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Dim headlights for a brand new vehicle.

I bought this car with 100 miles on it and I do not like how dim the headlights are. I live in a secluded area and I wish the headlights were brighter so I wouldn't be so nervous about hitting any critters who might jump in front of my car. My kids and I love the 3rd row seating and all of the cup holders our Journey offers. There are 10 cup holders in our new car versus the 2 we had in our old car. That is a big difference! Our Journey is very spacious and is a pleasure to travel in. The gas mileage is ok, although i’d like it to be a little bit better. Overall, we love our Journey and plan to keep it for years to come.

Melissa S

The amazing Dodge Journey 2018.

It has a large storage space, and has 3 rows of seats, 2 in which can be folded down to make more space. It is a very reliable car and has decent gas mileage, it takes about $60. 00 To fill it up from empty to full. It has traction control and everything. I like the display on the dash that tells me when I need an oil change and when it is coming up. I like the fact that it is start ignition. The only problem is that if you out your keys in the center console and lock the car, it will lock the keys in it because its not close to other door handle to unlock.

Connor S

Reliable, sleek, family kid friendly.

I really enjoy my 2018 Dodge Journey. It drives smooth and is great on gas mileage. I like that it has a back/rear camera so I can see behind me before backing up. The wireless Bluetooth is a plus. The space is good. It is a seven seater. I do wish the 3rd row had more leg room for adults. If kids sat in the 3rd row, they would have enough room. When the 3rd row is up, it leaves for very limited trunk space for shopping bags or other items you need to take with you. Overall, it is a nice family vehicle.

Laura E

2018 Dodge Journey great family car!

We love our 2018 Dodge Journey. It is big enough to fit our entire family and we feel like we have extra space and growing room. It is roomy and comfortable. When the third row seats are down we have plenty of storage in the back to accommodate most things that we need to transport. When the third row is up we can transport 7 people comfortably which helps when traveling with extended family. The car drives and handles great and gets great gas mileage as well.

Nicole W

My Dodge Journey is an excellent addition to the family!

I enjoy the space my car has and the smoothness of the ride, whereas other vehicles I have had have been rough to ride in. I love the face we have cooler compartments in either side of the back seats and a big cooler compartments in the very back, because our Dodge can help be the cooler for drinks at any given party whether it be a small gathering or a huge party! The cooler spots are great for storage during travel as well.

Hannah H

Dodge Journey review after one week.

Smooth ride nice to sit up high gas mileage could be better the car is good looking and is very easy to maneuver around. The backup camera is in the rear view mirror instead of on the console. The back seats have quite a bit of keg room. The third seat has less leg room, but the second row of seats can be slowed forward. The bac has enough room to haul things, and if you need more, the third row of seats can be laid down.

Tom M

It is a very roomy vehicle and perfect for larger families because of the third row seating.

I like that there is enough room for all of my children. I like the storage compartments in the floorboard. I like the touch screen dashboard with compatibility to play usb, auxiliary, and cds. I do not like that it takes a little while to get up to speed-the power behind the vehicle is too little. And my windshield pops when I'm driving whether it is hot or cold out. The gas mileage could be better as well.

Brittany H

A great family car for a large family!

I am so in love with how comfortable my seats are in my Dodge Journey. I have 3 rows which I needed for my 3 boys. Now they can all fit and have room. My oldest son loves sitting in the last row. It is very good on gas and it does not take much to fill her up either. Very reliable and it runs really smooth. Great speaker volume and I love that the camera for backing up is displayed in the rearview mirror.

RHonda J

Flaws of the Dodge Journey.

Only thing I have had problems with is the console area up front is hard to reach and also to plug a charger in is hard. And when folding the seats down in the back they are not easy. Really heavy. The carpet in the back trunk area is really hard to clean also. I wish it was rubber and the seats were leather. I gave dogs and the hair is ridiculous to try and get out of the carpet. It eats gas too.

Ashley T

2018 Dodge Journey - get a different model.

It is a nice vehicle and very comfortable. It has enough seats for my family. The vehicle is very quiet, no air blowing in or squeaks. I wished I would have purchased a different model, because my older vehicle had more functions. Next time I will take my time in purchasing a vehicle. I had to get a new vehicle due to the fact that mine was totaled.

Judy H

Nice tires/rims came with the vehicle.

Rides smooth. . . It has third row seating but will also fold down to transport items there is storage in the rear underneath that can hide items that need to remain in vehicle. In back seat are also cooler like storage areas in the floorboard which will hold food and ice without any type of mess. Good gas mileage for a SUV type vehicle.

Melissa M

It gets great gas mileage on the highway.

I love my Dodge Journey it has 3rd row seating and is 4 doors almost like a van but not the heavy sliding doors. It rides smooth on the road and get 25 mpg it is easy to keep clean and is not so big that I am driving a boat around. The only thing it doesn't have is vents in the back for ac that I didn't realize until after I bought it,

Brooke B

2018 Dodge vehicle features.

Very good handling. Good driving. Gas economic. Very comfortable seats. Family size. Strong motor. Good size. Drives very smooth. Enough space. Pet friendly. Transmission automatic. Free hands. 3 Sets of seats. 4 Wheel drive. Excellent drinking during winter time with the snow. It does not get rusted because of the salt on the road.

Michael B

Love my new Dodge Journey.

I love my Journey, it gets great gas mileage. It has the perfect amount of storage for my needs and I love the way the seats fold down when needed. There is also hidden storage compartments in the floorboards that are great too. I am still finding things in my Journey that I didn't know it had that it had that I really love.

Tricia D

It is speed gets up fast. Who needs a minivan when you have a Journey.

I really like how the car is a third row car. It has good safety features such as airbags and it will beep until you put your seatbelt on. It warms up quick and speeds up fast. It is big and has a lot of room when you need it. Also has extra storage bins in the floor of the car and on each side under the dash in the front.

Ashley E

Cool gray SUV with black Accents.

Awesome, great gas mileage, roomy, all the things I need, 3rd row seats, great sound system, cool bells and whistles, cool gray color, several different hidden compartments, seats are very comfy, cool light features, interior is very clean, leather is some parts, see clear out of windows, back windshield wiper, love it!

Lauren G

Favorite vehicle I have owned so far!

I love this car! The only thing is you have to shut the doors hard but other than that it is my favorite car to far. It has a large touch screen. The heat seat and steering wheel start automatically when it's so cold outside. Have the 3rd row of seats that fold down easy and gives me the space to do whatever I need.

Skyler H

Lots of room, comfortable drive

I have only had this vehicle for a month but so far I love it. It rides really smooth and has the room I wanted. I like the third row seating and seats in both the second and third rows fold to give lots of room to carry things. I've only recently found that there is storage in the floor behind driver and passenger

Beth L

Can I go back to before I bought this car.

Basic. Has no Bluetooth and its a 2018. Performance its ok but is horrible on gas. And no power whatsoever. Had battery issues the first month of buying. But it's ok. Not bad of a car but for having no advanced technology it's way too expensive. Wish I would have stuck with my 2015 Honda Civic. I hate my new car.

Kayla M

Touch screen, child reclining seats, coolers.

I have a 2018 four door Dodge Journey only has 120 miles on it with no problems and it is very spacious and good on gas! It comes with 2 coolers in the floor of the car it has already installed child seats and third row seats also has a big screen TV in front that plays DVDs CDs Bluetooth etc.. I love my car.

Shawn C

I like that I got my third row without breaking our pockets.

It is the basic so no bells and whistles. I really wish all vehicles included Bluetooth and backup cameras for safety. I wanted a third row without breaking my pockets. The SUV is okay for now while our children are still small. However, the third row is crunched and we'll have to get something bigger, soon.

Valerie W

Great value for a vehicle for a family or for one.

I was very impressed with the features of this SUV. It has dual climate control and plenty of room for a family. Great for going on vacation with the gas mileage. The offers and financing available was very good incentive to buy it. I have had it a few months now love the way it rides and handles the road.

Peggy P

Dodge. The Dodge Journey let's you decide what trip to take.

The vehicle drives very smooth and quiet. The six person seating is great but the back rear seats are for small children not large adults. Individual temperature settings for cold and warm is great. The driver can see all around due to large windows. Great financial payments through Chrysler credit.


2018 Dodge Journey nice size SUV.

I like my 2018 Dodge Journey it is a reliable car it is roomy and fuel efficient. It is a good car it is very inexpensive it is sporty for a SUV and even though it is 4 cylinder it is very fuel efficient. I plan to keep my car for a long time as I continue to grow my family it is a good family car.

Amanda A

My car is a spacious, three-row, family-friendly SUV. It's safe, and up-to-date with tech features.

I love my vehicle because, first off, it's MINE. It's the first vehicle I've had under my name, and I bought it brand new. It's spacious enough to fit our growing family, and includes all these new technology features I've never had in a car before, such as a backup camera and touch screen.

Ana C

The best car I have owned- loved my last one so much I traded in for a newer model.

I love that the vehicle drives like a car but has the space of a SUV. I do not like big vehicles and this is a perfect blend. I like the setup of the dashboard, accessibility of radio, temperature controls, GPS, etc. The cabin is just well put together. It is very roomy for all body sizes.

Kris N

A great riding experience.

My vehicle is reliable and it rides smooth. The instrument panel is easy to understand. I get a lot of miles to the gallon. The seats are designed with excellent comfort and there is a lots of legroom. There is a third row seat that folds down and allows for plenty of carrying space.

Louise C

Pros outway the cons good buy!

Great gas mileage if you keep up with oil changes. Plenty of room for three kids and two large dogs. Third seat could have a bit more room. Food/drink storage below seats are not insulated so use for short trips. Plenty of cup holders and go for the auto start install when you buy.

Brian H

Dodge Journey affordable option!

Only issue-no air vents in the back of vehicle but, that could be because my vehicle is your standard edition. Besides that, the vehicle has been very reliable. Comfortable seats, front and back. Easy to locate controls. Optional lock glove compartment and under storage is great!

Christi O

2018 Dodge Journey. 4 door 7 seater.

We just got our new car last night and we love it super excited. It really is just a nice car thankfully it's big enough for our growing family. We worked really hard to get a new vehicle and it is going to pay off in the long run for our kids and for safe traveling with them.

Danielle C

Good size SUV. Great for road trips and growing families.

I love my SUV the steering is great, nice quiet ride and smooth. The things I kind of do not like is I cannot take the headrest things off of the third row, they get in the way and the gas mileage. Other than that I love it. It is my first SUV and I couldn’t be more happier.

Bianca F

Dodge Journey a great vehicle.

This is a great car gets very good gas mileage I have had really no big problem with. I wish the back up camera would be a bit bigger but it would cost more. Overall it is a vehicle that I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. The price is good and has good alternatives.

David L

The size, and performance.

Love the comfort, style and handle. I have the blue. I love the color. It is great on gas. Have had it since January. Haven't had any issues yet. There is enough room for my husband and I and our 3 kids. Car seat installation was very simple. Price was very affordable.

Tara A

It is all wheel drive, that is very important in the winter and also the rain.

I love that it sits higher than a car. I love that it seats 7. I love that both back rows of seats fold flat. I love the roominess. I love the touch screen radio. I love the many USB ports. I hate that they took away the cubby under the front passenger seat!

Carmen M

She is jet black with black rims. Inside very updated technology.

I have a 2018 Dodge Journey- no problems so far. Very comfortable and reliable. Snow storms, bad weather, any day my truck gets me through. This is the best truck I have purchased. I used to own a charger and best choice to trade! Honestly love my Journey!

Frankie D

It drives great, very spacious, and great on gas.

I absolutely love how much room it has! It is perfect for me and my little family. It is very helpful for grocery shopping and driving around two little kids. The floor coolers are perfect for beach days or long road trips to visit family, also great on gas.

Madison Q

Cozy, comfortable, awesome, and roomy.

The performance is great but, it is my boyfriends vehicle. He thought he was getting a 4WD but, he didn't. That is the downfall. He loves everything else on the car but that wasn't included. If he could only had that option for the same price he was offered.

Jacqui P

The best kind of vehicle for a good price.

Very comfortable, smooth, has a lot of room. No problems! It is fast and it is features are top of the line. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice car for a family. Plenty of room for family trips. It is fast and attractive looking. Love it.

Amanda S

It is a crossroad and has some hidden storage areas and is really a good vehicle reliable

My dodge is really nice and drives good. I have not had any problems with it. It is pretty good on gas and has been extremely reliable. I would completely recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking for something with storage but doesn't want an suv.

Amy D

It's provides a good, smooth ride and very easy to handle.

I love how my vehicle drives, it's a very comfortable ride. I wish it had just a little more room in the trunk are when the third row is being used. I don't like the comfort of the seats, the type of cloth used is not comfy.

Amy M

Family friendly at an affordable price

The journey is a practical every day family car. It isn't a powerful vehicle but the 4 cylinder engine gets the job done. The interior is big enough for a family of 5 with enough room left over for bags and what not

Todd H

Smooth riding, and handles great. Good high riding vehicle.

I really cannot say much, I just got the journey last week. So far it drives and handles very well it was the best riding vehicle that we test drove. Better riding than all the different Jeep’s we tried. Rove.

Tom M

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is a excellent fuel efficient vehicle that has towing capabilities and can work for you as a small car and a larger work horse from time to time

I like how roomy it is for a smaller vehicle then I used to have. I like that it is a thoughtful design. I don't like that the climate controls are exclusively in the stereo and has to be a dealer replacement.

Holly Y

Big, spacious, and comfortable.

Very convenient vehicle. Has a lot of space, and it is very comfortable. Its a 4 cylinder so it does not have much power. But if you are not looking for a car with a lot of horsepower this is the car for you.

Pablo C

2018 Charcoal Grey Dodge Journey

I absolutely love my Dodge Journey. It is a fantastic vehicle all around. I've had mine for 1 year now and it's perfect for my family. Never had any issues from it whatsoever. I highly recommend this vehicle.

Brittany B

Excellent gas mileage, 3 rows of seats, easy fold down seats

Push start button is awesome. The only way to open the car door is if you have the key near you, and you don't have to use the key to unlock it, it automatically does it when you touch the handle of the car.

Caitlin C

2018 Dodge Journey review

I wish it came standard with a back up camera, and had better gas mileage. However, the third row seating has been great, and amazingly has lots of room instead of being scrunched up behind the second row.

Amanda B

It is reliable and has not had to have a lot of work in 9 years.

I like everything about my vehicle but the most would be my heating and air you can change temperatures without bothering everyone else occupying the vehicle and what I do not like would be the horsepower.

Tatiana C

2018 Dodge Journey is a great SUV for the price!

We have been very satisfied with our new Journey from the moment we drove off the lot a month ago. The engine is weak compared to most SUVs of it's class, but it is reliable and spacious for our family

Jesse C

It's a good and practical type of vehicle to own for a small family.

We super love our Journey because of its good gas mileage, a/c works very well as soon as it's starts and has big room for bulk stuff. We just wish that the gas tank could have been a bit bigger.

Mary D

The car has a recall on it and being that its brand new.

Good car runs well, we have very little trouble with the car, the only problem is it is brand new with a recall. This is our 2nd car like this and we loved the old one and we love the new one.

Gabrielle M

It is a great option for someone who likes to go camping and needs to pack a lot of gear/needs a lot of seating space but doesn't want to go with a minivan.

I really don't have many complaints about the car. The main issue I have is that the seats get way too hot in the sun. The last Journey I had had cloth seats, so this is a new problem for me.

Alyssa Z

It has 3rd row seating so it is great for road tripping.

I enjoy having 3rd row seating. The back seats can recline. The vehicle is very spacious. I dislike that it is not more up to date for its price and it does not have many bells and whistles.

Destiny M

It's amazing on gas, very affordable,has really good brakes. Best car ever.

I love this car it's so reliable, it's amazing on gas. Has very comfortable seats,very spacious, seats at least 7 to 8 people comfortable will come in very handy when my family grows.

Katrina S

The crossroads model is flex fuel.

I love that it has 3rd row seating to fit my large family, the built in navigation is very convenient, and the back up camera is a must and it's amazing on gas. I have 0 complaints.

Rebecca R

Safety is a priority with me and this car has high safety rating!

Love it except the seats are cheap the plastic has broke in 2 different places! Could do a little better on gas! It. Rides and drives great! Love the sound system and video player.

Amelia M

Great family car and great gas mileage.

Only problem so far has been both front airbags have been recalled. Other than that it has so much space and is perfect for a family vehicle, runs well and gets great gas mileage.

Megan W

It makes me feel very happy and safe to drive. I love driving it.

Love my new car. It's like a smaller van for storage and luggage space. has three row seating, handles & rides great. Has large screen back up and navigation plus Sirris radio.

Beckey B

Test driving a vehicle does not always show a problem with it. Sometimes it takes some mileage and trips before anything goes wrong. Keep it clean and up to date on oil changes and over all maintenance

I so far have enjoyed the new vehicle however there has been an issue with the vehicle. The vehicle when stopped you turn the wheel the RPM's go up and that should not happen.

theresa f

I love my SUV. Best decision I've made.

I love my Journey, it is roomy with the third row seating. Stylish sleek body and has touch screen everything. I also love the backup camera being in the rear view mirror.

Amanda B

That it is great on gas and spacious.

I love that it's good on gas. I wish it had a little more trunk space with the 3rd row up, maybe some safety features like backup camera or passing sensors on the mirrors.

Chevon H

Looking for a family vehicle? Dodge journey is the perfect ride!

This vehicle is amazing. A great reliable family vehicle. Super smooth drive, easy radio controls on steering wheel and most importantly dual temperature controls!

Michelle F

It's a nice family vehicle.

Takes too much gas. But overall I like it. The design on the inside and outside is really nice. Its smooth when driven. A great starter for myself and my family.

Nicole J

Dodge Journey Liftgate button

I have not had any problems. I just wish the sound of the wind was a little quitter and that the rear tailgate had a button to open and close. It is manual.

Denise C

The price was good and the financing was super easy.

I love that it is new. I wish it had more features included in the base model (siriusxm, backup camera.) For the power and size using more gas than expected.

Danielle K

I do not have any complaints about my car. I have recently received a recall notice for my back brakes. I personally haven't had any issues.

I love my new vehicle. It's perfect for my family. I love the backup camera. The radio speakers sound great for being standard. It drives great as well.

Valerie K

It's affordable yet sporty and classy looking. Recommended as a starting SUV.

I love the sportiness of the vehicle. It's roomy and easy to drive. the optional third row seating is convenient when taking the whole family around.

Mayte S

Good value but wish I had gotten more upgrades.

Because it is 4 cylinders it does not accelerate fast as I like. I wish I had gotten the 6 cylinder as well as the backup camera and hands free phone.

Michele E

Affordable and reliable SUV.

Very comfy, affordable, reliable, does not have a lot of pep because it is a 4 cylinder. Smooth ride, 3rd row seats in needed or lots of trunk space.

Anna M

That the car has lots of room which makes it comfortable.

I really like that it is quiet and rides smoothly and has lots of room for traveling long distances. I don't necessarily like the push button start.

Tawnya M

Dependable reliable superb in its class

I really enjoy the dodge journey it's safe reliable and dependable. I count on it for my day to day errands and getting my family from point A to B.


Has room for seven passengers, or can haul a lot of packages.

I like the ability to have seven passengers. The roominess of the driver's seat. Dislike the engine size in relationship to the size of the vehicle.

Dawn G

2018 Dodge Journey that has no air conditioning in the back

There are no air conditioning in the back of the vehicle. There is a glitch that happens with the radio where it doesn't want to turn off sometimes

Madison B

It is Very affordable price and has great gas mileage

It has great gas mileage. I love the third row seating, makes room for the whole family. Great storage options. Nice app features. Handles great.

Carrie S

Room for your entire family!

I absolutely love the Dodge Journey. The third row seating with fold down option is awesome. We love being able to take our car for road trips.

Christine M

Dodge Journey is a great car. Gets great mileage and handles fantastic

I adore the new car, this is the first actual new car of my family. It drives fantastic and can hold my family of 7. The price was reasonable

Susan G

Great family car great on gas and runs smooth.

Just the right size and has a lot of seating good on gas and very comfortable the color is nice it is white and just overall good family car.

Elena M

It makes a great family car however the 3rd row is best used by young children.

I love the 7 seats. The spacing and storage is great. It comes with satellite radio and Bluetooth and a CD player so plenty of music options.

Luz S

I like the third row if needed and the car itself is roomy.

Have had a few recalls already. Also the driver seat squeaks and the air conditioner does not blow cold air as well as the first one or so.

Jen J

Small tank. Small seats. Has a third row.

Small gallon tank. On average, I can get about 19-20 mpg in my daily commute to work on a stop and go freeway. Middle seat is pretty small.

Bianca H

Good family vehicle for daily use

Has third row. Fits up to six or seven comfortably. Good size but it is not too big. Decent mileage. Nav and Bluetooth could be better

Rob W

The radio is interesting. It is a touch screen that also allows you to change the climate on it.

The car drives very well. Although it's not very gas efficient it's a reliable vehicle to travel on vacation or just drive around town.

Dawson H

It's amazing on gas. Would be a great family car for people with younger children.

I like that it is a gas saver. It holds all of my kids. The room inside is not as big as id like. I also like that it's easy to drive.

Laura T

Journey is a budget friendly SUV for a medium family

It is a small SUV, and seems to have JUST enough space, but the children feel a little crammed in the back seats. Car-like Handling.

Brenda S

The size is ideal for a family. The air conditioning is throughout the vehicle.

I like how spacious my vehicle is. The comfortably is amazing. The hands free driving is great, and the Bluetooth is great as well!.

Jessica H

Great. . . Just no Bluetooth.

It is a very nice vehicle. Rides very smooth. I like the back up cam in the mirror. I just wish it had remote start and Bluetooth.

Jack C

Affordable and reliable SUV.

Affordable, reliable, smooth ride, lots of trunk space or have a 3rd row seat, spacious, not. Lot of pep with a 4 cylinder engine.

Anna M

Started off as a nice vehicle. Until it started having recalls for the dash and radio. And other recalls. I would recommend it to someone with a small family.

For it to be a 2018 dodge vehicle I figured it would be more spacious and updated. Also I would figure it had less recalls on it.

Emanuel B

It is not a 4 wheel drive. I cannot start it when I am in the house.

I like the size. I love the color. I love how much room it has to seat other family members. I do not like that it is not a 4wd.

Jacqui P

It has a rearview camera used when backing up.

Love everything about my vehicle, including u-connect, satellite radio, backup camera, third row seating, and fold down seats.

Lisa K

It is a little bit more expensive on gas then a car.

I love my car it is just a little pricey on gas. I love where i got it from and it will be a nice car for me and my babies.

Miranda L

It is a great value for the price.

It gets good gas mileage. It is the perfect size for my needs. I like the 3rd row seats that give me a lot of versatility.

Sophia P

I love the third row seating!

I absolutely love my vehicle! I have had no issues with it. It is large enough for my entire family to fit in comfortably!

Stephanie M

Hair sticks to the carpet.

I like the technology, the seats and their options, the numerous heat/ac controls. I do not like how there is no sunroof.

Steph D

It seats 7 people, which is awesome.

It performs well. Gets pretty good gas mileage. It is very reliable. It is comfortable for the whole family. It seats 7.

Rachael N

Great vehicle for large families

Great car! Excellent storage, good gas mileage, comfortable seats, love the computer functions, definitely recommended

Christopher V

Decent people handler, comfortable for longer drives. Third row seats are suitable only for children or small adults.

Vehicle has been very reliable, no service issues. Gas mileage is more than acceptable. Third row seats are useful.

john p

I told you everything about my car.

Car seats are comfortable and brakes are wonderful everything about the car is good and the gas is really good to.

Ryan S

Great Gas Mileage without losing your seats feels like your driving a high class car without the price of one

I love the amount of seats that it has. I like that it is great on gas. I like the features the radio comes with.

Michelle H

How to go mudding. And the back up camera is great and so helpful.

I love everything. Its beautiful. Payment are a little much. Ac is great. Everything runs great. Love driving it.

Brittany P

It is a quality vehicle, that runs great. Great warranty. High end finishes!.

Very roomy with plenty of seats. Great gas mileage. Everything is great. Dislike the payments. Insured isn't bad.

Amber T

Great Journeys in my Journey

Great vehicle for the most part loud outside noise and third row seating is really tight for children over 4 or 5

Crystal H

It has a lot of space if needed live the Lil compartment on the floor

No I like it very much it drives smooth only thing is the seat or a light brown other than that it's a great car

Tanequia W

The Dodge journey is an excellent family vehicle.

I love the room of the car. The gas mileage is really good as well. And the safety features are a sure fire win.

Bryan A

My entire family could fit in my car comfortable. It's a great vehicle

I love my car. I had no idea what type of car I was going to buy. I glad that i decided to purchase my dodge.

Nicole B

It is fun to drive and comfortable to drive.

Haven't had any problems as of yet. We've only had the car for one week. Still have no problems at this time.

Sally M

It is a great value for the price!

We have had absolutely no problems with our new vehicle. It is very spacious and we love our third row!

Elizabeth F

How smooth of a ride it is.

The color, the way it drives. Three rows of seats. Not enough storage in front. Nothing else to write.

Ida G

It's roomy and stylish. Easy to manage. Optional third row seating is great when the entire family is with us.

It's a great crossover suv. Not as overpriced as one would expect. Lots of great features included.

John S

Great gas mileage and does great on long trips.

Very roomy and great gas mileage. Does well on long trips. Great car for a family and a joy to drive.

Diane R

Great vehicle, good response, comfortable, safe, fun to drive.

I love the comfort of the interior, it tows our boat very easily, however it does have a blind spot.

Colleen H

Great price, great reliability, gas mileage along with enough room for anything u want to do

Very reliable handles great. Good gas mileage fits my lifestyle great trunk space and compartment's

Salvador G

It is a beautiful SUV and reasonable price. It drives nice

I love how many seats it has. I love the white color. I love that it is suv. I love black trim

Darla C

Lots of room to haul stuff with easy access to the storage areas.

Has Lots of room. Don't like the gas mileage I get. Comfortable when traveling long distances.

Bruce J

The 3rd row should not qualify as a third row. There is only enough room for a small child.

I like the gas mileage but i do not like the size of the 3rd row. There is not enough leg room.

Heather A

Most journeys have transmission problems not a good thing

It's seat aren't practical for 3 car seats when you need to put fourth child in the back row

Brittany T

There is a lot of room. The car gets good gas mileage.

I like that it is sporty. I dislike the blind spot. I like the amount of room it has.

j m

It is a seven seater!!!!!

It's a 7 seater. It has dual heating and air. It will be roomy enough for traveling.

Hannah S

Don't like where the seat hits the back of my leg. It is an okay car. Good gas mileage.

You can seat seven, but with all of the seats up not much room for other things.

Marsha K

Its roomy. Its pretty comfortable. Its okay for driving.

I like that it has enough room for my family. I don't like the style too much.

Becky G

You should know How to change tires and Oil and Brakes

I Like the Size of it I Like The Gas Mileage it gets I like the color of it

Robert M

That it is spacious and easy to drive. Long trips take very little.

Comfortable and reliable car. Riding the car seems like you are in a cloud.

Armando Z

That is has 7 seats and is not that great on gas

I like how big it is and how nice it is . I love the fact it has 7 seats

Miranda E

I love the room. It drives well. I do not like the road noise. I wish it had a backup camera.

It's a great car for its price point. Roomy enough for a large family.

Jody P

The vehicle is very spacious. I like that is good on gas. I also like the fact that the sound system is good. the only thing I don't like about it is that it's a 4-cylinder I like powerful cars.

Everyone should know it's Great on gas!! Fill it up and engine is good.

Shannell K

I love the way it handles very well.

It handles well. It gets good gas mileage. it can haul a lot of stuff.

Dinah W

I've only had my car for less than a year, but I absolutely love it! It drives nicely, the third rows gives us the extra space we need and it is amazing on gas mileage!

Drives so smooth that you don't even realize how fast you are going!

Kimberly M

It's reasonably priced, great cargo space, cheap on gas.

I love the space for groceries and the 3Rd row seating for travel.

Marce M

it is great for a big family

i like the design of it. i like the smooth ride. i like the color

Jennifer B

it is a nice vehicle it will seat 7. Lots of room. Like the color and is comfortable

i like the design and i like the color and all the room it has

Jennifer W

Thats its comfortable, easy to drive, fun to drive

the wipers are on the left hand side of steering column

Corinne J