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The one most important thing about this car is that it runs very, very well for years even not needing to refill the liquids often. My car is over 10 years old and It's just recently that It's needed to be looked over by a mechanic for any type of repairs.

I like that my vehicle is small, compact and I like the color of it, gray. I like that it is usually reliable and very inexpensive to repair. I like the way it drives and It's easy to get a space because of Its size. I also like the alloy wheels. I don't like that my vehicle doesn't have cruise control for traveling. I don't like that only the front windows roll down automatically and that the back windows have to be rolled down manually. I don't like that I've had to have 3 new windshields put in for cracks because windshields tend to get cracked easily in North Carolina and I have a small crack in the one it has on now. My complaint is that only around 48,000 miles this particular model tends to start getting all types of needed repairs.

- CC P

Great things Come in Small Packages!

My car is a manual, and that gives me the ability to get going fast, which I love! Even though it is a very small car, I am always amazed at how much stuff I can fit into it. This car has been very dependable with minimal breakdowns. One of the only real issues I have had is with the tie rods. I've had to replace three of them within the last 6 years. That could be because of this state I live in with all of these salt and snow which can rest out metal. The tie rods are somewhat exposed making them an easy target to go rusty. Over all I really do love my car.

- Natalie L

Dodge Neon Common Problems

This car has had a lot of problems... the coils have gone out, it shakes so much the motor mounts and wheel bearings worn out well before they were expected to. It jumped time, but that was most likely a bit of bad luck, and not a Neon problem. We've had it since 2014 and in that time the camshaft sensor has gone out 5 times, from my research this is a common issue with Neons. We've probably paid more to repair this car than it cost to actually buy it. However, when everything is fixed it's one of the most reliable cars I've ever had.

- Britt S

Dodge Neon: A lot of problems, but the car won't die

It has lasted a very long time through many cross state moves, but it breaks down quite a bit (as most dodge neons do). The car is pretty comfortable. The seats are nice. It has manual windows and locks, which I like because I've seen many an automatic window die and get stuck. The seating in the back is spacious and can fit a lot of stuff when moving. It only takes $20 to fill it up with gas and even though it's been through a lot, it still drives every day. All in all, not a terrible car

- Laura C

A reliable and dependable Dodge neon.

A neon is a comfortable car with seats that can be adjusted to sit up or back. The car is very reliable provided you stick with the maintenance plan that consist of changing the engine oil and filter. The car has an am/pm stereo with a CD player. You can add auxiliary cables and USB to play music from a cell phone or mp3 player. The car runs smooth like a sewing machine. I have had to change the timing belt on the car and had take the head to the machine shop.

- Rachael B

The car that runs with the best of them.

My neon is a reliable vehicle. It starts when others will not. It runs like air when everything is working correctly. It has extremely good pickup. 8 have although experienced be a few problems with it. There is a shifting problem that keeps popping up giving me problems. I have been told it is sensors. A couple I have replaced a couple of times. And I have been told that is normal but overall it is a very busy good reliable car that I plan to keep forever.

- Kathy R

Motor mounts are the worst!

The car is very maneuverable and is great for a first time driver. Due to the size of the car, it can fit in compact spaces. It does not come with a lot of the modern day features. It started having major issues after 8 years of having it. One of the biggest issues with the car is the motor mounts. Due to the fact that there is only a large mount on top and two small torque mounts on the bottom, they are easily breakable and have caused many issues.

- Lisa W

Has plenty of mechanical issues that will keep you going back for repairs.

The wheels have an issue of coming out of alignment frequently, wheel bearings do break easily, and tires have a tendency to go flat more frequently than tires on other vehicles. Rust does get to be a problem, but that can be expected from an older car. It drives very smooth, though. It is an automatic, so smooth shifting, no issues with the steering. CD player is a bit faulty, glitches out every now and again. A/C and heat are phenomenal.

- Alexis C

Nothing interesting to add it is a basic car.

It works fine. Rusts easy. Tires are cheap. Easy fixer. Good starter car. Reliable. Good on gas. Gets good gas mileage. My car is pretty rusty, but it is easy to remove and replace rusted areas if willing to put the time into it. My car has had a past over overheating a few time during warmer days when I drive for a long time. Normally around the 60 mile mark it starts to get hot during the summer.

- Darby S

Probably that with good snow tires it can make it through almost anything. Many people assume that I have car troubles in the winter, but it is quite the opposite.

It has proven to be extremely dependable. I put good snow tires on it and it has front wheel drive, so I have never gotten it stuck in the snow despite the fact that I live in northern Minnesota. I dislike that the cd player no longer works. The muffler also keeps falling, but I live in a very rural area and take lots of back roads so that may contribute. Overall, it has been a great car.

- Jade K

Pioneer in a little Dodge neon!

Throttle problems with my vehicle the performance is great and so is reliability. As far as comfort, I couldn't be happier. And as far as the features the car looks great but there is a bumper that needs to be replaced. It did come with a pioneer system and I did install a subwoofer myself. Most things have been upgraded including the headlights and the wipers for the windshield.

- Haley G

Reliable and Fun, but Uncomfortable

My Neon is reliable, with a few problems here and there popping up with the motor. Easy on gas and actually kind of fun to drive, small enough to be nimble and very responsive. This car while not being fast nor powerful makes up for it by being fairly reliable and dependable. Parts are Fairly cheap as well. I just wish that the seats were more comfortable.I am a bigger guy

- Chris B

Economical auto, would recommend.

It does not really take much gas, so with 20 dollars my tank is full. It is very economical. Would recommend. It is also pretty spacious inside yet cozy. The thing I am not I am total love with is the radio, it is a little outdated. But there’s little devices you can connect to play your music. There’s AUX device and there’s one you can connect with Bluetooth.

- Martha S

It is a very dependable car if you maintain it properly

My car is very economical on gas it is comfortable for me as a larger person I am over 6 ft tall and it has room for me to stretch out. The problem I have with this car is a problem most dodge products have and that is the transmission is prone to problems and the alternator is in a hard to reach place and is in a location that is problematic for alternators

- Jeffery F

Touchy acceleration and brake, good mileage.

This vehicle is a Dodge Neon in bright blue. I love it because it's a sturdy little vehicle that is well made. There is plenty of room for hauling, which I occasionally need to do, but it not a gas guzzler and gets good mileage unlike a truck or SUV might. Sometimes the engine shudders and I don't know why, but that is about the only thing I would change.

- Elizabeth M

My Dodge Neon is perfect for me.

I really love my 2005 Dodge Neon. It is the perfect size for me. She's very reliable lol I call it a she. When I need to repair her the parts are not very expensive. The gas is not very expensive because she runs very well in the gas last forever and it does not cost much to fill up the tank. She's got great power for me. . . She's actually very fast:-).

- Kristina P

It's my baby but it can be temperamental, probably because I don't drive it enough (I just drive around town, mainly)

I love that it's cute and functional. It does however have a lot of problems crop up here and there - power steering going out, brake issues, among other things. But I love my car - I might love it less if it wasn't my first car however, due to said problems. Although it's getting on in years so I probably should expect issues even though I got it new

- Amanda A

Drag racing or commuting to work this car is great!

I love my car so much. It is getting up there in age now but you could never tell. For the price, it is really fast. It could be used for pleasure, commuting and even drag racing! I have drag raced this car a few times on the quarter mile. It makes me feel super cool and gets a lot of attention. You need to know how to drive stick though!

- Jessica K

God granted me my brand new 2005 dodge Neon she been one awesome car.

I have had my Dodge Neon sxt since 2005 brand new and she has never left me stranded has been no trouble I have drove from here to Corpus Christi to Minnesota a few time all over Texas and here. I think God gave me this car I wasn't looking at Neon pc cursor a Dodge and next thing I was driving my Neon. She been an awesome car.

- Roy L

Very fuel efficient but bubble over 80.

Engine may overheat due to cooling fan not turning on. . . . Engine misfire due to oil in spark plug tubes. . . . Odor from hvac vents. . . . Clicking or popping from front of vehicle while accelerating. . . . Oil leak may develop a cam sensor o-ring. . . . Water leak due to clogged ac drain. . . . Fuel level sensor issues.

- It A

It is a small reliable car that has got me to destinations long and short.

My car is a 2005 Dodge neon. It is a great first car or an extra car. It gets you from point A to point B easily. It is caught up on e-checks and other things to make sure the car is running well. Every problem that has come in the past has been taken care of right away. I don't suspect any more major issues to come about.

- Rachael B

The 2005 neon is super reliable.

I really enjoy my car. Of course having a car that is 13 years old comes with a few problems here and there, but nothing major has gone wrong with car. It's also pretty fuel efficient, I spend about $25 a week on gas. The car also cruises really smooth on the highway. It's a pretty reliable car and I would recommend it!

- Madison C

Dependable Reliable Sporty Car

My car has taken very good care of me ever since February 2008. I'm lucky that my man repairs cars so when I do have a problem and it never costs too much. My car has driven me to other states and other cities all across the country. And I take my car seriously because when I haul family I'm hauling precious cargo

- Lauren S

Great car, but rough when mileage get high.

I really like this car for a starter car. I have had this car for over 5 years and my cousin owned it before that. My car has over 150, 000 miles and is still reliable. I can tell the transmission is having some problems as the miles get higher. I still love this car, but I am definitely in the market for a new one.

- Rebecca L

Cheap, reliable, good on gas car!!

This car, 2005 Dodge neon, works very well. This car has well over 200, 000 miles on it and still runs like it is brand new. I am constantly driving on the interstate, to and from work, and not once has it had a problem. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone looking for a reliable, cheap, good on gas car.

- Mara V

Reliable car with few money guzzling problems!

Except for replacing tires once and taking care of a broken brake pad, I haven't put ONE penny into this little girl... except for oil changes and gas! Great gas mileage, too! Very little rust. Has great windshield that I have a full view from! Couldn't be happier or more satisfied with this car. Bought it new.

- Sandy B

I have 80k followers on Instagram.

250 characters wouldn't be enough, my cars are highly modified, performance, looks. I used to build cars for a living. I have over 80k followers on Instagram because of my work to vehicles. My Dodge neon srt 4 is lowered and cambered. It has a fully built motor on a 61 trim turbo. Its running e85 making 600rwhp.

- Dakota S

The body style is pretty with the black interior and silver exterior.

It drives great and has great gas mileage can't complain. I have only had really one problem and that would the overheating which was due to thermostat and radiator needed to be replaced. Overall it's a great car keep up on the basic things that need to be replaced and you will have a long lasting car.

- Augusta K

My dodge Neon 2005 is the best car I have ever owned

I love my freakin car. it's a gas saver, low mileage, nice small four door car. I did have a problem with it overheating but auto finance of Sacramento changed the thermostats and now it runs like a champ. The air conditioning works way to good. It gets so cold on hot days and so hot on cold days.

- Mercedes I

Small but reliable compact car.

Very reliable engine seized up and we bought a used one and had it put in after owning the car for about 3 years we were second owners not sure how first owner treated car but since we had new engine put in our little car has been very reliable it is kind of small but comfortable and drives well.

- Andrew G

An interesting detail would be that it has a lot of cup holders.

As a driver of the '05 Dodge neon, I can say it really gets the job done it gets me from point A to point B, but sometimes, I start to see some flaws. It requires often oil changes, and it smells like crayons. Maybe that is because I left a package of crayons in my back seat to melt all summer.

- Maggie C

It is a durable car, and it will not let you down.

I love the size the most with my car. I am a small statured woman and having small car is nice for me. It's not too much car. The only disadvantage is the previous owners did not take exceptional care of the car, so it runs loud and required lots of fixings on my part before I could drive it.

- Mariah S

Nothing that I can really even think of.

My car is not the best. It actually makes a ton of loud noises even after getting new parts. It is not very roomy. There’s a lot of problems in general. I could write a book about it. I barely drive anywhere and I go through gas like crazy. I have to put $20 in my tank every couple days.

- Ami K

It's a car that will serve one well if you just service it regularly for the oil and filter changes and other changes when the schedule demands it.

I like my vehicle very much. It has served me well for 18 years. I keep it serviced at the Dealership I purchased it from and they keep me informed when certain things need doing. I know It's not the most luxurious car but It's a real work horse for me. I wish they still made them.

- Carol w

Overall the vehicle is very reliable and lasts long time.

Very reliable but not very strong, do not trust on highways. Great for gas as it is 4 cylinder but it is not very powerful. Simple but does not have many problems as it is very good car to drive. It is easy to drive as well. I enjoy driving the car I have had it for about 5 years.

- Eric C

Only Buy For A New Driver

Vehicle is unreliable. The brakes wear out easily and drop down to the floor and the car regularly has something wrong with it. The car itself is a death trap and has a huge reputation for it. I would only buy this car for a new driver with the expectation that they would upgrade.

- Haley P

It's a newer reliable car. I recommend this car for anyone.

Its reliable. Its cute roomy and I love the way it drives. Its stick shift and it rides smooth. I love the color. Hands down my favorite car. When I drive it I have no issues that are the cars fault. Its interior is nice. I think it is definitely the perfect car for me hands down.

- Sabrina P

My Dodge neon is a good running car.

My Dodge neon is a good running car. It has some miles on it but it still runs good cause I keep it very well maintained. It hardly ever has anything go wrong with it. I like the way the inside is set up you can get in the truck through the back seats. The truck is very spacious.

- Angela P

I love my car but wish it was newer. Is good for the year it is. Gets me by.

Everything works great have had no problems with this car since I have made it mine. Great car. Cute and small. Good for me and my fiancé and my son who is 1 year old. The back windows have to be rolled down by hand which is bad in my opinion. And there's no heated anything.

- Mariah B

Only 85 thousand miles on her.

Runs great I have no problems with the car at this time. I maintain this vehicle from oil changes to brakes and rotors spark plug and wires. I drive my car to and from work Neon is a very reliable car wouldn't want a any other car. I only have 85 thousand miles on this dodge

- Donna R

My car is 4 door white on the outside. But it gets me from point A to point B.

I purchased my car in 2007 it on had 3000 miles. I am having a lot of issues with it now leaking gas brake fluid leaks. But it gets me to my doctors appointments and to the store. It has over 200, 000 miles on it. I have had several things done to it but it still needs work.

- Angela M

My srt4 is a project car but I love it and working on it

I love the car performance for the time it came out. Its reliability is not so well if you think you are a mechanic or somewhat think it's easy. It's very comfortable and has good features. The common problems are the axles always going out, along with the motor mounts

- Michael R

Good car, runs well after more Than 10 years.

The car is old but still runs well, even after an accident the car still ran and with purpose. It needs minor repairs but not much more. It needs a new timing belt and the tires but other than that it is still running. It hasn't ever needed a new transmission even.

- Sarah J

2005 Dodge neon. - best small car on gas and comfort.

This car is excellent on gas ( approx. 35 highway miles). The car does make a ticking noise, which is similar to the sound a vehicle makes when low on oil. A mechanic says that it needs spark plugs replaced. It is a smaller car but fits 5 people total comfortably.

- Laura T

My car is older, but it is nice and comfortable to drive.

I love my car because I am very comfortable with driving my car. I feel that I am very happy when I drive my car. I do worry about others while I drive. But I should be more careful and aware. I love the color of my car, I do want to get it painted another color.

- Diamond B

Repairs are very cheap. When something does break, it won't break the bank.

I bought my Dodge Neon with around 80,000 miles and now have driven it to about 115,000 in three years. I have not had any major issues that came directly from the manufacturing (one accident). My 2005 Dodge Neon SXT has been very reliable, with good gas mileage.

- Randy B

She sounds smooth and speeds up quick for a small car

Sensors going out fairly easy but she's great on gas mileage. Never have any issues with oil, transmission, brakes, etc. everything runs perfect. Steering wheel went out once before but was a quick fix. Very reliable and parts are inexpensive. I love this vehicle

- Clara K

Hatch back the back seats go down.

It looks nice on the inside and out. It is starting to break down once it hit 80000. The back end is a little too high in the back to see behind you. Overall not a bad car insurance is not to bad with this make and model. It has been very reliable at this point.

- Cherie W

Clean environmental safety car.

It's a compact car. Great performance. Great gas mileage very reliable. I never had any problems with it. The only thing people might not is not for a big family. Parts are very cheap.It's great for a kids starter car not to big. No blind spots. Good on highway.

- Tammy S

Blows ice cold air and rides smoothly!

The car blows cold air! It has a issues with the cooling fans! The car gets overheated very easily! If you are a bigger person it is just not roomy enough! The car rides smooth and makes you feel like you are barely going anywhere! It's a good car for a ride.

- Shannon B

The 05 Dodge Neon slight overview.

The car has a small tank but what it fits lasts a while. It drives smoothly. It is very specious for how little the car is. The headlights are dim. There are no bright. The lights are either on or off. The car is very low to the ground. The trunk is spacious.

- Genesis I

Rocking reliable neon, cheap to maintain.

I have had my car for 13 years, and it has been an extremely reliable car. It really had no major issues until recently when the power steering and timing belt went out. It has been a great car and fairly cheap to maintain which is great for this single mom.

- Tracey S

It has a long lasting engine

My vehicle might be small but I love it. What I like about it is that it's easy to do maintenance on it and it is very economic. I love the way it is built and how fast it goes. If I had the option of choosing a different car I wouldn't i'll keep this one.

- Erika C

My car is a duke blue dodge neon. I named her Daisy

My car is actually pretty great. The color is adorable and it has great gas mileage. I can pump 14-16 dollars in it, and it will last me about a week, which is really great in my opinion. I've had some minor issues with it, but they have been quick fixes.

- Brooke W

You get what you pay for!

Needs a bit more powerful engine. & over time I swear it shrinks in passenger room. The price was the original factor in purchasing this car. I wish I'd went up a bit in size & quality. Over time the paint has faded. You definitely get what you pay for.

- Curtis P

I think It is a great first car for students or just for people who don't drive very long distances. II am not sure how long it would hold up for a person who drives a lot

It is older, and I have owned it for 7 years, but it still works perfectly fine. I have never had to have any major work done, only changing the battery a few times, and regular tuneups. It is great for me as a person who had a short commute

- mariah C

The most important thing others should know is that my car gets great gas mileage and is very reliable.

I like my car because it is small and easy to maneuver, it gets great gas mileage, it looks nice and has good pickup and speed. I don't really have any complaints. It hasn't needed a lot of work and there's been no major repairs needed.

- Rebekah W

I think it drove smooth and got good miles for the gas used.

I love the size, it makes it very easy to park. I never had a problem with the engine, It would always start every time. One thing I did not like was 50/60,000 mile the trans broke. Not a cheap fix and I wasn't that old either.

- drew f

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that I love it.

I like my Dodge neon, because it is drivable. And I also like it because it does not have many issues wrong with it. I don't like that it does have some issues to it. Only because I think that it should be working quite well.

- Diamond B

Cheap to own and very affordable!

Have not had any problems just normal maintenance like brakes and oil changes, very fast and fun car to drive. Handles very well and is great on gas, 30+ mpg has sunroof which is nice on a warm day when you're just cruising.

- Nate H

Parts will not last for 100, 000 miles.

They no longer make body parts for this year Dodge, so when I had a fender bender I had to get a front end for a newer year & it looks funny. I had to get a new water pump & starter. The car has 82, 000 miles on it.

- Joy N

It's an old car they don't make anymore so you would have to find someone whos selling one and it's not good for winter driving

I love that its great on gas long distances or shorts. I like that it's easy to drive, I don't like that the tires don't hold air well. Its 13 years old and runs well but rust is taking over the body of the car.

- Kristen S

It is a very dependable car and a great gas saver and also little maintenance is needed.

to be honest i can not think of anything i do not like .It is very dependable a great gas saver and not to small or big , i can fit my family in without a problem in short it makes driving much more fun

- joseph e

nice affordable family car

it does good on gas mileage.an is nice and roomy for a car. the front seats can be easily adjusted and the back seats fold down for access to the trunk. it has been a fun little car for me and my kids .

- mandolin b

The engine mount can wear out. In some cases, fixtures can begin to rattle at certain RPMs. This is not expensive to replace, though.

I like the drivability, handling, and trunk space. The car is lower to the ground than I would prefer. If it were higher off the ground (with larger tires), then I believe it would be better balanced.

- Dan R

It's a pretty small car with little room for being a 4 door, but it makes up for it with good gas mileage.

The best thing is the car gets good gas mileage (about 32 MPG with highway and city mixed). I dislike how small it is and it seems to have more mechanical issues than other cars more often.

- Timothy R

The most important thing to know is that it used to belong to my grandfather.

It's been very reliable, and it's a nice little car. It is getting a little up there is years, but the mileage is still pretty low. Still, that is starting to be a bit of a worry.

- Hannah G

It is at the end of Its life.

This was an affordable vehicle when I bought it over ten years ago. It was a great starter vehicle for a college kid. Now it has 130,000 miles on it and a lot of mechanical issues.

- Ian B

It is not a good car to drive in northern states in winter.

It has lasted well and has around 140,000 miles on it. The one issue I have with it is that it is a nightmare to drive in winter. It is too light to go through slush and snow.

- Leland G

Neons, small but mighty cars!

I love my neon. It's older, but drives so smooth still. It has been taken care of so that helps a lot. It gets really good gas mileage and has just the right amount of room.

- Morgan F

Has older standard features, such as roll down windows, which I feel should be in all cars.

My car has just over 100,000 miles now and has been a great car for getting back and forth from home to work, my car has had very little problems except routine maintenance.

- zach T

It's got decent gas mileage compared to what else is on the road nowadays.

Bought it used from the original owners with low mileage. After 3 years of use, the alternator went, as well as the thermostat and for some reason the tire keeps going flat


Its a 2006 orange Dodge neon.

Its loud the driver switch doesn't put down passenger side window drives well as long as below 95 mph Its a automatic muffler need to be adjusted. Needs new battery.

- Tara M

That it runs in perfect condition and is easy on gas.

It fits me and runs wonderfully. The inside is great. About the only thing I do not like is that the exterior needs some work. Under the hood almost looks like new.

- Carol H

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is fairly small.

My car is a 2005 Dodge neon it drives okay it has a couple things that need to be fixed like the sway bars and it needs new tires but besides that it is a good car.

- Erin S

It is not a luxury car. It is basic transportation with minimal comforts.

It has been a very dependable vehicle. I've driven it on vacation over long distances and have it serviced regularly. It has rarely needed more than minor services.

- Carl B

Sterling Mill is really nice the seats are comfortable

The car it runs in good condition have no problems good engine fuel pump a little low on the tires it's a good it coming to call Medical on gas it saves you on gas

- Janet M

That the vehicle is inexpensive to purchase, even brand new.

I like the look of it and the fair price to purchase it. I do not like that it is so small and low to the ground. I wish that it was a slightly bigger vehicle.

- Cassy S

The very affordable dodge

I don't like the color. It's bright yellow but other than that it is a very dependable vehicle. I haven't had any major problems with it, just minor repairs.

- paulette w

Dodge no longer makes the Neon. There are similar models, however.

It's old and will need to be replaced soon. It was a reliable car with no problems until this year. I do not like that it doesn't have space for much cargo.

- Sean O

I recently found that my car has a back window defrost button.

It is great on gas, drives smoothly, not many problems with it. Great room in back seat and spacious trunk. Great for traveling or getting around cheap.

- Melanie B

Sometimes the brakes make a whistling sound, but you learn to ignore it

My car is very reliable. It gets me to and from wherever I have to go with No problems. with it being a bit older, I believe it could use a bit of work.

- Abigail D

It's a good car, easy to drive.

The car is a nice model, its compact and easy to drive. Mine personally has some problems but it is not a fault of the car itself, as I bought it used.

- Mary E

If you are looking for reliability, you got it.

This car has been pretty reliable, and performs well. The only recurring problem has been the camshaft position sensor, which had to be replaced twice.

- William S

You can pick up speed quickly and pass the speed limit without knowing it.

I do not like that all windows are not powered, just the two in the front are. I like that the back seat can be used to get out of the car if needed.

- Jessica D

It is a very dependable, safe car. It's room and comfortable. It runs smoothly and is a good family car.

I bought my car in 2006 with about 1,000 miles on it. It has been a great car. It's roomy, easy to navigate, no mechanical issues, and I love it.

- Terri N

Good gas mileage but stutters when gaining speed.

It stutters when gaining speed, example includes getting onto the highway. It overheats often. It has good gas mileage. It rides comfortably.

- Amanda P

Sporty design. Compact and fun to drive.

It is a good small every day car. For its size it is got a really big size trunk. Very low maintenance if driven well and very comfortable.

- Dee D

Its has 10 gallon gas tank so it feels like you are filling up more but you aren't.

My Dodge neon is very comfortable driving long distance, gets great gas mileage on the highway/freeway! It runs great, so far no problems!

- Melissa R

It is very reliable and I have not had to spend very much on maintenance to keep it that way.

This vehicles is a reliable car with basic features. It has held up very well and I have had to do little maintenance to keep it running.

- Kevin J

Older cars are often dismissed. But, if you take care of yourself your car and are smart about it, it can last you for years. I've had my car for 13 years and plan to keep it for years to come.

I love my vehicle. It has 165,000 miles on it and still runs great. The ac no longer works. Other than that, it's hardly ever let me down.

- Alison B

I think the tail lights are very beautiful.

Beautiful car on the outside. Starts well in winter.Runs well. Sometimes has transmission issues . Haven't had any major problems with it.

- Mary B

Dodge neon: a loud but reliable car.

It is a loud car with barely in space to store things. The back windows do not have powered locks and the car's seats are falling apart.

- Haley G

It is a car that is going to give you your money's worth, its dependable and easy to maintain.

I like my vehicle because it is dependable, and it has lasted me many years. I dislike it because it is to small and tight for a family.

- Martin A

It is a great commuter car.

I love that it is fuel efficient. It drives well and has lasted extremely well throughout the years. I do not have complaints about it.

- Mackenzie P

It's a nice starter car. Fun to drive and looks nice.

The car is nice for a small family. We can use it comfortably with us and our toddler. I've had it for 11 years and still works fine.

- Havanna R

Dependable and great gas mileage. A good car for a great price!!!

Reliable and great gas mileage. It's been a great vehicle! I bought this car in 2006 and it has really been a reliable automobile.

- Penny P

It is old, but reliable and it will get you to where you need to go.

I like that it is a reliable vehicle. It is a lot roomier than i thought it would be. If anything breaks it is usually an easy fix.

- Courtney C

It is very reliable and affordable.

I like that it is has low gas mileage and is economically cheap. I do not like that its small. Overall it get to work and home.

- Amber L

It is red. It has a spoiler and looks like it is fast.

It is a simple car without power windows, but it is reliable and fun to drive. It has cruise control and gets great gas mileage.

- Bernetta B

My car is quiet while traveling down the road handles bumps in the road with ease

My car is reliable with many safety features. Good on gas and mileage. Comfortable seating. Plenty of storage in the trunk.

- Tanya J

It gets very good gas mileage but it needs quite a bit of work to improve it overheating. I'm afraid it will break down

I like that it runs. Im unhappy with the fact that it overheats, it stutters at times when gaining speed or changing gears

- Cody G

It is a very reliable vehicle and will get you through whatever!

My dodge neon has gotten me through a lot of years, I bought it brand new and have rarely had to get repairs done on it.

- Grace W

It is my favorite car. I like the color and design of it.

I like the color of my car. The interior is very clean and well kept. I dislike the miles per gallon rating of my car.

- John C

the car rusts easily. it was overheating

since i bought the car things don't work. sometimes the speedometer stops. i like the color and the power of the car

- paul B

I think that the most important thing to know is that it has a turbo and is fun to drive and isn't an expensive car to mod.

It's a dodge neon srt-4. I love it for the power and performance. The only complaint that i have is the maintenance.

- brandon m

The brakes are bad, when you stop using the brakes, you have to push clear down to the floor, the radio doesn't work, and the car overheats sometimes

I like that it's a 4 door, and it's good on gas. I don't like all the rust, the color, and I don't like that its old

- Angela C

A good deal for what I paid.

Bought vehicle 2 years ago with 49,000 miles. Has been problem free. Paid 1500 so I'm pretty happy with the car.

- Addison P

Gas mileage...If maintained it will last a long time...So I take good care of it

Compact and good on gas and reliable...I take it everywhere and it's very dependable...no major repairs either

- Lisa B

It gets great gas mileage.

It gets great gas mileage. It is easy to maintain. However, it is very small and uncomfortable to travel in.

- Dana K

It's red and just the right size

Dodge is a solid American brand that can be relied on. The parts are easy to get. My car is a very good car

- Janee M

It's unreliable and doesn't run well. It gets from point a to b but I don't feel safe always in it. It doesn't have heat or air either.

It's older and doesn't always run the best. I feel It's unreliable and always needs a repair of some sort.

- Chris D

Neon a great car to get you where you need to go

I am the second owner of this car. It's good on gas, we haven't had a lot of problems just general upkeep.

- Kathy M

Reliable transportation very comfortable cheap to replace parts

Has a lot of power , very reliable. Have a lot of issues with tires . Have had two neons both same issues

- Wendy H

Everything is new and fresh.

My car is very small. It is a good car to have. My car is still in good condition. Has a little rust.

- Brittany P

Super easy to maintain and not a heavy gas user

It gets good gas mileage. Very comfortable, yet still has "kick" to it. And is easy to take care of.

- Cody L

It's stutters a lot when it shifts gears. Other than that It's great.

I like that it is good on gas in town. I also like the color. I like that the air cools fast.

- Jake A

Shes old but shes reliable if you take care of your car your car will take care of you

It's small so easy accessible. Good on gas. It has just enough room for everything I need.

- Kimberly M

That it's my only car and if anything else happens to it I'll be out of luck for a vehicle.

I like that my car has been thru a lot and is still with me and i love the Orange color.

- Kourtney S

It's my everything I take very good care of it

I like how it drives. Looks nice. Had a few problems. But not that bad. Good car

- Roger H

It gets pretty decent gas mileage and it's American made

I like the black paint job. I like the tinted windows. I don't like the hubcaps

- Dorian L

It gets me where I need to go.

It is a gas saver. I have had for a long time. It gets me to point a n b.

- Kiara w

It is good on gas and a very reliable vehicle. I have had no problems with it.

I dislike that it is small and old . I like that it is very good on gas .

- Sade J

It's very delicate and breaks/ scratches easily

I like my vehicle. It is very easy and smooth on the road. Very nice

- Karen J

small car, high mileage, good gas mileage, very reliable,

good on gas needing repairs over last year that add up

- jenny l

That it runs and gets us there safely and in one piece.

It is just old and so many new things to have in a car.

- tessa b

The Dodge Neon has quirks, but overall it's a good car.

It is an ok car, it always gets me where I need to go

- Kevin B

2005 gray Dodge, Neon. Same owner since 2007. Low original miles, just 78k. Runs great. Complete new brakes & new tires. Sunroof. Rear spoiler. Has some hail damage.

Low original miles, just 78k. Same owner since 2007.

- David G

It's a good car to buy for small families or single people. It's very good on gas. Money well spent.

It's economical. It's a bit snug. Good car overall.

- Deidra K

It was cheap. It gets me from point A to point B. Has been pretty reliable. It doesn't have much power or room but that's ok.

It actually has a lot of interior room for its size

- Doug R