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2004 dodge ram 1500 quad cab and 6 ft bed for hauling people and property.

The 2004 dodge ram 1500 has a very useful 6ft bed and it is a quad cab. It also has a full towing package with two different type of plugs for trailer light hook ups. I have never had engine trouble and has a protection feature that will not engage the starter motor if the engine is already running. It has had oil pan gasket leaks and had to replace front wheel hubs. The interior has plenty of storage, under the back seat and between the front seats. Radio controls are local to the radio or on the back of the steering wheel for easy finger control. There are six speakers for an all around sound. Both cassette and CD's can be listened to.

- Andrew N

3rd time buyer and very happy!

We have a 4-door 4x4 truck with hemi. We first purchased Dodge`s in 1991 and will never purchase any other brand. They are the most reliable, well built trucks we have ever owned. We've had zero problems and we use it for hauling tractors, trailers, mudding, going to our cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and everyday use. A shopping trip is a minimum of 15 miles one way...we live in the country. The interior is still like new with a few dog hairs, we rescue animals. We couldn't be happier with our truck!

- Shawna B

Tough durable and reliable.

While owning this vehicle, I have only had normal wear and tear. I change the oil every 3k miles. I change brakes pads when needed. The performance on this vehicle is great. 5.7 hemi, four wheel drive, cruise control, starts up with no problem even in winter. The reliability of this vehicle is satisfactory. Its starts up every day with no problem, it has a crew cab for extra seating incase I need to pick up or drop off people. Truck has great towing capabilities for hauling or moving anything.

- Rene P

Built as tough on the inside as it is on the outside!

I love my ram 1500, it is now 14 years old but it still runs extremely smooth and has never given me any issues. The handling has always flowed really easily and I have never struggled to drive it. The inside is roomy and perfectly fits two/ three people. The seats are still in good condition and they have not worn down or torn at all. It has very basic features, but the simplicity of the car makes it easy to drive and not expensive to replace parts, if something were to break.

- Miranda B

This pick up just keeps going.

This pickup truck is a long lasting one. With yearly maintenance and oil changes with pickup truck just keeps running. We have had to do some minor repairs or updates on the truck but as far as major expenses, this truck is a very low maintenance vehicle. There is rust around the wheel wells but that can be easily fixed. Our truck is a 2004 and just keeps going. We love the truck and even though it's over 250,000 miles we don't want to get rid of it.

- Toni G

Reliable, comfortable truck.

The truck has been fairly reliable over the past several years that I have owned it. I bought it used at 60, 000 miles and it now has around 120, 000 miles. The only real major expense that I have had with it was replacing the rear end. I am not sure if this is common or not. Other than that it has just been regular maintenance. I have a basic model, but it is comfortable on the inside with a lot of room and a smooth ride.

- Patty C

Dodge is better than everything!

I love my truck. It drives good, has lots of power very roomy on the inside. It's getting some age on it so a few problems have come up like some sensors going out, nothing more that a couple bucks to fix. There was a recall on the airbags, which my local dealership messed up and now I have a warning light that won't go off, and they refuse to fix b/c it'll cost them like $500. But other than that it's all good.

- Jennifer P

Reliable, Dependable, and Hard Working

Our truck has been very reliable and dependable. We have not had any trouble with the vehicle. It is spacious enough for our family of 4 with plenty of room to spare. The truck bed is a good size for hauling small furniture and other bulky items. The armrest has plenty of storage space and plenty of room so that you don't bump your passenger constantly. Overall it has been one of our most dependable vehicles.

- Christina B

2004 Dodge RAM 1500 rides really smooth.

2004 RAM 1500 has pretty good gas mileage. It comfortably fits 5 people but if going on a long trip then 4 people will fit comfortably. It drives really smooth but sometimes will have some really bad squeaking noises coming from the bed. The sound system is pretty good, it has an alright bass system in it and the sound gets pretty loud for those people who like to listen to their music loudly.

- Stephanie J

Great running truck with a lot of damage to the body and frame!

My truck is very reliable for the condition of which I purchased it off of my brother. It has 4 wheel drive. And it is very easy to switch it to the 4wd and lots of options! 4 wheel high, 4 wheel low, and it always runs in 2 wheel high! It has a electrical issues where I cannot get the tail light to work on the driver side. Also has a lot of body rust around the wheels and needs a lot of work.

- Star H

My truck is a 2004 Dodge 1500 5. 7 hemi. It has cloth seating and carpeted floors.

Performance is great I drive the 5. 7 hemi and it pulls my horse trailer great. Reliability wise, my truck is very reliable. Comfort wise it is very comfortable and a very smooth ride. Features I do not have a lot I have the carpet floors and the cloth seating and a/c and heat and that is a big deal to me because my first vehicle didn't have air so I love it. All in all I love my truck.

- Dawn F

Beautiful silver beast of a truck.

My truck ran perfectly for the first 10 years before we had to do anything more than general maintenance. Now we have had to replace the fuel pump, shocks and done some suspension work, as well as power steering, but the engine and most everything else still works great. Best truck I have ever purchased and it is still getting about the same gas mileage as when I bought it.

- Todd B

My 2004 Dodge RAM 1500 quad cab is a great pickup truck to own.

Plenty of room in the cab for up to 6 people. The motor, 5. 7l hemi, and transmission, heavy duty, are great for towing and helping all our friends move. The trade off is the gas mileage is around 13. 5mpg overall. It is comfortable enough for long trips. Our cost to own this truck has been mostly fuel, we've had to make very little repairs other than normal maintenance.

- John P

My 2004 Dodge RAM 1500 4x4 quad cab pickup.

I have 265000 miles drive it everyday it has the 5. 7 hemi and 4x4. Only real issue is the electrical system. The truck still gets 17 miles to the gallon of regular. I have also hit 4 deer with it and it has survived every one. I have replaced the alternator, steering rack the radiator and the water pump. Put on 3 sets of brake pads. Oil changed every 5000 miles.

- Roland G

That is comfortable but a bit small and cannot fit too many passengers.

I got truck after hurricane Katrina and it was used, but I bought it because of the low miles. It has a great stereo system, runs great and I have never had a problem with it. Dodge is my favorite brand of vehicle and I have always had a Dodge. Dodge vehicles have a great reputation and stands for quality. There is really nothing I dislike about my truck.

- Vicki J

I try to take good care of my vehicles.

Overall I like the truck but there are a few things I wish were different. First I wish it was a quad cab instead of a regular cab. Second I wish it had a different drive train set up. It is not very energy efficient does not get great gas mileage and it is not good at going up hills. Third it is a very rough riding truck and bounces around a lot.

- James c

Lots of room in back end Ac and heater work great Radio sounds amazing.

It currently needs some repair but I have owned it for a year and this is the first time it has broke down. It runs smoothly and is not bad on gas. Great summer and winter vehicle. Lots of space in front and tail gate. Ac works great for hot summer days. Heat works great for cold winter days. It sits 6 people comfortably. Radio sounds amazing.

- Tiffany H

I have added an aftermarket exhaust. Which makes it sound heavenly.

I love my truck, although it has many cosmetic and mechanical problems. The head gasket blew a little after hitting the 85,000 mile club. I had to drop a brand new engine in it. Cosmetically, the plastic from the interior breaks constantly. Though all these problems, I still have a strong connection with the truck. I would never replace it.

- Jonah G

Dodge Ram 2004 1500, it also has special chrome wheels.

The main problem is poor gas mileage, but it performs really well, it, s reliable, and comfortable to ride in. It also has four wheel drive and has big tires, so you sit high off the ground so it is good in snow. It also has a heavy duty bed cover, which makes it nice to haul groceries or anything else you want to protect from the weather.

- Carl G

My truck is awesome and we love it!

It has its problems like every vehicle does, but for the most part we love it. It is a four door truck. The back seat is very roomy and comfortable. It is a work truck so it is very useful for a lot of thing. Performance wise it has so problems but then again it a 2004. Not a new one. It has a/c heater. Nice radio. Electric windows, etc.

- Debbie M

The interesting detail about my truck is the cab it is really very roomy

The only reason I give it a 3 because it burns gas but I Love the ideal having a truck I can move my owe furniture or anything else even help people move comes in handy. And that it have four doors I'm not very funded of a 2 door car. But it really haves it's advantage and it's disadvantaged but I guess that's with any car.

- Cindy P

It's a Dodge but I trust it and can count on it for the most part!

I have own my truck for 5 years now. It's reliable and I feel safe just terrible on gas. This year the fuel pump went out on me with 175,000 miles on it. Also has always had electrical issues every since I owned it. Other the driver can roll up and down the windows. Nothing I would expect to from an older Dodge truck

- Robin C

My first owned truck and my go to for everywhere I go.

My 2004 Dodge RAM has been a champ with me, I am the second owner of the truck and the first owner really kept it beyond mint condition, I take care of it as needed and it has not failed on me. (knocks in wood) it pulls the weight when I need to haul and is my everyday commuter to and from work and school.

- Isabella S

Dodge owner review from a family

Very reliable. Easy to work on if it has minor issues. Displays miles per gallon to help monitor gas usage. Fits 6 people comfortably. Performs like a truck should. Is a great vehicle for working and family trips. Has cup holders and plenty of inside storage. Has child lock doors and a Bluetooth speaker.

- Cheyenne M

It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Fairly reliable but old so have some issues, some parts are hard to find and need to be ordered online. All and all motor very strong. Still has factory spark plugs. Not very fuel efficient. It takes a heavy load. Great as a work truck. Mine has the hemi motor, with proper upkeep should last a long time.

- Alicia E

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi Quad Cab

This truck is so comfortable to drive, it's roomy, runs smoothly and is extremely durable. I have the quad cab and I easily fit two car seats and a teenage boy in the back with room to spare. I'm also short and I love that I can actually see over the bed of the truck when looking in my rear view mirror.

- Sandra Y

I am sure everyone knows about a Dodge RAM 1500.

I would enjoy the newer version of what I have now. There is something wrong with the front end, we have had to replace the transmission due to it going out. We think we have a cracked head. I am looking to buy a Durango next. We are wanting to upgrade the truck we have now to an extended cab and 4x4.

- Christina W

Problems with 2004 Dodge RAM 1500.

Check engine light on, passenger sun visor broke, cracked dash, some windows not work electric windows, multi switch malfunction hard to start, gas cap breaks not put out much heat passenger front window drops out of track passenger back window not work sometimes check gage light comes on at idle.

- James C

Dodge RAM 1500 motor issues.

My vehicle has had a few engine issues with dropping a cylinder. We changes plug and wires but still nothing. So we changed the coil pack and seems to have fixed the problem. Aside from that issue I love my truck and it has not let me down. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Connie R

It has a strong 5. 7 hemi v8 engine.

My 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 is extremely comfortable we use it to take all of our long trips it is very reliable I have had it for about 2 years and all I have had to do to it is change the oil. I believe Dodge is a good choice and would highly recommend them due to my good experiences with them.

- Stephen M

One of the best vehicles I have ever owned.

Has a hemi very reliable. I have 270,000 miles on it and it run like new. I being a ex mechanic, would purchase another one if the case arises..Highly recommend it over any other 4 wheel drive being offered at this time..It is all original. I bought it brand new. And trust it to go anywhere.

- Steven W

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 4wd with the 5.7 Hemi

I bought my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 new in 2004. It has been the best vehicle purchase I have ever made. In 14 years the only problem that I have had was two months ago the rear end went out and I replaced it for $850.00 and that has been the only problem I have ever had. Absolutely love my Ram.

- Gregory C

It is a pickup truck, it has an engine, a steering wheel, four tires, four doors.

I love it, I would like to upgrade to a newer model and I want to get a Durango. I am not sure what else you would like, so I am just going to type and see how many letters I can get. I do not like when they make me put my opinions in here and then force me to get a certain amount of words.

- Christina W

How to fix trucks and to make the trucks better.

I like the truck only problem I had with it is the order messing up they can fix it by making the tier out some and to fix it by moving the tier out where it will not rub and make the break last more if it do not rub and to make sure the tires are good before selling the trucks to people.

- Andrea H

Dodge Ram 1500, the best deal ever!

My Dodge Ram 1500 gets 15.9 mpg, has a dual exhaust, and a computer program to help with fuel efficiency. It has been well taken care of and uses High Octane fuel. When I need to haul or pull anything, it can handle the job. I highly recommend a Dodge Ram 1500 for any trucking needs.

- Patsy G

Surprisingly comfortable and strong dodge ram 1500 with a 6 cylinder!

It is very reliable and can handle big loads. The only problem is the acceleration pick up, it is a little slow as a 6 cylinder. The interior is very roomy for one beach seat. I would hope that the 6 cylinder would get me a little better gas mileage, I am getting around 19 overall.

- Brian D

One of my favorite vehicles of all time.

Great truck. If you don't mind the rust spots on wheel wells truck has run well. Also dashboard will crack. Other than that awesome truck. I love it! Does not have 4x4 which is the other downfall. Also put sand or some other weight in the bed so it doesn't fishtail in the winter.

- Michael R

Powerful and beautiful truck

I love my hemi engine. Drives powerful, no problems in the 10 years I've owned it except for fuel pump. Seats and comfy and big. Leather is still intact. I've taken it on many road trips with no problems. Very powerful and beautiful truck. My next vehicle will also be a ram

- Abby R

Dodge Ram. White with off-roading tires. V8 engine

Really never had any problems with my pickup only the usual maintenance. Comfortable when I drive it especially for long rides. Also helpful to carry heavy equipment and moves things around especially for work purposes! Performance of the truck is great with a V8 engine.

- Abel A

It's a well made vehicle and it runs really well.

Runs, good, has some ac problems buy it gets me from point A to point B. I really like the 5. 7 liter hemi and would like to get some new tires for it because the tread is low. It doesn't get great gas mileage but It's better than not having the means for transportation.

- Derek L

It gets you to where you are going from point A to point B.

Its a two wheel drive it runs good transmission is good it gets you to where you are going it drives good the power steering pump is going out back glass needs to be replaced along with the passenger windshield wiper the gas pump needs replaced and sparks plugs changed.

- Angela H

Dodge RAM 1500 make 2004 very good truck.

Very safe. Very reliable. Roomy. Spacious. Great fuel mileage. No problems. Computer went out couple myths ago and was an easy fix. So much room the only thing we don't like about it is the back seat seatbelts don't tighten very tight when we put kids back there.

- Bree S

Easy truck to maintain when needed.

Solid truck easy to work on and maintain would definitely purchase another it's nice to have a full size extended cab pickup with 4x4 for the family and work purposes towing capacity is solid for a half ton pickup and can haul a good amount of product in the rear.

- Brian J

It is very low maintenance and easy to take care of.

I am quite happy with the performance of the truck. I especially like the fact that it is a standard shift and not automatic. I enjoy being able to load up the bed when I need to transport big or bulky items. Overall I am pleased with the gas mileage and handling.

- Patricia A

Dodge rams are comfortable, look awesome and do the work I need it to

I have always been a fan of dodge trucks and this one is no different. I love the looks, comfort and power of them which is why i have had this one so long. It is starting to need repairs often so I will probably trade soon and will choose another ram when i do

- Cecil L

Excellent paint straight body no cards in the inferior.

It is a great truck it black and yellow it has for door and black inside and I use it a lot for hauling off trash tiers and scrap meal and I like taking it camping and putting in a air bed and sleep under the stars when I get up I can go anywhere in my truck.

- Tom J

Pulled a fully loaded trailer from MI to AK and back with no issues.

I have had no big issues in the 7 years I've owned the vehicle. One issue I would point out are the drive axles/bearings. I've had to replace the CV axle 3 times. This could be due to the slightly larger wheels it has currently which are not the stock size.

- Anthony F

Reliability 2004 Dodge Ram SLT truck.

Low maintenance repair on vehicle. Reliable if routine maintenance performed. Would buy another truck like this if priced appropriately. Only problem I had was the rear end needed replaced ar 125, 000 miles. Other than that everything has performed well.

- Robert P

This truck is a black beauty.

Check engine stays on but runs fine. Mostly the only thing I do not like about it is the gas mileage. It is very reliable and looks great. Needs new tires soon. Can pull a boat or camper trailer. Four wheel drive works perfect. Interior in great condition.

- Adam S

The dodge ram. The truck of Texas.

It was cheaper than and ford 150. It has the same engine and space as a Chevy in the same class model. The basic designs are easier to work. Great on gas. All the replacement parts I can fix myself. I have never had problems with the motet or transmission.

- Rock M

Dodge RAM 1500 Hemi 4 wheel drive.

I love my truck! Runs well, performs well. It has 4 wheel drive so it is really nice for when we take the family camping or go off-roading. It is very comfy and roomy on the inside, it seats 6 people. Started as a work truck and is still running strong.

- Michelle P

Great, long lasting pickup.

Great vehicle. After 14 years and not quite 100, 000 miles no major problems to report. Fuel economy is not ideal. I only average about 12 miles per gallon. Great for small hauls and road trips though. No problems with engine or transmission to report.

- Brad M

Great everyday truck single cab is very spacious

Get truck gets me to where I have to be. I have never had any problems with my trucks. I have owned it for over 10 years. And never have thought I made a bed chose. The v 6 engine makes sure I am not wasting to much gas very simple truck nothing fancy

- Herald C

The great interval for your needs, work, and play.

Its has a sleek body style different in comparison. Rides very smooth when working. Great work truck when it runs. Good on gas mileage whenever they fix the problems in the engines. Other than that it's a great pick up truck. Will ride a whole family.

- Evan G

I believe my Dodge is best truck on road. I have owned several if them.

I like that it feels safe or heavy unlike a Toyota that feels as if I am driving a can of tuna. I like having 4 wheel drive due to needing it to get home. Also like that it is a quad cab so I have luxury of having full back seat as well as truck bed.

- Lily W

reliable, no major repairs done to it, great ride

Great truck, very reliable. Its plain Jane, in other words it does not have power windows or another bunch of modern technology in it. The front in design, something must be off, I had to replace the rack and pinion 4 times since I owned it in 2004.

- shane t

My 2004 Dodge Ram pickup that comes in handy on our farm.

I love driving my truck. I do not love filling up the tank but if I stay around the town I live in I can usually make a gallon of gas last a month or so. It drives smooth and is just a really dependable vehicle and comes in handy on our farm.

- Amanda W

It is a good work and sport truck.

I have no problem with the Ram 1500 it drive good only problem is use lot of gas in the city but o the road it is good on gas, the only problem I had was with rear end and bearing other than that all is well.

- Wilson P

Great vehicle but expensive fixes

I love this truck, the only issues i've had with the vehicle is that the blower motor has gone out and I have not been able to afford to fix it as it is very expensive to have the dash pulled to replace it.

- Bryan F

A reliable truck that will serve you well

It has roughly 110k miles on it and so far the only real big issue has been the water pump busted and sent a ball bearing into my radiator. Other than that it has been a great truck through all these years

- Bobby W

The back seats are uncomfortable but its a smooth ride.

My biggest complaint would be that it's a gas hog! I also do not like how difficult it is for me to install a child safety seat in a truck. I would like it if they could figure out a way to improve this.

- Silvia F

Dodge Ram rules. Blows by Ford and Chevy.

I have 188, 000 miles on it. No major breakdowns ever. It has a 5, 7 hemi, very fast, responsive and fun to drive. Great handling for a truck. . Biggest problem is the ac. Breaks on a regular basis.

- Anthony J

The Truck that keeps on going

have had this truck for 3 years now and it has ran beautifully. bought it to tow my boat and have used it to go on vacation to different states and travel for work and it just keeps going and going

- steve h

It runs great and is very dependable I travel all over with it without hesitation

I really love the looks of the 2004 Dodge ram 1500 the outside appearance is one of my favorites it has leather interior very comfortable I have had no mechanical issues and it has plenty of power

- Stephen M

Its lasted me awhile. Bought it almost 11 years ago and not had any major issues other than transmission one time.

I like it because it's paid off and gets me where I need to go. Our family of four has plenty of room. I dislike that it does need some work especially the rusting and holes about the rear tires.


200000 miles strong and going

I am now over 200000 miles, and have only had to change the windshield washer motor, and tires which is needed on any car. The gas mileage is great, much better than the suv I used to drive.

- Michael M

Dodge Ram 1500 is very sturdy and easy to maneuver.

I bought Dodge Ram 1500 in 2004, it has given me a reliable service even till today. Because being old model it don't have power windows or GPS. But it runs smoothly without any problems.

- Harendra J

Its has an extended bed and it's hard to drive as the blind spots are a lot larger.

I love that my truck is is trustworthy, my dad bought it new, and handed it down to me. I wouldn't change the AC and Radio for nothing in this world. and i sometimes dislike how long it is.

- Dayanara R

That it only gets 13.1 miles per gallon.

I love the way it looks. The sound is unavailable on how good it is. I wish the gas mileage was better and that the people at Dodge could figure out why the check engine light is always on.

- Adam M

We love our Dodge Ram trucks.

My truck is a 4WD. I love it! Drives & rides great! Very smooth. My husband has same truck but is 2003. We love our Dodges! Best vehicle have ever owned! No problems with either one.

- Kim G

It has a hemi, that's the important thing. And it's a reliable vehicle.

I like it a lot, it, runs great, has a few transmission problems but nothing major It doesn't get great gas mileage, but gets you from point a to point be. Great if you love trucks.

- Derek P

Dodge has done a real comfortable and nice design in there vehicles

I love the truck but just a lot of brake problems and recalls. The airbags have a lot of recalls and as far as rear brakes the tears have rotted out because of a bad design

- Tom G

Its reliable has lots of room and can go off roading.

It's up high so you can see everything. It has leather seats that make for easy clean up. It needs mechanical work done to it. The leather seats can get hot in the summer.

- Michelle H

It is a great little car. It just needs some tweaks.

Bought it new. Plenty of room. Drives smooth and it is 4 wheel drive. Huge bed for hauling all the animal feed I buy in town... Great for taking trips to the mountains..

- Ken D

It's pretty big. Hard to get into cause it's jacked up pretty high.

I bought it for a pretty good price. It only needed new tires and I've had it for about a year. It's black with chrome accents. DrIves well. Will have it for a long time

- Kodi J

A lot of room, very comfortable and easy on gas.

I have the room for 4-5 people, it has a sunroof, I can also move things if needed, it is a sharp looking truck I get a lot of compliments and I feel safe in it.


Lifted navy blue quad cab with 1 to 2 inch spacers and has a dump exhaust.

The problems my truck has is the tail lights and wiring. It has a 3 inch lift limo tint on the back windows it is a 5. 7 hemi magnum 20x12 wheels with 33s tires.

- Dillon C

It is safe and very reliable

It is a high rizer and it rides so comfortably on the road. The only thing wrong is the low miles per gallon of fuel it takes especially if you have to go far.

- Mona C

I change oil every 3000 miles and due all routine maintenance

Problems with rusting out wheel wells on all the dodge rams I've owned. This is my 3rd first one 350,000 miles 2nd one 257,000 miles anthis one 103,00 so far

- Jim C

It us very dependable. Rides smooth & can haul anything I've needed to.

Have had great service out of my ram. It is very low mileage purchased it new. It is a quad cab with a Hemi. Rides smooth. Has plenty of room. Happy with it.

- Diana W

IT drives so smoothly. Also the dealer we got it from gives us free oil change and software updates.

I like this truck because it drives so well. The truck has some good updated stuff on and inside the truck. What I don't like about the truck it's a gas hog.

- cecillia b

From what I read on the internet is that Dodge should have recalled the failed part and did not and left me and many many other owners with the dilema and bill to repair which is many thousands of dollars.

I love the looks of the truck. I like the way it handles. I hate that I had severe engine trouble at 112,000 miles which disabled the vehicle way to early.

- eric P

That I am a big Hoosiers fan. I have Indiana all over my truck.

I like that it is 4x4, and a bigger truck. I also like the fact that it is extended cab. I do not like the gas mileage. As I drive almost 50 miles a day.

- Brandon E

My Dodge Ram 1500 is a great vehicle. My truck gets me where I need to get safely, I've been to several different states in my Dodge very good on gas. I have done some work to my dodge it raised on 20in rims , custom pipes & grill, headlights and more.

My truck is NOT 4x4, I cannot help get stuck out of the mud etc, many people assume because it's a truck it's 4x4. There are trucks that are NOT 4x4.

- Aaliyah T

I usually have my child with me in the backseat.

I like that it is dependable and can get me anywhere I need to go. I like that I can seat 6 people comfortably. I do not like the fuel economy (mpg).

- Sarah H

It has safety features and airbags that protect me.

Like everything. I like the way it handles, drives I bought to pull out camper, so I do not have to use my car. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Vernon L

The suspension on this vehicle offers a smooth ride.

My Dodge Ram is a excellent vehicle. I have had no mechanical problems at all. The way the truck rides is pretty smooth compared to other trucks.

- Kevin M

Reliable transportation with little maintenance required. Made with quality parts, was over 100k miles before new brakes were required

my dodge 1500 is incredibly reliable Has ample seating for as many as 6 full size adults. as a v6 goes it gets much better than expected mileage

- john g

Dodge Ram 1500. Best truck on the road.

Only problems have been ball joints and front bearing needed replacing after 14 years. Besides these items the truck has been a superb vehicle.

- James B

It is a hybrid and gets great gas mileage and runs very clean!.

It's a great little car, gets me here to there. It's an older car, so things are slowly dying off. Just needs work on the car to tune it up.

- Nicole P

It has been well cared for and in return has taken care of me.

It has a lot of room. I bought it new and it has been a good truck but a gas hog for sure.IT is tough and has been through a lot of hauling.


I have not had any problems with my truck. We have kept up with regular maintenance, such as oil changes, transmission fluid, brakes, etc. The only issue I have had was the recalled airbags. At first they only recalled the drivers side airbag, and almost a year later the passenger side airbag was recalled. I wish Dodge had done both recalls at the same time.

The Dodge Ram 1500 is a great truck for towing boats, trailers, campers, other vehicles, etc. The crew cab seats six adults comfortably.

- Dorothy E

reliable vehicle that has had no major problems. great for taking the family, hauling or towing things.

reliable vehicle with no major problems. roomy interior that is perfect for my family and we have taken several road trips with it.

- dan b

It comes with dual airbags and antilock brakes. .

No complaints. I love my truck. It is roomy and has the ability to keep up in traffic. I will be holding on to it for a long time.

- Gina M

Love the spaces cabin in truck bed of truck . it also has compartments for storage that works well with what needs to be kept

Seats falling apart and dash breakers easily its mostly inside problems not engine or transmission . The truck is good and sound .

- Katherine L

None of them are bone stock.

I love my big truck. I can put it through whatever. It also seems more manly to have a truck. It is also somewhat intimidating.

- Raj D

that it has a strong engine and pulls my boat and camper with no problem

I like that it has held up for 15 years. I like that i've never had any major issues with it. I like the towing package it has.

- david h

It is really reliable and I can recommend it based on my experience

It's been really reliable for being 14 years old. Nothing has gone wrong with it besides normal maintenance and wear and tear.

- ryan G

If maintained, you can expect many years of reliable transportation.

Reliable transportation. Paint holds up well after so many years. Comfortable rear seats. Only problem is a bad blind spot.

- Laura M

100000 miles after buying it used.

I love my truck. Dodge makes a really reliable vehicle. I haven't had a single issue with it and I've put 100000 miles on it.

- Georgia C

Its built to last and keep you on the road.

I like the size. I am comforted by the durability. It is very reliable. I feel safe in my truck. Gas mileage is satisfactory.

- Jennifer M

It is a pretty fast truck.

When we go off-roading our truck gets stuck in the sand because the off-roading does not work and the tires are not for sand.

- Jasmine M

It runs good and has 4 wheel drive.

I like that it is a truck. I do not like how old it is and that it does not have leather seats. It also has a lot of miles.

- Marie W

Very reliable transportation.

My ram 1500 pickup has been outstanding. The ride is smooth. Maintenance has been basic. The pickup still looks great.

- Robert L

4 door pickup. Hauls anything I need it too

Very reliable. No major problems. Gas mileage isn't the best but it works. The truck starts and runs 100% if the time

- Harley S

It has been a very reliable vehicle. We have not had any major repairs.

It is very nice to drive. I wish it got better gas mileage in the city. I wish there was more room in the back seat.

- Kristine S

My truck has lived up to Dodge's reputation of excellence.

It has been an excellent truck. It has 194,000 miles on it but has only had one repair. Will buy a new dodge soon.

- Marcus C

This truck is reliable and dependable.

The only complaint would be gas mileage. This truck has been dependable and reliable. The heated seats are a must.

- Dustin E

It was used when I bought it.

Leaks a bit of fluid but overall a very dependable brand that I am quite loyal to. Will definitely purchase again.

- Tony G

White Dodge Hemi, lots of miles but gets me where I need to be

My truck is a hemi. Has been very reliable except some suspension problems in front. Takes a lot of gas though.

- Cassie H

it will never be for sale.

it sits high off the ground and it has a lot of room plus it drives really really well. no complaints whatsoever.

- rita M

It's awesome and they should be jealous of it. It makes you look cool

I like that it is lifted. I like the color and the way it rides. I don't like the gas mileage it gets though.

- William B

My truck has a sunroof i didn't think it would have that option

I really like my truck it drives and run great! The comfort is nice the cab is quiet and it is very reliable.

- Shelby F

It is not great, yet reliable.

Like: will pull anything. Very reliable.. Dislike: expensive to repair.. Complaints: terrible gas mileage.

- Kennedy C

My truck is a great vehicle, very dependable and the Hemi engine is very strong.

Very dependable and performs very well. Very comfortable and has a great sound system. Has a great ride.

- Steve S

It's a 2004 with 168,662 miles. It gas all the conveniences I need.

Never had any issues other than normal maintenance. Very pleased with the performance and dependability

- Judy L

2003 Dodge 1500 truck.pros and cons of buying a new dodge truck.

i love my truck i bought it.brand new and never had any problems with it.i have replaced the O2 sensor

- dylan l

I like my dodge 1500 ram truck

I have only replaced 1 u-joint and a battery after 12 years and 215000 miles only standard maintenance

- james w

It has a very fast engine.i believe it is called a hemi?

I love my truck. I am able to haul people and things. I get great gas mileage and love how it drives.

- Debbie S

Needs work done then would be perfect.

Had problems with it since I bought it. Shakes a lot with no answer as to why. Its comfy and roomie.

- Salvador M

it has lots of room and space to move things for myself or others when you move from one place to another

i love my vehicle. it runs great and has great gas mileage. not sure what i'd do without my truck

- tiia b

It's a HEMI! End of discussion.

It's a HEMI! Infinity stereo system is the BOMB! Drives great. Could get better gas mileage.

- a T

That is wonderful and has lots of room for six people very comfortable

Love this truck cuz it's very comfortable has four doors and gets me anywhere I want to go

- Karen B

It's a daily driver. And has a ton of miles however it still runs and has life left, knock on wood

I love it but it needs repaired some. I like the color but it has a lot of cosmetic damage

- jennifer k

The most important thing people should know about my truck is that it's paid for.

I love that its a TRUCK I'm constantly needing a truck and I hate the gas mileage on it.

- George N

was reliable until it got a lot of miles on it

have had many electrical issues. put a lot of money into it. need to get rid of it soon

- tom J

Its big and fast and pretty . gets good mileage I LOVE DRIVING IT IN THE WOODS

A good truck and i still have it. bought new . Has 150,000 miles on it . its a hemi

- john p

It's dependable and trustworthy. It's also very sporty

It's tough and strong. I like the color. Only thing is that it's starting to rust

- Pat L

I do not like that I only get 13.1 miles per gallon.

I love the look and how the custom exhaust sounds. I do not like the gas mileage

- Adam T

three most important thing about my vehicle is that it is a very dependable and trustworthy vehicle

i like that it is 4 Wheel drive I dislike that it uses too much gas

- Larry M

That is very roomy on the inside

No complaints, love my truck. Love the room in side. How it handles.

- Gary B

It's tough and takes a beating. It can handle a hard day's work.

I like that I can pick up and haul stuff. Ac gave out pretty quick.

- William C

Low maintenance. Handles good

It's a truck. Very low maint. Can be used for a variety of reasons.

- Mike L

It is tall so watch out on windy days. Also it is long so be sure to check blind spots before making a move.

It's reliable. It runs well. It has a smooth ride for a truck.

- Jonna M

It's paid for and all mine.

Gets me to where I need to go. It's paid for. It's all mine.

- Stella M