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My 2008 Dodge nitro.. Door handles expensive.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I have a 2008 Dodge nitro. It is been a wonderful vehicle for me and my kids. It had extra leg room and is extra wide in seat area which is nice. Its compact enough to get in smaller spaces yet big enough to haul my cabinet when seats are laid down. I have drive it to Nebraska and back to Arkansas 3 times with no issues. It gets decent gas mileage. About 20 miles to the gallon. The parts that I have had to replace on the motor are comparable with other vehicles of its kind. However the door handles are rather pricey and I have had to replace 3. They are not very durable. I have owned Jeeps in the past and like this over them. I would buy another one if I could. Just an updated version of the one I have.

- Jessica E

My mini hummer! Love the storage space, smaller windows & drives like a dream!

2008 Dodge Nitro

The performance of my Dodge Nitro is the best I have ever had.. I only have had to do regular maintenance (oil, tune-up, brakes, tires etc.). My mechanic continues to check my engine and transmission and tells me I have a excellent vehicle. The seats lie completely down and the space is so big for transporting goods. The only thing I would change would be the power is not the best (6 cylinder) and the range of view when looking left/right when turning. I have to lean way forward to ensure I am clear... But I have adapted to those blind spots and will drive my “mini hummer” (that is her name) until I am forced to give her up!

- Andrea T

I LOVE THIS CAR. Bought it for the way it looks but also the great price!

2008 Dodge Nitro

I bought my 2011 Dodge Nitro May of 2012. It had 22 miles on it when I purchased it. It now has 104353, I do not regret buying this car at all, This car has been a very reliable vehicle. It runs well in the snow, I feel safer driving this vehicle in the snow than I do my 2014 4 wheel drive Toyota Tacoma. I have had no problems with the Nitro whatsoever. I just replaced the front brakes for the second time and the back for the 1st. I have kept up with the oil changes and had the transmission serviced at 85000 miles. Also had the differential oil changed once at 85000 as well. I love this car.

- Shae w

Love my gorgeous and fun nitro!!

2008 Dodge Nitro SXT

I love my 2008 nitro. It has been great I have always wanted an SUV but could not decide on which one to buy. I really like jeeps but they are pretty expensive then I came across the nitro and test drove one and fell in love. I love driving with the sunroof open when it is nice out and it has a fantastic stereo system for just being factory. The nitro has a great exterior I wanted a SUV that didn't look too feminine and it is a great smooth ride also. It is been a great car and I haven't had any major issues with it whatsoever. If I ever get rid of it I'll be buying another nitro for sure!!

- Lauren P

I love it but hate it gets hot in there.

2008 Dodge Nitro R/T

I love my vehicle! I love the color which is a royal blue. It's an R/T so I like how it sounds on the freeway. The only things I dislike it that it has no dashboard and the A/C vents for the back seats are near the passenger's feet. Instead the vents should be above the cup holders in the middle. I live in Phoenix, AZ so my passengers (especially my 3 year old) would much rather have air cooling down their bodies, not their feet. Other than that it's very roomy. For the most part it's just me and my kid in it.

- Jessica G

Car has been a very reliable vehicle. Runs well in the snow.

2008 Dodge Nitro

The Dodge nitro is a reliable car, has nearly 90, 000 miles and has only required normal maintenance, is a familiar brand and I have owned two of the same models. It is the size car I needed and wanted and has four wheel drive. It was in my price range but also had the body style I was looking for. And it handles well in the snow. But there are not a lot built in features or cruise control. Also this model is no longer made making me wonder if there are underlying problems.

- Asia D

Review of 2008 Dodge nitro.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I own and drive a 2008 Dodge nitro. This has been a dependable vehicle for as long as I have owned it. My vehicle has over 220, 000 miles on it but still runs and drives great. The vehicle is a four door small SUV and is a great vehicle for a family of four or less. The hatch is spacious and the back row of seats can fold down for larger items. I have room for strollers, boxes, large kids toys, and groceries anytime.

- Samantha R

2008 Dodge Nitro--Great get around vehicle

2008 Dodge Nitro

I bought this car in May 2018 and immediately fell in love. It handles really well and worked perfectly to move my husband and I across the country. Unfortunately our dealership had sold us a dud car that we spent nearly $1400 fixing within a month of owning (new ABS computer, throttle positioning sensor, new tires, and a faulty headlight). Once all fixed, I haven't had a single issue out of this car and I love it!

- Shelby W

It is a navy blue with sparkling features.

2008 Dodge Nitro SXT

Although my car is 11 years old, it still is a very smooth ride. It has a lot of space in the front and the back. I have it in blue and I love the color and the way it feels when it gets on the road. It does run out of gas very fast but I think it is just because it is an old model. It takes about $40 to fill up the tank and I fill it up every Sunday with weekly drives to and from Niagara Falls and buffalo.

- Shay E

Dodge Nitro - snazzy, peppy, and dependable.

2008 Dodge Nitro

Vehicle is reliable and peppy. Have had no major issues with it. FWD is dependable and has not let me down in any type of weather. Has enough room for everything and a hitch in case I need to pull a small trailer behind it. Does great on mileage. Averaging 18 mph. The only thing I would change is the touchiness of the tire pressure monitoring system. That is the most annoying thing in the world.

- Heidi W

Dodge NITRO-perfect size SUV

2008 Dodge Nitro

I have had my car for almost 10 years! I do love the nitro. It has the perfect amount of space for a smaller SUV. It rides very nice and haven't had too many issues over the years. A few recalls, but since it's an early version that's to be expected. The gas Mileage isn't bad. Overall I love the look and feel of this SUV. 150K miles and still going strong!

- Jaclyn G

Perfect sized SUV for travel.

2008 Dodge Nitro SLT

It's the perfect size SUV and has plenty of room for passengers and storage in the hatch area. It's great for when my husband and I go camping as we fold the seats down for extra storage and the outlet allows us to charge our phones so we always have a way to call out if an emergency occurs. Regular maintenance is all we've really had to do to for upkeep.

- Sara S

Electrical issues my only gripe.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I have had a lot of electrical issues with the car. The windshield washer stopped working, the door can only be unlocked by using the key, there is no way to open back hatch. The part causing the issues is on backorder and has been recalled. The car drives really well though. If I could get the electrical stuff taken care of, I would love my car.

- Tammy R

Dodge nitro is very nice mid size SUV.

2008 Dodge Nitro

The air conditioner is not enough to cool the vehicle. It takes a very long time to cool the vehicle if it is a warm day. It has low profile tires that make for not so smooth ride. The vehicle is very large and roomy inside. It has plenty enough room to pack for travel. It is very comfortable to ride in as long as the road is not very rough.

- Sheila B

All about my 2008 Dodge nitro. I enjoy driving it.

2008 Dodge Nitro

My 2008 nitro has little problems here and there. Nothing really major for an almost 11 year old vehicle. It drives very good and the seats are comfortable. The features are great and easy to read. The sunroof is great but I do not use it very much. The interior is easy to keep clean. Overall I have to say I really love my 2008 Dodge nitro.

- Tracy B

Besides the wiring problem, it is a great vehicle to have.

2008 Dodge Nitro R/T

I really love my truck. From the paint job and details, to the interior. I have had it a little over a year now and I have experienced several minor problems due to wiring problems. There is over twenty recalls on the vehicle. All of these issues can be solved with a simple diagnostic at the Dodge Jeep and Chrysler dealership.

- Portia S

I love that the rear seats fold down allowing for more space in the back.

2008 Dodge Nitro R/T

I love my Dodge Nitro! It handles very well and it's great for traveling. I just put 100,000 miles on it, driving from Maine to Florida and more. It's the perfect size to haul my art supplies. I hate large vehicles, so this is just small enough to be comfortable for city driving, but also rugged enough for some off-roading.

- Melissa S

How we love our Dodge nitro 2008

2008 Dodge Nitro SLT

Great truck. 4 wheel drive, air conditioner, sunroof, and auxiliary plug in for your own music. Not the best on gas however. Runs great. Room for car seats, big trunk area. Reliable. Good in winter for snow. Never had any issues so far. We really like our truck. Can use to haul things as well and 4 wheel drive turns off.

- Ryan H

Overall a very reliable vehicle.

2008 Dodge Nitro

Gas mileage is bad, but other than that it is a great vehicle lots of room for grocery shopping and taking the planes to the flying field. Very easy to get into no bending down or reaching up, just slide right in. 4 wheel drive is great where I live it is a must for over the road driving for doctors appointments.

- Barbara R

The sophisticated and durable nitro.

2008 Dodge Nitro SXT

My nitro performs well, it is spacious, very comfortable ride, back seats let down flat and easy when needing to pick up large items. When I drive it, I get compliments and it turn heads. It comes with a regular wall outlet to charge devices easy. Parts are easy to find and affordable when repairs are needed.

- Cynthia K

MY vehicle is a mid size, white, sports vehicle, It's very stylish and runs great

2008 Dodge Nitro SLT

I love how spacious the vehicle is. It fits my three kids and I comfortably with plenty of room in the real to fit all their sports equipment! It's very fuel efficient. I drive 30 minutes to and from work and I don't spend much on gas at all. It was excellent steering and has been a great reliable vehicle

- Abby T

Sharp looking vehicle. Roomy and the design is great.

2008 Dodge Nitro SLT

I love my nitro..It has the usual maintenance problems. But all in all a very reliable vehicle. Drives nice..Seats are comfortable. Lots of..LoL eg room..Can hold 6 people very nicely..Keep it maintained and it will run forever..It's to bad they do not make this vehicle anymore..Such a sturdy car..

- Donna E

Adequate urban SUV to handle city life and limited country exploration.

2008 Dodge Nitro SLT

Electrical issues to include slow clock, warning and other alerts that come on intermittently, cloth seats seem to show stains greater than normal. It is smooth ride with plenty of room. Seats fold down to allow room to haul things. Have hauled furniture on many occasions to include a small sofa.

- Carmen L

Definitely a car worth buying!

2008 Dodge Nitro

I love the reliability of my nitro. The performance is pretty good, I still think it needed a little more horsepower but it gets the job done and I love the styling of the vehicle. The mpg is not wonderful (about 20mpg average) but it is pretty decent for a large SUV. Overall, I love my car.

- Logan W

The style, ease, and comfort of driving.

2008 Dodge Nitro

The ride is smooth and comfortable only a few maintenance problems, nothing major. I enjoy the feel and the features. Performance is good, the style and ease of driving is enjoyable. It is strong and rugged. Ample leg room, the trunk is roomy and I love the slide out tray in the trunk.

- Sheila W

AN oldie but a reliable goody.

2008 Dodge Nitro SXT

The vehicle is no longer made. But it's built well. There is no marking if its rt slx or slt. Minor issues I have close to 200,000 miles and I am starting to have issues with brakes shocks starter motor and transmission. The SUV is roomy and seats 5 comfortably with room for luggage.

- Sonya J

The vehicle performs very well.

2008 Dodge Nitro

The only problem is that my vehicle and I cannot afford to replace it right now. I have had no major problems with my vehicle. I love my SUV. My is built very well. I have taken many road trips in my vehicle. I purchased my vehicle new. I would recommend this vehicle as a purchase.

- Rosetta J

2008 dodge nitro good for money.

2008 Dodge Nitro SLT

Reliable. Has a couple of weird quirks but works well. Good value the money. Doesn't always start first try. Trim is loose both on door and the plastic on side of car. Engine is loud but runs well. Brakes wear out easy and since its rear wheel drive it sucks in snow unless infwd.

- Tina B

It is a great vehicle to have.

2008 Dodge Nitro R/T

Cons: great car. Lots of power, good steering alignment. Sound system is good. Subwoofers. 6 disc CD changer. Adjustable seats. Lots of trunk space. . Problems: sputter when trying to start car, key always deprograms, there's a fuel leak. Gas mileage is okay. Could be better.

- Wai P

Dodge nitro review of what I like.

2008 Dodge Nitro SXT

Only thing I do not like about this vehicle is that it does not have handles in the front seats to assist with getting in the car. I like how it drivers I haven't had any serious maintenance issues. Plenty of room for 2 car seats and groceries to fill the back even a table.

- Shay P

A comfortable, affordable vehicle.

2008 Dodge Nitro

It is a quick car. It is extremely comfortable to drive for long distances. Its size makes me feel safer on the road. It is not the most fuel efficient car if you drive far often but for work and errands it's fantastic. It has plenty of space inside and a great radio.

- Samantha H

The Nitro is a boxy, spacious SUV with great off-road performance.

2008 Dodge Nitro

My Nitro is comfortable, but has some irritating features. The foot space for the driver and front passenger is limited, with odd curves. It is not always easy to get into the vehicle, and there's nowhere to put your phone. There's no temperature gauge or Bluetooth.

- Kea G

Great car in the long haul.

2008 Dodge Nitro SLT

I love how it's held up over the past 11 yrs. I have had 1 mechanical issue which was covered under warranty and one electrical which wasn't covered. It is 6-speed and does great on gas given its a SUV. All in all it has best the best vehicle I have ever owned.

- Tina L

Neat look, fancy, 4 wheel drive

2008 Dodge Nitro SLT

Bought it used seems like everything is falling apart already. I believe there is a hole in the exhaust. The automatic window button just popped off. I just miss having a sports car . It's not terrible on gas though for being a v6. I do like sitting up higher

- Jen L

Great running SUV for a family!

2008 Dodge Nitro

It does great, I have done some mods to it but the only downside is mpg. I love the styling of the nitro as it does not really look like any other vehicles. It has great reliability and I've had 0 issues out of it in the last 2. 5 years that I've owned it.

- Logan W

Truth about old cars - they do not run like new ones.

2008 Dodge Nitro SXT

My car drives well just not in the mountains, which I travel through often. I haven't had many issues with it just normal maintenance stuff. It does have trouble going up the mountains and I have a service light on and no one knows why it will not go off.

- Stephanie R

2008 dodge nitro is a great vehicle to have.

2008 Dodge Nitro R/T

The 2008 dodge nitro r/t is very nice. It runs and drives great. It has a sunroof and heated seats. The seats heat up quick and feels great during the winter. The is also a wall plug in the truck which is great for things that don't have a car charger.

- tori D

It has a lot of room. You can carry or deliver almost anything in this large SUV.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I love my truck. I've wanted one forever! I love the room it has and the hauling capacity. I do not like that my window is cracked and the stereo works when it wants to. It has a short I guess and it will blast static noise at you from time to time.

- Tamara C

It will never stop beeping if you do not have seat belts enforced’.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I love the 4x4 I hate the electronic problems for instance the unlock & lock buttons do not work properly after being looked at and fixed 3 times. Along with the charger port it goes out every 3-4 weeks after I change out the fuse.

- Serena M

It has 4-wheel drive and does well in all seasons and weather conditions

2008 Dodge Nitro

Bought as a used car, this vehicle has a lot of miles and repairs that needed to be done. However, the turning radius is fantastic and the car is very comfortable on the inside. I did wish it had cruise control.

- Rachel B

Manufacturer stop making this vehicle after 2012.

2008 Dodge Nitro

Ease of handling in tight parking spaces. Mileage. Few repairs. Economy purchase. I like the four wheel drive feature. Comfortable inner space. Moderate to ample cargo space. Style and color of the vehicle.

- Beverly M

Good, reliable vehicle. Fun, sporty look.

2008 Dodge Nitro

Vehicle is a comfortable for occupants and has a lot of cargo room. The nitro has a fun look. The exterior color and interior color scheme is matched well. A tall person can comfortably drive this car.

- Jami B

Good on gas and comfortable.

2008 Dodge Nitro

Vehicle is super comfortable and roomy. Has lots of trunk space and comes with that sleek sporty look. It does not go well in the snow, the heat and ac do not work and are over a $1000 to fix.

- Cheyenne D

It is very comfortable to drive and ride in.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I love that it has tons of space. I love that it has a lot of power. I love that it is very comfortable to drive. I dislike that the air conditioning is not sufficient for this size vehicle.

- Sheila B

2008 dodge blue nitro. Great car overall

2008 Dodge Nitro

I love the look of the car and how it drives. Have had a couple of issues, the biggest was the transmission. I've had issues with the transmission in all 3 dodge vehicles I've bought

- Jesse L

Although it's old, it is a reliable vehicle.

2008 Dodge Nitro

It is big enough to fit groceries, my family (including our dog), luggage and any other items we need without cramping us up. I dislike that it takes a long time to get up to speed.

- Karis P

It is a great car. Very reliable.

2008 Dodge Nitro

It rides really smooth. Although you have to be careful because they have had recalls on them so make sure those have been fixed before buying. Also, they get horrible gas mileage.

- Nick H

It is good for winter and it is good for holding a lot of stuff.

2008 Dodge Nitro

It holds a lot of room. It lasted for several years and it is low maintenance. The gas mileage is also very good for an SUV, and it gets around well in the winter in our area.

- Lisa S

My Dodge Nitro is very dependable and low maintenance.

2008 Dodge Nitro

My nitro is low maintenance. We've comfortably traveled cross country in it twice. It fit our lifestyle before and after having children. We can tow a camper with it.

- Jill P

The Dodge Nitro is extremely safe, roomy and reliable!

2008 Dodge Nitro

I like that is very reliable and safe. I have never had a problem with it at all. There is nothing that I dislike about it except for that it's not a pickup truck.

- J T

Nitro's every mom needs one.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I love my nitro, definitely wish it has 3 row seating because I love everything else it comes with. It can go in the hills but also handles the roads great too!

- Stephanie J

It is the R/T version and is a very nice vehicle.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I like the power of the 4.0 liter engine. The sound system is top notch. It is very roomy Inside. I love the sunroof. It is a very good looking vehicle.

- Angelina P

It has been very reliable for 115,000 miles so far, needing only the scheduled yearly maintenance for the most part. It handles all the activities we enjoy, such as kayaking and biking. Only complaint would be the slightly cramped cockpit.

2008 Dodge Nitro

It is great for outdoor activities. But despite it sharing many attributes of the Jeeps, it is not a Jeep. Mild off-roading is possible but be careful

- Anthony K

Great SUV! Gets you there and back with smooth ride.

2008 Dodge Nitro

Very reliable SUV. Looks great and drives really nice. Great for when you need 4 wheel drive and is high so you can see clearly when you are driving.

- Diamond M

The Dodge nitro is a Jeep.

2008 Dodge Nitro

The Dodge nitro is like a Jeep its reliable and its really not a bad vehicle. It's good on gas it's a 4x4 seats feel nice and the steering is easy.

- William O

Great family but not for those who want a lot of cargo space.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I like that it's an SUV it's roomy and it rows our camper. I would prefer a vehicle with a third row or possibly a truck with more tow capacity.

- Angie M

The Nitro handles very well, whether it's going down the interstate or driving through snow.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I love my Nitro's look. It offers a great, smooth ride. Great gas mileage. The only thing I dislike are the front seats aren't too comfortable.

- Lynn K

Gets me where I need to be.

2008 Dodge Nitro

It rides like a Jeep. You hear the road noise and feel each little bump. It is comfortable enough but would not be the car I choose next time.


My car is very sensitive with the brakes.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I really like that it's not super big. The only complaint would be the air sometimes doesn't work. Properly. It does get good gas mileage.

- Jill H

It had lots of room and had four wheel drive.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I wish it got better gas mileage. I like the four wheel drive that I can select in bad weather. The spare tire is too hard to get to.

- Page W

Honda is an awesome brand.

2008 Dodge Nitro

Gas mileage, speed, good car in all seasons, show the good on the tires how much air they need, good size on the car, wide and big.

- Amparo S

It has a 12v plug in. It is very loud for highway driving.

2008 Dodge Nitro

The vehicle is fine. Has a lot of maintenance issues and still making payments. Wish it was newer. Would like more modern features.

- Lisa V

It is a very roomy car and it is good on gas.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I like how it is easy to repair and maintain. I like the color of the car. I like the stereo system. I do not have any complaints.

- Christina P

Best off road vehicle dodge nitro

2008 Dodge Nitro

Performance on the Dodge nitro is amazing, very reliable, super comfort, and has many features like bluetooth, heated seats, etc.

- Mike O

Life size tonka truck for me

2008 Dodge Nitro

Perfect suv for my family and also holds my double stroller with extra room to spare. I love how high it sits off of the ground.

- Whitley M

It drives great and has some kick. It can seat a large amount of people and children. Turn radius is difficult

2008 Dodge Nitro

The size is great for moving large items. With my dogs it is great. However, it is difficult to park sometimes due to the size.

- Jay S

The dodge nitro is a nice car if you are just starting out

2008 Dodge Nitro

I really like my vehicle, If I had to make one complaint it would be that the gas mileage is not the best that it could be.

- Sam W

It is sturdy and seats lay flat.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I do not like the fuel mileage but it is spacious and low maintenance. I like the 4 wheel drive option and tow package.

- Jennifer C

It's all wheel drive and drives great.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I like the size and style. I like that is roomy and has 4 wheel drive. I do not like all the electrical issues it has.

- Tammy I

It is a very reliable car if it is taken care of properly.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I wish that it was a bit larger. It has been a good and reliable car. I also wish the gas mileage was a bit better.

- Ashley B

Low maintenance and reliable.

2008 Dodge Nitro

Car is very reliable, fairly good performance, great highway mileage, easily customisable, and very low maintenance.

- LeoNard J

Great 4 wheel drive vehicle awesome for off road use as well as a night out on the town.

2008 Dodge Nitro

Gets great traction in the winter time, pretty good gas mileage, very comfortable to drive and handles very well

- Mark A

Handles well,4 wheel drive

2008 Dodge Nitro

Very reliable looks good,handles well,heated seats are great in winter,sunroof, lot of cargo space,4 wheel drive

- Doug M

Great cargo space, great towing capacity. Gas mileage is crappy for comparable cars.

2008 Dodge Nitro

I love the cargo space, comfortable seating and layout. Great towing capacity. Poor gas mileage and suspension.

- Celina R

Don't buy it. They have a ton of recalls on it! They don't even make this car anymore!

2008 Dodge Nitro

My vehicle is ok. Everything breaks..there's electrical issues..but it gets me where I need to go and back

- Rebekah W

It's the perfect size. It's not too big or too small

2008 Dodge Nitro

I love the size and height. It's a 4x4 so it's great for snow. I don't like the gas mileage though.

- Eileen B

Plenty of room for family on long trips. Gets great gas mileage when properly maintained.

2008 Dodge Nitro

Mileage is great for a SUV. Plenty of room. Have issues with the key and starting the vehicle.

- Viki M

that it is a quality automobile made by a good manufacturer

2008 Dodge Nitro

like the styling performance It's capabilities and quality I do not like It's fuel usage per mile

- jason f

Good looking sub that is a total eye catcher

2008 Dodge Nitro

I like the appearance. It has a gangster look. Good gas mileage. Nice interior . Eye catcher

- Frank M

very reliable and good gas mileage

2008 Dodge Nitro

i love it i never have any problems i have owned it for 4 years

- jerry n

it stands out and looks like a new suv

2008 Dodge Nitro

Love the color, the design and the compy ride

- Linda H

Love my dodge nitro! It is the best vehicle that I have owned.

2008 Dodge Nitro SXT

- Crystal B