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No car, is a perfect car.

My car is my first car so I am just happy that it runs. However, there are a few problems. Such as, the front tire is uneven due to the unbalanced weights surrounding the inside rim. That makes for an uncomfortable drive at times. One of the backseat windows have been knocked out of place causing the window to go down by itself and be a pain to put back up. The last issue I have is the heat or the ac work due to an inadequate performance of an old ac pump. Disregarding these issues, everything regarding performance, reliability, and comfort are all excellent. There are no outstanding features on my car but it does have an aux cord which I highly recommend.

- Sam H

I would take my Nitro anywhere.

I'm not a fan of the gas mileage in my small hilly town but on the highway I'd say it gets pretty good gas mileage. One problem I've had that I really don't like is there is something wrong with the gas tank when being filled completely up. You have to stop and let it rest or gas will spue out and end up all over you and the side of the car. Also on the SLT model it does not have air vents in the back which is an issue during the summer with my two small children. Otherwise it's very dependable, my Nitro has 234,000 miles on it and I would honestly take it anywhere

- Lila D

Looks like a jeep and costs less!

The Nitro is a good little SUV. It mimics a jeep in looks. I love the way it drives and that it is 4 wheel drive. It however is not spacious. If your looking for room this is not the vehicle you need. It's a good day driver not bad on gas and has cruise control. You can control the radio with buttons on the wheel and that's handy! Mine also has an outlet on the back on the center console, which has been handy for charging devices. It's very compact and has quite a few blind spots, so you really have to pay attention when driving.

- Christen K

Dodge nitro: a car to love or hate.

The vehicle runs very smooth and fast. I love how comfortable it is. Also, very convenient, it has a lot of space in the back when the back seats are folded down. The car fits anywhere because it is just the perfect size. Unfortunately, I been having a lot of trouble with it in the past few months. It has overheated, left me in the middle of the street, randomly turns off and the a/c always has issues. Even though I have had it fixed many times I have problems with it. The car works fine until these issues occur spontaneously.

- Eliza R

2007 Dodge nitro sxt 6 speed review.

It's a very reliable car. Very roomy and rides comfortably. Has good power and accelerates good. Has a lot of good features like towing package, power windows, tilt wheel, power door locks, CD player with AUX and phone capabilities. Comes with 17 inch alloy wheels. Handles and corners well. If there was anything I'd change it have leather interior, with power seats, heated seats, Bluetooth capable radio, and a beefier engine like the 5. 7l hemi engine.

- Dustin L

Awesome 2008 Dodge Nitro SLT

I have had no major problems or repairs with my vehicle. The plastic sides of the front seats nearest the doors have broken off but does not affect the function of the seat including the drivers electronic seat. Randomly one door not locking along with the sunroof and one of the dome lights. All cosmetic things that I don't necessarily need. The mechanical parts of the car I have never have issues or major replacements which I am grateful for.

- Jessica B

Dodge nitro last of it is breed.

I love the four door compact SUV style. My car gets pretty good mileage city and especially on the highway. When the rear passenger seats are folded down you get good storage space. The for wheel drive is great for pulling through rough terrain and up hills. I have added a nice tow bar attachment recently which is convenient. There is not a lot of passenger space in the back. The sunroof is nice and helps to make up for the lack of space.

- Beverly M

Dodge nitro 2007 no longer performing well.

Had this car for about 6 years and it is been a really good car never really had severe problems with it until recently the engine has been failing and I have had to invest a lot of money to try to fix it but at this point my best option is to just buy a new car, the air has never really been good it is not very strong or cold and I have also tried to have that fixed, recently I have been eating stranded from the car overheating as well.

- Karla L

Fun to drive.. Pack up and go!!

My nitro has been reliable and I have always been able to count on it to get me where I needed to go. I always made sure she got her scheduled maintenance which I am sure prevented problems that could have popped up. My nitro is fun to drive and has lots of room to pack up and go. I like to sit up higher in my vehicle when I am driving and the nitro fits the bill without being a huge oversized SUV. Nitro was a great choice for me!

- Page M

Sleek look. Not aerodynamic.

I love my dodge nitro and it hasn't once failed me in the past 5 almost 6 years I've owned it. I love the sleek look and it has quite a bit of storage space in the back, fits my family of 5 comfortably and did I mention its sleek look?;) id have to say my only complaint and it isn't a big one is that when it's windy and your driving 55 mph the box shape of it isn't so aerodynamic and the wind catches it sometimes.

- Kelsey L

My nitro is very reliable safe and spacious. It has a nice sporty look to it.

I like my nitro. Haven't had any major problems. I would definitely recommend it to anyone needing to purchase a reliable safe and nice looking vehicle. It has enough room for four comfortably. And a nice amount of hauling space in the back. I have been very pleased with my purchase of my Dodge nitro and would definitely purchase another one. I love Dodge products and the service doge overs after the sale.

- Geneva M

This vehicle was built for any and every one!

Pros: The truck has 4-wheel drive which is great for winter (snowy) months! I have a sunroof - it's great for summer months when all the windows are down! It has great sound control (volume and other features)! Has ample seating and trunk space. Cons: Needed to replace the engine, even though there was less than 115,000 miles on it! The A/C has been out of working order. Uses a lot of gas!

- Marissa A

Dodge nitro is a great buy with room for my small family!

I have had my car a little over a year. The only problems I have had with it is the tail lights go out regularly, the door handle and the window button broke otherwise no expensive fixes that I haven't been able to replace myself. For an older SUV it gets about 18 mpg with a lot of city driving. There is plenty of room for cargo and the daily needs and overall it is a great vehicle for my family.

- Shawn C

Sporty smaller family SUV.

I love it it's just a gas hog. It has been great pulling a trailer 4x4. And my sunroof leaks but it's been a great SUV. I think I would love to purchase one brand new. It's got heated seats. Another thing I didn't like that I am not sure was factory or not but. It didn't give me a Bluetooth nor an aux option for my music. It's very roomy. Very sporty. Good in any weather.

- Britany H

It is very powerful and handsome.

It is mint condition, I love the power it has. Heated leather seats ton of cargo room with all the seats fold down except for the drivers side but it you wanted to camp inside it the seat goes all the way to the steering wheel. It has a plug outlet so you could use a microwave and pop popcorn if you so desire. Plus a luggage rack that can hold up to square foot.

- Jesse J

Reliable. My Dodge Nitro has been my most reliable vehicle over the last couple years.

I have a 2007 Dodge Nitro. I love the fact that it is a 4 wheel drive and a bigger SUV. It has been very reliable. The only things I have had to replace are routine things, like a battery and brake pads and rotors. The only things I don't like is the smaller back seat and I feel like I have a lot of blind spots with the small windows and large side mirrors.

- shelby c

Best used vehicle I've ever owned

After years of owning this vehicle the only real issues I've had are the roof racks have cracked, they aren't the most aerodynamic, the side mirrors vibrate and the interior lights in the rear of the vehicle no longer work. Also the window mechanism on the rear passenger window had to be replaced, I've been told this was very common for this year.

- Ashley H

Driving and interior of the car.

I love everything about this car. The fuel is not too bad the interior of it is nice and comfortable. It is very reliable on the road. Drives great in snowy weather. The engine is quiet when starting up. The check engine light comes on whenever there is a problem I need to address. The battery foot the key is low priced whenever it stops working.

- Mary B

This vehicle will last as long as you keep up the maintenance.

I have really liked. My Dodge nitro, it has 4 wheel drive and is very easy to switch on and off. The only problem I have had with the vehicle is the back window stopped working it was very expensive to replace. As long as you keep the maintenance up on the vehicle it should be fine. I have over 150k miles and haven't had any problems with it.

- Michelle M

Rugged,tough suv. The look of a Jeep and tough like a Jeep for the adventures in your life but it's a Dodge.

I like the look of it, size and design inside. One problem I've had is sensor issues and heat issues. I have flushed the radiator about 5 times and then it will be fine for a couple weeks and then clogs up again. The 4x4 works really good and haven't had an issue with it. So overall I like my vehicle but with a couple issues rate it at a 4.

- Theresa F

How much room you have in the back with the seats up and the seat is down.

I love my nitro, it is the same car I got my license in. I love how up high I feel the ride is very smooth very quiet. When up kept the gas mileage for an SUV is among the best. There is a blind spot which can get pretty bad but once you train yourself to know its there its not hard. Adore this car and feel safe putting my daughter in it.

- Noni F

Great family car still going strong and can't complain.

Good reliable vehicle. Gas mileage could be better though. As long as you take proper care and maintenance this vehicle will be great for anyone. The only problems we've had with it was a sensor that malfunction but was easily corrected and the motor for the window went out so it no longer functions. Haven't had time to get a new one.

- Ronnie F

The Dodge Nitro is compact but spacious, very maneuverable and is reliable.

Similar to a jeep frame the dodge nitro feels compact but spacious with enough room for 5 people. The Nitro can handle itself when going off road and does well on paved streets, I have never had any real issues with it and it is very reliable with its gas mileage. Can pick up dirt very easily so cleaning it often is a must.

- Tom O

Nitros are awesome, I absolutely love mine and how big it is

I have never had a problem with my 2007 dodge nitro. The only thing I have had to replace is my breaks, alternator, and rotors which all go out on every car. I love how much room it has and that the back seats lay down. I also love how the back pulls out for groceries so you don't have to bend over to put them in the back.

- Brenda H

Great power without burning through gas when not towing.

I bought my car used, but I love it. Powerful enough to pull a. Small camper, but small enough to not burn through gas as my jobs requires a lot of travel. It is a perfect SUV vehicle with the power of a hemi. Can fit 2 adults and a child in the backseat comfortably. Good size hatchback to hold luggage for a family of 5.

- Cathy P

It has a table that is cool, and a standard wall outlet on the center console.

All of the electronics fail, the rear windows fall into the tracks, the rear locks won't lock, anything that drops between the seats are lost due to large metal bars that serve no purpose. It drives fine. The wiper fluid tubes have disconnected, the headlights are dim. It really may be the worst vehicle I've ever owned.

- Adam C

Perfect Family Ride for Family of six

Being the third owner of this Nitro I cannot complain, great ride, roomy and overall great fuel mileage. Having teens and babies it's easy to get in and out of and perfect for just those random everyday mom life errands. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone since having it two years we have had no major issues.

- Lee J

My experience with my dodge nitro.

My vehicle is spacious and very roomy. The gas is alright you must stay on top of vehicle repairs and small things like oil the battery etc. The sun roof is very nice addition and the air and heat work perfectly. If there is something wrong with the truck it will most definitely let you know. Great original tires!

- Ashlee T

My problem free sport utility vehicle.

Bought the vehicle new. In all those years there has been nothing major done. Usual, oil, wipers, filters. Front brakes is the only big thing done. The SUV is easy to get into, a little high for me to wash, but all in all I know that if I had to buy another, I would buy this model if it was still available.

- Diane P

Overall reliable and stable vehicle.

The vehicle handles well in snow. Tows well if equipped with tow hitch. Decent gas mileage. Comfortable for travel. Rear seats go down flat makes even extension of trunk. Sometimes gas overflows due to the design of the pipe to fill the tank. If equipped with Bose sound system has great sound quality.

- Sabrina G

Very sturdy car. Dodge is a good brand.

My Dodge Nitro is a very nice looking car. It drives super nice and has lots of room so you can use it do easy travel. I have had to have some repairs on it since I got it used. The repairs were for the heat and air conditioning. Plus I had to get an axle fixed. Over all I am very pleased with it.

- Kennedy J

I love my vehicle. I'm sad that they no longer make it.

I have had really good luck with my vehicle. It has over 100000 miles and has needed very little work. My air conditioner needed a new compressor,but the other work has been routine; tires, oil changes, alignments, etc. The cargo area is a little small, but that is the only issue I have run into.

- Chris M

Driving a Dodge nitro is the reliable way to go!

No problems with performance as of yet. We are the second owners and the gentleman before us took really good care of it and saved all of his service papers. The vehicle is reliable and comfortable. There are not a lot of the up-to-date gadgets but that is what makes the car so nice in my eyes.

- Andrea P

Nice smaller sized SUV for families.

Nice reliable. The tail lights glitch but otherwise it is great. Lots of storage while being able to have passengers as well. Front seat is kinda not very roomy driver seat sits high and steering wheel only adjusts so much so can be awkward for bigger people. Towing capable 4 wheel drive.

- Bridget T

GOOD OLE RELIABLE. When your down it's up

It is really reliable just have to make sure you take good care of it. Just like any other car. Good gas mileage as long as u keep up with oil and oil changes and fuel injection cleaner. Suspension seemed to go out a little early though. But overall good car last well over 300 thousand miles


very good car Manufacturers did a good job on the engine size and the look of it

I've got 226,000 miles so far on this vehicle. I have had to change the starter alternator, battery and water pump but other than that it is a good vehicle. Performance is somewhat up to par. Seating is pretty good for a sub in this size. Features are good I love knowing the temp outside

- Shawn W

4x4. Great in snow. Manual. Large.

Our Dodge nitro is a well taken care of SUV. We use it as a family car, the car we take in the snow. Its unstoppable in the snow. Could get better gas mileage. Have barely had any mechanical issues in the 5 years we have had it. I would recommend it to someone who live in snowy weather.

- Amy F

Great 2007 Dodge nitro. Runs like a charm.

2007 Dodge nitro. Maroon in color. Gray interior. Automatic windows and door locks. Fully automatic. Cloth seats. Am/FM CD radio. Cold ac. Runs great no problems. New serpentine belt installed September 2018. New ac system installed September 2018. New tires 2017. Great everyday driver.

- Stephanie B

Dodge nitro review 2007. Good and reliable

Not to many issues with it I keep up on routine maintenance to prolong its life, have not had any major issues with it does occasionally get some leaking issues but it is 12 years old. Very comfortable the windshield is very close in these trucks so get used to it and it's blind spots

- Tyler P

Sunburst orange 2007 dodge nitro.

I have been very happy with my dodge nitro. I have had it for a little over five years. The only thing I have had to have serviced was the air conditioning. It needed to be charged. I have replaced the tires but everything else is perfect. I plan on driving it for many years to come.

- Tammy A

Has given very good service I will not be replacing for some time.

Have a problem with low tire pressure have replaced calves twice. Air conditioner went out with less than 60, 000 miles. Upholstery is very hard to clean. But love the way it drives and rides. Has 107456 miles and have had you replace ac compressor, clutch fan and had a recall fixed.

- Celestine E

Family vehicle is a great car to have and is really reliable to me and my wife.

My vehicle has a great running engine for being 7 years old, also has a lil over 200k on it, but is in really good condition. Ac blows cold and has upgraded rims and tires. It's a great family car for me and my wife and kids. Safety on it is really good and just enjoy it all around.

- Andrew H

2007 dodge nitro. 4 wheel drive. Great in snow perfect for animals and family.

My vehicle is quite reliable. It gets me to and from work everyday, 45 minute drive each way. I had to repair the air conditioner, and the gas tank does not have a sensor that stops the gas from pumping. I do not know if that is just for my specific vehicle, or for nitrous overall.

- Melissa F

Great for small families or bachelors

Very good design, some electrical issues - minor. Overall good car. Excellent gas mileage and great sound system. Have taken it on many road trips. The pull out cargo tray is very handy and it has great storage space. Headroom and legroom are excellent. I wish they still made it

- Brad W

Great on gas and very spacious

Reliable vehicle. For my I've had a great experience with little to know problems. The problems I have had have been minor but sometimes they are still a little pricey. Mine is great with space and good on gas. I personally love my nitro and if I could have it forever I would.

- Lindsay E

Great for long distance trips

If your driving to fast the stability is not reliable, it runs good on gas long distance, but within city limits it consumes a lot on gas, accelerating takes a while before it picks up speed.I love the space in the vehicle great for a bigger family's, good with water and snow

- Joshua C

Sunroof, power windows, seats and heated seats.

I have strut issues and need an alignment. I'm in the process of getting these problems fix. Fuel sensor and issues with brakes in the past year. I have a lot of miles and need some spark plugs and points fixed. Most of my issues are minor. I am looking into another vehicle.

- Diana M

My opinion on my dodge nitro.

The dodge nitro has some get up and go. I like the moon roof. And the overall performance. It is a smooth riding car and the transmission shifts nice too. I wish they would put a backup camera in the vehicle. Other than that it is a nice ride. Keep up the nice work.

- Peggy B

Bring back the Dodge nitro.

Factory standard upgraded stereo package and tinted windows are nice. General maintenance and 2007 is still running nice, no major problems so far. Has tow package, automatic and standard shift option. Whish Dodge would produce more new Dodge nitro models for 2019.

- Cris T

Compact and Comfortable but Not Most Reliable

AC unit didn't last long, muffler went out, cozy but a little tight, drives smoothly but not great on gas, spacious trunk. The steering is a little sensitive as well. Overall it's an okay car, but it isn't necessarily the most comfortable or reliable car out there

- David F

Although it tows things, it makes the transmission lag a little.

I purchased the vehicle with a limited lifetime powertrain warranty which gives peace of mind. Overall comfort is pretty adequate. The v6 option runs and accelerates nicely with minimal amount of road noise. Good for towing things or long trips, nice and spacious.

- Breanna B

Black dodge nitro high miles but taken care of and looks shape.

Black/ tinted/ sunroof/ brand new spark plugs. The radio has bad connection so at times it's completely out. The ac doesn't really get cool anymore. But still pushes pressure out and heat. Their is four new tires and breaks. Back passenger window engine is broke.

- Danielle T

The sleek design and fuel economy to go along with it.

The Dodge nitro has a lot of storage space and actually does really good on miles per gallon both highway and in town. The sleek design catches the eye as well. I use mine as a daily driver and haven't had many issues with reliability or durability. I love it.

- Joshua D

Dodge nitro ready for anything.

My car currently has over 350, 000 miles on it all original parts. The air condition is starting to go out. But is reliable and drives very smoothly. Has a good mpg avg of 22. The interior is comfy but not very roomy. Overall a few good car ready for anything.

- Ashley C

Dodge nitro a family friendly car.

My vehicle is in very good shape. Fully automatic and works great. Its performance is great compared to other similar vehicles. I have never had any major mechanical issues with it. And I have never had any accidents. Definitely a great buy for the next owner.

- Victoria M

One time on a road trip we drove it. I do not have anything too negative to say.

Comfortable, not too many problems, has good gas mileage, good for long car rides. I prefer the back seat over the front. Overall just a pretty nice vehicle for a family drive. Wish there was a backup camera but is old so that is kind of very understandable.

- Marissa S

Very comfortable seating and ride.

No problems, great performance, 20 miles to the gallon of gas, very comfortable seats, features include outside temperature reading, tire pressure reading. Cruise control and am and FM radio and CD player. Nice running side running boards. Tinted windows.

- Anita B

Roomy SUV with a lot of trunk space without taking up leg room.

The vehicle is reliable for the most part. It could use some upgrades. Like make the spare tire more accessible, better door handles, upgrade the face of the radio. Not that much I can complain about. Rarely have engine problems, or mechanical problems.

- Robin R

My nitro is well loved and used.

It is getting old so it needs some work. Loved at first but kids and husband are tearing it up. It has 4 wheel drive so it is great in the snow. It is a good SUV and I would purchase a newer one. It is good for carry or hauling stuff and looks stylish.

- Cheryl D

Other people should know that the Dodge nitro is a great commuter vehicle for anyone looking on dependability.

I bought the Dodge nitro in two thousand seven brand new off of the lot. It is bulky looking but is perfect mix of roomy and spacious on the inside. It gets decent gas mileage for a v6, and is comfortable to sit in during cross country trips.

- Bre B

Made outside of the usa in canada I think.

My vehicle has a very nice body so I always feel safe even in the event of an accident. I like that although it is an older model I have had very little issues with it mechanically. However, I wish my fuel economy was better.

- Abby C

The fact that it is 11 years old and still has not had to have major work done to it.

I like the fact that the car has been low maintenance, mainly only requiring routine oil changes. The vehicle is still running strong. I dislike the miles per gallon ratio. I understand it is an SUV but, it gets really MPG

- Devon K

2007 Dodge nitro is an upscale roomy SUV.

My 2007 Dodge nitro is an awesome vehicle. It runs and drives very smoothly. It has an awesome build. It gets pretty good gas mileage. It has lots of room and space inside for all passengers and all cargo.

- Amanda H

Dodge brand. Great car I would by another one in the future.

I have no problems with my Dodge nitro. I love my car I still wish they made them. If I was to pick a specific brand it would be Dodge. They stand by their product and I think Dodge vehicles last longer.

- Cheryl B

It is good on gas even though it is a v6 engine and it is good in the snow.

I like that I control the 4 wheel drive, like the traction control, automatic windows, seats are comfortable, roomy interior and stylish outside. Also, the rear cargo pull out bench is nice to have.

- alexis w

Great vehicle overall with mileage, functionality, and comfort.

Car offers great function and is very reliable. Interior is very roomy and comfortable. Only had a few mechanical problems but although the problems have been minor the repair cost have been major.

- She C

That while it is a nice looking car, it is a gas guzzler. Short term it's great, however get rid of it by the 5th year.

I love the way the SUV handles. I really like the space in it. I don't like that the bottom is rusting out and the suspension is horrible as it ages. Its difficult to fix because of the design.

- TaWonda P

A trusted worthy truck, you can rely on

This is a great Truck it has taken many trips all over the world and keeps going with no problems. This is truly a reliable vehicle and I didn't even get it new it was a second-hand truck.

- Cassandra c

That it does decent on gas, and other than routine maintenance has been fairly reliable.

I had major engine problems at first, after that was fixed it has been a solid daily driver vehicle. My only other complaint would be that it seems to go through brakes rather quickly.

- Joshua D

Four wheel drive vehicle that is comfortable to drive.

I have a black Nitro RT. Features I like are heated leather seats, sunroof, and satellite radio. The gas mileage is average but not great. Overall a reliable sand comfortable vehicle.

- Eddie K

A decent reliable vehicle

I've had this vehicle for about 10 years now and with regular maintenance it has had no problems. There was a small problem with the airbag that need to be fixed by the dealer.

- Dan L

Very comfortable to travel long distances in. Lots of storage room too.

It is very comfortable to drive on short visits to shop or long driving vacations. The seats are very adjustable for my height. It has been a very reliable truck. I love it.

- Tabatha R

Lots of space,drives amazing

I love the dodge nitro it's not to big but has a lot of space.it drives so nice. The only problem I have is the mirrors it causes a blind spot and hard to see when turning.

- Krystal S

It's a good vehicle if you have the money to fix the problems that it has

I like my truck but the seats seem to be of poor quality. the sides of the seats which are plastic break very easy and the truck overall has a lot of electrical problems

- Sean W

Although its old its in good condition.

I like the color of my vehicle and that it is a Dodge. Dodges are usually dependable vehicles except I do not like the space there is any room for comfort leg space.

- Blanca S

It is super reliable and I wish Dodge would make it again.

I have no complaints. 202k miles and still great! This has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. The 4 wheel drive has never failed me, even in a foot of snow.

- Kelly S

The storage and compact ability.

Easy to take care of. I like the seats and the storage it has, especially for the size. The brakes could be more sensitive but the gas mileage is good.

- Cord S

It is a piece of junk and I would not waste my time and money on it.

I dislike this vehicle it has been nothing but a headache since we bought. During the summer it will not start and all the plastic parts are breaking.

- Brenda C

highlights of my dodge nitro

runs smooth. has terrible gas mileage. it's reliable. and roomy on the inside. power locks and windows. extra room in the trunk for groceries, etc.

- Sierra W

Family comfort and economy.

The nitro drives well and I love how comfortable it is for me and my family but since I got it the ac is having issues and spend too much on gas.

- Michael P

Nitro rocks! All the features anyone would want.

Perfectly reliable, comfortable ride, technological features. GPS built in with a touchscreen navigation, radio controls are very convenient.

- Kathryn F

Great family vehicle with lots of space in the back end for stroller and more

No major issues. Had to replace gas cap from it not sealing correctly and setting off check engine light. Otherwise only routine maintenance

- Nicole W

It comes stock with anti theft tint which is super helpful when out running errands

This vehicular runs fantastic! Purchased it in a bind, and it wasn't what I originally wanted, but I have come to love every bit of the car!

- Luke G

Slam the passenger door, otherwise the dome lights do not turn off.

Drives smooth and easy to park.. Gets good mileage.. Easy maintenance and upkeep.. Few recalls and repairs.. Good selection during purchase.

- Beverly M

I love that all the seats but the drivers fold down flat so you can haul stuff.

I really like my nitro. It has 150,000 miles on it, so I have had to replace a few items, like the water pump, but overall it runs great!

- Bren O

It's a decent car for a decent price, overall okay.

I like the space it offers. I can fit my kids and can also haul most of what I need. I don't like that it requires a lot of maintenance.

- Ryan S

Nice vehicle for the price.

Good gas mileage no major problems go through a lot of window wipers, easy to clean not the smoothest ride but not the worse I rode in.

- Connie G

It's very affordable and has plenty of room for passengers and other things.

Things I like are it's an SUV, stick shift, control air conditioning, lots of space, and dependable. I have no complaints as of yet.

- Charles B

Rides great and handles great. No complaints.

My car is four wheel drive and it rides very nice on the road. Handles great in the snow and I have had no major problems with it.

- Donna H

It has an outlet plug inside.

The muffler has a leak which makes a noise. Right now that is the only issue. The paint is starting to fade on the hood and roof.

- Angelica G

It is very reliable and comfortable.

I like the size, style, color. It is a very good everyday driver. It has a nice size cargo area. It is very comfortable to drive.

- Stephanie B

this car has no air conditioning that's not good in these hot months

it was a good vehicle at first.now we have no air or heat.vehicle is basically a senior in age and performance.time for a new one

- joel M

Its roomy. It is ideal for a family.

I do not like that the door handles break easy. I love the room. In all it's a really good car. I love that it is simple.

- Miranda A

The nitro is very roomy and very reliable!

I love my vehicle, I have had it for almost 4 years and the only thing that seems to quit working is the air conditioner!

- Brooke G

I love that it has four wheel drive.

4 wheel drive. I love having 4 wheel drive. I love the sunroof. I love the cargo area. I like that the seats fold down.

- Betty H

All I have had to do for maintenance is get the air filters replaced.

I do not like its color. This car has too much bad sound. This car has small sit capacity. It has very bad condition.

- Dina T

Very comfortable to drive. And has good gas mileage

Have had this vehicle 3 years and love the space. Love the way it drives. Love that it have not given us any problems

- Randy T

It is not to good on gas and mileage.

Nothing really to tell haven't had any problems so far. It seems like a pretty good vehicle to me. I like it so far.

- Nicole P

Mechanically its very reliable.

I like that it drives well & its easy to park and maneuver. I dislike that the outer appearance seems to lack style.

- Anna S

It is a very great car and perfect for my family.

I like everything about my car. The car and how it runs. Also that it is just the right size for me and my family.

- Janet T

It has almost 200, 000 miles on it and runs great.

I like my vehicle. I have had it for a long time now and rarely gives me any problems. It is about ten years old.

- Brody V

Car has never had mechanical problems.

Love the looks. Not happy with the plastics on side of seat. They keep having to be replaced because they break.

- Veda V

This vehicle has great handling. Great on gas. 4x4 on the fly.

I like the 4x4, I like the compact size. I like the handling. I dislike the lack of power. I like the pack-n-go.

- Ian M

It has rear wheel drive...and the windows fall periodically...no other issues and has been a great vehicle all these years.

I love how my car looks and feels...the only thing I hate is its rear wheel drive and wont go in snow or ice...

- Kelli C

It has over 120, 000 miles on it with very little extra care.

I have had no problems with this car for the 11 years I have owned it. The car has over 120, 000 miles on it.

- Bernie K

Where the ac this car needs it.

The biggest problem is no air conditioning it gets hot in Georgia other than that it's been a good vehicle.

- Joel A

It has a great trade in value.

I love the room inside. I love that it is an SUV. I dislike the gas mileage. I dislike the color sometimes.

- Ashley P

It has great parts under the hood.

It handles well on the road, it is great on gas on the highway and it has an awesome sound system in it.

- Eleanor M

They are not really costly paid 10,000.00 for it simple problems.

All in all it has been a great car just not very big for a family. Not to much room gas mileage is okay.

- Jennifer L

It's affordable and durable, most people expect the Nitro to be expensive, but it's really reasonable.

I really like the spacious interior and the semi-rough exterior. The Nitro is durable and sleek.

- Joshua C

One important it's super safe. The car runs really we have not had any big car repairs

The Truck is very reliable. I feel very safe while driving and its still looks really nice

- Trisha L

It's look new and is very stylist and it drives excellent, even though is considered old

I love my vehicle for my gas mileage and the way it handles the road when driven

- Thelma W

Dependable no complaints except interior

No complaints except interior is messed up. Panels on sides of seats broke osd

- Tammy M

It does not cost too much to fill.

I love my car because it is a good size and it is very unique looking.

- Casey E

I love my nitro. It seats 5 4 very comfortably, the back seat is as big as the two front seats. It has a home wall plug in. It's sporty but yet big enough for my three kids. Although I have had a huge problem with the windows the only one that work like it's supposed to it the driver side.

It's never broke down on me and I have definitely put the miles on it.

- Candice H

It is a very reliable car. I really like how it drives on long trips.


- Denise L