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4x4 gets you going great, stopping can be an issue on ice and snow.

My Dodge RAM 1500 has been very reliable, I bought it in 2002 with 60k miles. I have driven it on many military backfill deployments. It now has over 180k miles. I have never needs any major repair, I do my own repairs, brakes, coolant, fluid levels and changes-oil, transmission filter and fluid, transfer case and differentials. 4x4 works great, needs a times here in nd/MN. Extended cab has lots of room for passengers and some storage back seat. My only complaint (other than mpg) is RAM rust, very typical on rear wheel fenders, wells, and side panel bottoms. This truck had several features for it is time. Lots of torque and pulling power, 5. 2l engine.

- Greg B

Dodge pickups are well built and can last forever with minimal repairs.

My vehicle is a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 extra cab pickup truck. It has a standard transmission, gets good gas mileage for its size, and had zero issues until it passed 200,000 miles. Since that point, I have had a couple of pretty big issues. Last summer I had to replace the axle and shortly after I had to replace the clutch. Currently it is having O2 sensor issues and the radiator needs flushed with a possible thermostat replacement. But really, for having made it over 200k before issues arose is pretty amazing. I purchased it used in 2009 and it is banged and bruised, I've replaced a million tires it seems but still it keeps on trucking!

- Caroline P

Paid for! No monthly payments.

And I really like about my truck the most is that it is paid for. It suits my needs being a truck. I am comfortable with the way it handles. I just wish it got better gas mileage. Not having to make monthly payments, at this stage in my life, is a luxury. For me it is much less expensive to pay for a repair didn't go out and buy a new vehicle. Where the brand new or previously out not having to make monthly payments, at this stage in my life, is a luxury. For me it is much less expensive to pay for a repair didn't go out and buy a new vehicle. Whether is the brand new or previously owned.

- Patrick M

Very spacious, haul up to 6 people, great gas mileage in the city.

I love my 2001 dodge ram 1500 extended cab it was but for me as a gift and I drive it daily it has high mileage is on it and it still runs like a champ motor the strong I drive up and down the streets all day long and my seats are so comfortable my son has plenty of room to play all his toys and anybody that rides in it has plenty of room for their legs and arms plenty of places to put your drinks plenty of places to put paperwork in insurance verification even make it your makeup older keeper safer very spacious you can haul anything and gets great gas mileage.

- Victoria S

Runs smooth and very reliable.

I bought my Dodge due to the low miles, it 79, 000 miles and is a 2001. It has been the most reliable vehicle that I have owned. I have had no issues with it and do regular maintenance as needed to it. I have replaced the fuel pump and power steering pump. The vehicle was well taken care by the previous owner and has no body damage or rust spots. The 4x4 is a life saver for me as we live in and it comes in handy with all the snow we get. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and foresee myself being a loyal Dodge owner when purchasing my next vehicle.

- First Name A

17 year old Dodge RAM with amazing dependability for her age.

It is a reliable truck, but because of the age it has many problems. The a/c leaks through to the floor due to improper insulation, and there is a tear in the rubber seam at the windows where water leaks in. It is a gas guzzler, and takes 60$ to fill up the tank completely from e to f. Very comfortable to drive, and does very well when towing. Good handling, though the alignment is off, and the wheel is a bit loose. Most of the problems are attributed to old age, though, and the truck overall is durable and dependable.

- Rachel V

Sturdy and reliable for its age.

I love how it handles, the drive performance has always been strong and reliable. I do have a phantom drain in the electrical system so I had to put a kill switch on to save the battery. The chrome tail pipes rusted off- I live in snow country- lots of road salt so not unexpected. The heater and a/c have pretty much stopped working. I bought the truck used at 13-14 yrs aged so I have no clue how well maintenance was prior to my taking ownership. All n all I do love it though.

- Tab P

My truck has survived more things than it should have I would not replace it.

I got my truck when I turned 18 from my parents. It has been an amazing truck and has hardly ever broke down. It is a 5 speed manual and has served me very well I have used it to get firewood and to go to and from work for 5 years. I have put about 100k miles on it and the only thing that has gone out was the transfer case and that was because of driver error not a faulty part. All in all a very fine vehicle and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid work truck.

- Benjamin S

Vehicle gets great gas mileage and has a smooth ride. Has good tires.

Vehicle is an extended cab with a bed liner. It has a v8 motor with 167, 000 actual miles. It can go almost 300 miles before needing more gas. Cloth seat with fold down armrest in the middle. The dash has a crack in it which seems to happen with the Dodge pickups. It has 16 inch tires. The truck is loaded with air conditioning, cassette player/radio, cruise control and power windows and tilt steering wheel.

- Bernice E

Very good looking and sounding truck.

Starter going out. Headlights needs replacement. drives very well, the engine is strong. Body in great shape as well as inside. Decent on gas. Clean title. Its white, got two fifteen inch kicker comps inside with a two thousand watt Kenwood amp all hooked up to a double den seven inch touchscreen Kenwood radio and top of the line positive and negative wires ran with two inline fuses on them.

- John B

The good and bad of a family owned dodge Ram 1500.

The oversized cab is a plus when traveling with family. The hefty Mopar engine gets it going fast when it needs to. The gas mileage is rather poor, with a hwy. Around 16 mpg. The transmission system is a poor design. It overheats easily. I have had to replace the transmission in the truck once & replace the hoses an additional time.

- John S

I love my Dodge RAM 1500.

Problems: runs out of gas fast, dashboard is completely gone, the air conditioner works only when it wants to work. Reliability: it gets us where we need to go, has back seat for me to put my kids, seats are comfortable, never lets us down. I like that it has four doors and back row seating. Cruise control and drives very good.

- Kayla O

My Dodge pickup rides smooth like a car.

My Dodge Ram is smooth riding, low maintenance, great gas mileage for a 318 cubic inch engine. The black paint is still shiny like when it was bought. No peeling or fading like other brands. It has a roomy extended cab to ride 3 people in the back. It has a sliding glass rear back window that allows a good flow of air.

- Susan D

What to expect when you drive a Dodge RAM 1500.

The truck is good, but it is too long and I am not good at parking it. The dashboard is cracked to pieces. The bezel was too and we have replaced that. The backseat is very narrow and uncomfortable. Everyone admires the truck, it is pretty. Its a v8 and powerful. It has been reliable and we have had it since 2012.

- Sonya S

My Dodge RAM 1500 van is also my camper travel vehicle.

I love my van for camping and travel. It is a gas hog though, and it continues to always need brakes and wheel bearings every 6 months or so. It has a good strong motor, the tranny is holding up well I have 230, 000 miles on my van! I would like to have the fiberglass top repainted, my van is a conversion van.

- Sandra W

It is a great truck that rarely needs repairs.

No problems with it. Paint faded quickly but it is a great truck for it is age. Very reliable and it towards great. The interior is dated and the dashboard is cracked. I love the CD/radio. I haven't needed to do any repairs except routine maintenance. I love the exterior color but the paint is faded.

- Amanda V

It is reliable, it is a truck so it is useful for man things.

The trucks is good, reliable, but over time the air conditioning only works on high, the break and seat belt warning lights stay on even though the brake is off and seat belts are on. It is not very good on gas, but I am happy with what I paid for the truck, how long it is lasted, and it is reliability.

- Christopher M

Vehicle is clean and runs great.

No problems with vehicle at this time. It is been a very reliable vehicle. I bought vehicle used about 5 yrs. Ago. I have replaced battery, radiator, water pump and overhauled the automatic transmission about 4 yrs. ago. Vehicle rides and drives very good. I have put new tires on in the last year.

- Rickey B

Dodge RAM pickup trucks. Things that should be fixed at the factory.

Poor factory painting, exterior paint color faded and oxidizing, poor quality interior dashboard, inadequate rear passenger seating space, front brake problems, front headlight covers are poorly designed, the engine and transmission run smoothly. The front hood insulation cover was poor quality.

- Kirk L

You can hear this truck coming from a mile away.

The truck runs like a beast. It also sounds like a beast. I am pretty sure the transmission is slipping and any time you push your foot even slightly to far down on the gas pedal it revs very loud. It has a great ac but the heating core is burnt which means it does not have any heat at all.

- First Name W

I have driven Ford Chevy trucks Dodge surpasses them all.

At 200, 000 miles put new motor in it rebuilt front end. didn't need new motor but I wanted a bigger one was pulling a camper so changed from 318 to 360. I like the way it sets its comfort was everything to me when I bought it the ride was better than all the others brands like it I drove.

- Ron E

So great on gas and reliable. Really no complaints.

I really enjoy my Dodge truck, I do not think I could go back to driving a car daily anymore, sense purchasing my truck. It has so much space inside and very comfortable, haven't had any major problems with it, just normal replacement parts, emissions sensor, water pump and defrost part.

- Shirley H

It is a Dodge RAM 1500, it tows great but shocks go bad a lot in them.

Engine runs great, but the body likes to rust. The front end is getting bad and heard that is a common problem so new ball joints and inner and outer tie rods. Have to get front and rear shocks. Where it rust out is the doors. Dash likes to crack on them mainly on the passenger sid3.

- Stephen D

A old truck that is trustworthy.

2001 dodge runs very well and is dependable, have wheel flares and new high end tail lights and headlights. Easy to find parts for it also is a manual transmission, have had to problems with the transmission or slipping of the clutch wish that the windshield wipers would stand up.

- Charisma S

Very reliable. Unlimited amount of parts. Easy to fix yourself.

Done a lot of work to it myself. I plan on redoing the whole truck myself. . It is simple an easy to work on, plenty of space to get into. It has been very reliable. I love my truck. . It is just Dodge/Chrysler period. It's the best besides Chevrolet. I'll die with my truck 👍.

- George G

The old white goat goes where I want and need it to.

2001 Dodge RAM 1500 pickup 300, 000+ miles and no problems (yet) regular cab short bed v6 engine power brakes manual door locks and windows manual trans abs and airbags one owner averages 24 miles to the gallon. It has been my daily driver since I bought it in 2001.

- Thomas J

One tough truck. Hauls a lot of heavy loads of groceries.

Having problems w/the starter &/or the battery. The engine light keeps coming on a lot. It is strong, durable, & once you get it warm up, it keeps going. The a/c does not blow enough, strong air. The glove compartment falls off, a lot. The windows are blurry.

- Bertha A

These trucks will last a long time if you take care of them.

My Dodge truck has served me well since 2002. Its dependable and well made for the most part. The 2001 Dodge ram 1500 series had/has issues with transmission troubles however I had mine fixed at 60,000 miles. I now have over 365,000 miles on my old Dodge.

- Richard B

Can run very well with low oil.

The transmission sometimes go out the motors very strong I have 243000 miles in still going strong the vehicle is very reliable sturdy well built strong very low maintenance for the most part. One big problem it has is the dash cracks and falls apart.

- Jeremy M

A lot of folks with this model begin having transmission problems as it gets older, so be on the lookout.

It is excellent for hauling and transporting large items. The interior and dashboard is simple but sufficient. My only complaint is the size, but I prefer smaller vehicles and trucks. It is not really a problem with the vehicle, just my preference.

- Matthew L

Big green dodge little heavy on the gas

I generally find the positive in everything and stick to that, I'll do my best to be more critical. The biggest negative about the truck is the gas consumption. But it has never failed me so the gas issue is more so a complaint for the companies.

- Daniel E

It does decent on gas but could do better.

I like it is towing and hauling capability. I like the fact it is four door and is four wheel drive. I do not like the fact that I bought it used and have to put a lot of money into it to make it nice body wise and make it the way I want.

- Shaun R

Reliable comfortable and always have plenty of room for camping hauling.

Dodge is the best line of vehicles we have ever owned.. Reliable heavy duty we need 4 wheel drive where we live and these truck are tough. As well as great for pulling and towing.. We love the look of most dodge models as well very cool.

- Ashley N

It is chipped for mpg and hp.

I like it is big but not too big, it is a manual transmission, so I get to decide where the power goes. I have had problems with the tcase, heater core, and cooling/refrigerant system. Also, the power steering pump.

- Ree B

It has its flaws and holds up to its name. If u cant Dodge it then Ram it.

This truck has gotten us through a lot but of course its been through a lot. I hate that the whole dash. Has cracked and fallen apart. It's on the 3rd transmission. It's a great truck and has held up to the fullest.

- Regina F

Dodge Ram 1500, long lasting and and tough!

The most durable truck I have ever owned! It has over 170000 miles and is still holding strong. It has gotten me through many a snow storm when others were stranded. I will hang onto this truck as long as I can!

- Terry T

It is dying a slow death and I refuse to sell it. I will use it till I can find a replacement, then it will go to car heaven

I love the handle while driving it. It is an older vehicle and has a gremlin in the wires that keeps draining the battery. The AC and heater do not work, but it gets me from point a-b so it will do for now.

- Tabitha K

You wanna ride, you need to pitch in for gas money.

My dodge truck is a power house. I don't like the fact that the truck only gets 11 miles to a gallon. Other than that, the engine was easy to rebuild, and it only had 73000 miles when I bought it for 800.

- Daniel H

It has been a very reliable vehicle with very few issues.

The truck overall runs good and is a very comfortable ride. The only reason I don't love it anymore is the truck is starting to get older and the motor and transmission aren't functioning as well.

- Zachary W

It is easy to drive and can haul a lot in the bed.

For me it is a bit small being a single seat cab. I haven't really had many issues. I do have to replace the heater core and the wiper motor. It is a manual transmission and I love it.

- Tara P

Dependability of the motor.

Dislike the fact that the dash seems to crack and break in almost all models. Dislike the fact that the gear dial is off on which gear it is in. Love the pulling power off road it has.

- Shelley K

review of my 2001 dodge ram, rodney

paint is bad, great ride, super engine 5.2, dash has fallen apart typical of this model year. good gas mileage, will keep this truck as long as i can, it has almost 300,000 miles.

- bob g

My truck is a beast. It kicks butt and will get you anywhere you want to go, country or city, it's got you covered.

I love the horsepower, the sense of safety and that versatility of where i can go. The only thing i dislike is the fuel economy. I get decent mileage but it could be much better.

- April F

It is a reliable vehicle with a comfortable ride. It is not as nice as a new vehicle, but I will get you where you need to go.

Overall, I like my Ram 1500. It is fairly comfortable and very reliable. I do plan on buying a new car though, because the gas mileage is not good and the A/C could be better.

- Robert W

It is comfortable and nice.

Comfortable and has a nice stereo system. It has everything a want and need. It takes me everywhere I want to go. It also comes in handy when I have large items to carry.

- John V

Very small turning radius. Mine is not 4�4 so in RI thats horrible in the winter. You're better off driving a car without 4�4 than this truck.

The motor and engine is in absolute perfect condition even though it has had owners in the past that did not keep up on it at all. The body however rots out very quickly.

- Falicia C

It keeps on going. I have had other vehicles come and go, but this one still keeps trucking.

I like that it is very dependable. Also that I can haul things in it. I dislike that the ride is a bit bumpy sometimes. But that is what happens with a truck, I guess.

- Beth C

It works. Although not to its full extent but for a daily driver it does the job.

The vehicle has taken me from Canada to Mexico and coast to coast. it's a workhorse. It has completes every job asked of it. Its showing its age but its pushing through.

- Brandon M

If you don't mind getting dirty, Dodge trucks can be a somewhat enjoyable experience.

It is easy to work on and that is a good thing because maintaining it is a lot of work. It is an ok truck and had Chrysler not cut corners it would have been great.

- Brandon G

The 5.9 motor has plenty of power when the transmission is able to apply it to the ground. For a 3/4 ton truck is is very capable and powerful.

The transmission needs to be constantly worked on and repaired. But that is a design fault within the 46re transmission. To much power threw a small transmission.

- Mitch H

As mentioned before the best thing for the vehicle is being able to move heavy loads compared to a regular car

The vehicle I drive is a good pickup truck that's meant for heavy loads like moving furniture and such but is terrible for gas mileage in terms of short distances

- Cesar L

Love this truck. It is a little to wide for my taste.

Very tough durable truck. Does have brake issues and a radiator leak. The truck is comfortable for a small family. Does do want is expected from a truck.

- Laurie D

Very easy to fix and find new or used parts

My truck is perfect for my needs and my job for moving items from location to location. I drive through rough terrain and gets me where I need to go

- Alex A

Around 90,000 mile the transmission got a little funky, almost like missing a beat, then engaging again.

Aside from regular maintenance, this has been a very reliable truck. Gas mileage has never been very good, but i only had to drive 5 miles to work.


It has very poor mpg averaging a about 15 miles per gallon.

The truck has a lot of extra bulk to try and make itself look bigger than it really is. It is a gas hog and I am lucky if I get 15 mpg out of it.

- Samantha F

Low mileage, heat and air work great, good on gas.

Power steering needs replaced, has new motor, trans works great, new wheels and tires, has airbags in back for carrying heavy loads and campers.

- David A

It might be old and rusty but still runs and is paid for.

I like that it hauls things, but the truck has started rusting out. It did not hold up very well. We have a lot of issues with the doors.

- Wanda G

Gets great gas mileage. I've only put 35,000 miles on it!! Love my truck!!!

My truck was recalled for the steering a couple times, the powering steering box, and the dashboard was flawed that model year. Other

- Danielle K

Fuel mileage of a 2001 dodge ram 1500

Gets about 10 miles to the gallon causing me to use it less than i'd like. It's decently comfortable, I definitely got what paid for

- James F

It's not very good on gas mileage. Trucks are natural gas hogs and this is no exception.

Great truck. although it's older, I've never had any serious problems with it. My biggest complaint would be the fragile dashboard.

- Paul L

The one most important thing is its very reliable.

I love my truck. The size and the power. I dislike the cost of filling up the gas tank. The cost of parts and tires are very high.

- Holly T

It's unique to me. It personalized me as well as is very noticeable.

Love the pipes it has as well as the ride. It sits pretty high and allows to see better. Great running truck and looks great.

- Kristy D

It is a very tough vehicle. Very low maintenance.

I absolutely love my truck. The only complaint would be gas mileage. My truck is comfortable and roomy I have no complaints.

- Linda S

It gets very poor gas mileage when driving in the city.

I like that it is roomy. I like that it has a large bed. I dislike the gas mileage. I dislike the quality of transmission.

- John S

It runs very nice, I would get another one. Dodge is a good vehicle.

No complaints at all, new what we were buying, and was very happy. Would buy another one when this one is time to trade in.

- Tamara A

That it is powerful and fast and I am able to pull just about anything.

Do not like that my ac is not working. I like the room that I have in my vehicle and my radio. I also like the low miles.

- Miranda B

It's takes a lot of gas to get to your day to day commutes.

i don't like that my car takes a bunch of gas . i love that i can haul things, and tow, but trips cost a lot of money.

- wesley s

2001 Dodge Ram well driven

Very dependable, drives well and can haul just about anything, however as with all trucks it's a bit of a gas hog

- Shane S

that it's durable and dependable truck. It has 4 wheel drive and a v6

my truck belongs to my husband but is very durable. It has 4 wheel drive to get you going. My truck is dependable

- cassandra r

Up keep is cheap. The oil changes are cheap.

Reliable, long lasting, good looking and drives and rides well. Low maintenance so far.... Would like better mpg.

- Tom S

Being red in color it is very visible. People tend to see me easily.

I like full size vans and this one is customized. No complaints the mileage is good. It is comfortable to drive.

- Al M

My truck has so much room in the cab. I love it!

I only like things about my truck. Its cab is roomy and the pick up is roomy too. Lots of power and comfortable.

- Yvonne S

Dodge love hate relationship

As in a huge number of Dodge products the dash is disintegrated. Easy to work on parts are fairly inexpensive.

- Beth L

That that year has transmission issues.

I like that I can haul more things and leg room. I do not like the gas mileage and the transmission troubles.

- Dee B

It doesn't get great gas mileage and it is not the most comfortable ride.

I like the bed size. I wish the ac worked a little better. I wish I could install a double din radio in it.

- David G

Big Dodge Ram 1500 great work truck!

It's a great truck very dependable but sometimes the transmission slips but all in all it's a great truck.

- Richard H

they ride great. the dash and transmission are the weak points

Bodys are thin, rust a lot. Interior don't last long. dashes are crap. Has plenty of power but loves gas.

- Ron S

Very tough durable truck decent gas mileage and tows very well.

I have owned this truck for 10 years and 360 thousand miles I use it everyday and has never let me down.

- Bryan C

The four wheel drive is amazing.

Awesome vehicle! Only thing I've ever had to do is change brake pads, a that's any vehicle. Its great.

- Holly S

I can trust it to get me anywhere I need to go whenever I need to.

It's reliable and dependable. Doesn't get very good gas mileage. Has a v8 engine with four wheel drive

- James M

Watch out and have good towing coverage. Don't run out of gas and learn your truck.

Old green truck. Starting to hate me. Needs more repairs than I can afford. Time to say goodbye.

- Karen G

Very well made except for the dash

Reliable but the dash disintegrates on these trucks Overall well built except for there dashboard

- James S

It did hold up pretty well through the years. It is dependable, drives nice.

I like its dependability, it is handy for many things. Wish it was a little better on gas.

- Jerry D

Air Conditioner is horrible! And you will spend almost a hundred bucks to fill up every week.

Love how high it sits and the visibility. Hate the gas mileage and the air conditioner.

- Shane S

Good truck 350992 miles still going quality product

Great truck dodge went cheap on dashboard but great truck 350992 miles still going

- George X

Its reliable and capable of doing everything i need to do

It's a heavy duty well built truck that is inexpensive to maintain and payed for

- Drew C

It quickly deteriorates after purchase and your gas mileage will get worse and worse.

Rusting pretty bad. Lots of upkeep needed. Handles bad and has bad mileage.

- Brandon W

It's my truck and nobody should mess with it

I like dodges. And like that it's easy on gas. I hate that it's not 4x4

- Jesse P

The mileage, room and price of the car.

It's unique. Has good mileage. Kinda expensive. Little space sometimes.

- Malachi J

dependable easy to drive comfortable 4 wheel drive

4 wheel drive easy to drive comfortable pretty good on gas

- jane s

It is only a 2 wheel drive.

Love that It's a truck and that it is a Doge.

- Douglas M