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2008 1500 Dodge quad cab hemi.

Problems: power steering went out. At purchase bought platinum coverage, that covered repairs and I had a rental. Performance great, I push the gas and it goes. It is a hemi, I pull a 23 ft travel trailer anywhere I need to go. Under the hood it has four radiators for cooling everything. Comfort: it carries six adults and I use the pickup to help people move and it helps me go to the dump once a month. I feel safe being height off ground and having more steel all around me. Features: power locks and power windows. Hauling bottom for lower gears. I have owned one Ford 73 six cyd., three Dodges.

- Ronald P

The lifted body of the truck is awesome for backcountry camping!

The vehicle handles great, comfortable on the road. The only issues I have had at the main ones, needing new brakes, a couple of belts, new tires. I did have a problem with the thermostat inside the truck not heating anything up but once it was replaces everything was fine again. The heated seats and DVD player are great perks especially on long road trips. All around I love the vehicle, it has held up great through all the wear and tear I have put it through, from out of state road trips to off-road camping. The truck is great and I would recommend it to anyone!

- Megan L

Very reliable and dependable truck, it was built to last.

I owned a Dodge Ram 1500 for 6 years and only have had minimal problems with the truck, I had the water pump replaced 2 years ago. The truck has a lot of room even though it is a standard cab. It is equipped with power windows and door locks, am/fm stereo with cd. It has a v6 engine but has excellent power and towing capabilities. The ride and handling is very smooth. I am a do it yourself type of person and can perform most maintenance and repairs, all mechanical components are easily accessible. I love the Dodge truck.

- Charles C

My vehicle is a powerful, comfortable roomy pickup with looks to match.

The 2008 RAM is a very comfortable truck, has a huge cab, I am 6 foot 4 inches and feel like I have tons of room to spare. The 4. 7 liter motor is plenty powerful, giving me all the pep I need and all the pull I need. This truck is very reliable, it starts up everyday nothing had broke and it has over 100k miles on it. The back seat has more room than most cars. The one bad thing I can say is it is horrible on gas, I haven't really calculated the gas mileage, but I can tell you it is horrible.

- Ron S

2008 RAM 1500 sport model. This model has custom RAM head brake light covers.

My RAM 1500 is a great truck. It gets around 15 m. P. G. I easily tow an average size car with no issues. My truck is equipped with 4 wheel drive which works well when it's needed. I have the short bed option which I believe is 6 ft. When needed to haul lumber a trailer is helpful and easy to pull. The RAM design is attractive and durable. I have very little rust anywhere on the truck. I have a crew cab which allows a more comfortable ride for passengers. Overall I am very happy with my truck.

- Michelle C

This truck is tough enough to get the job done. A good work truck that the family can ride in.

My RAM is a very good truck indeed. I have had it for almost 10 years and it has only needed routine maintenance on it. The 8 barrel engine is very powerful even though some might think that the flex fuel capability would weaken it. The seats are good for a pickup and the ride is smooth. The only thing is that it was a minimal package so it does not have all of the feature of some others from 2008. Tires are a good price and there is plenty of room with the mega-cab.

- James W

Fantastic truck for a mom of boys.

Overall fantastic truck. Engine is solid and reliable. The only quirk we have found is once car seats are placed in the back seat, it impacts legroom for the front passengers. however, no car seats, plenty of room. Interior storage is also a perk. Not as much as some other pickups, but definitely a huge upgrade from my last vehicle!!

- Mel R

It comes with a 2 inch lift and is really fast.

The problems I have most are the bushings and the control arms go out quickly and a truck like this. But what I love the most is that it is very reliable and is fast and very spacious and comfortable. The interior is okay but could use some minor adjustments like a darker color or automatic seats and seat warmers.

- Shane S

Best truck ever awarded by me.

Best truck ever. Pulls boat with no problems and has never left me stranded before. Trident v8 hemi has all the power and torque I need. Has great gas mileage and is easy to service. Ram trucks hold their value which helps me when I am ready to trade in. Or should I say trade up to a newer model.

- Caroline W

I love the 5.7 liter engine

165000 miles. Have had mechanical issues. Body is rusting significantly. Has a 5.7 liter hemi engine. I do really like that. I would get another one. But a much more recent model year. Even if it was in excellent condition. Do not specific brand of truck I like better. It's as a quad cab.

- Dan P

Great truck! I would buy this truck over and over again.

I love my Dodge RAM 1500! It is spacious in the front and back seats with dual side airbags and a plethora of features. It has a 6 foot bed that never has to made. You know, if it weren't for trucks we wouldn't have tailgates. Our truck gets great gas mileage on the highway and in town.

- Stephanie L

Amazing truck. Very reliable.

Have had no problems from this truck. I love it! First vehicle I have ever bought on my own. Really reliable and will go through anything. I have the lone star edition and its nice inside. Is not as fancy inside as the newer models but I did not want a lot of electronics in my vehicle.

- Emily H

It's a gas hog but runs great.

I like my Dodge RAM just fine. It has good pick up and smooth ride. The only problem is gas mileage. It is quite a gas hog. If it got better gas mileage I wouldn't have any complaints. I think if I could do it all over again I wouldn't get the crew cab and I would get the short bed.

- Debby Z

The truck is built to carry large loads.

The truck has a hemi engine and can pick up speed real fast. A very dependable truck. The downside is that it burns a lot of gas. It is easy to change my own gas. You need a mechanic to change the brakes. The transmission will last a long time. I like the performance of the truck.

- William T

Our Dodge RAM 1500. It is a godsend during inclement weather.

No problems other than lately the 4x4 gears light keeps coming on and engaging. Our mechanic tells us there is no real problem, however, it seems to function as if it is in a low gear. Otherwise, we love our vehicle and has proven to be a godsend when the weather is inclement.

- Mariam L

Long lasting truck, very reliable, smart choice.

Very reliable truck. Has had some common issues. With parts that have needed to be replaced. Other than that it drives smooth and runs great. My truck is a utility truck. Have had some issues with the dash cracking. It has over 300, 000 miles and still runs so that is a plus.

- Crystal P

It is fun to drive, but lots of front end problems.

It has lots of front end problems like the coolant hose leaks, and problems with rotors and calipers and shocks and uv joints. It does not turn very well and the weight is really hard on brakes. It makes noise like a grinding sound when you turn with it in four wheel drive.

- Michelle M

Amazing truck that has quality and delivers.

My 2008 RAM 1500 is a beast. It is 2 wheel drive. Has the hemi 5. 7 v8 in it. More pulling power than any other truck I have pulled with. It is crew cab leaves plenty of room in back for my three kids. Bed if the truck helps haul ball bags. Hockey equipment. Work tools.

- Jeff L

Dodge RAM 1500. Best of the best.

I love my Dodge RAM 1500 truck. It is my third one in the past 30 years. It runs great. It handles great. Just a perfect match made in heaven for me and a truck. The only thing I have ever had to replace on my truck were tires and brakes. It is just the best out there.

- Gene S

If the gas cap does not seal, it will give the engine error light.

No issues with the truck. It is the smaller engine, but has done fine for me. The only thing that has went out in the 10 years is the blower fan for the ac/heater. The part was a little expensive, but it was an easy fix. No other issues outside or routine maintenance.

- Travis S

Optimum driving visibility.

It rides high making visibility optimum, comfortably seats 3 passengers, has ample storage room, provides decent gas mileage. Sometimes parking is difficult being higher than surrounding vehicles. Does not have cruise control for long trips. Overall, very dependable.

- Gregory F

Interesting detail I was surprise I could drive it so easily. I am 5'1.

The usual replace battery replace tires. Not so great on gas. It's a gas guzzler. Love the way it drives smooth on the highway very easy to drive. Love the way it sounds on the highway. I added side steppers. Stereo not so greatest. Love the seats very comfortable.

- Josie G

It has the hemi engine in it and it has a lot of power.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. It just sucks gas. I have not had but one major issue with it in the wheel bearing. Also, I have had some issues with the stereo. It is a good looking truck. I would recommend a RAM to anyone that is looking for a truck.

- Steven S

It may be 10 years old but it is in great shape.

I have no complaints regarding my vehicle. It gets us from point A to point B and I can carry many things due to it being a pick up. The one thing I can say that I am not completely satisfied with is the back seat. My children have limited moving space.

- Elizabeth A

It is mine. And it carries the most precious cargo on a daily basis.

I like the fact it is a safe vehicle to transport children. I love this truck. I dislike the lack of vanity mirrors, interior lights other than the dome light, I miss the slider window in the back window as well as the vent under the steering wheel.

- Lauren B

Honest nitro performance review.

The Dodge nitro runs very well and gets decent gas mileage. It has a lot of cargo capacity and is easy to maintain. It is also possible to drive this vehicle for a long amount of time. The nitro also has a good towing capacity.

- Ian O

Dodge Ram 1500: My experience with my first truck.

We got it two years ago, it has been reliable for us. But also requires a lot of maintenance to keep it in the condition we want it in. We've only had a few major problems that cost about 1000$ to fix.

- Angel U

My truck has a great turning radius. Its like you can turn on a dime.

My Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi fully loaded is very reliable. The only problem I have had was my water pump. Regular maintenance such as new tires, oil, alignment etc. has been completed regularly.

- Paul H

Back up camera need improvement.

Needs more extras has ac mostly. For front pass not much leg room in rear needs rear ac fog lights can be broken by rocks flying up from road needs covers on them inner lighting not good.

- Tommy H

It's a gas hog! It's not cheap to buy, nor run.

I love that there is room for 3 kids in the back. The front seats could be much more comfortable though. It would make it easier for long trips. More cup holders would also be a benefit.

- Tifannie W

The AC issues. The drive and power is great.

The Dodge is very dependable. It starts up every time. I love the power and cool look that it has. The only issue I have is the AC keeps going out. Too much money spent on AC problems.

- Jose C

It is versatile to many needs whether I am towing, going on a road trip, getting supplies for a house project or just doing errands it gets the job done.

I love the space. It handles nicely. It does great in snow. The bed makes it easy to haul lumber or go to the transfer station with my trash. It looks great and runs great.

- Linda B

Great truck, has gone through a lot and still holds up.

It's a good car. It lasted me a cross country trip across the US with an RV. Has a ton of miles, but it still runs great. I've had it since 2010 and it has yet to fail me.

- Colby T

It's a versatile vehicle that I can run errands in and do my daily activities as well as take on a road trip.

I love my truck is high up. I love being able to look all around me and not really have a blind spot. I also just love the feel of driving my truck versus a car.

- Sarah G

Reliable performance but it tends to eat up gas fairly quickly

It is a sturdy vehicle for sure. I haven't had problems with the performance as it gets me from one place to another. There aren't many negative things I can say

- Tyler F

Dodge Ram is reliable and durable.

A Dodge Ram is really very reliable and durable, a very strong truck, and with high performance, the body is beautiful. A truck that will last lifetime for sure.

- Janet G

It is a super reliable vehicle!

I LOVE my vehicle. It has run great for 10 years, with very little maintenance issues. The reliability is my favorite aspect. Also, it has more than enough room.

- Sara M

My truck is reliable and very easy to handle. It serves many purposes

I love my Dodge Ram, it's very comfortable to drive, has plenty of room on the inside, as well as in the bed. My truck is useful and practical for a homeowner.

- Julie J

It's reliable. It can go pretty much anywhere I need it to go and there is plenty of room for my family.

It's a classy truck. It has plenty of power and I can tow pretty much anything I need to with it. The interior isn't overdone but it's still comfortable.

- Paul J

It's all been modified aesthetically but she is stock under the hood

like: the way it looks, the interior and the room under the hood dislike: not a lot of options for customization, suspension components wear out easy

- larua J

Practical and fun while easy to drive

I've had no problems at all and love it. It's easy to drive and has great loading space. The interior is nice looking and the seats are comfortable.

- Denny K

It's tough to park in small places.

No complaints really. A bigger cab would help. It is a good vehicle so far. I have drove it for over 2 years with only minimum problems occurring.

- Derrick E

Good powertrain inside it

Has good power, can get up and go when needed. Interior feels cheap and lacking since I've gotten it however. Maintenance is usually not to bad.

- Dylan A

The pipes I love the sound of them

It's a good running vehicle just needs a new motor and oil change but it's a good durable truck just need to front tires, and a new paint job

- Cassandra R

it is a truck not a atv or a car if u treat it as an ATV then u will tear it up Also if u treat it like car u will tear it up

I like my truck. I don't like the gas mileage. my truck rides well but a new one would be smoother. purchasing a new one would be a nice goal.

- bron c

It gets amazing gas mileage.

I like it because it gives a comfortable ride.. I dislike it because it uses too much gas and it is getting older so it often needs repairs..

- Kathleen K

Black ram 1500 that is the best around

I haven't had any issues so far. It is dependable and a great ride. Generally the fuel is expensive but for getting around it can't be beat

- Will L

It's a great truck and I encourage every man to get them a truck it helps.

Nothing wrong with my vehicle it runs great I keep the maintenance up on all my vehicles I love my truck though I can do anything with it.

- Rez D

It is a reliable vehicle. It has never let me down.

I like how much stuff I can haul with it. However I don't like how hard it is to get into. I desperately need steps or running boards.

- shirley g

It's kind of broken. It runs bit it doesn't have air and is kind of slow.

I like that it runs. And that we are able to pull stuff. And it makes life better. don't like no air conditioner. Or the gas prices.

- Allison M

it is a great family vehicle I think.

this vehicle has been very dependable, we have had it about 10 years now and have kept it very good shape. I love driving my truck!

- lauren h

How safe it makes me feel.

I like my truck a lot. It rides smooth, has a crew cab that fits my dog's safety needs. It is also powerful enough to haul things.

- Debby Z

It is reliable for being a 2008 van.

I love my van, it may be old but it made me and my boyfriends trip from tampa to key west no problem. It has charm and I love it.

- Elizabeth A

Easy to drive 4 wheel drive dodge ram

Comfortable, reliable, easy to drive, can clearly see the road because high up, large cargo bed, four door, 4 wheel drive, winch

- shirley a

Easy to pull a kayak. you can also put kayak on the back.

My dad gave me that car. I think it used me too much gas. not enough space inside the car but it helped me move around easily.

- Mary L

Dodge Ram 1500 review. Highly recommend

Great truck. It's really good at hauling trailers. Very spacious and plenty of room for 5 people. Automatic windows and seats

- Derrick M

That it is very reliable.

I love that I can do projects. I love that I can go off road. I like that it fits my family. I wish it had more power though.

- Josh G

It is always a dependable ride although a little pricey on gas but for most part it Works great

My truck was Brand new when i got it. It has been a very dependable ride. I love my truck it will get me where i need to be

- Casey W

It is very dependable and a nice riding truck.

Runs great, looks good, rides nice. Mechanically no problems. Sits up high so I can see the road ahead of me, I like that.

- Tim P

I have owned this truck for 5 years

Very comfortable ride. Almost 170k miles and no major issues. Only bad is that it can be pretty lose in the rain or snow

- Matthew W

It works, consistency is the key to repairs. A bit expensive over time.

Its comfortable and so far seems to be economical. Will be upgrading in the near future. I hate the gas mileage though.

- Angela R

I want to buy a new car. Or truck, I have waste too much money, and time.

Waste too much money on gas. Cracked dashboard for. Fabric horror. I have to many problems with this truck. This year.

- Ortiz C

Dodge makes a pretty good product, but I feel the transmission for my make and model is to small for a truck this size. Transmission went bad at 75,000 miles and had to rebuild. All things considered I would purchase another Dodge pickup.

Caution on transmission, if planning to do heavy hauling on towing then a 6 cylinder is prob. not the truck you want.

- reginald d

Its a molar edition. Very nice on gas. Extremely fast. Very reliable for manual labor work

Installing new motor , needs dual exhaust for custom, baby lift kit, some new interior cloth, thinking polyester

- Clay C

Does not ride smooth at all.

Seats are uncomfortable, base model so no option/upgrades Suspension is to stiff rides like wagon Love Hemi motor

- Chris G

It is very dependable, comfortable, and a great vehicle to take a trip in.

I like that it sits higher up. I wish the gas mileage was better. I like that it is very comfortable to ride in.

- Brandon H

Is a family car, need room and good gas mileage.

Run and pull great and it's paid for and just the ride it's a good truck, hall all most anything and tow well.

- Jerry L

It is a beast of a truck that is comfortable and smooth to drive.

Totally reliable and comfortable. I feel safe in the road and have has no problems whatsoever with the truck.

- Al S

If they don't have one they should invest in one every man needs a truck.

It's a good truck it has no problems I keep everything on it up to date stickers oil change tune up and all.

- Rez G

The radio messes up sometimes.

It can go anywhere i want it to. Has enough room for all of my family. I feel safe in it since it is so big.

- Haley A

It has space and good for transporting things.

It is practical, lots of cargo space, good for travel. It does cost more in gas than our other cars though.

- Michelle S

It gets pretty good gas mileage but there's also room for improvement

All together it's a great vehicle. Very reliable. Gets me from a to b. Plenty of space. Pretty comfortable.

- Jodi K

It's very useful for projects and towing. It also is a very good looking truck

It's very reliable. I would like it better if it had more power. The gas mileage isn't the greatest either

- Josh G

Drives good, it is very safe, cannot complain.

The color, it is very dependable, the way it drives, love all Dodges, it is safe, the interior, the look.

- Irma W

Good vehicle but sucky gas mileage

I love the truck itself. I don't like the gas mileage but otherwise the space and comfort of the vehicle.

- Elaina C

it lasts for years with just minor repairs and work.

i love the color, the size and the comfortable ride, it's great on gas and i feel safe traveling in it.

- cathey m

Dodge Ram 4x4 1500 - 2008 model

No problems. I bought it and put the first mile on it. It now has 125,000 miles with no major problems

- karen b

The best truck on the market. Dodge ram.

I have absolutely no problems with my trucks performance at all. Very comfortable and smooth to drive.

- Gene S

The Hemi engine is very reliable and with Flowmaster exhaust it sounds awesome

It is very reliable but rusts very easily. The engine has enough horsepower but gas mileage is poor

- James G

It is a very dependable and a very good looking truck! I love the color flame red. I would recommend this truck to everyone!

A Very dependable vehicle. The vehicle has a rough ride. The truck has a great body style.

- Ken R

The locks are not electric so you have to lock them when you get out of the truck and wait for me or my husband to unlock it for you to get in

I love everything about the truck, however I wish it would have electric locks and windows.

- Heather L

It's the best truck around

I love my truck. Everything about it. If i could change 1 thing i would want a longer bed.

- Tenika T

It's big enough for the family and we have straps for the bed.

I like how big it is. I like that it can seat six. And you can haul stuff if you need to.

- Renee T

that it's been a good truck! it fits us well and is roomy

it's been a good truck. no major problems. We took care of all major under the warranty.

- jenny r

That you don't have to have a new car loaded. Just opt out for efficiency and cost.

I like that it has few miles, is tall about coastal waters. Drives well. Low mileage

- Nora F

Takes a lot of fuel to travel and even more to tow.

Like the color and size. Good for hauling things and towing. Dislike the gas mileage

- Mark C

Dodge ram is durable and dependable. A truck worth the money.

My ram is durable. It can haul trailers with no problems. It is a muscular truck.

- Paulina G

It is very dependable, and I have not had any problems with it.

Love the way it rides. Drives very nice. Wish it got a little better gas mileage.

- dennis A

It is very reliable. Can carry a lot of weight.

I like the exterior design. Gold cold color is very nice too. Dislike: very loud

- Julia W

It is taken care of and is very reliable and its driver knows what he is doing

It is 4 door full size truck. It runs and handles like new. No complaints

- Brett D

It's a work vehicle, use it primary for transport to and from job

Like the power. Gas mileage could be better. Could use some more bed space

- Christopher W

Dependable and is able to pull our travel trailer. Does well in the snow. All around good truck.

Can still pull a lightweight trailer for it only being a 1500 gas truck.

- Stacey D

It's a manual transmission , four wheel drive v8 truck

Dependable vehicle, paid for. Bought brand new. Runs and drives great

- Dennis W

The rear end gets squirrely when turning corners in the rain.

I like the comfort and sound system and power. Dislike the mileage.

- Mac H

It is great for just about any activity

I like how much truck runs and rides, don't like the gas mileage

- James C

The chemo has good power but the gas mileage sucks.

Power..bad gas mileage...getting rusty...roomy....getting old

- Todd C

I bought my truck used in 2017. It is now 10 years old and I have not had a single issue with it in the year and a half I've had it. I drive my toddler niece and nephew around in it almost daily, so I put a lot of trust into it. I am a Ram woman through and through!

In my experience, Dodge Ram always lives up to its good name!

- Emily B

There is nothing others need to know about my car.

It is white and still very reliable but I like cars better.

- Kyra D

It's has four wheel drive and is very good in the snow

It uses too much gas I luv that I can carry a lot of cargo

- George A

Excellent cargo capacity with tremendous power to pull OK whatever OK toys you have,

Great vehicle, fuel costs and seating comfort are issues.

- Erich F

Radio, power of engine, reliability, looks

Love the vehicle, small things go wrong and easily fixed

- John H

I have a chip in it for more horsepower. It has a 5.7L Hemi engine.

It's a powerful truck with a unique cream colored white.

- Tyler D

The Dodge Ram 1500 SXT is a great vehicle and is able to accommodate a small family. It runs very well and the four wheel drive is a plus in the mud and in the winter.

It is a basic truck but does everything you need it to.

- Kane B

I've had 3 and only trouble I've had out of any of them was the water pump

It's a solid steel body and i have kids enough said

- Tammy V