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Just like the truck over all never thought a dodge truck could be so likable.

The Dodge truck I own is very comfortable, I have lifter noise when I first start the engine but within a few minutes it goes away. However the truck has over 332000 miles on it. I have a rear end problem with the shims are breaking apart and in the near future will have to replace the rear end. Other than that I love the way it rides also the steering is grate very roomy inside the cab it has 4 doors. It tow's my pontoon which is a 24 foot pontoon boat like its not even their though I have a rear end problem I have to stay under 50. The front of the truck could be a lite metal instead of plastic the front looks good but it is subject to crack easily. The 4. 7 engine is great has great pick up when towing or passing on the highway is with no problem whatsoever. The front seat has an armrest that can be lifted up for more seating and has to storage areas also. The rear view mirrors on the doors are heated which at time are needed sweet. The truck itself has a very appealing look that makes me smile and happy I own the truck. I have a short bed which is 6 feet instead of 8 feet makes the truck look better however I would buy a 8 foot bead if I were to get another truck. I've replaced the fuel pump 3 times however I replaced them by myself it was very easy to do.

- Thomas M

Best truck ever 2005 Dodge RAM.

We bought this vehicle brand new off the showroom floor 12 years ago and it has been the best vehicle we have ever bought. We have always kept maintenance up on the vehicle and have not had any problems out of this truck at all and we are going on 255, 000 miles. I would definitely buy another Dodge RAM pickup 1500 brand new again because I know how well maintenance means to a vehicle. This truck has a Dodge hemi with lots of power and get up and go. It has the tow package so it hauls excellent without all the struggles. This has definitely been our best vehicle ever! We bought brand new and always keep everything up on it. The paint still looks magnificent, the wheels are still shiny chrome, if you didn't know you would think it was a newer model truck. I love this truck.

- Tammy G

This truck should be called Old faithful

I love the room and style of my truck. However, it seems to have a lot of issues with the wheel system. I'm no mechanic at all so excuse me if I used the wrong wording. The alignment every thing that connects tires and steering wheel have problems. The seats are very comfortable. You have plenty of storage space available in the truck. The tail bed is big enough to move a single family home. May have to make 2 or 3 trips depending on your furniture. I also like the fact that the truck isn't to high off the ground. That way if you have knee or back problems it won't be rough on you. They also have a good hand and foot support available for all four passengers! All in all its old faithful! So many ways you can customize your truck to make it your own.

- Aerial M

safe, reliable and comfortable

As a family we love our 2005 Dodge Ram 1500. It is very comfortable for large families. We are a family of 7 and are able to easily and securely fit 6 passengers in our truck. My children are grown now and some are away to college and our truck still comes in handy in helping them move belongings from place to place. We have never had any mechanical issues with our vehicle only wear and tear items that we have had to replace. I give it a high rating on performance and reliability as well. This vehicle is definitely a long term vehicle. We are actually starting to consider in purchasing a new one pretty soon. After all out truck will be 20 years old soon. We would look at the same make and model but of course just the year would change.

- Cindy S

Dodge RAM 1500 pick up truck. Dependable, works hard.

My Dodge RAM 1500 is one of the most dependable p u trucks that I have ever owned, I have loaded it to overload capacity with bricks, stones, sacks of sand and cement, thought sure that I would damage the suspension for sure but the truck bounced right back after unloading and has shown to be a great both on the road and off the road, my Dodge was purchased with the tow haul package and I have pulled a pop up camper and the bed loaded with motorcycles and camping gear with no problems, truck has been very dependable, in the 14 years that I have owned it, the only things I have done is change the oil as per mfg, replaced brakes and brake rotors, and tires.

- Howard R

Reliable in Good or Bad Weather on the Streets as well as the highway

If you are looking for a dependable truck that helps you accomplish things like brings your children safely to and from school going on a trip out of state to attend a family gathering or getting groceries in town...Then the Dodge RAM 1500 is for you. The seats in this truck are of utmost comfort. They support your back and other parts of the body whether it's on a short trip to town or a longer trip to the lake . The children especially teenagers will find it easy to take a nap in this truck while Dad is at the wheel. This truck is easy to handle on the ice as well as on wet roads roads.

- Adele S

05 Dodge RAM 1500 perfect package for a daily driver or a work truck.

I love my 05 Dodge RAM 1500 it has the perfect about of torque to horsepower ratio it is got a very comfortable interior as well as it being spacious. It rides very well even with a load behind it the towing features on this truck really help you went towing a heavy load uphill. As far as weight I have safely pulled with this truck it has done just fine with 8 thousand pounds behind it with minimal difference in braking. And lastly when I drive my truck it feels dependable like I just know it will start every day and will take anything I can throw at it.

- Braxton B

2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Pros and Cons

The Ram 1500 is a very relatable and practical car for people who need to use a car for working and hauling things. The biggest downfall of the car is the fuel economy. Currently I only can get 11 miles to the gallon being that it has a 5.7 liter engine but it very powerful and useful for hauling trailers and such. Strictly speaking about the inside of the Ram 1500 it is very roomy and nice. The black leather insides is very comfortable with the captain's chair included. Lastly, the speaker system end electronics are average to moderate at best.

- Roman P

The vehicle does not come with a good suspension. If you buy this vehicle, buy an extended warranty or be prepared to replace these parts fairly early on. Once the manufacturers suspension comes off of this vehicle, everything is great.

My vehicle has become very old. I have put almost 200,000 miles on my vehicle since buying it. When I first bought the truck, I did not have any complaints. However, after about 50,000 miles I began having issues with the suspension. After replacing most of the front end suspension, it has driven another 150,000 miles without any problem(aside from regular maintenance). My experience with this vehicle has convinced me to buy another vehicle of the same brand.

- Dennis R

Like a best friend, it looks a bit scruffy, but it is there when you need it.

It is an awesome truck! I have pulled a trailer with a huge pontoon boat, hauled materials for home improvement projects, and even purchased a used 40 foot radio tower to set up at your home. (the tower was disassembled into 8 foot sections. ) The only negative thing is how fast the gas gauge goes from full to empty. But it runs great, always starts when I need it to, and with 4 wheel drive, I can go almost every place I need to.

- Michael S

Strongest women put her in a car is our car strong bold independents.

The Durango well it is actually we call her Linda she came into the family in 2007. She has been in two car crashes another were just surfers dents but one of the main problems is with the bumper and the falling of the car. We have gotten her fixed multiple of time but sometimes she will struggle. She has taken us from Michigan to Florida with no problem we do this every year so she has a lot of mileage.

- L S

That it is very reliable and dependable.

The truck has been really reliable. The hemi motor really gives me the power I need when it comes to towing or hauling a load. It is very roomy on the inside and sits 6 people comfortable. I've had the vehicles since 2006 and it has never given me a bit of trouble. Other than regular maintenance it has been really reliable. Could not ask for a better truck even though now I am ready for a brand new one.

- Timothy O

Cup holders not attached to console-useable when the console in upright position.

Bought this truck for the leg room. I travel several times a year and the truck has comfortable seating (split bench). The cup holders are not attached to, the console so they can be used if console, is in raised position. Plenty of room in the back seat and plenty of room to pack in the bed. I have attached a hard bed cover. I have looked at newer trucks but none compare to the 2005 model.

- Pat J

This truck. Just keeps on going.

Overall my 2005 Dodge ram 1500 has been very reliable. I have put just over 250, 000 miles on this truck. The only issues I have had were the water pump, fuel pump, and the radiator. I have given it a tune up and replaced the hub's as well I would consider those to be general maintenance on a vehicle with that many miles. Other than that oil changes and brakes. Great truck.

- William J

My Dodger 1500 4x4 is almost perfect and It's very easy to drive.

My Dodge truck is very nice. . Well kept and very low mileage. I wouldn't trade my Dodge truck for any car or truck out there. I have kept my truck in almost perfect condition and very clean. I have 4 wheel drive in case I have to drive in snow but I prefer to not to if I don't have to. My Dodge truck has been great to own and drive. . Would purchase another one if needs.

- Kim C

My views and opinions about my 05 Dodge RAM 1500.

I love my RAM 1500. It is honestly the perfect size, we got it at an affordable price so every time we need to haul something we actually feel comfortable to throw whatever it is in the back of the truck because we're not 20000 dollars in debt and scared to even put a dent in it. It is very reliable, comfortable, and all around just a great affordable truck.

- Maybe H

Amazing on gas and has a lot of room also great for families.

My truck is amazing on gas it definitely lasts a lot longer than I thought it would along with other trucks. Fits all the kids and makes my life so much easier. Good for adventures and family trips. Plenty of room and easy with kids as well. Luckily I don't have any issues or problems with my truck and it's one of the best purchases I have made in my life.

- Chris W

My thoughts on my 2005 dodge ram truck.

My ram truck is good for going between school, home, and work. It old (2005) so it has a few problems here and there. I can go a whole week without having to fill the tank. It has 2 seats in the front and one in the middle if you lift the armrest but there is like no leg room. It also has two seats in the back that fold down but it is a little cramped.

- Angel G

My truck is top of the line. Aftermarket exhaust and stereo.

Truck is very reliable. Has almost 300,000 miles on it. Other than routine maintenance. Nothing major has been replaced. Other than front driver bearing. And water pump. Run better being as old as it is then most newer vehicle. I would recommend this truck. Only downfall is it is a gas guzzler. And only gets 11 miles to the gallon.

- Star H

Loving the cab room. Have enough room for everything I need. Love the space.

I have been very pleased with all aspects of this truck. I drive long distances with my job and the comfort and ease of the drive have been really good. There is plenty of room for my grandbabies in the back with their car seats. This truck has been an all around good truck and will look to purchase another one when the time comes.

- Rocky N

Dodge Ram 1500 great for moving large furniture or tables,etc

Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks are pretty reliable trucks they do use a bit more gas than a sedan but are solid cars. They do need basic maintenance checks as any car would, transmission have been known to go out after about 95000 miles and will need to be rebuilt or replaced in the future, has not happened to my truck,

- michael S

It's great on gas. Much better than most think.

I love that my truck has a hemi. I have a very powerful truck, it also has a towing gear to help if you have to pull a trailer. It is amazing on gas as well. And it has a sunroof. I think the only thing I do not like about it would be that it has over 200,000 miles. But we are the second owner the truck has ever had.

- Jessica C

2005 Dodge RAM 1500, blue.

The vehicle has been absolutely amazing, no major repairs have been needed. Drives very smoothly over rough roads and the interior is very comfortable. I do most of the maintenance on my own and the truck is very easy to work on. She has also made it through many long road trips and the towing capacity is wonderful.

- Amber B

Rugged, reliable, fast, can pull a boat or motorhome.

My Dodge RAM 1500 is the most rugged reliable vehicle I have ever owned, it handles very well and flies like a bat out of hell because it has a hemi engine. I would highly recommend this vehicle to someone that likes get up and go in a truck. Also I have loaded and towed a lot in this vehicle, never disappoints.

- Catherine M

When buying a full-size truck you must consider the Dodge RAM.

Ever since I purchased my 2005 Dodge RAM 1500 that I have not had to call a single auto repair shop all day I have had a minor problems from new battery and spark plug tires just a normal maintenance very comfortable truck to drive very spacious Dodge make very good vehicles at all I will buy from here on out.

- Seth W

Great performance and fuel economy better than expected.

I bought this truck used with 184, 000 miles. Very pleased with the performance of the hemi v8. Being a 14 year old truck it has a lot of squeaks and rattles which is disappointing. I guess it must be normal for the age and mileage. With all said and done I will most likely purchase another Dodge/ RAM product.

- Timothy A

Big rims although nice can really damage your transmission.

Typical car problems with time, with me personally I suggest not putting rims. Trucks are already heavy as it is so adding rims put more weight which makes your transmission work harder and can potentially damage your transmission. Dodge is a really good brand of trucks, mine is a 2005 and still going strong.

- David G

Dodge RAM 1500 4dr comfortable family vehicle.

The Dodge RAM 1500 4dr is one of the best trucks I have had. I have three toddlers so it is very spacious the 4dr helps with getting kids in and out. It is a comfortable truck, does amazing on road trips. The only problems I have had is my battery but that is probably my fault otherwise no complaints on it.

- Alexis A

Love my 2005 Dodge RAM quad cab.

My Dodge RAM has been a great vehicle. It is a quad cab and the back seat even has room for my 6 foot son. We have only had minor issues with the vehicle and luckily my husband is a mechanic and can fix what it needs. The seats are comfortable even on long drives. Would definitely but another one like it.

- Sara B

It is amazing, the backseat is very big, and it easily fits multiple people!

Amazing! Has lasted 3 years for me and it was bought pre owned! At one point it did need a new axle, but that was fixed and we are back up and running again! It took about 3 days for the car to be fixed at home- we did not go to a mechanic. However, it might have taken less time if I did go to a mechanic.

- Lila K

My 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 rumble bee with a 5.7L Hemi Magnum v8

I have a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 rumble bee it has a 5.7L Hemi Magnum v8 it is very reliable when you press the petal it goes I mean there is no hesitation it gets about 13 mpg I've had it for 6 years and all I've had to do is change the oil get new tires etc just regular stuff it's a very good and fun truck

- Alexander T

Durable comfort long lasting and looks great.

It is dependable, has never given us any major problems, very well built, runs great and always has, looks good, long lasting, reliable, that is very important when your days is as hectic as ours, as long as you keep up maintenance on a vehicle it should last as long as this one has for us, we love it.

- Vicki B

Old and need a new one but can't afford a new one yet

It has a lot of miles and front end issues, cracked windshield, the two back tires are going bad, the gauge lights come on for no reason sensor is going out oil gauge and temperatures gauge goes crazy. Goes back and forth lights are out on it hail dents all in it and side scrap on the passenger side

- Mariah M

It's gets us where we need to go!

I love our vehicle mainly for sentimental value reason,it was my husbands truck who passed away. It has been a great truck and it's still in descent condition although it's old. The only thing I don't like is the poor gas mileage with such a big engine and now the a/c doesn't work well. Runs good.

- Amanda W

Our dodge ram. It saves on gas for a week depending on how much gas we put in it.

Our dodge ram 1500 is a great truck. It run real good and we really haven't had any problems with it. But it is time to change the tire's all four of them.. We depend on our dodge ram. It takes us everywhere. It is really a great truck. And we can travel far and it will make it without stopping.

- Penny S

Made to last and withstand most abuse.

Most Dodge rams do typically have front end problems as well as sensors. However, it is still out doing Ford! Dodge can definitely handle off-roading better than any other vehicle I have been in. I've seen a Dodge with 535, 500 miles on it. They are built to last and RAM whatever comes its way.

- Asia D

The truck always runs for just a basic model without all the bells and whistles.

The Dodge truck I bought back in 2005 is the best truck I have ever bought, I have only had to do the basic maintenance along with the thermostat, 02 sensors and ac fan other than that my truck always starts and runs and never lets me down, it's great for trips and enough room for the family.

- Tim T

2005 dodge ram 1500 hemi review

Rides rough, cheap quality as far as interior appearance and feature, has a lot of road noise while driving, have had constant issues with the shocks in the front it's just a poor design I think, and it's a hemi however it doesn't sound like one and I feel it should sound tough like a hemi.

- Ashley D

Great dodge ram and dodge service.

Great value and performance. Would like more features included with the base package however. I do love the fact that the customer service through dodge is excellent. I will likely be making another truck purchase in the near future and will likely make another dodge product my choice.

- Neal S

Love our dodge! Would buy another one when this one needs to be replaced.

Very reliable, taken on many road trips rides smooth. Roomy enough for the kids to stretch out and still have room for their pillows and blankets. Does wonders while camping, fits all our camping supplies no problem. Tows the scouts trailer like nothing and the towing feature is great.

- Lauren W

It gets me to point A to point B.

Windshield is cracked and the door panels had to get taken off cause the window is not tightly held in to the device in the door that holds the window so it can roll up and down. That is not working. Had to go thru the dashboard to do work and now there’s a huge black hole in it.

- Dylon S

My truck has ran wonderfully for 13 years and I'm confident that it will do so for another 13 years.

I like that it still runs well with so many miles on it. Although it is older and does not have the latest technology, I enjoy the simplicity of just getting in and driving. I don't feel distracted or overwhelmed with too many gadgets around me. I live the body style and interior.

- Abbi F

The quad cab is a big plus for me.

Features sunroof, power windows, hemi engine, 4x4, quad cab, short bed, purchased used, very little trouble with the vehicle, use vehicle to drive to work. Taken on 1 long trip over 2500 miles round trip was very comfortable driving the distance. Gas mileage may not be the best.

- Dennis H

Very good quality built vehicle.

This has been a great reliable truck. Never had any major problems. Currently has 170,000 miles on it and still going strong. Fuel economy is not great and could be better but not the worst. Another positive is that this vehicle is easy to work on and do maintenance yourself.

- Sean L

Ram-1500 year 2005 smooth ride.

The RAM 1500 truck we have is pretty awesome, the cab is big enough for three of us. She rides smooth and has good shocks. The downfalls are no tilt wheel, no power windows, the ac is on the fritz, and the radio quit on us. But she looks good and gets us where we need to go.

- Kathy H

Dodge RAM has the power to get things done.

My truck is great! No matter what situation I face, I know that I can hop in my truck and I will have no problem getting the job done. I never have to worry if I need to move my truck in a hurry. It is got plenty of power. It will really get up and go when I need it to.

- Angela S

It is a pickup not much highlight on it.

It has a lot on problems, we have had to replace the engine, already for a blown head and looks like we will be replacing it again for the same thing, it seems to me that there is to many little problems that pop up, there is a short in the radio that makes it blink.

- Windy F

Great Work Truck with Hemi power

This is a great truck for towing with a 5.7 litre hemi engine, meaning power on demand. Known for their front end issues on older models, once fixed, it's a very reliable work truck. Full size crew cab with split seat, fits a total of 6 passengers(3 front/3 back)

- Amy B

Loud Dodge RAM pickup 1500.

I really like my pickup truck and the way it drives. The gas mileage is not too bad. The interior is very clean and the seats are comfortable. It's great for driving long distances. It's also great if you need to haul around anything or for buying large purchases.

- Cady H

I call her Scarlett, my work horse.

My vehicle is a very basic model. It's very comfortable and reliable. The only problems I have had have been normal aging wear and tear. The crimson color is quite marvelous. And while it is only a 1500, it's quite the work horse for my purposes. I love my truck.

- Terry H

Great, made of pure American steel

Been running great for the time I've had it. It's a beast and can get the job done no matter what it is. I've had no issues at all the most reliable truck I've had. It's red with a v8 engine and four wheel drive never been stuck in snow or anything. It's awesome

- Drew P

Very dependable. Low maintenance.

I know that I can get in this truck and it is going to get me where I need to go and back. Have not had to do a lot of repairs since we have had this truck. Love it. Have had since 2010 great work truck for my husband. Pulls a trailer without a problem.

- Louise C

It's comfortable and big which makes me feel safe in it.

My truck has been very reliable over the past couple years. I have met up with simple maintenance such as oil changes and because of that I haven't had any problems. It's very comfortable, but the only problem I have with it is that it eats up a lot of gas.

- Gordon G

I love dodge ram pickup truck.

I love my dodge ram pickup. It's good on gas mileage and has a lot of 'get up and go' for a 6 cylinder engine. I did have a pretty serious problem with the transmission that had to be worked on a few years back, but other than that, no problems at all.

- Sandra S

It runs great and has decent gas mileage.

It is a good truck and has not given me a lot of trouble. Plan on keeping it as long as I can.. Had to have the air conditioner worked on... I have a cover on the bed and the clear coat is coming off of it and it makes my truck look bad..

- Linda S

It has a Hemi 5.7L engine that roars.

It is a 2005 Dodge Ram Rumble Bee addition. I like the power of the Hemi engine. The performance of the vehicle is good. I do not like the rust on the wheel wells of my truck and a lot of the semi-old Dodge's all have the same problem.

- Todd G

2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab

I have a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab, it's silver and all power, it also has a bedliner and a toolbox across the bed against the cab. I have enjoyed my truck very much, rides smooth, lots of space inside, ideal for trips.

- Mary T

Ram trucks are tough and powerful. With a v8 engine the get up and go power is awesome.

The vehicle has had a lot of recalls and defects. But I love my truck we just fix whatever we need to and move on. My truck has power and pickup speed that I love. I have a quad cab do I have room for grandkids.

- Rose F

2005 Dodge Ram Laramie Still Kicking

Long lasting vehicle. Had to get a new transmission at about 100k miles. Minor things like heated seats, tailgate, blended door in ventilation system, and tailgate don't work any more. Lots of rust.

- Robert S

Comfortable and safe ride. Love taking trips in my truck.

My Dodge Ram truck is one of the most comfortable vehicle I have ever been in. It a very reliable truck. I love taking road trips in my truck. I feel very safe driving my Dodge ram.

- Sandra C

It is very small but it gets you from point a to point b.

I like the size and the power. It fits my kids and is still roomy. The only thing I do not like is the amount of gas it uses. But that is one of the disadvantages of a big truck.

- Kimberly D

2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4

The inside is pretty plain. other than my motor blowing recently ( my fault not the trucks) never had issues with it and it's the most comfortable vehicle I've ever owned.

- Ryan C

I would buy a Dodge pickup again in a heartbeat.

The only problem was it was a few months old and the rear went out. And it needed a few other repairs. It performs really well. Very comfortable ride. Gas is not bad.

- Peg P

It made a really great and loud noise whenever I drove it. Everybody knew i was coming.

This car is really rough on gas. The power steering went out shortly after i bought it. Lots of mechanical problems. I liked to feel high off the ground though

- Emily P

It is a great truck for hauling and outdoor activity.

I like the space and cargo area in being an extended cab. I like the power to plow in the winter. I don't like how quickly it rusts. The CD player doesn't work

- Gregory S

Take someone with vehicle knowledge on test drives.

Was not in the best condition when bought used from a car lot. I like this type of vehicle but wish I would have known it had so much that would need fixed.

- Paul B

That it is a great vehicle and has been very dependable.

I like that it is totally a dependable vehicle especially in the winter snow. I dislike how tall it is hard to get in to, so I now have a step welded on.

- Roxanne E

Reliable, steady drive , 6 seater

It performs well. My husband recently got new tires , and changed a fuel pump that was having problems. So we technically have like a brand new truck.

- Jimena C

Built Ram Tough would explain it all. This truck is a smart decision and will hold up to the hype.

My Dodge Ram truck has been very reliable and hope it continues. It has a lot of space in cab as well as bed of truck, and is my favorite truck.

- sher h

We are a Dodge family. Love owning one

We have had the vehicle for almost a year and had only minor problems. We purchased the vehicle used so the maintenance may have been lacking.

- Toka P

It is a beast in the snow.

It's great for winter driving and towing. It is a pain to constantly fix. Because its a truck I don't get to drive it as much as I would like.

- Sarah R

It does have some engine problems that I am constantly having repaired.

I love my truck. It's very comfortable on long trips and still looks good to be older. I have had a lot of engine problems over the years.

- Jerri B

There are no unique details about my vehicle.

I really have no problems with my truck. I only dislike that it's a gas hogger and I wish the back row of seats was a little more roomier.

- Cynthia G

I have 150,000 miles on it and have not done any major repairs to it

I have a 2005 dodge ram 1500 single. It is a very reliable truck. I don't have any issues with as long as I keep up with the maintenance.

- Vincent S

It can haul a lot in the bed.

Beautiful powerful and comfortable. Great seats radio and tires. Silver and black looks good runs like a dream pretty good gas mileage.

- Melissa R

Every man should have a truck! It is dependable and always ready for the job!

I love my Dodge Ram. I was looking for another make and model of a truck and came across this truck. Love the way it rides and hauls.

- Jason S

It is a truck so it drives like a truck, rides like a truck. It is fun to drive.

It is easy to work on. It is dependable. Great highway mileage. My wife says it is hard to get into. It could have a bigger gas tank.


It's hard to get a family started with no room in the backseat!

It has been great! Amazing AC. My only complaint would be the small backseat. But there are bigger size trucks so thats my fault.

- Charles C

The ram 1500 is roomy for a family, still a large truck feeling.

I love my Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 hemi. It's decent with gas. Only problem I've noticed with dodges is they rust at the fender wells.

- Sandra H

They run great and are a dependable vehicle. I could just be partial to trucks though.

The undercarriage came apart while I was driving. I did buy it used. Other than that I love it. The gas mileage could be better.

- Jennifer C

Perfect family truck, it is big enough for the whole family.

It really is a good truck! Lately it has had the check engine light on, so we are trying to figure out what the problem is.

- Morgan R

Rusting in a lot of places.

Rusting over wheel wells and along bottom. Sensors going bad a lot. Takes a lot of gas to run. It is comfortable to drive.

- Christy W

The Dodge Ram 1500 is reliable and has been a good vehicle to drive and own.

My Dodge Ram 1500 has been very reliable and I have not had to replace any major systems like the engine or transmission.

- Eric S

It's durable and functional. Lasts a really long time.

I love the look outside and in. I love the color and model. I like the room for passengers. I like the towing ability.

- J H

It is very reliable and handles well.

I like that it is reliable. It handles well in the snow. I do not like the gas mileage. I have no immediate complaints.

- Aaron C

The price. It was cheap and is good.

I like the truck because is big and tall but gas is expensive. It runs smooth but it doesn't have too much technology.

- Hector A

It's a great truck! Love my dodge ram. Then and now she has been a great truck all these 13 years.

Over time, old age. THings break. But this truck has been my truck for 13 years and I loved this truck then and now.

- Tracie J

Very popular truck , It has power and high performance engine . The style is great little pricey.

I like my dodge ram . It has lots of power and looks good. Lots of legroom , and speed . But does burn lots of gas.

- Ron H

It drives real good too good to be as old as it is.

I like my truck it has new tires I am not trying to sell my truck why would I sell my truck now I just bought It.

- James M

it is a good work vehicle too

it is very durable, and never breaks down, except for minor things. it is our family truck and excites all of us.

- jeffrey h

With this truck it will be a long time before I buy a new one

I love my truck. When I buy the truck it had 100,000 miles and now it has almost 300,000 and still running strong

- Marion H

It doesn't get good gas mileage.......................

It is expensive to fix. When one thing needs to be repaired often times many other parts need to be removed.

- Jen P

A good value and very dependable

I've had this truck for many years. It has always been dependable and I feel it was a good use of my money

- Kar K

Dodge ram. The workhorse of the self employed.

Reliable. A real workhorse. Plenty of cabin room and cargo space. Do wish it had the extended cab, though.

- Kathy B

Keeps me and my family safe. Very stable and smooth ride.

Gets me from point A to point B safely and securely. Able to haul big items for moving. Comfortable ride.

- Jon A

I have no complaints it is a very reliable truck it gets good gas mileage

I had my truck since 2005. I have no complaints. I had just general maintenance on it no major problems

- eva M

Fun truck that gets decent gas mileage when I drive it conservatively.

Very reliable and have had few problems. Would definitely look to buy another one when the time comes.

- Ben S

The air conditioning is inadequate, despite operating correctly.

I like the way it drives and the utility of it. Wish it had more power and a higher towing capacity.

- Joseph A

Decent on gas, powerful, good for work.

Spacious, fits three car seats in backseat for my children, powerful, runs good, not too bad on gas.

- David H

the dependability and durability of this truck.

i like the power and the style and love Dodge. I really think I want another Dodge in the future.

- vin S


I really like our truck. It is good looking.It is dependable and has only a few recalls or repairs

- evelyn o

It's big and kind of loud, but gets me from point A to point B.

It has over 300k miles and everything is starting to go out. It isn't the most reliable.

- Lindsey R

I have had my truck for three years. Before then it was my father's it has more than 250,000 miles on it and you could not tell. It is a wonderful vehicle and shows that if you take care of something it will last.

The gas mileage is not the best, it is an older car, so it has kinks such as the radio.

- Sylvia M

It is the most durable and the most reliable vehicle.

I like that it's make is dodge. Have had no mechanical problems. Had no complaints.

- Dave G

Fuel mileage and how safe they are in a crash.

2 wheel drive, would like 4 wheel drive, I would like to have a new Dodge Truck.

- David F

It's a great make and model long lasting truck and it's good for you to get it for you and family

Nothing I love the truck it's never gave me no reason for me to get another one

- Robert R

I don't know. there's not really anything important about it.

It's an old pick up truck. It uses too much gas. I really need a smaller car.

- Rachel S

It is fairly cheap to work on. Parts are easy to come by.

I love the inside. I also like the safety rating. I dislike the transmission.

- Kenneth L

It's old but reliable. The engine is practically new.

It needs body work. It runs like a champ. It could use some new seats maybe.

- Sam H

Put your mind at ease and know it wont let you down when you really need it.

It's reliable. It works like crazy. It's a bit worn but still looks good.

- Mike C

It is very comfortable and capable

It is very capable, 4 wheel drive, high towing capacity, comfortable ride

- Nicholas D

No major problems , over 1000,000 miles

I have no complaints. I Had the truck for 13 yrs. Had no major problems

- David H

always having to fix things

like the style ,too many problems always having to fix something

- al B

It is a high mileage everyday vehicle. It doesn't haul much but has been used to move a lot and 4x4 is great.

Its Awesome! We have taken it snow kayaking and that was fun.

- Lucas P

That it is my car and i like it.

It works well. It pulls trailers good. It has good bed space.

- Jose W

This type of car is the best for all of your load needs.

It had worked really well when we were moving a lot.

- Jerry O

Gas mileage isn't very good

Holds up well. It is hard on gas.Easy maintenance

- Ray D

180,000 miles and going strong

the body rots out . It a reliable truck.

- greg P