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The most important thing is that the car is fun to drive.

I love the neon. It's the oldest and least expensive car that I have ever owned, and it brings me great joy. My mom bought it new when I was a senior in high school (I am 33 now), and she gave it to me after my BMW was totaled about 8 year ago. I live in new york city, and this is really the perfect car. It's small and easy to park and it's old so I don't really care about dings and the cosmetic damage that is inevitable parking a car on the street. It's a standard, so super fun to drive and it's really good on gas. It's not too expensive to have repaired either. I just really like it a lot.

- Keri G

Turning a lemon into a lime

It has 200,000 miles and has recently needed all sorts of maintenance. Mostly routine maintenance though. Breaks, sway bar bushings, thermostat. It seems to be a common problem that the Dodge neons of this year overheat during the summer months. I've been using straight coolant and having any problems since. I've had to change the rear brake drums for the first time in the car's life. It leaks a little oil out of the valve cover gaskets but other than that it doesn't have any leaks. From what I can tell everything on the car seems to be stock factory or a comparable replacement part.

- Victor W

2003 Dodge Neon Performance Review

My neon has held up quite well since 2003. We have put quite a bit of money into it over the years, and it now has a broken AC system. It's a beautiful car in the color yellow. It gets good mileage. It has never broken down on me during use, but as I said, we've put a lot of work into it over the years. It's comfortable and has a nice interior, but it's lacking an auxiliary system to play music from, so I can only use the radio. It's quite modern looking for its model year.

- Stephanie D

It is not new and has issues that come with normal wear and tear.

I just recently bought it so I don't have many complaints yet, except the commonly known issue with the motor mounts. Only one hasn't been replaced yet and if course it needs replaced now. I like how roomy it is despite how small it is. I prefer 6 cylinder vehicles but for a 4 cylinder, it had enough power. It is pretty good on gas also.

- Jeannie H

It has automatic lights so I do not ever have to worry about if there on or not.

As been drove for a long time now has over 300,000 miles on it. It's a very good car but may need to get a new one soon due to the fact need a bigger vehicle for all I am involved in right now but has been a very reliable car for years. I am unsure right now but may go with a Dodge brand again when I go car shopping in the future.

- Chelsea B

Great all around family vehicle

Paint flakes off roof, trunk, and hood relatively quick. Paint also fades badly the dash also likes to chip or flake off. As far as performance goes it is very mechanically sound. It is dependable, low maintenance, high mileage, great fuel mileage, comfortable seats, huge trunk space but needs more accessible cup holders.

- Melissa B

I would highly recommend one to anyone for their first car. They take a beating.

I just bought my car for $300. It sat for 4 years, an the only thing wrong with it was the alternator locked up, and the belt. It only has 50, 000 some odd miles on it. I am a Dodge chick. They last forever. They really are amazing cars! Mine likes to get up and go and runs so smooth. I couldn't have asked for a better car.

- Hali B

Great first car! Especially for those looking for an inexpensive daily driver.

After owning it for 12 years it really started having some problems like with the transmission, engine, that kind of stuff. But it was a great car for those 12 years before it started having problems. I would recommend this vehicle to any new driver that wants something reliable and inexpensive to fix and maintain.

- Jessica H

It is silver and peeling, but also very cute. It has character.

Well it is old and fairly damaged but reliable and I love it. It is not for everyone, but it is what I prefer. There's also a bit of a blind spot whenever a car comes up behind me. My window switch is sticking out of the door, the door is broken, there's no seal, the pass window does not roll down, it overheats.

- Lin S

Very unique car have a lot of space also small but good.

No problem get to work like the color silver paid for no notes insurance cheap drives good intros good new wipers bought from neighbor will buy another if possible will get a second car need one people enjoy walking I don't had a ford but it drives good too fords are best to drive around.

- Jackie B

The best thing about the Dodge neon is fuel economy.

It overheats quite often in the summer months, but as it cools down not so much. Other than that it drives very well and is excellent on gas mileage. The backseats can come down to access the truck which makes it very useful if you need to move long objects. It is a great all around car.

- Kimberley M

It runs really smooth, and has a nice engine.

This car has run really well for me. Right now its broken down because it needs a fuel pump. But after that it should run fine again. I like the fact that it has a moon roof, and its fun to have open while you drive in the summertime. My car is neon yellow, and the interior is black.

- Katie B

Dependable, some maintenance needed very soon. Is rusting out.

Great performance. Has been very reliability thus far. Comfortable. Sway bar has been replaced, heater core is going out. Replaced battery and tires 2 years ago. 5 speed. I only drive to work and home. Getting older now and shifting gears bothers my knee, otherwise she is a good car.

- Renee D

Sublime suspension for the Neon

It rides well, it is not loud and it takes pot holes and rough areas of the road just as well as the smooth areas. The suspension is wonderful, going over bumps could be much worse. Mine is not a new car, and it has only really needs right now are new tires, brakes, and brake lines.

- Jennifer P

2003 Dodge neon. Great car for a young age and

No problems with car. Bought used. Small car but plenty of room. Good on gas. Factory radio. Comfortable seats. 5 speed. Runs great on highway. Four doors. Performance is good and reliability is good. Keeps up with maintenance on the car as well. Great car for a family


I love the style of the center console.

Great on gas, very spacious for a small car. Lots of legroom for back seat. Fun little cat to drive. Only complaint is rat windows are manual not automatic like the front windows. The trunk also had a lot of space. Stylish center console with good storage. CD player.

- Jordan C

Yellow, small ran. Great.

I loved my Neon except. For the fact that now I need. To get a new engine blew a. Couple. Months ago. And. can't afford a new engine and that sucks but was an. Awesome car when it ran easy on. Gas and. Small wish I could fix it my kids call it a dandelion because.

- Sarah M

Gets very good gas mileage.

Run great how is very old air conditioning no longer works. Gets excellent gas mileage very good on tire usage, has a little rust and needs painting windows are clean an very clear has 191000 miles on speedometer, all window work fine. Gears are a little worn.

- Robert U

Reliable, compact, easy to drive, nice inside.

My vehicle is very reliable. I have had it for 13 years. I have had to have some work on it but overall it's good. Most of the work done on it was maintenance work. It's easy to drive. It's easy finding parking in the city because it small and can fit anywhere.

- Felicia C

An interesting detail is the back seat folds down for hauling long things.

My car is a great car I have had little to no big problems with this car. I have only done oil changes and put on new tires also it has 93, 000 miles on it I love this car. I love the color it is red. I do not drive very far so this is the perfect car for me.

- Cindy F

It is faithful and true.I am the only one allowed to drive it.It has never left me stranded.

I know my car so well. Every little rattle and every little quirk. I know when I need to have a mechanic look at it. It is 15 years old but runs great because I believe in maintenance. My only complaint is that it is 15 years old.

- Virginia f

It's sporty and fun and red!

It's easy to drive and see out of the windows. The gas mileage is okay. But it sits low to the ground and is hard for me to get out of. I'd like to someday own a minivan, that rides higher up off the ground, and has more room.

- Cecilia j

The air conditioning doesn't work, it overheats very fast, and you have to push the stereo in to make the radio work

My judgement of my car isn't very fair because I bought it used. The guy I bought it from was very rough on it. With a little bit of care, she runs fine. The gas mileage is alright, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

- Veronica S

It is very cheap on gas. It has an 8 gallon tank and will go about 200 miles.

It is not my favorite vehicle because it has basic stuff only but it is comfortable, cheap on gas and is reliable. It tends to go through tires easily but other than that, it is a good car.

- Marguerite R

The Dodge Neon is a reliable car to own and drive if you are looking for a car that will last for a long time.

The car has a good weight to it and would do well in snow. However the car sits too low to be driven in snow that part I hate. It gets fairly good gas mile and has had very few repairs.

- Jane k

I like the fact that the Dodge neon comes in multiple different bright colors.

The Dodge neon is very low to the ground, and this causes problems when trying to go over speed bumps. The visibility in the front corner of the car is slightly difficult to see past.

- Aspen S

2003 Dodge Neon SXT standard Transmission

Strong engine. Weak manual transmission. Performs quite well under all weather conditions. Just make sure you keep up with the general maintenance and you won't have any problems.

- Matt P

Decent car for the basic to and from traveling and it doesn't eat up gas!!

I like my car for the simple fact that it gets to and from where I have to go! It's not to bad on gas. It's lasted me quite a bit without much work needed. Can't complain!

- jenn U

It is very comfortable but not very spacious.

It is a very reliable and cost efficient vehicle. It recently had a transmission problem but was resolved in just a day. It runs great and has about 74k miles on it.

- Jared N

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage and how deep the trunk is. I hate how small it is and how close to the ground it is. I also am not a fan of how it looks on the outside.

- Amy M

My Dodge neon gets great gas mileage.

My Dodge neon has been reliable, it does have a problem overheating a times. I would say it is reliable because it always starts and has not broken down.

- Tina C

I like the large amount of space because it can fit a lot. I like the gas mileage. I dislike the overheating problem.

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that its purpose is to get from point A to point B, and not win a beauty contest.

- Chelsea G

Have not have any major problems that needs to be repaired.

The thing I like about my vehicle is that it is paid for no car payment. I come to the conclusion the small size does not work for me anymore.

- Patricia H

Reliable Dodge Neon Sedan

When brakes get wet they squeal. Car is very dependable. Four doors make it easy to access back seats. Very low to the ground for getting into.

- Tom V

Great car, reliable and awesome to look at

Very reliable, it has over 200,000 miles and I've never had major engine problems. I purchased it new and I've been the only owner

- Crystal Y

I have had my car for 14 years and have had very few problems with it. It has paid for itself and then some.

I like that it's reliable. It gets decent gas mileage. It's not huge. I'm at a point in my life where I wish I had a larger car.

- Ashley F

It gets good gas mileage.

It is really good on gas, it drives really smooth, good for long car rides, I would recommend this car for a small family.

- Lynn M

It gets me where I need to go every day without me having to worry about breaking down

It is small, it has been an overall good car to me. I don't like that it squeaks but I'll be getting it fixed soon

- Christy P

The vehicle does not have power windows, it only had crank, which I love.

I like the sportiness of it, but it hates going up the mountains which kinda keeps me trapped in a small location.

- Lisa M

It runs very well and drives great.

Runs great, radio is a bit broken, is loud, comfortable, good on gas mileage, stays relatively clean, runs good.

- Katy S

Nice to drive and feel very safe.

I like that it's a small car and is easy on gas not a gas hog like my Dodge Dakota vehicle was horrible on gas.

- Sarah M

Owning a 2003 Dodge Neon.

Have not had any major issues, i am the only owner of the vehicle. Have overall enjoyed owning the vehicle

- Naomi V

It has a tendency of not starting after its been driven for a while.

I dislike the fact it stays broke down 90% of the time. An I like the gas mileage I get when it runs right.

- Justin T

Little Blue still Running

Very dependable, 250000 miles and still going strong. Would drive her across the country if I needed to.

- Tara B

It is very reliable and easy on gas.

Very reliable little car. It is easy on gas. Never had any major problems with it. No complaints so far.

- Kristina S

They car is not great but gets from point A to point B just fine.

The gas gauge and the lights lag. The windows sometimes are slow to roll up and the car is far too low.

- Nicole A

The car was priced well. but it has always had issues with overheating

Cheap on gas. Easy and cheap to repair.It has been the best car for the $ I have ever gotten.

- elisha p

It is great on gas milage.It has a lot of room.It is the perfect vehicle.

I like it because it is small.It is good on gas mileage.It has just enough room.

- Arbutus C

It does good on gas. It runs nicely. It doesn't give me any issues.

I like how it is reliable to drive. It runs on good gas mileage.

- Maze M

That as long as I have taken care of it it has taken care of me

I love my car. It drives great and has been dependable

- Betty D