say is that it was a great investment. I have had problems with my past cars they would always have a problem to it but with this one that is not the case. My recent purchase of the Dodge journey was the perfect purchase since now we are a big family. It is all there is nothing less and nothing more.

- Lorena C

The Dodge Journey is a fantastic family car.

The seats are extremely comfortable and the drive is very smooth regardless of the road quality. It can hold many people which is great for big TripAdvisor or teenagers with many friends. There was one recall on it but other than that there are no issues. The third row of seats does have very little leg room but that is not that huge of a deal.

- Alyssa H

The Dodge Journey seats 7 perfect for a big family.

The 2017 Dodge Journey has plenty of room it's a mid size vehicle gets good gas mileage handles weathered roads really good rides smooth its a good choice for a good size family I am very glad I made the choice to buy mine. So I would highly recommend if you are in the market for a new vehicle try the Dodge Journey you will be glad you did.

- Stacey C

The cars interior and GPS units very top end.

The amount of room is fantastic that is a huge plus. There are no real negatives except cruise control not as responsive as other autos could use a little more tech car handles real well styling super, interior all leather and extremely comfortable, car has unbelievable pick up for its size. Overall I would rate the car very highly.

- Eric F

An amazing SUV for a family.

It is an amazing luxurious SUV. Mine does not have all the bells and whistles, it is pretty basic but I still love it. I haven't found any real problems with it as of yet and I have had it for a year now. The seats are comfortable and the engine runs good. The gas mileage is pretty awesome for an SUV as well. I absolutely love it.

- Monica W

Very sporty and useful in several ways.

It has a third row seat. The second row is very comfortable (my weight and height is no problem), when all the seats are lowered, it an be used as small truck. It is very comfortable and easy to drive, even on long trips. It has a luggage rack, no chrome; only drawback is the open wheel well, sporty, but no protection for brakes.

- Bonnie H

I love my dodge journey by Vanessa licea.

I love my vehicle. Ever since I got my vehicle 2 years ago I could stop driving everywhere it runs smooth great radio comfortable for my family to go on long drives. The gas last forever all in all I am just so happy with my dodge journey also it was my first car I've ever bought and I had a very good experience thank you dodge.

- Vanessa L

How mechanically safe the car is.The fuel range.

I like that the car gets good mileage and that it has spacious trunk and third row seating. I also like the push to start and using the handles to unlock the doors. I dislike that there is not enough feet/car seat room. I also dislike that there is no caption seats or that the rear doors can not open on their own.

- Jordan A

Great vehicle nice storage with great features.

Love the 3rd row of seats and the Bluetooth feature. Drives smooth very comfortable seats very roomy cargo area. The coolers come in handy I use all the little nooks and crannies for storage. I use this car for work. The touch screen is also great for hands free as well as the controls on the steering wheel.

- Courtney S

Nice vehicle overall, happy with it.

Very good vehicle, plenty of power, good throttle response. Performs well in all weather and road conditions. I love the push to start feature. The entertainment system is excellent (radio, GPS etc.. ). The leather seats could be better, showing signs of wear after only one year and less than 12, 000 miles.

- Terry S

Comfortable and reliable car.

Very comfortable lots of space. Mechanical wise it is fine. It is very okay. Not exciting but reliable. Needs a design update and the Bluetooth stereo does not work all that reliably. Performance is consistent. The AWD works well in snow and ice. They brakes should be higher quality for the size of the car.

- Amy M

Behind the steering wheel on the dash it shows your tire pressure and lights.

The journey is an overall good vehicle. It does not have any fancy features like voice call and you cannot link music from your phone to this model, but it is a good car. The gas mileage is dependable. It has features on the dash behind the steering wheel that shows the mph, air pressure for tires, etc.

- Natasha G

It is a good SUV but I would have liked more extras.

It is a good SUV it sits up off the ground just right. I would have liked to have a bigger engine in it for the pick up. It has a lot of room inside for carrying gro. And other things. I thought I will ever use the third row seating but it is there if I need it. I would like to have a lumbar adjustment.

- Linda C

My beautiful white new SUV/van/car. It is so shiny and new.

My brand new van/sub, is awesome. It is so comfortable. It has so many new technology I still can not figure it. Out. It is pretty and white. It has tinted windows. It had starlight radio. Each seat can control his or her own heat or air conditioning. It has four tv's in it. My four children love it.

- Betty G

Awesome all wheel drive SUV.

Very powerful v6, great highway mileage, plenty of rear room, and third row seating. I like the all wheel drive, great for snow and rain. Works awesome at my cabin in northern Michigan. . Good color schemes, have not had any problems so far, have 18, 500 miles on it. Tire pressure monitoring is nice.

- Chuck C

That it isn't as roomy as you think. If you need the seating,l and travel, get something bigger.

I like the interior and style. I was pleased with the mileage but it's gone down hill. I am happy with the 7 seating but it can be cramped in the 3rd row. Seats fold down and good cargo. But only if seats are down. It's not really roomy. Could be bigger. Was under impression it was 6 cyl. Nope 4.

- Karyl f

Lower end model of the Dodge Journey 2017.

It's good on gas for a 6 cylinders, not power seats was disappointing for the price, no back up camera my previous Journey was a much better model so it is okay but I am going Chevy next time. This is too much it is a reliable car but could and should have more bells and whistles for the price.

- Sandra W

It is the black on black package, so it looks incredible!

I love this car. It is comfortable for short and long distances, gets good gas mileage, has plenty of room. The steering wheel is warming and so are the seats, which is perfect for where I live. It has multiple outlets and places to charge your devices. It drives smooth and is easy to control.

- Pam R

Love this vehicle! Would recommend to everyone.

I love the size of this SUV. It rides well, pretty smooth for a larger SUV. I have used the 3rd row of seats and the storage in the back. Just last week we had 6 adults in it and one person was 6 foot 9 inches tall and we all fit comfortably. I would highly recommend this vehicle to everyone.

- Kathy D

2017 Dodge Journey is great for city travel.

My biggest pet peeve about this vehicle is that it has little pick up when going up the slightest incline. The seats are comfortable, the rear climate controls are great, the sound system is great when playing recorded music: very clear and rich sound. The vehicle looks nice on the road, too.

- Michelle S

Its garbage, wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Gas mileage is awful and has no power, I've owned this car for 2 years and I've regretted it every day. I did it to help my credit and that was it. I'd never buy from a Dodge dealership again either. They screwed me big time. So overall my experience has been very poor with my vehicle.

- Stephen G

It is very dependable and gets good gas mileage for its size.

I love the Journey. It has plenty of room. While some aspects seems basic I still love it. I do wish it came with Bluetooth. It is a very smooth drive. The gas mileage is decent. We travel a lot for sports so for a family of 4 we can still fit all of the equipment and luggage comfortably.

- Autumn R

2017 Dodge Journey crossover.

My 2017 Dodge Journey is a crossover meaning it is a mix between an SUV & van. It has 3 rows of seats. It does not have a navigation system or sunroof. Everything is automatic and electronic. It has Bluetooth connection that can connect to your phone to use handless or to listen to music.

- Courtney L

My favorite car: my Dodge Journey 2017.

Super amazing love driving it soft brakes and great radio I am in love with Sirius XM that it comes with when we first bought it no problems so far I am enjoying the screen to see when backing up and it shows speed limit exactly at all times honestly my favorite car I have ever driven.

- Alex P

Since it is a v4 it does have trouble going up hills.

My 2017 Dodge journey crossroad drives great. It sets 7 people. The trunk is small however the 3rd row of seats folds down. I rated my likeness a 3 because I have a bigger family now and I need more room. However, it has a screen and hands free phone system. Overall, the car is great!

- Gia M

Decent vehicle for the price.

Interior quality is outstanding. Steering and handling is above average. I wish the 3rd row seating were more easily accessible. A sun roof would also be a nice addition. Overall this vehicle is a good reliable SUV for a standard size family. The gas mileage is about average as well.

- Crystal E

The car is Good on gas for an SUV and is very stylish!

I like the way the car looks, the rims, smooth driving, spacious, seems to be good gas mileage. I wish I had a back up camera. I also wish the third row seating was easier to access and more comfy. Lastly I wish the dash showed directions and the gas usage and what you use per mile.

- Kate B

What's not to like about the Journey.

Love: heated steering wheel and seats. The back up cameras are great. The hands free option is wonderful, but sometimes you have to repeat a lot due to enunciation issues. Built in coolers in floor come in handy, seat lifts up for storage. Third row seat. Not much that I don't like.

- Angela L

Dodge Journey, good handling mid size SUV.

My Dodge Journey drives like a car more than the bigger SUVs that feel more truck like. The back seat is very rummy, but the third row is too small for bigger kids. There is not much storage when the third row is open, we had the hitch kit installed for travel to carry our luggage.

- Christina D

Dodge journey great for families with multiple children.

I have had no issues mechanically since purchasing the vehicle.. It drives smooth. It has good gas mileage.. It is pretty comfortable driving especially long distance. Great for families with multiple children. Spacing is good. Could use a bit more storage. Trunk space is limited.

- Amanda N

A smaller SUV with amazing storage!

I like that the journey seats 7 people, but I think it is a very narrow car. I do not like how my children are unable to see well from the back 2 seats. . There is wonderful storage underneath the floor mats and in the back area (especially when seats are down in the very back.).

- Brittany W

Dodge Journey is perfect for families on a budget.

This is a very affordable vehicle for families. It has a 3rd row seat so it has plenty of room. It rides and drives very smoothly. It is equipped with rear heat and a/c so even the back seats can stay comfortable. For an all wheel drive vehicle the gas mileage is not bad either.

- Jessica M

It is good on gas, big family can fit, very small trunk.

We had to get a bigger car for our family after we had are last child. This car is just right. Wish it had a little more room in the back. But hey what can I say it's a good car for the price. Wish it had Bluetooth its a pain trying to talk on speaker phone when you are driving.

- Tiffany Craven D

It is safe and I feel safe in it.

This is the first time I have owned a SUV. The Dodge journey is a very comfortable and smooth drive. The seats are adjustable for height, back lumbard, distance. I can see through all windows without having blind spots. The dash is bright and easy to read. I can not say enough.

- Georgia M

My Dodge Journey is awesome!

My vehicle is roomy enough for my family. I love the way it drives. Because it is a 4 cylinder it does not pick up as fast as I'd like. I love the backup camera for parking. I also enjoy the touchscreen for the radio and other functions of the car. It is a really nice vehicle.

- Christina C

The 2017 dodge journey crossroad.

I really love the leather seats as well as the heated steering wheel and seats. One of my favorite features is the backup camera as well as the sirius XM radio. The dodge journey rides really well and accommodates seven people which has been really great for family vacations.

- Charity J

It is affordable and functional for often use.

I like the mileage, I road trip quite often and it gets great mileage. I like the spaciousness, and it was quite affordable. The tires are easily replaced. I don't have many complaints. The seats in the very back could have more foot space but that's about it for complaints.

- Kendall S

The space and comfort are very important selling features for me and my family. We are always on the go.

I love the extra row of seats for taking the grandkids to places and room for a friend or two. It's comfortable and I love everything about it. Great for long trips or shorts. The air controls in the back and vents for 3 row is awesome! Good gas mileage. Drive with comfort!

- Kimberly S

Dodge Journey gets great gas mileage.

No problems so far. Haven't had the car a full year yet, but it has been great. Plenty of space. Really like that you can adjust the air temperature on both sides of the car. The only thing I would change, is to have temperature control for the passengers in the back seat.

- Jamie A

Incredible Dodge Journey!

No current problems. Performance. Is good. Very reliable. Comfortable to. Drive on. If anything I'd like. to see. It. Have a back up. Camera or. Beeper. Gas mileage is also. Decent. I like that it alerts me with messages if tires are low or I am due for an oil change.

- Veronica J

Great on gas and roomy enough for multiple passengers

My Dodge Journey is just the right size for me to drive 3 travel hockey players and their friends around the USA & Canada. Roomy for the boys and hockey equipment; groceries, luggage, and coolers. The reliability is phenomenal and so is comfort for long distance travel.


The car and how it meets my needs. For my wife and I it is perfect.

No problems, is well made, fits all my needs, the features are great, the tailgate is not powered but easy enough for me. I am handicapped and still manage with ease, for the price it cost I do not think I could have done better in selecting a better choice for my needs.

- John H

Spacious, great family car. Soccer mom approved.

I love the journey it is spacious. The back sits are adjustable. 7 passengers it's a great car overall. Good sound system. Seats are comfortable, lighting on the car is very good. Love the storage space in the car. Very nice interior design. The car has a nice grill.

- Elizabeth A

Great family car. Fun to drive for all ages.

The Dodge Journey is a great family car. It drives smooth and is comfortable for everyone riding in it. The 3rd row is excellent for extra people you may need to drive around and you can also fold all the seats down for extra room for sports equipment or luggage.

- Rhonda B

The third seat for me is the best.

Performance is awesome it is good on gas and I love the way it handles gas mileage is good. It has nice lines and handles really well especially in water and dirt roads. The inside is roomy and includes a third seat which makes it a handy for extra passengers.

- Rachel H

There is nothing special about a Dodge Journey.

There are terrible blind spots. The interior is impossible to keep clean even after just leaving the car wash. It has no power. It already needs an alignment at less than a year old. It seems like the transmission slips sometimes. Everything about it is junk.

- Sabrina S

Too much money for too little car.

Have had a problem with transmission dealership cannot duplicate been going on since a couple months after I bought it. Has good pickup but you feel like you are driving in a tin can. My car is basic no extra features. Do love keyless entry and keyless start.

- Lisa H

Candy apple red, with black wheels, very sleek design.

The vehicle I purchased has a small engine, so not much horsepower. Gets decent gas mileage. Comfortable 8 person seating includes 3rd row. Can lay all seats down for storage. It has Sirius radio which is a plus. Haven't really noticed any problems at all.

- Taylor B

Everything that this car has extra storage too has fold down seats keyless start.

The Dodge Journey is the best car I ever bought. I have not had any problems with my car at all. Has a lot of options and good gas mileage too has a good sound system and satellite radio too which I love very much it was the best option for my money.

- Deborah G

Great Family Car for people with smaller children!

I love the space inside of the vehicle. I feel like for the price it is very roomy. I do feel that the third row area is quite small though. All of the seats are very comfortable though. We have the larger touch screen radio and I love that as well!

- Nicole H

Third row can be difficult.

I love that it is a crossover and not a huge SUV, however I do not like the 3rd row option. If you actually use the 3rd row, it almost completely eliminates the trunk space. So if you have multiple children in car seats, it can be problematic.

- Christina G

that it runs smooth and the ratings on it are great. it's an SUV that is stylish and great on gas as well as the space it offers.

I like the Dodge Journey for the small compact SUV and the gas mileage. The space is just enough and I love the 3rd row seat that it offers to pack extra family inside of it. The compartment the Journey has are great in in convenient spots.

- Corine M

It is hard to get in and out of if you are elderly or disabled.

I like that it has all of the basics lights, air, heat relatively average on gas mileage. I do not like that it is difficult to get in and out of. I was screwed on the price of this and another vehicle that I purchased at the same time.

- cristie o

This is a great family car.

I love the gas mileage, handle of the car. I have never had any problems at all with this vehicle. Love the colors it is available in. We don't like the small amount of legroom in the third row. The second row could have more leg room also.

- Tammy O

There is not enough leg room for more than 2 people at a time.

I love that my family of four can fit comfortably. I like all the storage that is available. I do not like how difficult it is to have extra people rode with us because we have car seats. It's very hard to move the seats for extra people.

- Krystal B

Gives the third row option but still midsize providing pretty decent gas mileage.

I like that my car has good pick up. I also like that it has different displays that show me my speed and how many miles i have until empty. It has a third row seating option, so the trunk space is very limited when the third row is up.

- Rose D

Amazing gas mileage and comfy ride.

It is a very nice and comfortable car to drive. Gas mileage is incredible, love using the cruise control. Only thing that is kind of weird is that it still has a compact disc player in it, and unfortunately no Bluetooth compatibility.

- Stefanie J

It has a car like ride with SUV versatility and all wheel drive.

It is a good value. I like the storage and versatility of the seating. I enjoy the fact that it rides like a car but is a little taller to see over some vehicles. My only complaint is the battery died on it in less than a year.

- Ramzi S

The under carriage storage are extremely useful when traveling

Truly love my Journey it drives great, easy to maintain, and very comfortable for long trips. The only thing I would like better if there were more room, but I have 4 children so as far as a crossover vehicle this one is AMAZING

- Micheal D

My Dodge journey. The feature I love about my Dodge is the seat compartment.

I love my Dodge journey. It's just the right size for me and my family. It's very economical saves on gas. Has great features and a fun car to drive. I love the compartments in the floor and under the front passenger seat.

- Carolyn W

It is a great car if you do not have to use the third row seat. If you have a large family this car will not work for you.

I don't like that there is virtually no trunk space. the third row seat has very little room to sit comfortably. It is not a good car to take on family road trips because you just feel bunched up and claustrophobic.

- Alicia L

It is a great family car, very reliable and very comfortable for long rides!.

We have had a few issues with the front suspension, warranty covered everything. Currently having an issue with the transmission possibly slipping? Have an appointment scheduled, again covered under factory warranty.

- Corey S

It is great in the snow. I have not gotten stuck and I live in a dirt road that doesn't get service in the winter.

I like the space in the front seat and in the trunk. I like the built in navigation, it helps me out quite a lot. I also love the heated seats and steering wheel. I live in Michigan so the remote start is essential.

- Emily H

Third row seating is perfect for our family.

I have had no issues with my car. I just purchased it in the beginning on august and it is great to have the 3rd row when driving around 13 year old boys and their football gears. This car is perfect for my family!

- Kelsey R

Comfort and Affordability with good gas mileage, The ride is smooth with a lot of room on the inside. Three rows of seats comes in real handy on dance recital days.

I like the room it has inside. I wish it had GPS. However, it does not. The gas economy is good and economical. The vehicle appearance is nice to look at. The ride is ok but not as smooth as my last car.

- Katlyn D

Great gas mileage for a 7 seater vehicle.

I like the price of the vehicle for the size (seating capacity). I like the fact that it is 4 cylinder engine so it gets good gas mileage. I would like back up camera and a compass which it does not have.

- Andrew D

It has zero pickup in the 4 cylinder and I mean zero. Do not pull out in front of someone you will probably get hit. It is slightly better on gas mileage though.

I like that it is a low cost suv/crossover. I dislike that it has almost zero space in the trunk. I wish there was more room in between the seats as well. The seats themselves are very comfortable though.

- Jennifer P

Great price great car!! Will not be disappointed!

I love my Dodge Journey! It is very comfortable and gets my family and I safely to where we need to go. Handles great decent on gas. Only complaint I have is it tends to go through tires pretty quickly.

- Dawn C

3rd row seating, comfortable family vehicle with good MPG

I like all of the room, and the space. I wish the interior were different and that it had an entertainment system. I dislike that there isn't a lot of trunk space unless you fold down the third row.

- Nicole B

Great mpg, perfect for growing families , has ample storage space

I like that it gets good mpg, and the interior is easy to clean, I like the available 3rd row seating, although I wish it came with a backup camera and latch hooks for car seats in the third row.

- Meghan R

It is a perfect family vehicle. It is comfortable for long distance driving.

I love that it has enough room for my children and groceries. It has great storage compartments. I like the adjustable seats that help with hip and lumbar support and the ac and heat work quickly.

- Marisa P

It gets good gas mileage and it does not cost an arm and a leg to fill it up.

I do not like the fact that it does not have Bluetooth in it. I love the fact of how much more room I have. Not a fan that it does not come with a remote start like most of the newer vehicles do.

- Courtney W

It is high ranking in safety and driving. I highly recommend to anyone looking for an economical priced high quality vehicle.

It is very spacious and provides plenty of space and storage for our family. It has many features that I enjoy such as a sunroof, heated seats and steering wheel. It handles well and drives good.

- Misty A

It is the perfect family car.

The Dodge journey is very spacious for my family. I like a little pick up when on the gas, and this car does just that. All the features are great; sunroof, 3rd row seating, heated seats, etc.

- Molly C

The Dodge journey is good on gas.

My Dodge journey is my favorite SUV so far. It is roomy. When I put gas it last long. It is perfect fit for car seats. It is comfortable for traveling. & also has room under the floorboards.

- Courtney A

The vehicle has amazing storage capabilities. It has a smooth ride.

I enjoy the size of my vehicle. I enjoy how much storage I have in there and the option of the 3rd row seating if needed. There is plenty of space and I enjoy the ease and the way it drives.

- Jennifer C

It may be nice and room but you have to be ok with using that much gas.

I like all the room, but it is a gas user. It costs me $40 plus every other day to fill it up just to run me and my family to work and to do the errands. I also owe twice what it is worth.

- Kristle H

It is comfortable , very fuel efficient and moves good

I like that the Dodge Journey is very friendly to use, not a lot of buttons, comfortable sits, with sirius xm and i even sleep in the back when i put down the back seat (2nd and 3rd row)

- Michelle G

I like that it has good gas mileage.

The gas mileage is great. I also like that it has thirsty row seating. The back two rows fold down for hauling things. I do not like that it doesn't have handles in the front seat area.

- Rebecca o

It is the least expensive car that holds this many people of this size.

I love this vehicle! It comfortably holds 7 people usually my child and my neighbors children. Only thing I wish is it had an automatic tailgate cuz it hurts to pull the tailgate closed

- Victoria W

It fits my needs and makes me happy. Great mileage

It rides comfortably and seats 7 which is great. The package/features it came with is great. Love the display for camera,etc. Biggest complaint, it's a 4 cylinder and no cargo room.

- Dave K

make sure to drive it and read all reviews before you buy one

I like it enough but I don't like the way that it feels sometimes when I feel the gears change. I wish that the leather seats had better quality leather so that it didn't wrinkle.

- Kim S

Keyless entry, touch screen radio, handles well and easy to navigate

Reliable, love the touch screen radio, the in floor storage spaces in the 2nd row and how easily the seats fold down. 2ish there was a little more leg room for the 3rd row seating.

- Mary E

doesn't ride comfortably seats not comfortable.

Seats are not that comfortable. No arm rest. Does not still well on up grade tends to slip. Backwards if brake is not fully to the floor and also when you take off it will slip.

- Lee C

smooth riding and you do not hear any outside noise

this is a very comfortable riding vehicle and the trunk space is large. you can put four sets of golf clubs and seat four adults. gas mileage is fair and the upkeep is minimal.

- bill b

Journey....take it and make it yours!

Pretty decent ride. Not a huge gas guzzler, but could get better gas mileage. Not as powerful as I thought it was. But does the job. Have already done a lot of traveling in it

- Christine L

don't buy one, they suck. It's terrible in winter road conditions regardless of the AWD.

I hate what they consider a 3rd seat. It's great if the person sitting in the 3rd row has no legs. I like that it was a new car with a warranty and to use as a step up car.

- Amanda w

Amazing vehicle. A perfect family car.

It is the most amazing car I have ever owned. It can carry up to seven passengers and the back two seats fold down to make extra trunk space. Perfect for a first family car.

- Emily R

They should know that it a safe and reliable vehicle.

I love that it's just the right size for my family but still has enough room for a few extra guest. I love the heated seats and steering wheel and the storage space it has.

- roshauna g

It is one of the safest vehicles I have ever owned. And with a baby, that's all you can ask for!

Great gas mileage! But it is having problems with syncing the AC. I love the space in the car, I just wish mine had a navigation system. Overall the best car I have owned.

- Amanda O

It lacks storage space. When you use both rows of seats you virtually have zero space for storage.

I really like my Dodge Journey. It has been very reliable and it is pretty comfortable to ride in but it lacks storage space. We use a roof bag for luggage on long trips.

- Anny F

The most important thing others should know about my car is it is a touch start!

I love my Journey it has lots of room and great on mileage! It also have a third row seats radio sounds great! The only thing I do not like is I do not have Sirius radio.

- Felicia J

Love the car but has some quirks.

Often has problems with electrical such as radio, and charging ports in the car. Also the back windows hinder line of sight. Overall a very nice car that drives smoothly.

- Mikaela H

It had great fuel quality.

Love the v6 and all of the accessories that Dodge includes like an 8.4" entertainment system screen, leather seats, rear a/c, backup camera. It is an incredible vehicle!

- Ralph D

There are hidden storage areas in the floor

Nice and big, and easy on my back. Plenty of room for passengers, child seat and groceries. We use this car on all our long trips for the smooth ride and all the space

- Jimmy H

The big screen for the radio is very great

Leather interior, touch screen, bad tires. It is very comfortable on short trips and gets okay fast millage. I have the 4 cylinder and I definitely do not recommend it.

- Brittnay W

Interior nice and easy to maneuver back and forth.

don't like that the doors lock from inside and have to go outside to open. Would like to have inside open function for back hatch. Comfortable though and fairly roomy.

- Pam C

It has tons of storage everywhere

I like the amount of space my car has. It's comfortable for long trips hauling luggage and dogs. For as big as it is, our still gets decent gas mileage. No complaints

- Georgia B

Its peppy dependable, easy to drive, has 3 row seating has storage in the floors.

Its quick. Dependable and comfortable. Easy to drive. Has a lot of seating, 3 rows! Controls are all easy to reach and navigate. Easier on gasoline than other SUVs.

- Bonnie S

gas mileage is very good, only have to fill up every other week.

I love my Journey, it has a large touch screen for radio, satellite, phone connectivity, and it works as a backup camera. ride is smooth and seats are comfortable.

- justin c

Dodge Journey best family SUV for the price.

The Dodge Journey is really great on gas and awesome on long distance trips. I have 2 of these cars and would like to get another. Dodge Journey best crossover imo

- Michael B

A Journey Problem...no pep

The vehicle has been in the shop for multiple times for the same issue. I would not recommend the 4 cylinder, it has no pep. It can't get out of it's own way.

- Christina H

It's a comfortable ride and roomier than other cars

I love the ride It's comfy and smooth. i have the additional 3rd row in case i need it for more passengers. I have enough cargo space for my groceries and dogs

- rita p

Traction sucks. Has a 19in tire. Caught a flat on a Sunday 2 hours away from home. No one had a replacement had to drive him in donut.

I like a lot about it mostly I like the third row I really needed that option. I love the sound of the audio. I dislike the traction and handling of the car.

- Taryn B

It is reliable and its good on gas.

I love my journey, the color is unique it is very roomy, there are lots of compartment to store items, it has not given me any problems I have no complaints.

- Gloria W

This is a SUV with plenty of room for most anything.

The Dodge Journey has been a good car for us. This is our second Journey and while they have most of the bells and whistles the price is still reasonable

- Terry J

The crash test safety for backseat passengers is a 5 that is why I picked this car.

I love that it seats up to 7 people. I love the extra storage compartments under the floor. I wish that the back hatch had more space but it is doable.

- Robyn N

I got a terrific deal and a fantastic car I am a happy man.

Love it. It has 3rd row seating, so I can take my family on trip. It has on board navigation and satellite radio. Also great pickup and low fuel usage.

- Michael Y

My car hesitates to pick up speed.

I like that it is not too big, but has a 3rd row seating. I do not like that there is no room for luggage in the back. I like that it is gas economic.

- Stacy R

I have 3rd row seating and is comfortable with 6 passengers with luggage.

Very reliable and low maintenance. This vehicle is the crossroad plus with the 3.6 liter motor and has the flex fuel option. This vehicle is awesome.

- Frank P

Seating for seven. But it has a small storage space.

It has room for seven people. The only thing I dislike about it is the storage space in the back is lacking. Plus it does not have a backup camera.

- Amy M

The Dodge Journey is a crossover vehicle that drives more like a truck than a car; however, it is very good on gas and the up keep is minimum.

First time Dodge owner, rides smooth, but the sound is a little louder than my previous car. Love it, bought it after I had a rental for vacation.

- Dawn B

The car is very affordable and it rides comfortably. A great car for a family.

My dodge journey is a comfortable suv. It has a third row, with a television. It's performance is good. The gas is not great, burns too much fuel.

- yolanda j

very comfortable and easy to drive

when i bought it, it was the only suv out there that would sit 6 people comfortably. It is a good vehicle and gets good gas mileage. NO COMPLAINTS

- pat O

It doesn't have the best gas mileage. But it has cheap maintenance

I love the size. It's not too big and not too small. It has been reliable and has 3rd row seating for my kid(s). I wish it was more gas efficient

- Grace A

It is a wonderful car for the money. It stands up to the other vehicles in its class

I love my journey, however, my model is very basic. Our previous Journey had many more options. This was what was available to us at the time

- Shelly H

It is not really expensive. It gets great gas mileage.

It is spacious. It has a smooth ride. It has the ability to carry 6 or 7 individuals. I have not had a problem of any type with this vehicle.

- Dorothy L

It has plenty of room and comfort for a family of five.

I have had zero problems. So far it's very reliable and comfortable. The only features I wish we had are a power liftgate and backup camera.

- Ashley C

That it is very easy to operate and drive.

I like everything, the radio, easy off drive, very comfortable. Looks sharp on the outside. The room inside is perfect for my needs as well.

- Derrick A

Drives very smooth. Six cylinder has a lot of pep. It had a recall on the cruise control.

Does not have GPS or sunroof. No automatic rear door. 3rd row seats that we will never use. Windows not tinted enough. No pinstriping n body

- Richard A

Great for car-pooling as a family.

I love that the car has three row seating and the storage in the floor. I dislike how narrow the car is at times and the small trunk space.

- Ashley L

Great gas mileage with a 3 row of seats and built in cooler space.

I love the gas mileage. It doesn't have enough get up and go especially when merging onto an interstate. I do like the built in coolers.

- Teri V

I like the style of the car

Its has bad gas mileage. You have to step hard on the gas pedal so make it go with power and you can hear that the engine is working hard.

- Annabell N

This car drives super smooth and has a lot of space.

My vehicle comes with a rear camera and I love it. I love the GPS system and the stereo system. It also has the best Bluetooth connection.

- Daniel V

The car gets very good gas mileage.

I love the fuel economy and the handling ability. I wish it had more room on the inside. Overall, it is easy to drive and I like my car.

- Trish A

I like it for the third seat great for families

out is a great SUV for travel and going shopping the only flaw is you get recalls then they say you have to wait for the part to come in

- ken M

Good on gas and has plenty of power.

When you put the middle seat up in the second row it blocks your view. I also had to buy new windshield wipers before it was a year old.

- Gwen G

Great van for the money you paid for it.

No problems, performance is great, comfort is to be expected in a great SUV, l features is far more than expected for the price you pay.

- John F

Push button start n everything is easy to reach.

No problem with Dodge journey I have had it for a few months now no problems plan on keeping it for a while. . . Very basic very simple.

- Joanne C

The most important thing about my Escape is the comfort. Also great mileage.

I love that seats fold down. I like how it is digital. The smooth ride. I don't like that the third row seats don't have a lot of room.

- Nikki H

Lots of Space for my family of 4!

I love the Journey. It's the right size for my family of 4 who are involved in sports travel teams. It's a smooth ride and I feel safe.

- Autumn R

Lots of room and the seats are comfortable for very long drives.

I like I could get this in color I wanted and for a big SUV it is great on gas. But it is kind of high for an average person to get in.

- Chris F

The radio has to be on an even number when changing the volume.

I love everything about my Dodge journey. Except the gas mileage. It could have more storage. Also very glad have a lifetime warranty.

- Regina W

It is a great family car, specially when traveling.

I like the spacious 3 rows to fit my growing family. I also like how sporty it looks. I don't really like not having much cargo space.

- Lucy B

That my vehicle is reliable and I like it very much .

I like my vehicle very much. I don't have anything else I would like to add about my vehicle with exception of I like it very much.

- Carman R

It is a nice family vehicle.

Love how smooth it rides. Wish it got better gas mileage. Room for my family. Great size. Needs more cargo room when using 3rd row.

- Beth T

Very dependable and handles very nicely in most conditions.

As the car gets older, there are a lot of rattles happening that I find so annoying. Always adjusting headrests, lap belts, etc.. ,

- Marilyn W

It's a dependable vehicle if you keep up with the basics.

It's quite dependable. I don't like the fact that you can't use a usb drive on the stereo. Everything has to be an apple iphone.

- Christine F

It is a great car. The features are great. It has good storage in the back.

I love how much room it has. The remote starter, heated seats and steering wheel were great this winter. It did well in the snow.

- Stephanie S

Gas mileage is not as good as stated.

Sometimes the Bluetooth does not connect right away. Love the room. Could be better on gas mileage. Overall love the car itself.

- Tiffany K

The way it drives and the size of the vehicle.

I like the size,, the way it drives, the color, and gas. Dislike it does not have a Bluetooth, touch screen and backup camera.

- Cynthia L

It is an 8 passenger vehicle.

I love it because it is big enough for my family and enough room. I do not like how there’s not enough storage in the trunk.

- Ashley W

It's a good, solid investment.

I love my new Dodge Journey. It drives well and looks nice. I have not had any mechanical issues, and maintenance is easy.

- William V

It gets good gas mileage.

I love the get-up-and-go it has. I love the interior with the leather/and cloth seats. There is not anything that I dislike.

- Julie B

it is very roomy. It has ports in every row of seating so everyone can charge their phones or tablets

I love the three row seating. I use it when I Have all the grandkids. I hate that it only has 2 seatbelts on that third row.

- Tammy K

It is not made for hot speeding.

I love the design of the exterior and interior. It drives smoothly and efficient on fuel. Plenty of room for me and my son.

- Travis L

That the backup cameras really help see what is around you.

I like how the camera inside lets me see what's in back of me. I like how it drives. I don't have any complaints about it.

- chris l

Lots of storage and smooth ride

It is very roomy and has a lot of storage features under some seats and the floor. Good acceleration and drives smoothly.

- Susan B

Its feels safe and its spacious.

I like that my car is spacious. It's not a gas guzzler. And I like that it gives me no problems driving it long distances.

- Angelica B

It drives smooth and gets good gas mileage and easy maintenance

7 seating in not really comfortable would be better without it. Longer sirius radio better engine pickup would be nice too

- Tina W

A decent family car for a affordable price.

The car is comfortable but terribly slow. The stereo and speakers in the car are actually spectacular for what the Car is

- Mike S

I really like the compartments my vehicle have.

Lots of recalls have happened. The transmission shifts hard. It has nice compartments. But seems it is made very cheaply.

- Brenda R

It fits my family without being a minivan

I like the seating, it's enough for everyone. I do not like the luck of cargo area. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Candy W

It's great for a small family but gives you lots of room.

It's just the right size for me and my family. I like that I have heated seats and steering wheel and also a 3rd row.

- roshauna N

It is roomy and family friendly. However it may wreak havoc on your budget.

I like the size and space. The gas mileage is not as great as I am used to. It is good for transporting large items.

- Kristle R

It is safe to drive and large enough for everyone to see

It is comfortable. It is luxurious. It is safe. It has many options that I never thought I would get in a vehicle.

- Karen H

Good on gas. Easy to park. Love that it has a back up screen.

I like it is easy accessible with grandkids. I don't like that there is not an armrest on the driver's right side.

- Kathy F

The most important thing others should know is the gas mileage is poor.

The gas mileage is less than I expected. The car handles nicely. Tire wear seems excessive. Sound system is good.

- Barbara R

I love it so much its so reliable

This is very reliable I love to take long drives at night, its performance is incredible, it's not a gas guzzler

- San s

It's a good quality vehicle.

The seats are really well made and comfy. Love the third row seating! It's not terrible on gas for being an suv.

- Hillary H

Dodge Journey to take on a journey

Comfortable, reliable. Fully loaded. Sharp looking, great features. Reasonably priced and great dealer service

- Kim B

Grey is a good color and it has lots of compartments.

I love the SUV concept so it fits all the family and extra things. I dislike that it gets really packed though.

- Arlene A

The gas mileage is not very good.

The gas mileage is not great in the vehicle. I do like the features the car has, leather interior, navigation.

- Amy P

I would like the trunk to have an automatic open sensor and closing sensor.

It is comfortable to sit in and very roomy for the whole family. There is a lot of storage room in the vehicle

- Meg S

Try it you will like it. I drives great.

Love the driver's seat, comfortable. Love the color. The gas mileage. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Viola E

It is horrible. It has no power and bad gas mileage.

It gets horrible gas mileage and has no power. I can't go uphill without dropping speed because it struggles.

- Kim R

It does not have internet but would have if it were a Chevy. :(

I like how it looks and how many people fit in it. I dislike no internet, no navigation, and the gas mileage.

- Marcia D

The Journey drives comfortably and is spacious for our large family.

This vehicle Drives beautifully. I Wish the gas mileage was better. Comfortable vehicle for our large family.

- Nancy W

small, compact suv that is great for small families

Nice small compact suv with lots of storage and room for the kids to sit. Lots of room for the driver to sit.

- kelsey s

Great car for the money that I paid.

All is good the car runs fine and it is a smooth ride with no noise. It has a electric start & keyless entry.

- Bill P

Dodge Journey fun to drive

Great vehicle. Some electrical problems with the entertainment system that were difficult to get resolved.

- Robin A

My car is very family friendly. All the features are useful for my family.

I love that my whole family can comfortably fit in the car. I love the navigation and rear camera features.

- Laura I

The space it has the hidden departments in the floor

I love it has so much space. Use it everyday and unfortunately the back is a little small with all seats up.

- Elizabeth Ann B

The road package has a great look to it with the black wheels.

The car is very reliable and has a lot of features for the price. The gas mileage is decent, around 20 mpg.

- Adrienne W

It has plenty of room it good for road trips.

The paint started to chip and it is only 1 year old. I need to get it repainted other than that I love it.

- Erin R

Comfort and reliability in a suv

Reliable comfortable love the storage compartments in floor board good on gas. No problems runs smoothly

- Teresa J

Extra cargo space, plenty of storage room,

This vehicle has everything I need, extra cargo room, plenty of space to store stuff and room to travel.

- Mary M

It rides smooth. Cannot hardly feel bumps when you go over them,,.

I just got my car about one month ago. I love my car it runs smooth great on gas and has lots of room.

- Drew C

The one most thing about my car is power. Could use more.

I like my Dodge for room and comfort. The thing I don't like is that it feels under power going uphill

- Roger F

It is reliable and has a third row that can hold passengers or fold down for storage.

I like all the room and the third row of seats. I wish it looked a bit sportier. Great gas mileage.

- Kristi L

Very easy to drive and very easy to get in and out of.

Comfortable, easy to get in and out of. Dislikes are seats could be a little more comfortable.

- alice a

great all weather small suv.

I like the all wheel drive of the vehicle. I do not like that it does not have a bluetooth.

- Tom S

The car is sleek and comforting and gets semi good gas miles

I love the look of it. However space is an issue if you use the third row and the trunk space.

- Sarah W

There is dual climate control

I do not like the color. I like that it has a 3rd row seat. I like that the interior is dark.

- Heather S

Lacks in the technological sense. It is not as up to date on things as other vehicles.

No XM radio. It is so old school. Small, but a nice engine. Dual climate control is nice.

- Alisha J

I think people should know it's a good family car for the price.

I like that my car has 3 rows. I don't like that it's so basic. I like it gets me around.

- Madelyn B

The seats adjust for more room in between the seats and to give more room in the trunk

I love my car ! It's very comfortable ! Fits a great amount of people and drives amazing

- Kayley A

It's a 6 cylinder! It can go fast.

I love the engine. I enjoy the features it has. I'm not fond of the look of the body .

- Kristi D

It's an excellent ride and feels very safe. Drives really smooth

Vehicle drives smooth. All electronics work well. I dislike the third row seating

- dan b

it is perfect size--so it is easy to handle

you have a back-up warning sound..it is not too big, yet an SUV..handles very well

- birute W

Good mileage and a comfortable ride for the driver and passenger.

I like the room I have in the back. It is hard to get a car seat in especially 2.

- Gail G

Easy to maintain and service

It has a smooth ride. Plenty of room for my family. Dislike, no bluetooth or gps

- Roberta j

It's just too small to carry a great big load of people

Other than really being too small to it's a very good vehicle. Good on gas too.

- Angela N

Inexpensive for the value. Lots of features seen m higher end cars

Love the navigation. Love the third row seating. It has a great stereo.

- Curtis G

easy to handle--drives like a car, but is an suv

I like the alert sound when someone is in back of car..good gas mileage

- algis L

Great on gas and made for a family. Bulliet color. Third row seats. Love it.

Third row seats and great on gas. Has storage in back seat floor board

- Mattie V

It's very roomy as well as great on gas

Great on gas very roomy for family, wish it had a little more pick up

- Tomasz B

It's less expensive than a Jeep but has all the same features

All the creature comforts, American made, roomy without being too big

- Kristen J

It's fuel efficient. Can connect my phone to the car and it has three row seating.

I love my vehicle. It has great mileage. Lots of room for my family.

- Motasha W

I love my Dodge Journey. It's the perfect size for my family. We have a busy lifestyle with many activities going on daily and this car gets the job done comfortably.

The most important thing about the Dodge Journey is it's versatile!

- Patricia K

is american made and is a good size

is a good vehicle had the room i need have had a few issues though

- deb b

It holds 8 people.It's comfortable.

It's a smooth ride. It has a third row of seating. It's reliable.

- Christopher M

The car is comfortable to drive but the gas mileage is poor

Gas mileage is poor. Visibility is poor, Tires wear out quickly

- Cal R

Love third row seating and Sirius XM. Wish it was bigger though

This car runs great! It is smooth and I feel safe driving it.

- Robin V

Gas mileage is lowest of my 3 journeys, I have also had radio issues

Third one and they areepnable. Safe to drive. built in nav e

- rich f

It has great handling and it's roomy the only thing I think that's it's missing is a backup camera, but other than that I think it's a decent vehicle.

It's a decent vehicle, but it doesn't have a lot of options.

- Linda E

Great gas mileage! Lots of room and storage space.

It's great on gas. Plenty of room for 5 kids. Looks great!

- Shelby B

great on gas and storage also good for driving

there is nothing i dislike about my car. great gas mileage

- sincere h

U Connect system is not the greatest. Not as much leg room as expected.

Car averages 28 miles per gallon, in a 4 cylinder engine.

- Sarah L

Most important thing about the car is its reliability

It's really reliable. No dislikes or complaints at all

- Daniel R

It's a pretty fast car for a mini van type vehicle.

I love the inside, but the AC cuts off sometimes!!

- Crump M

It it very driver friendly

I wish it had Bluetooth and satellite radio

- Jessica G

Great for families, safe and sturdy.

- Emily P