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The Dodge nitro is the most sturdy and reliable vehicle I have had.

The only issue that me or my parent have had since buying the nitro brand new is that the end piece of the muffler broke off at nine years old. Everything else on it has held up fine. There is so far no rust present on the exterior. One minor issue was that the driver side ac vent got plugged once but it was a simple fix.

- Cole S

Highlight is definitely its roughness.

Can't say I've had any real problems. I feel it drinks fuel and its just a rough riding vehicle! It provides plenty of space and is comfortable in that aspect. However, overall its very rough while riding along and accidentally hit an unnoticed bump or god forbid railroad tracks.

- Stephanie H

Great car horrible gas mileage.

It's got horrible gas mileage. It's been dependable very roomy and a great looking vehicle. Easy maintenance to take care of drives smooth. The main problem I'd think gas mileage. Its a girls car for sure you hardly see man driving one of these types of cars. Very dependable.

- Shawn H

Nitro review of 2009 Dodge nitro I have had this car for 5 years. It is a nice car.

Brakes are shot, interior is rough and cracking plastic parts but dependable. I like that it is red and I also like that it is a nice big vehicle SUV-type. I also think that it is really nice because the outside has chrome but that is also deteriorating which I am sad about.

- Hunter K

Spacious, comfortable, and reliable black Dodge nitro.

My Dodge nitro is spacious and the seats are very comfortable. The only problem I have had so far is that at almost 100, 000 miles the abs brake system and traction has stopped working and needs to be replaced. The tire pressure sensor also stopped working fairly early.

- Ashley S

That it is a great looking car but it has a lot of issues.

I love my car. I love the size and style of it. Unfortunately I'll probably have to get rid of it soon. It's been having a lot of issues lately. The newest issue is that the air conditioning isn't working and it will cost over $1000 to fix.

- Caitlin C

It is very comfortable to drive around in.

Very reliable, can trust that it will get me where I need to go, very comfortable when driving, biggest problem is that it eats gas, love the navigation system/ radio, runs very well, no big problems.

- Brittany J

Its comfortable. The seats support the lower back.

I love the height, the comfortable seats, and the simplicity of the tech (radio, etc.). I do not like the fact that it tips easier than other vehicles. It had terrible mileage. Looks appealing though.

- Kathryn S

Dodge Nitro: It ain't amazing but it'll get it done

My vehicle gets the job done and will get me to where I need. The gas mileage is nice, but I've had some problems with the car overheating if I leave it running without driving it.

- Preston L

So much trunk room it is amazing for gear the the puppies

The best part about this vehicle is the space. Whenever I want to go for a hike or a camping trip this vehicle is perfect. Mileage could be better but overall it is a great suv

- JAy S

Safe, dependable vehicle.

Overall the Nitro is a great midsize SUV. It handles great in the snow and offers a safe feeling when the roads feel anything but safe. It's great on gas as well.

- Amy C

I like the look of the vehicle and the way it operates. I hate that it does not have automatic lights. I feel like I have good visual awareness when driving in it.

It is an awesome SUV that allows you to feel like you can see everything around you but not overly big where you would hit everything.

- stephanie b

Comfortable for travel. There is room for luggage, pet a 4 people.

Constant problems with turn signals. They will go out one day, and be fine the next. Wet weather seems to affect the car negatively.

- Brad A

I drive my car safely on the roads with you. Please do the same with me.

Dependability common comforts, passenger and cargo space are all positives. The only negative is a poor quality am FM radio.

- Brian M

Very dependable, it has not cost me anything yet, just a very nice SUV.

Nothing I like it fairly well, it is pretty big & I g traveling a lot with it. I pretty much store everything in there.

- Michelle G

White 2009 Dodge Nitro, very reliable

White 2009 Dodge Nitro, very reliable, put almost 100,000 miles on it. Interior is very narrow but lots of legroom.

- Abby G

That it has a lot of room to haul stuff. We have have put different stuff in the back that people would say that won't fit.

I like the way it looks, it looks sporty and rough. I like that it is roomy enough for me to haul a lot of stuff.

- Shellie S

Great vehicle, love it and drives great

Works just fine. I have had a Dodge for many years and hardly have any issues. Any Dodge is a great vehicle.

- Lindsay L

The Dodge is notorious for air conditioning problems

I like the look, and the feel and the cargo space. I don't like the lack of power when in 4 wheel drive

- Barbara G