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The windows are all roll down by hand and the car is somewhat reliable.

Its ugly. The paint is hideous all the windows are roll down by hand. You have o get out of the car with the drivers key to open the trunk. It is gas mileage is terrible. It does get me from place to place but it's hideous. The model is ugly the styling is tacky. The car seems to get hot easily and has issues going down hills. It is not very comfortable. The rear seats squeak if you sit in it. The trunk has a lot of room which is nice though. But overall this car sucks and it's ugly.

- Mackenzie Y

2001 Dodge neon with an excellent radio from the factory. A comfortable fun ride!

My neon has been a very dependable vehicle. I have 133, 500 miles on it. Have only had to replace tires and the battery and change the oil on a regular basis. I used to have a four hour commute each week day and now in her older years my commute is less than an hour each week day. It is a plain jane, but the cloth seats and stereo system make it a fine ride no matter what the distance is.

- L S

2001 Dodge Neon Short detailed explanation of why I rated it a 2 out of 5

The dodge neon 2001 hasn't really been the best, it has a very poor crash rating and the materials they used for like the dash and stuff eventually start falling apart, and cracking... if you are looking for a short drive, work vehicle, then this is an amazing choice. However if you are wanting to travel long distances I wouldn't recommend it, maybe this will help someone someday!

- David P

The Low Rider. I would prefer more space between my car and the road

It is a compact car. It gets great gas mileage. We've had it for 5 plus years. It has had only a few minor problems. My own personal complaint about the car is how low it is to the ground. Being that I live in upstate ny and the weather we have, it's not convenient or good in the snow. Plus it scrapes the ground every time I go over a bump or any uneven ground.

- Tracy S

32 mpg at 140000 miles on the odometer Fantastic

Loud constant of noise of engine at idle and have a problem with shaking the vehicle when I stop to a halt abruptly. I keep the routine checks of vehicle with decent used tires and still able to travel to look for jobs throughout Southern California area. The absolute best thing about the vehicle is the 32 mpg on the freeway and no engine problems yet.

- Ryan M

It's really really small so you will be able to drive around a city well with it.. But be careful it's basically plastic so if you get hit you're in trouble

It's a fairly reliable vehicle, it's small and maneuverability is good. I can turn the vehicle around almost any corner which is nice. It fits in parking spots better than a lot of vehicles I've driven. It has a faulty gas cap which is super irritating. I'd recommend buying a Dodge, they don't make the Neon anymore though... So it won't be that.

- renee w

My vehicle is pretty cool.

The car is pretty old so it definitely needs some remodeling and the paint is peeling off but overall, the car still runs smoothly. The car is pretty comfortable and the seats are adjustable. The power steering is still in a pretty good condition and the ac and heater still works. It is also good and gas and saves a lot of money.

- Trisha M

Neon, wish they still made them. . .

Biggest problem was the leaking trunk. That was difficult to resolve. It had a 5 speed stick that made it a really zippy car to drive. Never really had much wrong with it other than normal things that wear out. Engine has never been an issue. It's always held up. Replaced the clutch once and still ticking on down the road.

- Billy Y

What can and will go wrong with a neon

Worn out. No get up and go. Feels like I'm sitting on the ground. To low. Back window only goes down half way. Out of data stereo, speakers short out. No air conditioning. Blower vents fall out. Had to replace 2 alternators. Other than that it is an ok car. Good on gas. But not very comfortable for long trips.

- Brenda B

This car is very reliable and gets fantastic fuel economy.

I have owned the vehicle for about 5 years now, and have never had any issues with it. This car has served as a daily commute car, and is very reliable for that. It has little to no real features, besides your basic cruise control, AC, and windshield wipers. Its comfort isn't fantastic as it is a little small.

- Chase W

Dodge neon is a reliable car. My family has enjoyed this car.

I have had this car in my family for 18 years. It is reliable. Its know starting to need work from old parts and rust. It gets us were we need go. Easy to drive, not expensive to fix. Good as a side car. In case something happens to your other transportation. For how old it is very good car, and still going.

- Elizabeth C

It drives well and has good visibility in most situations.

It runs reasonably well and is smooth. It is stable in bad weather. It seems a little roomy considering its class. The controls are easily used. The radiator supplied by Dodge has a flaw which results in some transmission fluid contamination leading to needing a transmission overhaul, which is unfortunate.

- Jon S

Even though it is an older model it still runs very well.

The car runs great for being an older vehicle. The major problem I have had with it is my rocker panels have started to rust out and we had to make cosmetic repairs in order to pass inspection. Other than that my car just has normal issues like needing spark plugs, brakes, windshield wipers, etc.

- Des S

Still chugging along 18 years later.

Good on gas and the engine hasn't ever given out on me. I have wrecked two times once I was t boned and my car still rides like a champion. The paint chips off easily and sun discoloration issues. Has extra room and it's easy to travel in. For the most part you get exactly what you pay for.

- Megan B

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it's reliable.

I really like the size of my Dodge Neon, it's suited perfectly to my needs. It's large enough to pack the things in it that I need, but small enough that I feel confident driving it. I don't think I really have any complaints about it; it's a good little car that's gotten me through a lot.

- Tiffany H

Dodge neon 2001 used vehicle.

The car runs well no matter what I neglect on it. I have had issues with the handles recently. I am no longer able to shut my doors after opening them from the outside of the car. This car has been under my name for a year and the only cosmetic thing is the rusting metallic paint.

- Brock H

Compact cars do not have the room I have.

My neon has cost less to maintain than any car I have ever owned. I strongly recommend buying dodge vehicles.Parts are more reasonable priced and widely available. Take it from a car guy who has had many cars. If you are looking for dependable and affordable automobiles look to dodge!

- Patrick M

For a 18 year old vehicle the old Dodge runs well. Al Bundy would be happy.

It is a 2000 Dodge Neon with 130, 000 miles still runs well. I keep up with oil changes. It could use some exhaust work, but I am not putting any more money into it. Otherwise besides some fading paint and rust it runs pretty well. CD player and changer does not work.

- Brandon A

2001 Dodge neon review on basic model.

As far as dependability it is a sound car for the age, seems to perform well for being stock motor and such, it is little bit compact in the cockpit, as far as features my car just has a base model package, but overall it is a good car, I have been everywhere with it.

- Thomas B

My vehicle has been a very good one and has had very few problems.

I have had very few problems with this vehicle, I have had it since 2001 and it has had very few repairs. Most of the problems it had is where someone backed over it and didn't even tell me and I had to have a radiator put on it. I had a problem with the starter.

- Brenda W

The most interesting thing about my car is the cruise control.

My vehicle has no absolutely no major problems. My car has about 70, 000 miles on it, which is low mileage for a car of its age. My favorite feature in my car is the cruise control. It makes my 45 minute drive to work on highways everyday easy. I love my car.

- Alyssa R

Awesome experience in the 2001 Dodge neon.

The struts and shifting bearings go out easily. It is easy to drive and comfortable. It is reliable and starts easily even in the cold. The defrosters clear the windshield quickly. The heater get very hot and needs to be turned down soon after it comes on.

- Lisa D

The sunroof does not work which is a huge bummer.

It is a 2000 Dodge neon. With 130, 000 miles. It still run well. I have kept up to date with the oil changes throughout the years. It is obviously has some rust. CD player does not work. Gets me around though. I wouldn't drive it out of town just in case.

- Joe T

Dodge Neon can keep going and going.

My vehicle is very dependable. It has over 200,000 miles on it and still runs like a dream. We have only had to fix minor issues with it such as things coming loose or small leaks. All of which have been inexpensive fixes because the car is popular.

- Cierra C

It's mostly great for a little car. Don't expect great speeds or anything, but it's good for going back and forth to work or running errands, normal life stuff.

Initially, I loved it, nice driving, good gas mileage. Small car, but great for what it is. The last few years, it has had problems that even mechanics haven't been able to solve. Shame really, when it was such a good little car.

- Durward C

My little Hooptie, old faithful!

Motor mount, transmission, radiator, coolant reserve leaking, and tires issues. It is very reliable and has only 67k miles. I have maintained the vehicle to the best of my ability, ensuring all fluids and checkups are done on time.

- Kristin S

It has great gas mileage and is easy to move around in traffic. I can park in a compact car area.

I like the gas mileage and the smooth driving. I do not like that it is too compact and tight for passengers as well as the driver. I do not like the truck design as it is narrow when the seats are down due to the speakers.

- Maria M

My Plymouth Neon Always reliable

My car is foremost reliable. It is actually a 2000 Plymouth Neon, but these choices were not available. Just kept up regular maintenance, changing oil, tuneups, etc and it's still going strong. Chrysler products rule.

- Carl D

It can get hit by a semi truck and only have a couple of dents.

I love the design of the car, especially the spoiler on the back. It is a very durable car it is been through several hurricanes. I do not like how squeaky the brakes are, or how the a/c keeps breaking on me.

- A S

It's old and not worth too much money anymore. Maybe a couple more months out of it

My car currently has an issue with power steering. The problem was presumed to be the hose but now it's the rack. It's rotted on the bottom and can not be jacked up, otherwise the floors will cave in

- Latasha S

Small but reliable small family vehicle.

The vehicle runs well and is reliable. We have only had minor issues outside of a pipe leaking and need to get that fixed in order for the car to keep from overheating. A very good vehicle so far.

- julia m

it's a good little car and will get you from point a to b.

it's small and easy to park, but there's no power so slow to pick up speed when entering the highway. the seat backs are too high so they're hard to see around. the trunk is deep but narrow.

- f c

Good transportation, value vehicle with low maintenance costs and good performance

dependable transportation, good value for the money - low repair costs. Body paint and metal not long lasting - encountering rust around wheel wells. Long lasting daily driver, second engine.

- george k

It is dependable, it hardly ever breaks down. It does not drive smoothly.

The neon has been dependable but the body is not sturdy and can be easily damaged. The inside interior is not modern or attractable. The trunk and inside of the car space if very limited.

- Kayla R

When the door locks it makes a loud screeching sound. Be mentally prepared or it will scare you to death.

It is old. It rattles, and the check engine light is always on. But it is trusty. It is my first car (I've had it for 5 years), and I kind of appreciate that no one has a car like it. :)

- Kelsey B

It is small but can go fast.

Love the size and the durability. I also like that a family member has extensive knowledge about Dodge so it's a free mechanic. Hate that is old and the a/c is not working very well.

- Alicia P

Good gas mileage, dependable car, but not a good family car.

My car gets great gas mileage. It has over 200,000 miles on it and doesn't have any major problems. It isn't a good family car though. There is barely room for my son's car seat.

- shaena h

My car is used for getting to work and to take my kids to daycare and such.

I like that it is small because I'm more comfortable driving smaller vehicles. I like the color of it. I dislike as much service as it needs the older it gets.

- Desiree S

My car is wonderful with gas mileage, but not as flashy as other cars. It is very economical.

I love my gas mileage and the size of the vehicle. I dislike the upholstery, and the locking system. All and all it is a decent car, and I would buy it again.

- Ciara S

Good value for the money and reliable transportation

good transportation, reliable vehicle, few repairs. good acceleration and gas mileage, handling is ok. paint and body deteriorated, rusted around wheel wells.

- J. k

that it drives very smoothly, handles well, and is a comfortable car to ride in with plenty of room

i like the comfort of the vehicle and how smoothly it drives. i like the sunroof and the style of the body of the car, i also like that it is good on gas.

- wendy D

The Dodge Neon is dependable an good on gas.

This car was very dependable during the 11 years I owned it until a bad transmission leak caused it to stop. The paint faded prematurely in my opinion.

- John W

It smokes pretty bad because its about blow up.

My car leaks on the inside when it rains and gets my backseat and back floorboard wet. It smokes pretty bad and now my ignition switch is going out.

- Christie L S

Good car for college students

It's a good size vehicle with good gas mileage. It runs well especially for a 2001. Manual windows and locks are a little inconvenient but fine.

- Cassidy C

The low maintenance makes it so you can be carefree and travel if you want to.

We really enjoy our vehicle. It is 2001 Dodge Neon. Very low maintenance and comfortable. It is performance is awesome and it is very reliable.

- Kris V

Dodge Neon Problems and Faults.

This car is ok. It had some problems like it would stop and jerk in the middle of the road. We think that it was due to transmission problems.

- Pam F

$40 to fill up. I can go to new York and back a couple of times on a full tank.

My car is not as fast as I would like it to be more fast. My car needs brand new shocks . My car is too old. My car has too many miles on it.

- Debra R

It is old but dependable.

I like it even though it is a little old. It is dependable. I've used it a lot it has over two hundred thousand miles and still runs great.

- Donald S

It ages well if you keep up with regular maintenance.

It's old and the air conditioning doesn't work. I like how well it handles: turns, accelerating, braking. It does fairly well in the snow.

- Julia J

It gets great gas mileage and is easy to work on..

BEST. VEHICLE. EVER! I love my Neon. I have rarely had problems with it. When I do have problems with it, it is easy to work on and fix.

- Josh R

The horn does not work, and the breaks need fixed soon.

It sometimes overheats when you turn ac on, the breaks on it need fixed. There's a big scuff on the side where someone side swiped us.

- Rachel V

It is old but reliable, has over 250k miles, I service it regularly

It has a lot of miles on it and for that it is a good dependable car, the motor mounts keep breaking though and the car shakes a lot

- Jonathan C

It is been reliable for a old car.

For a car with a 130, 000 miles on it . It is been pretty reliable keep the oil changed on time. Not the worst car I have ever owned.

- Brandon K

All tuned up and ready to go.

Always starts comfy low to ground for you short people good on gas good for a family of 4 nearly any blind spots can see all around.

- Michael L

It has been well taken care of for as old as it is!

We have had to replace the engine due to an oil leak. It has great gas mileage for a full tank. Love the feel of driving a standard.

- Jared C

It's a good reliable car. It doesn't have to many problems for as old as it is.

I like that it's a small compact car. I am able to drive with good gas mileage. It has plenty of room for stuff along with people.

- Amanda C

Dodge neon great car love it.

The head went but it was an easy fix. I like the way the car runs. It is a good performing vehicle. Great car. Would recommend.

- Ash C

Fuel economy is just okay for the size of the car.

It has a strong exterior, my paint job still looks news, and it has not caused me much problems after 12 years of ownership.

- Sheen G

It is a reliable car for any driver to have.

It is a really nice and reliable car. My motor for my passenger side window and sunroof went out. It's got bad acceleration.

- Christian L

every customer should know, this care is very good on gas with the price being on high

i like the car because it is good on gas, to be a smaller care it's very roomy and it's very quiet and that is what I like.

- Sabrina c

Gas efficient, good mileage very comfortable.

It is paid for. It is old and does not have the upgrades of newer cars. It does not handle well and has slow acceleration.

- Brandon F

It is paid for. With life's other bills it feels good to own something.

I love my current vehicle because it paid for. It offer lots of memories. It was my first vehicle I purchased for myself.

- Jasmine C

Needs more work for dependability!

Not reliable gas mileage is awful sluggish at times runs hot constantly. Brakes are not very good. Runs like a wagon.

- Kimberly W

Drives smooth and great on gas.

I love the air conditioning. Drives smooth. Great on gas. I don't really have any complaints that I can think of.

- Tammy H

Its very very good on gas, but the paint comes off quick.

Air con does not work. Good on gas, its a four cylinder. I need a 6 cylinder, it's not automatic, leaking oil.

- Miguel G

Extremely high maintenance costs when the vehicle gets older.

When it runs, it runs very well. I just feel like I am always throwing new parts at it to keep it running.

- Jeremie K

It has an overheating problem so when you drive long distance it will overheat on you but it has gotten me all over this country

I like that it is able to drive and I can fix it every time it breaks, but I wish it had a better interior

- Raymond A

I love it!!! It is possibly the ONLY new (wrecked) car I will ever purchase. The FACT that it was wrecked was not disclosed is my only complaint.

It's reliability, and GREAT gas mileage have been very impressive, too bad Plymouth went out of business

- Teresa M

Cute candy apple red neon

Great gas mileage, very reliable, power windows, power doors power seats cold a.c., heater doesn't work

- Sharon A

I can't think of anything other than it's 18 years old

It gets me from point A to point B and it is very comfortable and fun to drive

- Ginny A

It's compact and economical and small and affordable

It's compact, good gas mileage. But it's uncomfortable, and doesn't ride well

- William S

i have had it forever and it is still running great. easy to fix. very reliable. great on gas.

how great it is in general. i would recommend a dodge neon to anyone.

- Jacque P

It was built to last forever it seems like smoothly driven

I have no complaints with this vehicle it is working fabulously

- Tom L

That the car isn't that great they are very boring.

The cd player isn't that good. and it's kind of drives slow.

- Quinn P

Its reliable, great on gas, requires very little maintenance and repairs

I like low on gas mileage, little repairs older car

- Sandra S

reliable, economical and durable

It's a good compact car. would like 4 wheel drive

- tim W

its fast beautiful and perfect

it is silver and a 2001 it is very beautiful

- kayla r