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Chrysler needs to bring back the neon!

I love my neon. It is worn out, and I will probably rebuild it. The car has close to 200,000 miles on the odometer, and still starts up on the second crank. It is a zippy little car, not fast, but adequate. . For being a subcompact, it has a surprisingly large interior. Particularly the trunk, which is an afterthought on most compacts. . The good: it is an incredibly reliable car. Even with as much wear as it has, it gets up and goes. It has an excellent heater, and a decent air conditioner. Its power steering is on point and works well even at low speed. The abs braking system is reliable and works well. . The bad: first off, this one is subjective. It has an automatic transmission, which I view as training wheels. The only good to that is it has cruise control. Second, it has leaked oil since around 100,000 miles, and I cannot determine where. The shocks are shot, but they actually lasted a very long time, so not so sure that is a 'bad' thing, but it makes the car feel a little unstable. . The really bad. It gets very hot in the summer where I live, and when the air conditioner is running, the transmission will lock itself in a gear and overheat, necessitating that I pull over and let it cool off. This only happens when the a/c is running. It is somewhat random and I have not been able to determine what causes it. . Overall, I love this vehicle. I am a fan of Honda vehicles, and this is the only american car I have ever had that compares.

- Jay P

Dodge neon repair extravaganza.

I figure the hardest part about my vehicle is the age. Since it is almost 15 years old by now there are a lot of things going out. I have fixed a ton of oil leaks. I also have had to do both sets of brakes (front seat and back set) 2 separate times, the front ones didn't give me much trouble, but since my car is going on 15 years the back brakes are drums. I have had them seized up the first time, and the repair shop I had to end up taking it to sawed them off just to get at them. The 2nd time I took it in they were just falling apart, and there were certainly things that the first repair shop should have told me about that the 2nd one told me, and had to ask me if I have ever had them done before. Otherwise there was only one other major issue which was the head gasket, but that was a preexisting condition that caused me no trouble I just noticed that I was going through oil fast, and white smoke would pop out every once in a while out of my exhaust so I had that checked out and done. I have loved my car though.

- Ashley S

Why I love my car! It has always been reliable, even in the brutal cold of our Winters and the searing heat of our Summers.

My car has been very reliable. It is an older model, but only has 38,200 miles on it. I don't go out often. This vehicle is easy on the gas, although I think they could have made the gas tank just a wee bit larger. It's very easy to drive and parking is easy also. It has a very nice turning radius. I did run over a nail once and had a blowout, it was easy to maneuver to the edge of the highway and was easy to change the tire. The paint job is still beautiful and I haven't been giving it any special attention. The interior is still in wonderful condition, and has had children in the back seat many times. I feel safe driving this vehicle and that is very important!

- Donna C

There is something wrong with my car.

It is a pretty good car, does not waste much gas very economical. The only problem I have with it is that whenever I turn it on and start running it, the car starts to shake, at times it has even turned off by just stopping at a stop sign or red light. This happened a few days after I bought. It's all in good condition but the shaking and turning off part. I have taken it to mechanical shops but they keep telling me nothing is wrong with it but if there was nothing with it then why does it shake and then turns off.

- Sarah R

My car is sl reliable. Good gas mileage small motor but rides drives smooth,

Good on gas small easy to park. Don't use oil, inexpensive for parts, rides very comfortable. I love my car it is very dependable it is silver it is four doors it is easy if you have kids or pets to get in and out of the car the doors automatically lack upon going the back windows are not electric it has a sunroof it has electric Charger for your phone it is a very nice car I suggest someone with a small family of 2 3 at the most it is a comfortable and expensive ride.

- Sherry J

It is very economical to own and operate (and it's paid for).

I live in a downtown area and tend to walk most places, so I use a car sparingly. I also will drive only 250 miles or so on a trip (else I'll fly). Thus, a small, but reliable car works well for me. This car is almost 15 years old, has only about 36,000 miles on it, is very economical to drive and insure, and has very few repair issues. My main complaint would be It's small passenger capacity on those few occasions when there is a crowd to move.

- Thomas M

Great first car. Here for a good time, not a long time.

This was a great first car for me. It is small, compact, cute and light. It is got automatic features. . For the most part. By that I mean the front windows are automatic and the back ones are manual. It has remote start and a basic radio. Although I am very fond of this car, it has given me a lot of trouble. The thing breaks down every other month. Of course age and mileage are at play, but I just cannot afford to keep fixing it.

- Alyssa J

Great car great stereo great speakers.

I really haven't had any problems normal wear and tear and normal replacement sit's good on gas it is good mileage for an older car it last long it does not cost too much to repair it is American made I would buy another one it has good get up when you get onto the freeway plenty a room easy to clean easy to replace the oil in the transmission fluid good gas mileage in town and on the freeway say dependable car.

- Julie C

My Dodge neon story. 14 years old.

Pretty reliable, starting to break down due to age. Have had it for 10 years and it is still going strong. Manual windows and locks. Great transmission. Had to replace timing belt a few years ago. The air motor just went out. And the windshield wipers have quit working. But it is been a great car the past 10 years and just started all these problems this past year. I cannot complain about it.

- Alyssa M

Very reliable and comfortable

It is very reliable. Engine works great even after 150,000 miles. It has comfortable seats. Easy to work on engine repairs. Small and easy to drive, has a great turning radius. Air conditioner works great and cools off the car very quickly, and I live in the Central Valley of California, so that's a huge plus. Downsides are that everything is manual, as far as locks and windows.

- Heather H

Interesting detail is that my car is very fast.

My car does have some problems, like the engine. And the light for the oil is always one, but t has oil in it all the time. It rumbles when it drives but you get used to it. And the wheel is hard. But that is all the time because I put power steering fluid but it does not work, so I am figuring out what to do now. But other then all that, everything is good with my car.

- J M

It is sleek, sporty design.

The front end does not seem to secure enough for it bottoms out a lot and easily. I love the sporty inside but could have been better made. Gets good gas mileage but has lots of clutch cable problem. The design itself is very sporty and super fun to drive. Honestly I feel like I am driving a BMW, but didn't have to spend that much money because it was reasonably priced!

- Shaun E

Small, sweet and causes smiles.

I love my little neon, it gets up and goes like its supposed to, it is quiet and quick. Sometimes you do not realize you are going as fast as you are because of how smooth it rides. It is a awesome family car, it may be small but it is roomy as well. It gets good mileage and has a lot of life left in it even with over 300k miles on the motor. Very dependable.

- Samantha C

2004 Dodge neon, great older car.

The Dodge neon is a good little car. I have had very few issues with the car for how old it is. It is older so it only has a CD player, the speakers are great though. It is on the slow side and takes a few seconds to get up to speed. The dash is nice, I do not like a lot of lights or anything. It has only the information that I need.

- Jessica M

For it to be a 2004 it is has Manuel appliances.

The vehicle is compact and perfect for daily commute I get great gas mileage considering it takes only about 30 bucks to feel my tank. However I concerned with the seatbelts because there’s too much elasticity. Also my the bumpers sits low in the front so I constantly hit parking blocks which causes exterior paint damage.

- Ashley C

The car I drive do not wear tires out real fast.

This model car have a good engine but the power steering boot has to be changed it is hard to turn my steering wheel. If a lot of monthly upkeep is done this car will last, it is a small car so, great on gas. Well my car can only get up to 55 miles an hour because of a piece I need to purchase but, all over good car.

- Vernon K

I luv that it easy on gas.

It a good car. Great on gas, luvs to get up and go. Does need a tune up. The car very reliable, the performance is good just need some tune ups. The color is ok. The interior is cloth. It got a nice trunk I can buy lots of groceries and still got plenty of room. The headlights are bright which help.

- Linsey P

Old Dodge still kicks, even when it's down.

I absolutely do love my car, it's comfortable, good in size, easy to move around and figure out. My current car just has issues with the transmission and I unfortunately have to fix that. But other than that it's been good to me. A/C works well, and the car gets me to and from whenever I need it.

- Anay F

Do not buy a Dodge neon if at all possible.

It is an old uncomfortable car. It runs well considering it is old. Leaks oil. Noisy. It has some vibration issues, loose motor mount. Interior is very small and uncomfortable. Exterior color is a bright blue. Think there are some issues with the suspension as it shakes when the car is idling.

- Kimberly B

The great strengths of the Neon.

I really like this vehicle it helps me get to work in the busy mornings that I have. It is very nice on the inside and has a very nice ride height to the car. The car is also priced very well, I really like the price because it is not too cheap or expensive. It's just a really nice car.

- Tom H

Enough trunk space for a stroller and not a gas guzzler.

It's a reliable car if you just need to get from a to B. But I've had problems with the motor mounts which makes the whole car shake. It's very comfortable, not a lot of trunk space but enough for a stroller and some groceries. It's also not a gas guzzler so that's a nice thing too.

- Amber P

that if you plan to keep it past 100,000 miles then plan to have to sink money into to keep it working.

Well, like most neons once it reached 100,000 miles its radiator went bad, my air conditioner don't work, but once I got that fixed it is still working although the rims on its wheels are so flimsy that one was damaged and because of it my back tire will go flat about every 2 days.

- John B

2004 dodge neon best car ever made.

The 2004 neon is not too stylish but what it lacks in comfort it makes up for in reliability and performance. There are no major repairs and the gas mileage is best in the market even after 14 years with no new production. It came plain Jane no cruise no a/c and no power anything..

- Roc G

Great little car. Would highly recommend.

I love the compact design. Bought it used so do not know much about the mechanical issues as of yet. I have had it for a little over a month and have no issues. Great on fuel economy. Handles well. It does have high mileage but what can you expect from an 2004. Thanks.

- Maria F

It is a Nice racer family car!!

It has a turbo, it is lowered to the ground. Has neon lights. Also has added extra performance parts to make it go faster. Energy effective with a sunroof and 4 doors !! It is flat Matt white with silver rims on lower performance tires! It is a Big Bang for a great buck

- Kelly M

That this car despite It's appearances is really reliable and has gotten me through a lot.

The car has been very reliable for the most part for me. I have had it for 11 years now and I don't think I've put more money into it than other people normally do with their cars. It has come to the end of Its life but it is still chugging along despite how I drive.

- Amanda D

A great neon! The is a great car to get you from place to place.

I love driving my neon. It is a great starter car as I have been driving it for 11 years. I have not had any major issues with the car, just minor. The neon is a great car to drive long distance. The only thing I have to say is that it is not a great car in the snow.

- Katie K

Love my Dodge neon, it is a great car.

Great car, air on condition is out but other then that it a great reliable car, the body could use some work since it is been in a wreck but I love it. Better radio would be better though and would be nice to have button windows. But love the seat and a lot of room.

- Elizabeth B

Reliable, inexpensive car

My car has been very reliable. I bought it used, with over 180,000 miles on it, and it has given me very little trouble. It is not a luxury car, but it does quite well. The a/c is not working now, but everything important is going great except a minor oil leak.

- Dorcas M

Neon srt-4. Perfect daily driver for the car enthusiast.

Very reliable. Definitely a car for car enthusiasts, not the general population. Manual transmission, turbo 4 cylinder performance, and great fuel economy make it a perfect daily driver. Crackling and popping exhaust makes downshifting at every stop light fun.

- Michael G

Old but still going strong

It was used when I bought it and my adult kids both have used it and I have had it for 5-6 years and it's still getting me where I need to go. It's comfortable and has needed a few repairs here and there but I have gotten my money's worth.

- Joanne W

2004 SRT4 Neon is fun, fast, but rough

My Neon is an SRT4, so pretty rare. It has a turbo so the acceleration is awesome. It's comfortable to sit in and handles decently. The lowered suspension and low profile tires mean wide turns and a rough ride on anything but smooth roads.

- Priscilla L

My car drives pretty decently. It has good steering action, and moderately sensitive gas and brake pedals.

As a whole, my Dodge Neon has worked fairly well. I received it as a gift from my grandmother, who hadn't taken very good care of it, but it still runs pretty well. I am having problems with the air conditioner, though.

- Aubrey N

Amazing gas mileage, super easy to keep up with the maintenance.

I got mine used and without some parts. I have been working on it. I love it though is fully running was pretty easy to take apart and put back together. Parts are fairly responsible. My whole car is almost new now.

- Stephanie S

It's a great little car. It would be a great type of car for someone just starting to drive

I love my car because it has great gas mileage. I feel like I've driven this car forever with hardly any issues. Unfortunately after so long it has started to rust in the frame and my windshield leaks

- Kyra B

It's an economic safe, good car, and I have had good luck with it.

There are many things that I like about my car, it's compact and good on gas. I don't like that it does not have a trunk light, and you can only open the trunk with a key and not from inside the cab.

- Angie H

Great, Dependable car that can get very noisy, but overall is fine as long as you keep up the maintenance

The whole care is very dependable. I did have issues with the rear tires because the were not spinning at time. The exhausts were also always an issue.It does however have great gas mileage

- Rodrigo A

the key can be removed from the ignition while the car is still running to be able to open the trunk

i do not like having a chipped key when the car is the basic of basic, no power anything. Also the engine always sounds rough like something is wrong with it when it is fine.

- t h

Great of had and pretty spacious.

Great car and good on gas. Gets me from place to place safely with no problems. Good car with a decent amount of room and space for passengers and laundry or groceries etc.

- Jennifer W

Great on gas and easy to work on.

I got mine used and not running I have put some money it to it and have it almost fully fixed as soon as Its all done it will be a perfect car. Great on gas to.

- Stephanie S

That it is very reliable and great on gas

I like that it is a reliable vehicle and is very good on gas . I dislike that it so small and compact . I also like that it only has two windows and two doors

- Cedra D

That it has a lot of mileage on my vehicle. But runs good, it has good air conditioning and heat. It has a sunroof, leather seating

I likes that my vehicle can get me to where I need to be. And I dislike about that it is starting to break down a lot. So it's time that I get a new vehicle.

- India C

Old car but good for beginner drivers

Car is good, it is older now so thing are needing repaired. It's a good beginners car that is small and less blind spots than some of the bigger vehicles.

- Amber R

Great on gas. Very smooth driving. Lets know of any issues.

I love my car because it usually does not leave me stranded but I dislike that it acts up at time, it cuts off, my gears grind, motor mounts are broke.

- Olivia G

Good on gas, reliable, and lots of legroom in the back. This particular year seems to have more trunk space then the older neons did.

Reliable vehicle and I haven't had to put much home into it. Regular routine maintenance and this car will last me a long time. I would recommend!

- Kimberly G

It is an older, though reliable basic vehicle. I don't always believe that newer is always better. I say that because I've heard of newer, untried (for the most part) vehicles have been known to be faulty.

It is a basic vehicle. Although we paid too much money, it IS reliable for local driving. I have no complaints, in view of the age of the car.

- Carl B

Good Gas Mileage of a Dodge Neon

I love that it gets good gas mileage but I have had a lot of issues with the transmission. But it drives smoothly I do like that about it.

- Kayla D

That my car is a 4 cylinder car that gets very good gas mileage.

I like my car because it gets good gas mileage. Like my car because it has a good radio. The only thing I don't like is no cruise control

- Jo Ellen F

That the passenger side has a leak under the dash.

I like my vehicle because it gets good gas mileage. It has enough room for 4 people comfortably. I dislike not having any cruise control.

- Jo Ellen F

Very reliable and good on gas.

Bought my car as a used car, I have been having quite a few problems with it. The fuel pump went out, and there was a few other problems.

- Ivette A

It gets me from A to B at least

Constant vehicle problems such as a rattling sound in my engine constant stalling while trying to get to 55 MPH and rare shutdowns

- George D

Its inexpensive, gas mileage is great. All around a great car especially a first car for a t�n driver.

I have had no issues with my car. It has been reliable with excellent performance. Very comfortable, ac and heat work wonderfully.

- Brooke P

Why I love My Dodge Neon.

Just routine. Maintenance. No major issues. I am very happy with my car it has been dependable. Good on gas. Good winter driving.

- Shirley N

I was able to customize my radio! One of the most important parts!

It's a nice and relaxing vehicle. It is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time and it runs amazingly! No issues so far.

- Abigail S

Good little car, gets up and goes

For a 4 banger I live it. Good on gas, gets me where I need and want to go. Mine is an SXT looks a little sporty but it not.

- Tiffany L

Such a cheap build. Everything is made from the worst quality.

There is always something wrong. Has automatic windows in the front but manual in the back. Costs a ton of money in repairs.

- Brittany L

My favorite thing is the handling of the car. I disapprove of the cupholder.

Love the handling. Dislikes the cupholder situation. Love the four-cylinder. The best thing about the car is the zero rust.

- Jeremy H

My vehicle is paid for and is very dependable.

I like my vehicle because it is paid for and runs very well. It takes me from point A to point B and is very dependable.

- Angela M

Dodges break down faster than any other car I have had.

It runs good but wouldn't take it on a road trip. Good to shopping with. Love the color of it. The tires wear out fast.

- Lisa J

Do not take this car on long distance trips.

It is cheap, compact, and cute. However, it breaks down all the time and I get constant complaints about engine setup.

- Alyssa J

Its reliable but outdated from the new technology.

It's really good. Very reliable and pretty. Good on gas and has last md a really long time and for more years to come.

- Britt R

It's been one of the most constant things in my life the past 15 years.

Awesome gas mileage. It is dependable and is relatively inexpensive to maintain. I don't like how much rust it has.

- D J

How much I love my dodge neon

I really love how fast my car is the engine roars to life so fast every time that I turn the key. I really love it

- Tom M

Dodge neon 2004: still functional.

It is 14 years old and has had the engine replaced. The a/c does not work currently so it is like hell in Florida.

- Tiffany P

Nothing, I love my van and will get another.

I love my car it has good gas mileage. It also has good riding ?and air-conditioning. The radio system is great.

- Randy S

It fits in my budget and is cost efficient.

It's the size that I like. It is good on gas mileage. It's easy for me to control and haul my kids around.

- Alicia B

Don't bother buying a Dodge Neon unless you want to have to replace it within two years or drop tons of money on repairs.

It's loud and terrible. Always having mechanical and electrical problems. There's always some new issue.

- Danielle S

Distance in front and rear are hard to tell.

I love the great gas mileage. The size and dark interior are a plus too, not too big, not too small.

- Samantha C

It is mine and paid for. It is efficient and good on gas

I like that it is small and compact. Repairs have been minimal. The upkeep is not much at all

- heather L

even though it doesn't look like the greatest thing, it got me where i needed to be

i love my car, i got it 2 years ago and just finally paid it off all for it to break down

- Marisa B

It works well and so far it has not broke down.

I like the color. I also like the look of my car but i don't like how how old it is.

- Brooke E

Be prepared for frequent repairs. Parts are expensive and seem to give out quickly.

I like that it's a 4 door sedan. I dislike that it is constantly in need of work.

- Abby D

It gives good gas mileage and good driving ability.

My car has never gave me problems.It has good radio ßystem. The air is great.

- Randy J

It has Great gas mileage and it is very reliable. Good stereo.

It has Good gas mileage, four doors, but is an older car that has rusty.

- Dylan R

It's a value added vehicle.

It's nice looking. It's economical. It's quality. It's a good ride. :)


Good gas mileage although it is an older car.

The seats are comfortable. Good gas mileage. Trouble free engine.

- Connie K

It's the most fun for driving because it is paid for.

It run good. It is paid for. It takes me from point A to point B.

- Angela E

Its a amazing car. Runs well and has given us amazing memories!

It a red Dodge Neon. That has great gas mileage. plenty of room!

- Brandi A

It runs good and it gets good gas mileage. It does good on long trips. It is a good size for me. I bought it used and have had no problems with it.

It is red and it runs very good. It gets very good gas mileage.

- Pam L

it runs really loud but it gets me where I need to go.

It's got damage to the front end. it has a cracked windshield.

- josh J

None at all. I like the vehicle. It is a good car for what I need

How it runs and drives. And how to tell if anything is wrong

- Jordan S

It is kept clean and maintained well, I take really good care of it and make sure oil and maintenance is done regularly

It is small easy and easy on gas,wish it was a little bigger

- angela b

People should know that my car is very reliable but it is old.

My car is too small. My car is reliable. My car is Red.

- Eryric B

it's good on gas,can use the cheapest gas in the tank

it rides smooth.it's good on gas.it's easy to maintain.

- Nancy D

Its an older car so it might have a little hiccups but it still is running

I have no issues with my car it runs smoothly still

- Tom L