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Dodge ram 1500 extended cab with long bed.

I do like our truck but it has not come without struggle. . Within the 3 years we have owned our truck we have needed to replace both the engine and transmission and have had the front end go out on our truck (ball joints, cv axles control arms) which has been very expensive. The actual ride of the truck is very comfortable and spacious the back seat easily fits all three of our kids (one of which is in a large infant carrier) with room to spare and quite a bit of leg space for them with the driver seat all the way back as their dad is 6ft tall. Definitely feel very safe while driving, having 4x4 during the snow has made this truck very reliable for us living on the side of a hill. . Our truck has a long bed on it while making it occasionally difficult to find park is very nice while hauling/moving and towing.

- Brandy L

2007 Dodge RAM 1500 crew cab hemi.

A 2007 Dodge RAM 1500 crew cab with v8 hemi is one good truck. I love the reliability of it and the power it has. As far as major issues with the truck, the only problem I have had with my truck is the evaporator coil for the a/c keeps getting a leak and I have to replace it. If you do it yourself the price is not bad but taking to a mechanic every time it breaks can get costly very quickly especially when they happen to “find other issues” when repairing. Oh and the stock radio and speakers, they actually tend to go out as well. Replacing with aftermarket head unit and speakers like pioneer solves that problem and the sound quality is extremely better.

- Norm W

Love my Dodge RAM 1500 truck!!

I love my 2007 Dodge RAM 1500 big horn. I am the second owner and it was like brand new when I got it in 2009. It is been very reliable other that just a few fixes (e. G. 4x4 module, motherboard, heater module). It is now showing some blemishes due to an undercoating issue from the factory on the rear panels above the rear tires and on the tailgate. I have gotten compliments on both the looks and the very comfortable ride. It does not get great gas mileage but it is a truck with the 5. 7 hemi engine. Also love the storage under the rear seat, in and under the front armrest. Overall, it is my favorite vehicle so far!!

- Tony L

Bought new and still going strong.

Bought this truck brand new off the lot in 2007. In 2014 the driver side seat motor burnt up and that is an expensive part to replace. I also had to change the actually fan in the motor about 6 months ago but I attribute that to normal wear and tear. Inside, the center console leather cracked about 4 years after buying it. Other than that I haven't had any issues with this vehicle. The inside is comfortable but if you have car seats in the back it can be a little cramped for the kids if they are forward facing. Overall, I am happy with this vehicle.

- Meg P

Review if the 2007 Dodge Ram 1500s general features.

My Dodge Ram 1500 is a 2007 model and I really like it. I like the features of the truck, such as the step bar, since Im 5'5 that really helps me to get into the truck easily, along with the position of the handle. I enjoy the gas mileage my truck gets, which is around around 15 mpg. I like the large center console which has a second section, it adds a lot of storage, also the back seats lift up with a small amount of storage there as well. I love the height of the truck, the visibility, I can see plainly as I look around in all directions.

- Laura D

Trucks are not only for men.

My vehicle beyond exceeded my expectations. The performance is fantastic it has never given me any type of problem the only thing I had to change once was my air compressor because it gets very hot here in Miami Florida, other than that it is my daily driver and I will 100 percent recommend this truck to anyone who is looking for durability reliability and all around fantastic performance you will not regret this purchase. The seats are extra comfy I rather take this truck on long trips vs my newer cars cause its just more comfy to ride in.

- Stephanie B

Really great car but definitely need to be able to afford the upkeep.

I love my Dodge, but it has its downs just as much as it has its ups. I love the body style, how good it is on gas, the Bluetooth radio, I mean who wouldn't love getting in their car in the morning and it automatically connected to your phone and playing what you want to hear. But sometimes it shakes a lot. My dad said it is just a Dodge thing all his prior cars were Dodges too, his saying is Dodges are dependable you can always depend on them to need the front end completely redone every few years but I wouldn't trade them for the world.

- Brittany B

Faithful truck, unfaithful air conditioning.

I enjoy the roominess of my pickup truck, both inside the cab and in the bed, which has a cover. I recently replaced the battery, which lasted 6 years! One ongoing issue has been the air conditioning. We've had work done numerous times, and the a/c has sometimes worked afterward, but it goes out again and again. We haven't gotten a true fix yet. Other minor issues are due to age: worn upholstery and an automatic window that sometimes gets stuck closed. This is my first truck, and I am pleased.

- Chris C

A clean and comfortable yet strong car. Good for any person's driving needs.

The place I live has some pretty bad ice storms once winter hits, and sometimes the engine is temperamental with this kind of harsh and quickly cooling weather, and so I need to leave the engine running for at least 5-10 minutes before I start driving or otherwise there's risk of hurting the car. Other than this, the car has served me and my family for many years now and is a comfortable car to drive. I feel safe driving it even on the crazy back roads around my routes to town.

- Lillian R

Dashboard warning display leaves something to be wanted

Overall a good truck, although in comparison to my Chevrolet 1500, there are a few things missing. The warning lights on the dash are nearly useless to me. I had battery issues and the check engine light came on, even though I know there is a battery light in there. The check engine light goes on for all problems. At least with the Chevy it would specifically tell you that the oil is low or that the battery is affected

- Danelle B

Dodge ram 1500 = rust bucket.

Love everything about the truck except the rust. I can't keep up with the outer and inner rust. Seems to be made with really cheap steel but then dodge rams have a bad reputation as 'rust buckets' only other serious issue has been the front bearings going bad and the computer kept saying there was an issue with the brakes. Mechanic found no brake issues and reset the computer and the idiot light went away.

- Bill P

Reliable and long-lasting.

No major problems. Has over 140k miles. Did not need major repairs maintenance until after 100k miles. Has a Hemi 5. 7 V8 engine. Performance is excellent. Lots of power and an excellent tow vehicle. Driver and front passenger seats are very comfortable. The back seat however, is only good for short trips. Having to sit in the back seat for a long duration is uncomfortable for the average adult.

- Anne K

Consider buying a Dodge RAM truck, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

I have had no problems with my Dodge RAM 1500, except for one minor recall regarding airbags. It performs like a dream, very useful for work as well as traveling and every day driving. Very spacious, comfortable, and great view/field of vision. Great safety reviews. Rides smooth for a truck. All around pleased with it, except it is not extremely economical for gas use.

- Cheryl S

I have a mural on the back window of a wolf...

even though its 11 yrs old I haven't had any real issues with it....It has the 5.7 l hemi which I love for the power and the 4 wheel drive switch is amazing...the 4 doors are great..I would definitely buy another 1 just like it...Best truck i've ever owned.....the only major issue i've had with the truck is the rear axle seal had to be replaced at 90k miles....

- john h

2007 Dodge RAM 1500 details of performance and comfort.

I have owned 2 RAM pickups recently. They are by far superior to the 2003 Ford f-150 that I owned. I have the 5. 7 hemi Dodge RAM version so it performs well in both acceleration and constant cruise. It also handles more like a smaller truck. Turning radius is close and easy to maneuver in small spaces. The mileage is fair for a big vehicle.

- Mark T

My RAM is big, loud, and ready to work.

I love the power the truck has and all of the upgrades I have done to it over the past few years. Since I have owned it I have had to dump a lot of money in it to keep it on the road. I have taken it on multiple trips with the family and have used it to tow multiple times. It has only let me down twice but has been a good truck overall.

- Craig O

Plenty of room for a family of five with room to spare.

Primary reason for purchase was the room being a four door, and manual transmission. It handles smoothly, and is fuel efficient. Plenty of room for five with one being six foot four. The only issue I have had is the clutch, but that was not from normal wear, it was helped by a sixteen year old learning to drive a manual transmission.

- Terri O

My go to pick up for day to day activities.

Easy to transport things in the bed of the truck. There is plenty of power with the v8 hemi engine for towing and hauling. Very dependable as long as the maintenance is kept up as recommended by the manufacturer. The four wheel drive makes for easy traveling even in slippery conditions. Fuel economy is not great as is to be expected.

- Mark M

It is big, good to have if your moving, building, or just driving around.

The Dodge RAM 1500. Is not bad to drive. My. Husband wanted a second. Vehicle. So he chose the Dodge ram. I am short until. He got running boards I had trouble getting into the truck. But know I am glad that we have this truck. I really like driving the truck. So if you are looking for a truck the Dodge RAM is the truck for you. .

- Joyce M

Great little truck with a lot of repairs.

Engine light never stays off for very long no matter what they do to it. I have put a new axle and both the front hubs a water pump and fuel pump. Have to change the oil every 2500 miles. Gas mileage it lousy. Wish the seats were automatic. It is light in the reared. Other than that it runs great is easy to drive and comfortable.

- Phyllis A

Lifted Dodge 1500 mega cab.

Great quality truck. Mega cab has lots of extra room. Truck interior is very well made and durable. Minimal repairs. Battery replacement, due to old truck. The best truck I have ever had. Very well made. Truck has DVD player. Cloth seats. Great pickup truck bed. Pulls my four-wheeler very well. Not too bad gas mileage.

- Ashley M

Increasing performance and repair.

I own a dodge ram 1500 with the 5.7 v8 hemi. I have spent a lot of time making changes to the truck to increase it is performance. The truck has 175000 and of course has had a number of things that need repairs or replacing, but the great thing about this truck is that it is pretty easy to do the work on it yourself.

- Andrew M

2007 Dodge ram:. Bad on rust, great on comfort!

Really love my 2007 Dodge RAM 1500 hemi. The only problem I have is the rust starting to show over back wheel wells and the tailgate. You look at the older trucks and this is where they all rust! This truck is very reliable. Comfort is a lot better than Chevrolet and Ford which I have both owned. Looks better also..

- Clifford B

Love the extended cab but hate the air flow.

I got my truck due to the great amount of space inside. It works great for our large family. I do dislike the air circulation in the truck. My kids in the back are generally warm due to the lack of vents in the back. And the air doesn't blow out of the vents that much, which adds to the discomfort.

- Colleen H

This truck has not let me down.

This truck is a very nice. It is lasted me since I bought it in 2011 and when I drove it cross country to Washington. It has a lot of room, and does well on trips and vacations and what not. The seats are comfortable and the interior is stylish. It feels nice to drive and it has not let me down.

- Colby T

11 Year old vehicle and many persons mistake it for a new truck.

This vehicle performs very well. It has a 5.7 Hemi and now has over 180,000 miles on the odometer and uses no oil between oil changes. It will get around 19 mpg on the highway when it is run just under 70 MPH. It has had no major problems and I still have the service done at the dealership.

- Thomas B

Mega cab is roomy, it hauls anything and the gas on road trips isn't bad.Either.

I bought it 2014 and it had 89,00 miles. She has had her servicing and the radiator ended up with a crack so that along with thermostat. Today we have 159,000 miles and purrs like a kitten. My mega cab is 1/2 ton the last of its kind I love her and will keep her for as long as I can??.

- Tracy S

Wear and tear very good.

Burns through brake pads have to keep a close eye on that. Other than that very normal and normal wear and tear. Noticed rust spots are always the same on pick ups this is no exception. Just put in a new alternator and serpentine belt and it is at 140000 miles so that was very good.

- Sandy T

My 2007 Ram truck 1500, hemi, great truck, bought it used but not much mileage.

I love my truck, it is a hemi and has very good pick up, it is comfortable to drive and ride in, I have gone on many trips with this truck. Having some problems with the air-conditioning, but will get that fixed soon. I also like the long can, my passengers like the extra leg room.

- Sylvia R

It is dependable and reliable.

It is a very dependable, durable vehicle. My vehicle was bought used so it has some problems but it gets me where I need to go. The radio and speaker system is great. The bed of the truck has a lot of space for moving or for groceries. There is plenty of space inside the vehicle.

- Ashley S

2007 dodge ram 1500 review.

The truck is reliable, downfall is that it is not 4 wheel drive, so it is hard in the winter, especially in ice/snow. It is great for travel, but it eats up gas quick. $50 a week to fill it up. Never had issues with the truck besides fixing my right brake light and new tires.

- Zoe V

4x4 dodge ram 1500 oil field service vehicle.

The air conditioner constantly stops working. Extra cost to remove entire dashboard to troubleshoot and repair. The ot sensor needs to be replaced often or engine light remains on and will not pass inspection. Filters need to be replaced often if used on dusty or dirt roads.

- Angela P

It's a reliable and great small family vehicle.

The Dodge Ram 1500 is a reliable daily driver but requires constant attention. Even with regular maintenance something else breaks or the truck itself breaks down. Other than the occasional breaking of parts its a good vehicle for towing, family activities, and muddling.

- Aria W

I like the electric window control for the back sliding window.

I love my truck. In addition to being very spacious, it is also remarkably good on gas. I have the cover over the bed of the as well. I am also very happy with the overall look of the truck. The only thing I would have changed is getting leather seats instead of cloth.

- Monica H

The truck shakes a lot after going past a certain limit.

The truck shakes a lot, cannot go too fast or on the highway, otherwise it will start to act up. It used to be able to, it was a pretty okay truck at first. Other than the slight problem, it is an okayish truck. I do not know what else to put, but I have to get to 250.

- Kai F

Roomy and good for travel.

Great vehicle no issues. Love the interior room and 4 doors and great storage and towing capacity. Great for traveling and towing a boat for vacations. There is also a lot of room for other individuals in the back seat if necessary. I also love being seated higher up.

- Kim K

I got this brand new when I turned 16 and have enjoyed driving it.

Big rust issues along contact points with road wear. Brakes wear fast. Engine runs great at 178k miles. Cloth seats have held well. Recommend even without the hemi engine. I will look to purchase a larger vehicle for mountain driving. Have not have any major issues.

- Tracy W

I'm not sure exactly what would be the most important thing Others should know. But for me it's my dream vehicle and I won't sell it unless I have to or it no longer runs

I love my Truck because it has great towing capacity. The truck I have is my dream vehicle and I wouldn't want anything about it to change. However, if I did have something to change it would be the gas mileage. 18 mpg Highway isn't great given the price of gas.

- Amy L

Power comfort and reliability.

I have had no major problems with this truck the only repairs have been to things designed to wear out such as brakes mufflers belts and hoses the truck is very comfortable for both front and back seat passengers the truck has very adequate power for towing.

- Alan M

148k and still like new. Very big truck with 20's. Almost too big. Drives well, looks awesome. Mpg are not good with hemi. But, I wasn't expecting it to be a Prius. Gone thru two radiators and rear end bearings. Other than that great truck. Would rather have 4.7 and a few mpg increase. Can't really justify having the Hemi, others might. To each his own!

Has the Hemi engine tick. Exhaust manifolds tend to rot out. Comfortable to drive, tows a 15 foot camper and a 16 foot car trailer with the occasional car on it with ease. Had a 2004 model for 7 years that never left me stranded. Will see how this one does.

- Christina W

Great except rear wheel drive.

I do not like red but I like everything else. I do not mind having manual windows and locks as long as I have an aux cord. It handles well and even though it does not have great gas mileage I work close to home so I do not fill up often. Great for moving.

- David T

People should know that this truck is built tough and classy. My truck is 11 years old with barely any need on maintenance until recently this year.

The truck is built very nicely. It's very sturdy, and built with a battle stance. Ram and Dodge made a very wise choice in how they built this line of truck. I dislike how hard it is to work on the engine. It's set up in a very awkward fashion.

- Peyton W

My truck is durable and reliable. I have received many compliments on it and also many offers for it.

My Dodge Ram is very spacious and can carry my entire family. It also has a big camper that I have used many times to move furniture. My truck has never given me mechanical issues and the service I get at the Dodge dealership is great.

- Alfonso N

It may not be too pretty, but it's better than theirs.

I love my truck because it's big and strong and I can haul anything from kids to furniture. I can also drive on almost any road in almost any conditions. The only things I don't like are the gas mileage and the rust on the back fenders.

- Carol H

For it being 2007 it does last a long time and with so many miles on it.

It is an older model but my husband is constantly having issues with the alternator and the gas tank. I would take it to a dealership but because it is a 2007 the cost of the repair fee is sky high and not worth it. . .

- Courtney V

That it has ok gas mileage for how big the vehicle is.

I like that it has a spacious truck bed that is good for hauling stuff, nothing anything huge but good for everyday things. Also it's and extended cab and has plenty of room in the back seat for other people.

- Tyler R

160,000 miles and still going strong. Seeing more rust in lower quarter panels and fender wells

Reliable vehicle with 160,000 miles on it. Requires general yearly maintenance to keep it going. As with most bigger vehicles have to keep an eye on ball joint wear and other suspension needs.

- Daniel K

It takes a lot of gas and also holds quite a lot of ladders

It is a reliable ride, holds ladders and paint and power washers very well. I now realized I need to use 100 characters and needed to fill the space with something, thank you for your service.

- Sean M

It does seem to be reliable. It is built well too.

I love having a truck. But I dislike its power (v6). It doesn't get any better gas mileage than the full size v8s. And the computer holds it back from quick acceleration when needed.

- Trent K

I have 200,000 miles on this one, so they will last if you take good care of them.

I have driven Dodge trucks for several years. They always need at least one major repair such as an air conditioner needing to be replaced or the starter or the rear differential.....

- Mark M

Dependable pick-up for work or play.

Great and dependable pickup truck. I have only had to replace the brakes. The air conditioning is start to loose it is effectiveness. Overall, a great pick-up truck.

- Sergio O

Great running Truck very dependable.

Great Tuck have had it for 8 years with no problems! I've only had to change oil. truck runs fantastic. Does have rust issues on fenders since it is 11 years old.

- marcus d

one thing i would have to say is the gas goes as quickly as it came

i love how it handles. how it conquers the desert when needed don't like how the bed liner was originally plastic also disliked cotton fabric seats but o well

- carletto G

Hub problems on 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4

Love my truck but have had some issues with the front end. it is four wheel drive and have had to replace the hubs 3 times since i have owned the pickup

- Melissa R

The truck is very durable.

It is very reliable and durable. Only problem is, it consumes lots of gasoline. Other than that, have had it for almost 10 years and it Romano greats.

- Brenda M

My 2007 Dodge 1500 Hemi Ram 4 X 4 is a dependable hard worker

Never been in the shop for anything except maintenance. It has the 5.7 Hemi with good gas mileage and plenty of power. Still looks almost like new!

- Jonathan B

It lasts a while and is durable for many things.

It's a great truck. Had for a while. Own now. Still runs very well. Would recommend. Good for any driver. Easy to drive with a little practice.

- Ashton D

My 2007 ram 1500 is modified with a 6" lift kit 37" tires k&n intake powerstop heavy duty z36 tow brakes and a flowmaster series 44 exhaust

Pros- Great power, 4x4 works perfectly, long lasting, roomy, comfortable, not too hard to work on, Cons- rust, electrical issues, drinks oil,

- Matthew B

That it is the best vehicle you can buy that is worth the money spent.

We have had our 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 for 5 years now and never have any issues with it. We have traveled all over the country with it as well.

- Christina D

The best truck I've ever bought.

No problems at all other than basic maintenance. It performs well in all areas. Super reliable. The seats are really roomy and comfortable.

- Lance G

That it will carry heavy duty things like the whole apartment.

I like that is a tall and comfortable car to drive. The only thing I dislike is that it won't fit okay on garages and it shakes sometimes.

- Rosa N

What can I say, it's a truck and has been a good one.

Has been a good truck,rides a lot rougher than my old Silverado which I had for twenty three years. Just hope this one will last as long.

- Tim B

I like the space of this vehicle,

This type of vehicle have a ac problem. In order to fix it you have to drop the entire dashboard. It is very difficult to fix on you own.

- Jacobs J

Does a great job of pulling and rides smooth while under tow

I really enjoy that this has been a very reliable vehicle. Having better gas mileage would be what I would like to have it be better at

- Doug s

Truck has dual pipes for a great sound from the big engine.

My Dodge has plenty of cab room it is four-door. The engine has plenty of power. Tows like a champion. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Dennis W

lack of turning radius makes it hard to get in and out of tight parking lots.

I don't like the lack of turning radius nor the poor gas mileage. I love the comfort and ease of driving a truck that feels like a car.

- barb c

Its big and needs lots of room for turning and getting out of parking lots.

I love my truck. Its dependable and always ready to go on adventures. No complaints. The only thing it lacks is a better stereo system.

- Ricardo L

Large but efficient 4 wheel drive.

I have absolutely no issues with this vehicle, but it is a bit larger than I would normally go for as far as transportation goes.

- Megan B

That it will make sounds and will tremble but it works perfectly.

I like that it tall enough and spacious. I dislike that it's too big to park in small spaces like in garages and market places.

- Maye N

If they get stuck anywhere I can use my truck to help them out.

My dodge truck has never had an issue I could not fix. It is dependable and fairly good on gas. I do not have any complaints.

- michelle s

It is very a dependable vehicle.

I like my truck because it is good on gas. It also has an 8 foot bed which can haul more. It has very few mechanical issues.

- Diana N

I pull my fifth wheel camper with it all the time great truck.

I love my truck, it has been a great vehicle, it has 2 hundred thousand miles and still very reliable I use it every day.

- Ernest A

It can do anything I need it to. It has never failed me yet.

It is red and has 4 doors. I like that is can carry 6 people and has a bed. Only complaint is that it is not high enough.

- Zach R

It is tough, fast, strong, pulls well.

It has four wheel drive. It is big and fast. It is tough. It is red. It has four doors, lots of room, big bed. It is old.

- Roy A

My 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup review.

Small transmission problem but other than that, it's great. Runs smooth, engine is sturdy and great engine performance.

- Brandon B

It is roomy and dependable.

I love my truck for all the things I can do with it plus I hate cars! Will never buy another car. That is all I got!.

- Timothy B

This is a great reliable car.

It has lots of room on the inside. It has plenty of horsepower to pass when needed. Comfortable ride while traveling.

- Michael T

It may look old and rough on the outside but until it explodes were keeping her.

Love having a hemi motor. Its 4x4 my vehicle does everything we do, hiking off road towing capability. No complaints.

- Christina P

They are known for blowing o2 sensors which can be pricey

They have a great safety rating. Reliable in the snow. A nice sleek look. The hemi however uses a lot of gas.

- Michael S

It has a nice radio and good tires and a loud muffler

It's a great truck, I love it and want to keep it. It is in good condition and reliable. 2007 dodge ram 1500 red

- Stephanie P

it has good mileage and is dependable truck

my dodge truck is red with upgraded features that i added after buying the truck. no complaints with this truck.

- dallas R

It's a very dependable truck.

I love my Dodge Ram. It's very comfy a lot of room inside and rides very good for a truck. Sounds awesome too.

- Ronald B

Don't overfill the gas tank it will cause it to get air and just stop running

I really like my truck but after a while it developed a leak from the back window that no one can seem to fix

- Jeanette B

The safety features and how much safer of a vehicle it is than older vehicles.

Like - there is plenty of space for passengers. Drives very well, enjoy driving it.. Dislike gas mileage..

- Linda F

That it is useful for nearly everything.

It is a very useful vehicle, but I wish it had better gas mileage. I also feel safe when I am driving it.

- Carol M

It's in demand for moving things.

I like having the ability to haul things. I don't like the loose steering. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Steve D

very reliable truck and comfortable to take on trips

my dodge truck is great on performance very reliable and comfortable no problems since i had this truck

- terry l

I love the torque when I hit the throttle

Excellent pulling power comfortable ride can pass anything but a gas station not great on fuel milage

- Tony W

Built to last, It rides very well.

I have no complaints on this truck, It has been a great truck. Still runs great after 100,000 miles.

- Dave B

It is a nice truck with a hemi.

I like that it has a big bed, four doors, and looks plain. I don't like how expensive it was.

- Ryan O

It gets good gas on the freeway but not so much in town.

I love the size. The gas mileage isn't so great. It's pretty reliable. It can tow stuff.

- Haley J

That it has plenty of room.

I like it being double cab. There is nothing I don't like. It is very dependable,

- esther h

Definitely don't make them like they used to. Will not buy anything new seeing how many issues we've had with our 2015 SUV.

Most reliable truck I've owned. 11+ years and still running like a champ.

- Larry C

Has been well taken care of with regular oil changes and other maintenance

Vehicle is very dependable. Truck has beautiful dark red paint scheme

- Josh D

No complaints. It has everything I want in a truck.

it can tow like crazy! Keep up maintenance and it will run forever

- lainey m

Use it to haul and move items a lot especially for farm work

No complaints just getting old and start to have mechanical issues

- Bruce H

I enjoy the comfort and durability of my Dodge pickup. It is versatile and provides a lot of space for passengers and hauling stuff. I would sometimes prefer a vehicle with better gas mileage.

Dodge pickups are durable, versatile, comfortable and reliable.

- Sarah P

Gas is entirely too expensive for this to be an everyday driver

Gas mileage is terrible because weight of truck is too much.

- Andrew H

It is a very dependable vehicle.

It is very dependable. I have had very few issues with it.

- Stephen W

It runs great and I would buy another one without hesitation.

I like the room of the cab. Pick up bed is a nice size.

- Jeff P

Great vehicle interior is cheaply made hand bars in cab are poorly made cheap plastic no major issues I have over 100k miles

Keep up on maintenance rotate tires every 3000 miles

- Sebastian A

It's great on gas and looks great

great truck, great gas mileage, beautiful looking

- greg W

It has a good amount of space which is helpful for traveling with family

I like that it has 4 doors and a big back seat.

- Kevin W