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My Dodge RAM is a big blue beast with plenty of power.

I have always preferred to own and drive Chevy's. However, the first time I drove my Dodge RAM 1500 pick up truck, I fell in love. Instantly I fell for the power that was behind me, the quick get up and go this RAM held. My daughters and I feel safe and secure in my big bodied blue beast. My chief complaint is the stereo and speakers just are not loud enough for me. The back door speakers didn't have any sound. I did have the stereo swapped out and a speaker box put in under the back seat. My music is much louder now and easier to listen to while I jam out, the windows down, driving just a hair over the speed limit. I do enjoy my new speakers however, I honestly preferred the stock radio over the newer one I had installed. Another feature I adore about my Dodge RAM 1500 pick up truck would have to be the extra space allotted for under the back seat. (this space now holds a custom speaker box. ) I have also had a metal tool box installed in the bed which locks and keeps my tools and emergency kits safe from the weather as well as from being stolen. I love that my truck has four full doors. Oh, also I attached a larger size rearview mirror to see better.

- Jo Lene W

2003 Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab with 225, 000 miles.

I really enjoy my vehicle and it has been reliable for the past 15 years. We have kept up with the maintenance and have put the best products you can buy back into the vehicle. This includes oil, tires, air filters, oil filters, exhaust, batteries, and catalytic converter. The vehicle has been so reliable that it currently has 225, 000 miles on it and I expect it to be over 300, 000 by the time any real issues arise. It does have performance issues just like any other vehicle that is this old, being the power it has and it also burns oil quite often within the engine itself, so constant checking the oil is a must. The vehicle also wastes a lot of gas as well, even for a 4. 7l v8 which is a negative since I commute to downtown phoenix for work during the work week. Also the ride is not the smoothest and there is not much cab room as compared to newer trucks, even though it is a four door crew cab.

- Anthony A

Dodge ram: reliable, comfortable, and stylish.

I really love my dodge ram pickup. It's the first truck I have ever owned and I always loved the style of the dodge trucks compared to others on the market. The gas mileage isn't all that great but I love all the capabilities I have with my truck, it has excellent 4 wheel drive, a large truck bed for storage and carrying items, the interior is nice and spacious for holding 6 passengers comfortably. It doesn't have many features because it is a 2003 model but I added my own aftermarket radio to give me more capabilities with my stereo system. It's also a smooth driving truck, it doesn't feel rough or makes you feel like you bounce around. The engine is amazing and it has nice acceleration speed because it's a v8 engine, not at all like a sports car but it helps for passing vehicles when needing to be. This truck basically fits my style and I love the red exterior color of it.

- Michael F

2003 Dodge RAM 1500: big blue.

I bought this truck as my first vehicle and I got it used. The biggest problems I have had to do with faulty wiring, belts and stalling. The faulty wiring had to do with my speedometer, when I first got it the only thing that wasn't responding on the dash was the speedometer. We tried fuses and such but that didn't work so we had to get a new dash display, but keep in mind that this is a 2003 truck in 2018. Next, my belt broke after going down the highway, but I do not think the had ever been replaced prior. Lastly, for some reason, for an entire month or so after I bought it, the engine would stall going up any incline.

- Nick E

2003 Dodge Ram 1500, v6, manual transmission.

I bought this truck new in 2003 and had an a/c problem shortly after. There was a recall on the a/c wiring harness. Other than that it has been a dependable v6, manual transmission, great gas mileage, comfortable truck. The brakes have been fine for over 120, 000 miles. I loved the graphite paint Dodge used back then, that was another reason I bought it. The back end is light, so you do not gas it from a dead stop on a wet road or you will spin the tires going nowhere. The cab is huge, plenty of room. And I recommend the rubber floors, they've held up great.

- Joseph B

Ultimate road trip vehicle.

Ram 1500 conversion van is spacious, comfortable, and easy to handle. Leather interior is easy to clean and maintain. The two separate radio/cd players allow for kids to listen to separate music than the driver. TV and remote great features when traveling long distances with kids. Rear seat let’s electrically folds out to bed with ease. Turn ratio is nice for a vehicle it is size. Not great on gas, but decent mileage per gallon for a vehicle that size.

- Tricia M

I hate this truck. I would not have bought it under different circumstances.

If you want a truck that gets terrible gas mileage, has a constant check engine light on the dash, airbag recalls, with a front end that squeaks every time you turn the steering wheel or go over a bump, ignition problems that for some reason causes the ac/heat blower motor to not work, blend door problems with ac/heat that makes the heat not blow very hot in winter and the ac to not blow very cold in the summer, then this truck is for you!

- Brian H

The hemi engine makes a girl feel large and in charge managing the country life!

I love my 2003 Dodge RAM 1500 laredo edition. It has leather and electric seats and it very roomy inside. It holds 6 people very comfortably. It has a hemi motor so it does take a little more gas and does not get the greatest mileage in town but we live in the country and it is great for hauling wood in the roomy truck bed and plenty of power when the snow gets deep on the country roads. All in all I would give my truck a 4 star rating.

- Kendi M

Great concept for a truck.

I love my truck. It has heated seats. Extra cab and great for the kids and family, overall a lot of space. I don't mind how much gas it uses it has been great on and off-road. It handles very well. Power everything makes life easy. The stock speakers and radio are great both nice and loud. It's very realizable and parts are too expensive to fix the truck but thankfully it doesn't break down too often.

- Chris S

Fast for a truck, sounds nice, very comfortable, easy to drive, handles well.

Very comfortable seat sits lower than my f150 which I like because you don't have to be sitting straight up and down and hurt your back. Small things break easily like switches inside doors and the grab handles. There is also a random ding that says there's a lamp out when there's no lights out. I think its a short in some wiring because sometimes it happens after you go over bumps.

- Katy F

Performance and highlights of a 2003 Dodge.

My Dodge RAM is a 2003 and has over 170000 miles and has been fantastic, has towed several items, camper, trailers, etc. The performance was great. Now it is getting of age, having to have to done was the air conditioning and heater, the rest is just maintenance and repairs for that age. The body still looks new when cleaned up. Will be getting another when we retire this one.

- Cynthia M

Fast and easy ride the hemi is great to get you fast where you want to go.

Runs great if like going fast and passing other cars are easy as 1-2-3. Has a good ride can fit 6 adults lots of room radio sounds great speakers are in the right places got plenty of room in the bed of the truck to haul most of the stuff. Doing regular work on truck not to bad for do it yourself like oil changes, brakes, and hoses but tune up on the hemi is a real pain.

- david C

Dodge ram 1500 4 wheel drive.

Have had to do a lot of maintenance on it at 150000 miles did plugs coils and intake gasket still a nice truck looks newer than is holds road nice very roomy nice features can tow a lot more than its competitors of the same age and spec like the built in standard storage under its rear seat like the visibility and has fewest blind spots than my Chevy I had before it.

- Brian F

The engine of a Dodge Ram.

Dodge has one of the most reliable engine when it comes to longer lasting which is the hemi. I have purchased and Dodge Ram 03 back in 2003. It is been more than 15 years since I bought it, and since those 15 years, I have been using it everyday and not once have I had a trouble with the engine breaking down on me. It also one of the best trucks that rides smoothly.

- Jorge D

Dodge RAM 1500 detail review.

This truck is very reliable. I have had this truck for almost ten years and the only problem that I have ever had with it is that the air conditioner broke and had to be replaced. Another problem that I have had with it is that the dash has cracked because of heat exposure over time. This truck is also one that I would most likely buy again when I can afford it.

- Jaime K

2010 Equinoxes are terrible.

My vehicle is a 2010 Equinox. It was great the first year then the timing chain needed to be replaced which is very common for that year motor. However mine was over on the miles so they couldn't help me. I eventually had to have the whole motor replaced. Then about a year later it died in the middle of the road and will not start up again.

- Jackie H

I love how big the bed of the truck is awesome because you can put so much in there.

I love how big the bed of the truck is! We've had problems with the transmission but once we got it fixed under warranty and haven't had any problems since then. I love how big it is and how tall!! I love the speed and sound of the truck. I also love how fast it can go within a few seconds. It is one of the best vehicles I have owned!!

- Ashley A

03 dodge ram 1500 slt 4x4 review, a workhorse.

73k. New ball joints at 72k(typical of dodge) . Just replaced factory tires . Just replaced rear wheel speed sensors . Drives like a dream. 4x4 works splendidly. No rust yet on my particular machine. . Hauls my 10x6 single axle trailer easily. 4.7 v8 is a little unfriendly with the gas usage, but that is expected.

- Franklin B

We call it the big red ram.

No problems, 218, 000 miles, garage kept, serviced as recommended, runs just like the day we picked it up new. A little hard for a guy my age to get in but I do it. It is great to drive in downtown Tampa or the rural roads of Florida. Good gas mileage and no one will mess with me when the green light comes on.

- Keith F

Dodge Ram 1500 is the best truck on the market, its built very strong.

My truck is the best vehicle I have ever owned. Its strong and dependable. The Dodge Ram 1500 has very little things that go wrong, just normal wear and tear. They are pretty good on gas. Good tires for it are expensive. Best truck ever. If you plan on buying a truck. . . Do yourself a favor and buy a Dodge Ram.

- Donna E

It's sturdy and roomy. There is room to put things and room to spare

I like the height and size of it overall. It has the 4 doors and roomy for people to sit comfortable. What I don't like it.. typical Dodge it's rusts out in the usual places, door,frame and fenders . The engine has flaws that aren't easy to diagnose or fix . But overall I enjoy driving and riding I it.

- Darla S

It has a switch to turn the airbag off.

So far it has had overheating but then has been fixed and fine. It has comfortable seats and drives smooth very safe. Other problems were the main controls on door has been replaced twice and about to be replaced again. It has a lot of miles but still is running somewhat good gets me from point A to B.

- Crystal S

2003 dodge ram 1500, built tough and very dependable.

The vehicle is nice and dependable, has some issues with the heating/cooling system that dodge needs to address but for the most part I am very pleased with the vehicle. The truck has 230, 000 miles and has had no major repairs done to it, the truck drives nice and is fairly good on fuel economy.

- James G

This vehicle can be used for work or luxury.

Has no problems it does need a paint job. It has cold air conditioning. Good gas mileage. Very nice stereo. It has 4 doors so our children can ride comfortable all electric windows heater works well and there is 22" rims and low profile tires. Engine is very well kept. Nothing needs fixed on it.

- Diana P

Smooth great driving truck.

I have not had any problems with this truck. It drives smooth, handles well. This is the 2nd Dodge RAM I have had. This one is full sized and has 8 foot bed. I can pull with this truck without any problems at all. I would say if you are looking for a dependable truck choose a Dodge ram.

- Jim C

It has a back bed to transport any large objects. Great for moving.

My 2003 Dodge ram-1500 is a very reliable vehicle. It is great for transporting large objects in the bed. It is safe. Runs very long. Look wise, has a great classic Dodge RAM look. The inside provides great air conditioning, heated seats when necessary and overall comfort and style.

- Simone B

2003 dodge ram 1500: overall a great truck.

The 2003 dodge ram 1500 is a very comfortable ride. Very reliable. The only problems that I've had with the dodge is the ball joints. Wasn't too costly at my local mechanic. Little light on the back end which causes it to get stuck in the mud very easily but overall a great truck.

- Cade H

My vehicle is reliable, comfortable and has a classic good look.

My truck has good horsepower and does not lag at all when hauling. It is a good work truck but the ride is comfortable like a sedan. I like the location of the controls for the cruise control, they're easy to see and access while driving. This is a good safety feature.

- Lorena A

The best truck on the road.

We love our Dodge ram-1500 slt crew cab. Its fast and runs so smooth. It doesn't even feel like you in a truck. We love to haul things for our friends. My husband also uses it to pull vehicles to his shop he is a mechanic. This is the best truck that we have ever had.

- Tara O

Reliable. Sturdy build. Readily available parts.

I have found that all jokes aside from that Dodge is a very solid brand from buying my old man of an 03 1500 it has served me reliably with only small fits attributed to its old age no transmission slipping only the slight blemishes of rust an old truck would have.

- Mark R

Great truck, 5. 7 is a good motor!

It is a great truck, pulls great, fast and it is lasted to almost 300k miles. The heat stopped working and I had to rip out the dash to fix the issue, I have read that a lot of Dodges have this issue. All and all, it runs and drives and is still doing great.

- Danielle R

Easy to work on, fun to drive!

I purchased my 2003 Dodge Ram in 2016, after buying a 2015 pickup. The Ram not only out performed the newer model, it has been more reliable overall. Handles well, has more than enough power, and is easy to work on myself. Would definitely recommend it.

- Richard S

never buy dodge ram again. never spend 20 grand on a vehicle again.

engine failed after 120k miles. rear differential failed around same time. front differential failed around same time. engine lacks power. bad gas mileage. other brands offer larger cab space for same price. too expensive to work on. hard to find parts

- josh h

How it needs the bed repaired because of the Rust.

It is a great truck love the comfort of my seats has plenty of power gas mileage is pretty good for being a 4x4 I get around 20-25 miles to a gallon of gas . The only big disappointment would be how the bed rust out around back wheels on bed .

- John R

That it is a very reliable truck and will definitely get the job done.

Has great performance. Love how it handles my work load and drives great. It is definitely reliable for my daily use. Has great comfort for long and short drives. Has 4x4 wheel drive cruise control nice sound system power locks and windows.

- Chris D

Overall very good vehicle for us. And I love the way Dodge trucks look

Performance is great, reliability very good, comfort short distance great, long distance not good at all. Over all I would definitely buy again. Problems rust on wheel wells on bed. Have notice this is a problem on most of them I have seen.

- Jodi S

This truck is very reliable.

I like the power of the truck and it is towing capabilities. It is roomy and has plenty of back seat room. Very reliable and has not had any issues on the road. However it is not the greatest for gas mileage and only averages about 11 mpg.

- Mitchell C

One of my favorite things about my truck is the sound of her when she takes off. Also her solid build is very important safety-wise. I was t-boned in this truck & she saved my life. She sustained some heavy damage, but she was not totaled due to her strong build. No frame damage just primarily body damage. I was hit on the driver side. I only sustained some bruises. The Ford truck that hit me hit my drivers door about 6 inches from the exact middle of my door. It caved in but saved me from serious injury.

I love my truck. She's reliable & can get me anywhere I need to go. Very comfy & roomy. She's a 4WD w/a big engine(5.7 Hemi). Biggest problem is just age-related issues & gas mileage. Also clear coat peeling. Otherwise, she's awesome!

- Estella T

Daily driver. Keeps on going never let me down.

Like it lot it 2 door l tint the windows to black with white paint black handles and bumpers. Put a black cover over bed and chrome wheels on with 225 p/55 sized tires look good that sit low. I have a lot of miles on her 245, 00.

- Mike F

The 5.7 L V8 hemi is one of the best engines you can get in a pickup.

A dodge ram 1500 is a very reliable truck. Available in 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive. Amazing, powerful engine. 5.7 in particular is a very reliable engine. Transmission works great. Never have any mechanical issues or electrical.

- Victor O

U seen it Dodge lasts a long time it is been proven dependable for a fact.

I prefer Dodge because of long lasting durable engines it has well built and very dependable especially my opinion I have driven this vehicle for years no problems only one part added radiator but other than great vehicle.

- Keith I

It is one of the best trucks made.

I like my truck, however it does have a tendency to feel like a stagecoach when riding in it.I love the way it sounds when it is being driven. It roars and sounds tough. I like the full size bed for hauling.

- Pam S

The most important thing about our van is that it holds seven or eight passengers and we still have room for packages from shopping.

We have a Dodge Ram converted van. It is off-white and has lots of room. I like the extra room and comfortable seats. I don't like that I have trouble parking the van as it is big for a lot of spaces.

- Joanne F

It's an awesome work truck. But will kill your wallet at the gas station.

My normal vehicle is an 09 pontiac g6 but that was not on the list so I used my second vehicle. It's a big dodge ram crew cab. runs great and tows great. very bad on gas and hard to get in and out of

- Tamara F

See above. I reiterate what I said in the foregoing paragraph.

Ball joints on driver's side will be mechanically taken care of on Tuesday, 9/18/2018. I love my truck and, if I sell it, my conscience will be clear. In the meantime, I will be safe in my travels.

- Linda K

I use it to tow trailers sometimes

I like that It's a very durable truck and gets me where I need to go but there has been a bit of a stalling issue lately so I am not to happy about that but other wise it has been good to me

- lori H

Oldie but Goodie. But still kickin

Not as good on gas mileage as I would like. I think it's due more the high mileage and age. Starting to see signs of age. Heat doesn't work anymore. Replaced radiator earlier this year.

- Johnny V

Dodge has not changed the design or engine in a long time so they are doing something right.

It's very roomy and convenient to have a bed it's a cover over it for storage. It is a well built truck with very little upkeep. It has over 200,000 miles on it and runs great.

- Thomas L

It is reliable and as a student it has proved invaluable.

I have greatly enjoyed the vehicles reliability over the years. If I must cite a singular problem it is that the AC can be quite finicky and the associated parts often fail.

- Seth M

It can haul almost anything.

The fact that it is a 4 door, has a 8 ft bed and 4 wheel drive. There's nothing I dislike about it. I like the fact that it is paid for and has room for multiple people.

- Inez S

My truck is very durable and powerful. Most important thing other should know would be the fact this vehicle has been very good to myself and my family.

I like the power and durability I have experienced throughout the ownership. I am able to tow my boat and fifth wheel with ease. Dislike the Gas expenses and low MPG>

- David M

It's a Dodge it's a quality truck and that is important. It will last a long time

It is a Dodge truck that my husband found a good deal, we have always loved Dodge so we were excited to be able to buy one for a truck it has a wonderful, smooth ride

- kim b

It is easy to drive and to see out of.

I have always loved Dodge cars and trucks. It took 20 years of love to find my perfect truck. It has a hemi motor and is very powerful. I hate nothing about my truck.

- Melanie H

It is a good and reliable vehicle, but gets terrible gas mileage.

I like that my vehicle is a four wheel drive. I am able to travel in most conditions. I dislike the terrible gas mileage. I also dislike that the paint is peeling.

- Kimberly A

Dodge Ram 1500! Very Powerful and Comfortable to boot!

I love my Dodge Ram 1500. It is a great ride and very comfortable. My only complaint is that it is hard to get in! I am only 5'4" and fat! So you get the picture!

- Danny C

It's dependable, and I never have to worry about it not being there for me.

I like my dodge for Its versatility. Als0 for Its gas mileage and its ride. and lastly it does whatever job I ask of it from traveling to hard labor and pulling.

- wallace S

It's a red truck that is four door

While it has a lot of problems to begin with, overall it's really comfortable to drive, my seats do not make me feel any discomfort when I drive long distance

- Edwin Q

They need maintenance so make sure you check things like oil, pressure on tires, tune up, etc.

It's reliable, we can have two more people in the truck, bed is big enough to take our bikes and whatever else we need to haul. I wish it were a newer model

- Ines S

That it is my only vehicle and I treat it like its brand new.

I like that I can haul things with it. I like that I can go places where a car can't. The only dislike I have I can't fit in small places like cars can.

- Austin Z

that a woman can handle a big truck, just as good as a man

I love the hemi motor and the power it gives me. I hate how old it is, hate that at some point(when the wheels fall off) that I will have to replace it

- Donna W

Dodge ram, a very hardworking and reliable truck!

I have had to replace the ac twice, and we had the right front tire pop off due to the bearings going out. Other then that it has been a awesome truck!

- Stephanie M

Safety and cost effective.

I love my truck. I feel safe in my full size truck. I love that is a quad cab. I love that it is a v8, lots of power, drives smooth. Good and reliable.

- Jennifer S

Dodge has not changed the design of the ram trucks in 15 years or more because they got it right back in the early 2000s.

Great on gas, handles like it was built yesterday. I trust any dodge product. The truck on a scale of one to ten in general would gather a 10 from me.

- Thomas L

It is very clean for It's age. The interior is not torn and the carpeting is still showing minimal wear. The paint still shines and the truck is very roomy and comfortable.

I bought this vehicle as a non running truck. Replaced the engine and now although 15 years old it has a 3yr. 100,000 mile warranty on the new engine.

- Allen D

It's rugged and reliable.

I like having the bed for moving things when I want. I never have to worry about the winter weather. It has plenty of room for the whole family.

- Mark G

My opinion on a 2003 dodge ram 1500

It is actually a very comfortable rig. It looks really good and runs really good. My only complaint about it is that it gets poor fuel mileage.

- Ryder J

Dodge Ram's are reliable, trustworthy and fun to drive

Best truck ever! Comfortable like a luxury car, durable and reliable! Would consider purchasing another when we decide to buy another vehicle.

- Laurie D

Even though it has a small motor it still is fast.

My vehicle tends to break the rear end. When it breaks I have to spend money to fix it. When I spend a lot of money it doesn't make me happy.

- Brian G

It has four wheels and gets me from point A to B.

My truck drives well, but the gas mileage is not the greatest. It does not have automatic locks and windows either, but it is fully paid for.

- Jonathan H

It is extremely safe and has lots of room!.

I love having a truck with a tailgate. I really like how roomy the inside of the truck is. I would be happier with better gas mileage!.

- Linda B

Wonderfully spacious seats.

Gas mileage could be better. Rear end is very light and rust is starting on rear wheel wells. But it is a truck that drives like a car.

- Keith M

That it gets the he job done. No matter what towing or hauling.

I like that its spacious. Its cargo space. Dislike the use of gas. But overall it's a great ride reliable dislike the roller windows.

- Oscar S

It still runs well for its age. Passes state inspection.

It's has always been reliable. Easy to replace simple parts like bulbs. However the dashboard is all cracked and it's a gas guzzler.

- James S

A very good all around truck

About two years ago blower motor stopped working & electric fan for air conditioning stopped working! Other than that a great truck

- David H

It has lasted quite a long time. It definitely has had some problems, but for all it's been through it has been a pretty hardy vehicle.

I like how long this truck has lasted. I don't like that both the AC and heat have gone out. I have a lot of good memories in it.

- Allyson N

It holds up well over time, minor cosmetic issues, but still runs great

I like the roomy interior, I dislike how it rust around the wheel wells, and the driver seat needs a cover, due to how it wears.

- Nicholas W

It is reliable. It can haul stuff

I like my vehicle because it is reliable. I can for hauling stuff. It is a 4x4 and it is a manual. i like stranded transmission

- jeremiah f

That it has a recall on the airbag, and if you have gotten anything in the mail. Take to the dealership like "ASAP".

I love the sound of the engine. Dislike, it do not have Bluetooth. I like the way that it handles the road. No other dislikes.

- Joe B

My vehicle is well made and reliable. It is comfortable and has everything I need in it.

I like that the vehicle is comfortable. In addition it sits high up off the ground. I also like that it has 4 wheel drive.

- Judy L

That it has great horse power, and very well taken care of.

There are not any problems, I have taken care of it very well, when there were problems I took it to a shop immediately.

- Gabriel C

It has really nice headlights

It runs really good and drives very well, it has great body style and lot of room in the back end, the tailgate is nice

- Ker S

That it may possibly rust over the wheel wells and it keeps spreading

My truck runs great, it very reliable but the only thing i don't like is it's rusting over top of the rear wheel wells

- Steven W

The vehicle runs very well. I have had minimal issues with it since purchase.

I like how it runs. I also like the color and the fact that it has low miles. I do not like the rust due to the age.

- Jon V

Make sure there are no recalls.

My air conditioning has gone out twice since I have had it and the seats rip easily. But, other than that I love it.

- Anna G

It is easy to drive. Even though it is big. Can maneuver in parking lots easily.

I love the seats and how comfortable it is. Low maintenance and good quality. Good family vehicle to go on trips in.

- Laura C

Best truck ever made is the Ram

My ram is my baby. I love that truck like I love my kids. I baby it like it's a kid. I have no complaints about it.

- Kyle M

Jeep runs great with over 300,000 miles.

Like the truck for what it is, hauling, space for everything.. Gas mileage is not good, only 16 miles per gallon.

- Susan R

It is a lifted 4wd Dodge Ram.

It is a lifted 4x4 pickup that my grandkids love. It turns a lot heads. It can go anywhere and it is paid off.

- Owen R

It is durable and very dependable

I really enjoy my vehicle, it has been very dependable and trustworthy. I really don't have any complaints

- Glenn M

It's is champagne in color and trimmed in chrome.

It's a four door 2003 dodge ram 1500 with a 4.7 engine. It's new tires and brakes. I just changed the oil.

- Edmund C

It looks good, and is fun to drive. It has plenty of cargo space for your things.

I like the size, being up off the road. I dislike the gas mileage costs a lot to fill and empties fast.

- April S

It was my husband's so it has sentimental meaning to me. I don't have to borrow a truck when I need one

I like driving a bigger vehicle. My truck is very peppy since it has a hemi. And its paid for.

- Melissa L

It has low mileage and a really good ride for a truck.

I like the hauling capacity. I like the look. I like the dependability. Over all a good truck.

- deborah W

the truck is the same color as the car, you can't always find them that way

it's a great truck. tires cost way too much. it has many features that we didn't know about.

- donna I

Rust problems, good engine, reliable, almost 250,000 miles over 16 years, and only a few recall related issues. That is because I had all scheduled maintenance performed timely.

Very reliable and easy to maneuver. I taught my daughter how to drive in this vehicle.

- Kim H

I use it alot and it works well for me. Looks good too. Sounds great.

Love the Hemi quick and smooth. Hauls a good amount of weight. Nice sound system too.

- Steven H

This vehicle is really good on gas. Very nice vehicle

Gives good gas mileage but has a slower motor than previous dodge ram 1500 owned.

- Nateesha H

Low mileage, low usage, been in the garage for 15 years

Nothing I've got no complaints I will probably never own any other vehicle

- Leza M

It takes a lot of work to maintain but if properly done it can be used as a means to generate more income

I love the size and versatility I wish it was more fuel efficient

- Juan S

My truck is a beast look out people.

i love trucks in general. It has a good mpg. it is a big truck.

- Mike B

The truck is a great truck, to be honest. In terms of reliability, its great and the cost for it is also cheap. Overall great vehicle.

The truck is very reliable and fun to drive. Also it has a V8

- Santana D

I have owned all makes of pickup trucks and I can honestly say my 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi Laramie model has served me better in all around situations than all my other pick up trucks have. My Ford was great for the dirt, my Chevys were great on the street, my imported pick up did ok but lacked power or capacity abilities. My Dodge is better than all of them has and has never failed me. I will buy another one when the time is right.

Capabilities all around including fuel mileage and towing

- Robert M

It's a good looking truck that is fun to drive in the city or on the highway

I love the feel of a big truck. I feel like i sit tall.

- Mary M

Its reliable i have taken it out of state and it got good mileage and it has lots of cargo space and leg room

its reliable and i would definitely would buy another

- marva v

It fits my family inside, haul things in the back

I like my pickup, helps me haul stuff, easy to drive

- Patty P

the van works great, have not had any major problems at all after all these years.

van is big. it is energy efficient. it works great

- dette g