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Dodge Ram 1500 mega cab is reliable!

I love my Dodge Ram 1500 mega cab! It is big an beautiful and runs like a champ. It has plenty of room for a family or several adults. And because it is a mega cab there is room behind the back seat. A six foot or taller man can sit comfortably in the back seat! The back seats also fold down. There is also a cup holder that folds down in the middle of the back seat. It is reliable, I have not had any major issues with it. The biggest issue I have had with it is the �death wobble�. I found out after I bought it that this is a common issue with this year & model of Dodge truck. It does not get good gas mileage, but most trucks do not. Over all, I love it!

- Shannon S

Severe rust and a faulty design of the heating cooling system in the dash.

I have a 2006 dodge ram 1/2 ton mega cab with the 3/4 ton suspension. I just recently bought and had installed KYB shock absorbers. The truck now rides like you are on a cloud of air. I also replaced the steering stabilizer which made a world of difference. I have used different types of synthetic oil and Amsoil and Mobil 1 seemed to be the best in my hemisphere engine. These 2 oils provided me my best fuel mileage. The downfall of this truck is I had to spend over $2,000 dollars on the heating and ac system. Another downfall is both rear wheel wells rusted out severely in less than 8 years of ownership. Very disappointed.

- Jim S

I love that the Dodge Ram 1500 has a 5.7L HEMI!

I love my Dodge Ram. I is big and beautiful. I purchased it used over a year ago and have not had any major mechanical issues with it. Here are the issues I have had: 1) the dodge truck death wobble, which upon doing research is common among this year. The gear that allows the seat to move up & down is no longer working. The truck doesn't get good gas mileage, but I was aware of that prior to buying it. You don't buy a truck for the gas mileage. I have never had any issues with hauling anything or pulling a trailer. I love my dodge ram, I just wish I could afford a newer one!

- Shannon S

Good, dependable vehicle. Gets decent gas mileage. Comfortable.

We bought this truck second hand. Although we have had some minor issues with it, overall we love it. It is a 4 door quad cab which makes the interior very large and roomy. The seats are quite plush and comfy. We frequently drive to another state to visit family and the size of this cab makes this truck ideal for this. There is plenty of room to stow all of our bags, still allowing plenty of room to stretch out and get comfortable during the long drive. The communications board in the dash also provides us with a wealth of information along the way.

- Judy P

Big red goes for the long run.

We have taken this truck all the way out to the west coast, averages about 16.3 miles per gallon, but 32 gallon gas tank allows us to continue driving for a good amount of distance. I like the radio, and the tuning to increase the volume levels. Rusted over the wheel wells and the running board under the truck, but able to fix that with a little bit of welding a solid metal piece underneath. Nice sitting, can sit for hours without back hurting. Just a very reliable truck, and sits high up for comfort from running on the pothole roads.

- Mikayla B

2006 Dodge Ram, great for the farm and comfortable for the family.

I have the Laramie Edition with 6-foot bed and either the Mega Cab or Quad Cab. I love the split bench in the front row which allows for an additional passenger. 2 adults fit comfortably in the back along with a younger child. I love the full size bed for hauling material, either for farm or home. The towing power is adequate, though with a heavier trailer it wouldn't leave much for cargo. Overall, I love the truck and would consider a similar truck in the future.

- Sean R

Purrs like a kitten, it has a hemi.

This truck is a very comfy truck. Gets rusty around the wheels, like most trucks do. Runs smooth and is as quiet as it can get. I have had it almost a year, and have already had to replace all four tires, all brakes and rotors, as well as the serpentine belt. All in all, though, I do love these truck. Power windows, great heat. Not so good ac, though. Maybe that is because it was used.

- Caroline P

Great truck for an individual or family.

Great truck for a family. Lots of room in the back and front. Decent gas mileage. Has some electric issues like throwing a brake light warning when there is not one. Drives great and so far have not had any major issues with this vehicle. Drives great on rough roads. The 4 wheel drive does eat up a ton of gas, but will make driving in the snow safer and much easier.

- Michelle Q

The 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 hemi.

I love my truck it is dependable and the Laramie packages is great but I just wish it got better mpg. The truck run great on just about any gas and the interior is very comfortable and roomy compared to other truck in the same class. It came with a 6 disc changer for a stereo and it has worked great although a AUX port or a USB port would have been a great addition.

- Christopher R

The blue 2006 dodge ram 1500.

The 2006 model had a recall for the airbags not functioning properly. I have loved my truck through. I have put a lot of miles on it and have never had a problem with it. There is a lot of power which makes driving on and off road a lot more fun. The size of the truck also makes me feel safer because I can see everyone on the road and everyone can see me.

- Jordan B

Love my Dodge RAM pickup. It is very reliable have very little trouble out of it.

My truck is very reliable, have had very few problems out of since I had it. There has also not been hardly any recalls which I believe is a good thing. Having a truck comes in very handy you can haul almost everything. It has a hemi, which gives it better power when pulling something. It actually gets very good gas mileage to have a hemi in it.

- Tammy S

I love rams, they are the best of trucks!

I love trucks so a RAM is my favorite so it's why I chose it. I have not had a lot of problems with mine so I can't complain much. There have been a few factory recalls but I just took it to the dealership and they took care of it and I was in and out! Other than regular maintenance I haven't had too many issues with my truck so I love it!

- Lisa E

I love my 06 Dodge 1500. The megacab is perfect for my family.

I have a topper on the truck and it is hard to see when backing up. It has a lot of power. I traveled 1400 miles towing a car trailer with a corvette and other household items on the trailer. It performed awesome. I bought it with a lift installed. I love how the truck sits up high so you can see traffic etc. all around you.

- Pam E

The good and bad points of a hemi pick up.

The only problem I had was the fuel pump went out. It starts first time and every time. I change the oil regularly I haul lot of firewood, gravel, compost and hay. It is a work truck. It is a hemi and has lots of power. It is starting to develop a water leak so I believe the water pump. This truck has around 150,000 miles.

- John T

Very spacious for a pick up truck!

Very comfortable. I have had replace a few things like the radiator but that is to be expected with a vehicle nearly twelve years old. I still absolutely love my truck. My truck is still in amazing condition so I cannot see giving it up anytime soon. The only thing I would like is some heated seats for the winter time.

- Laura M

2006 Dodge Ram, v6 magnum, great product, very pleased.

Been a super reliable vehicle, had my truck 12 years now, only repairs have been a water pump, and one ball joint. Best purchase I've ever made on a vehicle. I would without a doubt recommend to a friend to purchase. Even at the dealership when I take it in for service, they always tell me what a great truck this is.

- Darryl S

Reliable 2006 dodge Durango.

The Durango is a very good reliable vehicle. It rides very well and smooth. I love the third row for when we have extra people to drive around or the space when it is down. It is very roomy and has room for long legs. The hair and heat work very well and have never had any real issues with it.

- Katie M

It shuts off while driving.

Engine problems and 27 recalls everything. From seatbelts to ball joints gas mileage is terrible and it does not feel safe. Water pump problems fuel tank problems and electrical I have been very upset and truck is full is problems. Problems. I paid too much and it is a huge disappointment .

- Kim S

Excellent truck that holds up extremely well to over use and some abuse.

I use this truck as a truck. I haul more than I should and tow a big trailer. It holds up extremely well. I have had to replace brakes a little more often than my last truck. All in all I love this and would recommend to anyone. I use it for work, home, camping, and many other activities.

- Justin S

Dodge Ram 1500. Just a girl and her truck.

There is no problems with the truck. It is performance is good. Reliability is outstanding. It is comfortable. It has Bluetooth, power windows, locks, and more. It is a great family truck. It was my dads and he passed away leaving it to me. One day my daughter will hopefully have it.

- Leslie M

Overall I think the Dodge RAM 1500 is a good vehicle.

I have had no major problems. Replaced two sensors. Had complete brake job muffler. No other problems. Not bad on gas. Drove to naples Florida and back long as the routine maintenance is done on said vehicle you'll not have any major problems. You should be able to 200,000 miles.

- Clifton C

For the big and tall gals.

I love my truck. My truck has a super good ac & heater. The 5. 7 hemi a must have. The power performance for this truck is outstanding. Mine has a beige interior and I love it. The big comfy seats lots of legroom. 4 door is a plus, for I am big and tall. Awesome stereo.

- Leah B

Its a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck. It's a dark blue.

Its a Dodge so transmissions are shoddy to start with. Other than that just normal wear and tear maintenance. Change and rotate tires, stay on top of oil changes and inspections, basic everyday maintenance. Not sure what else I can add here but it wants 250 characters.

- Joshua M

My ram 1500,comfort and dependability. Rides like a sedan,works like a truck.

Besides the airbag recall, there has been no problem with this vehicle. I have used it for towing my boat, hauling furniture, travelling to the shore every week. I have kept the maintenance on my truck up to date and I have had absolutely no problem with this vehicle.

- Mike H

Love having a truck that drives like a car.

Very dependable. Great in bad weather. Love having the truck bed. Wish it got better gas mileage. Average about 18 miles per gallon. Love the 4 wheel drive. Easy to drive and especially to turn. Easy to find service centers. Like the gold color. Great resale values.

- David T

My truck is great, it is my baby.

I bought my vehicle used. I love the hemi engine. Never had any major issues other than exhaust. It came with the tow package and tows a race car on a trailer great. My interior has held up great. I have wood grain throughout and it's beautiful. I love my truck.

- April L

The paint is not turning odd colors like some other brands of cars paint does.

I bought my truck new in 2006. I have never been disappointed with the performance or reliability with my truck. The 4 wheel drive option has saved me in several situations. Comfortable seats. Great stereo sound. I would purchase Dodge products in the future!

- Sharon Z

Dodge Ram 1500 is an Excellent Choice

I am a huge fan of my truck. My only issue is that there is not room for a car seat. This has worked out so far though. The only running problem I have had in four years of owning this vehicle is the fuse to the engine went out and it was super easy fix.

- Cierra B

It accommodates well on short and long trips.

From the day I drove it off the lot I loved the way it drives and handles a variety of terrain. It has great comfortable front and back seats. It drives/rides well on long trips, which we do often. The only negative is the stereo/radio system is awful.

- Susan K

It handles adverse weather and conditions very well.

I need a vehicle with 4 wheel drive because I can't miss work due to weather. Having a pick-up is very useful. I also use the towing capacity on regular occasion. Only dislike is the propensity to rust over the wheels in the back.

- Jon Y

2006 white Dodge Ram 1500 truck, 4 wheel drive with less than 95,000 mIles on it.

It has wheel bearing issues on front left wheel, and the acceleration is bad. There's been a couple times it slips out of drive into neutral. And it has shut down and locked up on me. No reason for it, I had it looked at each time.

- Beth S

It's wonderful to feel so safe while driving. Being one of the bigger vehicles on the road is comforting.

I love that I feel very safe in my truck. I know that my kids are safe in it as well. It is a bit hard to parallel park because it's so big, but I'm getting used to it. It's comfortable and big enough for my family of 4.

- Mellody V

Our truck has over 200,000 miles on it and it is still running incredibly well. We are absolutely in love with this product and will continue to purchase dodge in the future for all of our vehicle needs.

I love my dodge ram 1500. My husband and I purchased this vehicle used and it is still in excellent condition. We have already begun discussing our purchase of our next dodge vehicle because we love our truck so much.

- Corrie G

I have a 4 door and it's really nice and spacious.

It is a gas guzzler! I get 12 mpg on a good day, and I have been having more issues out of it recently now that it's 12 years old, but overall it's a good truck and I love it. I just wish the gas mileage was better.

- Taylor P

The truck is a workhorse and overall has been very,very dependable with decent mileage!

Air bag recall, AC compressor, serpentine belt problem, there are sensors going out but codes identified most of them. Transmission is great but accessible to forward bulb replacement is a bad design.

- John M

i bought the hemi engine, it came with a four wheel drive truck

love the hemi engine. tow/haul mode works well and really like to lay two black stripes down the road with limited slip diff. hate the heating a/c blend door issues as well as the hub bearing fail

- dave c

My vehicle is very reliable and I just love it. I worked very hard to earn my vehicle and I'm proud to own it.

I love my vehicle because it makes it easier to get to where I need to go. This vehicle is comfortable, has plenty of space and very reliable. I can't think of anything I dislike about my vehicle.

- Rhea B

It needs to be repaired every 3 months. First the water pump, then the oil pump, the the suspension and on and on it went.

This truck has literally broken down every 3 months. On top of it the entire body of it is rusting like none other. While it is a nice truck with 6 seats, I don't feel it was built very well.

- Karissa S

Dodge Ram Problems! research before purchasing

I had to have two engines replaced in this vehicle. Thankfully it was covered. Have had multiple issues. Would not recommend this vehicle but i do believe other Dodge vehicles to be better

- Miguel F

The best thing about my vehicle is that it is paid for and is reliable transportation.

I bought this vehicle used. It runs good and is reliable. The ride is not real smooth and is a little rough on uneven terrain. It's a dual cab so I have room for grandchildren.

- Julia H

Comfortable to drive. Very smooth ride because of extra long leaf springs.

Very comfortable, Basically problem free. But hate that there are no grease zerks. Had to replace ball joints. Poor design for windshield wipers. They ice up easy in winter.

- Martin p

Reliability and affordability. And yearly maintenance cost

Fuel consumption is high. Tires are expensive. But it has a lot of power and that ability to transport heavy loads. 4x4 is great for the winter getting around in the snow

- Eric T

It is safer than other vehicles and stronger and can carry a heavy load.

I like that I can see over cars and know what is happening ahead. I find it very safe and fun to drive. I can carry more things in it than an automobile. no complaints

- Tracy S

It is a good truck that is reliable.

I like that it is a big truck that can go anywhere I need it too. I also like that it can fit my family in it. The only thing I do not like is that it is bad on gas.

- Jessica G

2006 Dodge Ram 1500 4 door truck

I love my truck it has been very dependable so far. It's very spacious..the seats are comfortable and the engine performance is great.you got the gas you take off

- Stacey M

It has 4 wheel drive. It also has a sunroof.

I like that it has the room for more than two people. I also like that it is a small truck. I prefer to be driving ford. I have been driving fords my whole life.

- Amanda Z

It is an awesome truck to have it is very roomy on the inside

I like that it is roomy. Also it is high off the ground It is a pick up so it comes in handy when we need to Haul something. I really have no dislikes about it

- Deanna E

Looks and power are amazing. Very happy with my silver bullet Dodge 5.7 Hemi.

I have owned my Dodge since purchased new. Never have had any problems. Still has original drive belt and radiator hoses. Very reliable. Highly recommended

- William G

It has low mileage and new tires. It is well taken care of.

I love my truck since the day I got it. I have taken good care of the maintenance on the truck and it has been very reliable. I have only 90,000 miles.

- Helen R

It is my vehicle and I have chosen to purchase it though it gets costly on fuel but it is mine and I love my truck

I have always love pick up truck. I love how much room it has and is able to fit 6 people comfortably. It has a huge motor so it is not fuel efficient.

- Miguel Z

My reliable truck. Reliable, but, despite repairs we usually were hot.

It has been reliable, not loaded with comforts and it is hard to get in and out of. A car would have cost less and I would have liked driving it more.

- Sharon K

My Dodge truck pulls just about anything with ease. Sometimes it's easy to forget you're pulling a trailer.

I absolutely love my Dodge truck! It gets me where I'm going with reliability and comfort. The gas mileage isn't too bad considering it's a truck.

- Melinda K




It uses more gas than most vehicles today do, so be prepared for that. And his name is Gordon Ramsay. ;)

It's hard working. And I'm certainly not afraid of being run over by these little cars on the road. Also. I'm tall, so I don't feel cramped in it.

- Elizabeth R

It's not very easy on gas.

I am satisfied with my vehicle, its reliable and has plenty of pulling power. Would definitely recommend to anyone with boats, trailers or campers.

- Jeremiah C

That it is a smooth ride.

Like my vehicle because its dependable and it has a turbo engine and is easy to drive and has a good nice paint to it, and is good for long trips.

- Leo L

It has been faithful as a work and family vehicle.

It is amazing I carry heavy loads great vehicle It has started to rust. The 4 wheel drive helps a lot in the winters. The maintenance is minimal.

- Robert M

The back seat folds up for easy storage and cleaning.

I like its power. It hauls a lot with its 6 foot bed. It's got four wheel drive and a tow package. Even with the extended cab it's easy to clean.

- Anthony S

There large full size doors.

Large truck wide back doors can even sleep back there like a full size bed, drives like a charm not real easy to park but very comfortable.

- Marian D

this vehicle has a great dependability rating. i have only had to do slight maintenance on it.

I love my dodge because it is very reliable. I have owned dodges throughout my entire life and i am able to drive them beyond 300k miles.

- mary n

This is definitely a gas guzzler. Do not buy unless you are willing to pay.

Only issues are some electrical problems. Overall the truck is a great buy. Has been very dependable and can definitely do some hauling.

- Hector A

It's a 4x4 extended cab truck with low miles and easy to drive

I like that it is a truck, 4x4 and can haul a lot of stuff. Dislike some of the features compared to my last truck. Not great in gas.

- Jason S

It's a rare edition bumblebee hemi.

I absolutely love this truck it has horsepower that makes you just want to step on the accelerator and listen to the hemi come alive.

- Christopher W

The amount of power the engine offers.

I like It's cargo capacity, I like the interior, It's comfortable. It's gas mileage could be better. But I know It's a truck so.

- jesus v

That is can only seat 6 and has 6 foot bed and has 4 wheel drive

I love my truck. I love being able to help people who need stuff moved. This is my 1st truck so I really can't complain

- Lynn C

It's not a car its a truck and it has some pretty good power

I like the body style. Considering it has a 3.7L engine has pretty good power. So far it's been pretty low maintenance

- James C

My Dodge Ram pickup I love it.

I love my truck it has a lot of get up and go when you hit the gas. It has not broken down and left me stranded yet.

- Joshua S

The hemi engine makes the truck very powerful so you have to be careful in the snow.

I love my truck. I really am glad that it has 4 wheel drive since I live in Michigan. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Crystal M

It is a used truck with only 73,000 miles on it.

I like that it is a crew cab and that it is a truck with a long bed and 4x4. I do not like the low fuel efficiency.

- Josh H

Reliable, greatly made. Powerful.

Performance has been great. Driving is a breeze. Dodge has been reliable since the beginning. Features are solid.

- Brandon F

The truck is very reliable.

I really like my truck. Has been very reliable with few major problems. Gas mileage is pretty good for a truck.

- Chace G

Good mileage for a truck.

Good gas mileage. Reliable. 4x4. We added side steps. Never had a problem with this truck. Room for 6 people.

- Joanna R

Its reliable. We will get approx. 300k miles out of it.

Love the fact that its reliable and will last forever. Do not like the fact the rust is all over and bubbly.

- Barb J

lowered Dodge pick up truck

spacious, powerful, decent on gas,a lot of room inside for passengers, reliable, looks great, comfortable

- Jennifer G

excellent height and weight of vehicle adds to the safety of driving

cargo space--great driving view--ample power--comfort--ease of entering or exiting--excellent styling

- joseph p

Built to last for years but has rust issues

It has a smooth ride. Not the greatest gas mileage. Spacious interior. Has come in handy for moving.

- Timothy R

It's a truck ! A Dodge truck !

No complaints. Very good maintenance Very reliable and comfortable. Ready to work when needed.

- Bill B

I love it and it serves me well. I would not want any other vehicle at all.

Love it. Serves all my purpose in life. Love it there's nothing I don't like about it.

- Bill J

this truck has never let me down no matter the situation. recommend it to all truck lovers out there. dodge is the best.

my truck is tough. it is very fast. the most dependable one i have ever owned

- tony v

It's the best looking truck of the big 3. I towed my semi 90 mile after losing a drive shaft with no problems at all.

Plenty of Interior space and comfortable for a big guy (6'8") like myself.

- George m

It is a quality truck would be the think I think it is most important for others to know.

I love my truck. it is very reliable and has never had any major issues.

- Chris R

F you are hauling trailers for a living, the transmission goes within a year or two

It has great pulling power,but the transmission goes bad too quickly

- Candace B

Needs new struts and shocks and rust on bed fixed.

Towing power room how it handles dislike rust fuel pump junk

- Caleb L

big to parked, you must be careful parking and pulling into parking spot

I like the ride , smooth ,You can see farer ,driving pickup

- peggy S

I absolutely love my truck . Drives great and is a good size. Only issue is the body bushings.

It's a dependable vehicle that is sturdy and handles well

- Tobias G

It's awesome i really like it

love the space not so much the gas mileage

- jordan G