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Amazing vehicle love it lots of space great for a family!

Truck runs great, powerful and able to tow anything I need to. Does great in the snow as well. Plenty of storage space. Storage was actually one of the main things I loved about it. Interior design looks great. Over all really impressed only negatives is gas mileage. Is it pretty hard on gas but most trucks of this size are. Also ac has been messed up since the purchase of vehicle something in the wiring. But after talking to a dodge dealership they agreed to look at it and fix it. So overall great vehicle would recommend for a family vehicle.

- Danielle E

Dodge RAM - comfortable with some electrical issues.

Locking problems on the drivers side door - automatic lock misfires multiple times while driving down the road. Very large and comfortable, roomy enough for the entire 5 person family plus vacation bags. 3 car seats fit in the backseat. Miles to empty appears on the screen, very nice feature. Gas mileage is decent for a truck - low compared to a car which is typical.

- Lindsey B

Our family pick up truck. One of the best investments we've ever made!

We love our Dodge. It is the most reliable vehicle we have ever had. Even though it's ten years old now, it still gets compliments. Our little family enjoys how much room we all have. The Dog enjoys his front (middle) seat, and the kids have so much leg room! We haul trailers, yard decor and bricks, everything! We will never trade this truck in. It's ours for life.

- Ashley M

Amazing truck that makes life just a little easier.

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle. It has comfortable seats. Easy to keep clean. I love the style of it. Buy this truck. You will not be disappointed. This truck is wonderful on gas. I can drive hour and 30 minutes on 30 bucks of gas. This truck gets the job done and more. Got kids? Well lots of room to get the car seat in and out.

- Brandon F

Love the power and the acceleration!

2009 ram 1500 5.7 hemi is a powerful engine, 390 horsepower has got to be my favorite feature. One issue that I did have was the puddle lights both broke and fell out from going into the car wash. I have 115,000 miles on it and it has just now started to require some fixes. I replaced a front wheel bearing, and the water pump.

- Marc J

My own cubby hole to store my basics for anytime while we r driving.

It is a different need I say more 😎 it has been a good vehicle made a few out of state trips it suits our life style I have. A big family n everyone always calls us to help them out it has served us well it has the best air conditioner it is roomy and to have always loved Dodge they are the best at everything love a Dodge.

- Misty H

2009 Dodge Ram 1500 has a very sporty and sleek design.

I love my ram pickup, I've owned this truck for almost four years and I've never had a problem with it. I've hauled all sorts of loads and it handles it with ease anything from campers to full bed loads of wood. Drives smooth plenty of power when you need it. Seats are comfortable plenty of amenities, power everything.

- Matthew S

09 RAM 1500. Great truck!

It is a great truck. Haven't had any problems with it, except one incident with the engine controller that the dealer fixed under warranty. It is my daily driver. I can get about 23 mpg on the freeway, and about 16 mpg combined in the city. It tows my camper with no problem and hardly sacrifices any fuel economy.

- Jeffrey A

Great performance & reliable.

I love my Dodge ram, I have had it for about 2 years and have not had any problems with it or had expensive fixtures. It has been a great truck, gets me where I need to go. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to buy a truck. It is reliable, comfortable, and has all the features I like, and great performance.

- Manny H

The hemi in the 2009 is not great on gas mileage, but it has all the power one would need for towing or hauling.

My truck is very comfortable for a larger person like me. I love the ability to get around safely in the winter and the body style of the Dodge Ram is my favorite. I also like the full extended cab; I can my whole family of four and still haul in the bed if I need to. This is great for camping or travel.

- Aaron G

It runs strong and always has the engine has so much power it's unbelievable it's got the Hemi engine.

I love my Dodge truck s a TRX crew cab 4-wheel drive everything I ever wanted is a beautiful truck. The truck has plenty of horsepower to pull anything I want and has never been stuck off the road. I have no complaints about this truck it is a true warrior has never left me on the side of the road.

- Alan H

Dodge RAM the #1 truck made in the USA.

I have not had really any problems with my vehicle. I have had 2 recalls one for the axle and one for the gear shift which Dodge gladly and quickly corrected. I love my vehicle and would not trade it for the world, I would recommend my vehicle to anyone, it makes me feel safe when I am driving.

- Leticia P

Problem after problem after problem

Leather on seat and steering wheel have a lot of wear and tear, AC will only blow out of the top vents, seat heaters have broke, problems with motor overheating. That being said, this trucks has a lot of get up and go, the radio works good, and the sliding back glass window come in handy.

- Kelsey W

Descent truck with some problems.

Crankshaft let go needed to replace motor. Other than that no the truck has been reliable and fun to drive. Like the 4 full doors and bed space. Truck handles very well and the 4x4 is great for the snow and hauling heavier loads. Interior is well made and holds up well to wear and tear.

- Aaron P

My ranch helper, couldn't get the job done without it.

Had to replace the transmission at 160,000 miles. The truck is otherwise very reliable. It is 4 wheel drive and does very well in deep snow. As to be expected, it gets poor gas mileage which was common back in 2009. The heater and ac work really well, and the truck is very comfortable.

- Ray W

Hemi dodge ram 5.7 400 hp.

2009 dodge hemi ram 1500. 110,000 miles, 400 hp, 4 inch exhaust, 4x4, sunburst orange. Hemi decal. Tow package, led strip, k&n air filter. Bed liner, new tires. Fixed brake light issue, cab leak fixed. Fresh oil change synthetic. New front brakes and windshield wipers and fluid.

- Wayne G

It is a great upper class truck but still able to use it as a work truck

My 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie is a great driving truck. I feel it is the Cadillac of trucks, it is a super smooth ride, handles well. Features are great, heated seats, heated steering wheel. This is great in the winter time. I really have not had any major trouble out of my Laramie

- William B

2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie.

No problems so far, amazing performance and a smooth ride. Easy to drive even as a 5'0" person. AWD comes standard with the option of 4WD h and l. Large comfortable heated seating, 3 seats up front and 3 seats in the back. CD player, satellite radio, am/FM and navigation included.

- Samantha S

It's a black car, looks really sleek however tends to get scuffed easily.

It tends to have problems sometimes starting up and also can be a bit of a pain since some of the buttons are easily breakable. The vehicle however is a pretty great car other than some of those glaring flaws, I just hope that in the future they can fix some of these issues.

- Logan B

The shift stick also must be used with a little more force.

Nice vehicle, trustworthy, very reliable. There’s been minimal issues, great investment. It is very comfortable and very spacious. The kids enjoy the back seating, enough for space for all 3 of them. The vehicle is also very safe, plus, makes the driver feel safe, as well.

- Manny J

Ram is definitely as tough as they say.

It is lasted us 10 years so far and still runs great. Besides a few recalls we had to get fixed and a gasket that is been broke, it is been a great reliable car for our family. It is at 100,000 miles and still runs great. We have the aftermarket wheels and tires as well.

- Erica F

truck bedding spacious, and inside fits up to 5 passengers.

when turning the steering wheel 360 degrees engine turns off... it happens to me all the time when I do full u-turn circle .. hate it is happen many times and I don't understand why it would do that. I hope one day it stops. But for now I have to deal with that issue...

- Ana A

My truck is a two door Dodge RAM 1500 with a 6’ bed and a 4. 7 l v8.

My truck gets great performance with lots of passing power and a ton of towing capacity, although it runs rich, super reliable starts every time without a problem and I beat my truck to hell on off-road trails and at work and the interior is spacious and comfortable.

- Alex E

It is a very reliable vehicle that has not had any mechanical issues. It drives very well and is smooth for a truck. Also is very loaded with options.

I like that it is a big truck, but still drives nice. I don't like how much gas it uses up, but that's what you get with a hemi. It has been a very reliable vehicle only needing the normal maintenance. Also very surprised a 2009 truck has heated and cooled seats.

- Trent J

The best family vehicles around

My truck runs really great I love dodge and it's a smooth riding vehicles I prefer people to look and buy dodge really reliable. Ita great for travel and the family activities ao if someone is looking for a great vehicle dodge is the way to go it got my attention

- Mike C

Dodge RAM 1500 best truck.

It is very reliable and dependable. This is the first Dodge I have opened but so am very happy with it. For a truck it has a lot of room for me and my 3 kids. It is good in all weather, in the winter I add some weight on the back and it gets very good traction.

- Heather O

A wonderful truck to buy!

I am a Dodge person! I will never buy anything else. There are a few issues with recalls and the radio stops working because it wants to, but I think that has to do with the recalls. Even with those problems that arise, I will not bother to buy anything else.

- Lisa M

Fender rot! But overall a nice truck.

Overall I really like the truck but am disappointed with the amount of rust around the fenders. Truck has a ton of room in the cab and plenty of power. Nice designed but has needed many repairs due to rusting out. However I would purchase this vehicle again.

- Jared L

Dodge rams are the best truck!

My 2009 Dodge RAM 1500 has been my best vehicle to date. I really dread the day I have to retire it. It is been very dependable over the course of 10 years now. If you keep the oil changed, tires new and maintain it you’ll have a truck that lasts forever.

- Michael B

It's very durable and is comfortable to drive.

I like that it can handle most road conditions. It's has plenty of features on the inside to make it comfortable. It's lasted almost a decade with not too many or serious mechanical issues. I just wish I had extra features like the newer models.

- Milo C

Although the age doesn't really give it a competing chance with other vehicles, for a pre-owned or used vehicle I would say you would not regret getting this vehicle at all.

I don't really have any complaints. I'm very simple, I like the vehicle for mobility purposes but is very spacious and easy to store things if I have to take a large number of items with me. I'm very happy with the vehicle.

- Johnny W

This truck can take a beating and still keep running strong and reliable.

It has been very reliable. Daily driver, driven hard. We've had very few problems with it. The truck has survived 5 collisions with deer. Good on gas and safe for my family. 187,000 miles and still going strong.

- Melissa R

My Dodge Ram 1500 has ice chests in the floorboards of the back seat.

Very roomy inside. Rides extremely smooth. Lots of storage space. The only problem I have is the back window leaks when it rains and the floor gets wet. As soon as that gets fixed it will be better.

- Melody B

The Dodge Ram 1500 is a great mid size truck that will get any small to medium size job done.

The Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab is a great for towing our camper, plus getting us where we need to go everyday. The back row I wish had more room, which we may upgrade to a Mega Cab in the future.

- Valene L

2009 Dodge Ram = durable truck.

Great running, very durable, withstand any kind of weather. I prefer this vehicle over most others. I would definitely have to say it was worth the money! I would love to buy again from them!

- Nick C

It a truck and uses a lot of gas but drives great going down the road.

It's a nice riding, comfortable for 6 people to sit comfortably in truck, even after putting a lift kit on it and all terrain tires. Not the best on gas but gets you from point A to point B.

- Thomas W

We always were the Chevy guy, but now enjoy the Doge Ram. Solid, and reliable.

I like that it comes already equipped with XM radio. It is a shart looking pickup. It didn't have a truck bed cover, so we added that. So far, no complaints, even though we bought it used.

- Lori E

My truck is from a Good company and is a good truck.

It is a good running truck. Handles well and gets ok gas mileage. It does pull our travel trailer well. There was a bad clear coat on it though and it is peeling off the hood of the car.

- Tim K

Its a truck and its old a 2009, but it works well.

I have had troubles in the past, from the water pump, well I have had to buy another on trucks doing well, headlights keep going out fix that by buying more and changing them.

- Kim S

It's much better than any Ford I have ever owned. Fords suck.

Mostly an amazing truck. Transmission is a little weak. The power steering rack is a constant issue. Other then that it runs great is reliable and looks good.

- Brian H

It has a lot of power and gets me to where I need to be

I like that it can get me through bad weather when the roads are flooded, I like that it is equipped so that I can charge my phone. I also like the feel of driving it.

- Bell W

Four wheel drive and awesome tow package for a truck.

I like the ride of my truck. It pulls loads very easily. It has a nice style and comfortable seating. I don't like how it is rusting so bad on the body of the truck.

- Dana M

Run great and still looks great !!!!!!

Haven't had any problem at all with my Ram truck. It runs great and drive very smooth. I've only had to change the oil and did a brake job done at 110000 miles.

- Baker Y

It fits my needs in every way.

My vehicle is great. It has a rear view camera and navigation which I like. It also has lots of cab space so all the passengers have plenty of room.

- Nathan H

It runs like a dream and hasn't given me any big problems.

I absolutely love my truck! It is very durable and I feel very safe while driving it. It gets great traction in the winter which I also love.

- Annemarie I

Expensive to replace engine, even more than one with a hemi.

Engine seized and engine was extremely expensive. The truck has a little more than 80,000 miles. The truck needs to have Bluetooth for music.

- Daniel L

That I really love my truck.

It's a nice big truck that I love to drive. I drive it everyday to and back from work. On the weekends I like to wash it and show it off

- tom C

Smooth ride and great features!

When I first got it I really appreciated the various features including audio port for music and the smooth ride the truck provided.

- Jordan H

That is it is a good old work truck with only 62000 miles.

Bought it used. Has low miles. No frills. Even hand cranked windows. Has a v8. Like the cruise control and the automatic headlights.

- Chuck M

Hemi it is a Hemi. It tows my boat with ease. It get pretty good gas mileage . Very comfortable seating and comforts .

I love it, runs good, sounds good I like having the additional space to haul things. Comes in handy. Very easily tows my boat.

- Michael E

Dodge vehicles are comfortable to ride in.

I love dodge. I like that i can haul anything having a bed. I do not like the fuel mileage. And i do not like that i burn oil.

- Jessica K

It is a very dependable truck!

I do not hate anything about it! I love how it fits my family. It drives so smooth! I haven't had any problems with it at all.

- Erin B

The reliability and overall performance.

The body of the truck has rusted. However, it is reliable and the maintenance costs have been low. It is a great ride.

- Rachel M

Good on gas, reliable, dependable

It's a truck, don't like trucks. Performance is fine, is reliable good on gas, I just prefer a car, I get to use it

- Teresa C

Reliable and dependable work truck with minimal issues

The vehicle drives well in snow and icy conditions. It has needed minimum repairs in the past 4 years we owned it.

- Victoria S

The truck is a large vehicle and the hemi uses a lot of gas.

Its loaded it's the Laramie. But it's not good on gas. I also love the extra room and it rides like a luxury car.

- Dominic M

Reliability and smooth ride.

Minor electrical problems with power windows and door locks. Runs good and rides smooth with good gas mileage.

- Michael M

love the power got the hemi

a few recall notices from manf that were fixed by dealer. no other problems beyond that. fun vehicle to drive

- Mike D

It is very reliable and gets good gas mileage for a 4 wheel drive truck

No maintenance problems. Very reliable. It gets good gas mileage. It is a 4 door an has 4 wheel drive.

- Michael M

Avoid Dodge trucks as they don't stand up to their product.

Terrible truck. Multiple issues that should be recalls that Dodge refuses to recall on a mass scale.

- Tom M

No mechanical problems ever, easy to drive. Great looking paint job.

Never had problems with it. Not so good on gas mileage. Rides nice and easy to handles

- Mary B

It's tough and can handle a lot! It's great in the snow.

I like the 4WD, the Hemi power, the body style and the room. I hate the gas mileage.

- Diane B

I have had nothing but problems with this truck. It is gutless, low power and there is always something needing to be fixed. It has had recalls that they do not even have a fix for! This truck is 8 years old for God's sake! Already had to replace engine gaskets and it's still smoking! It doesn't even have 140k on it, yet! Can't haul very heavy loads as it squats like crazy. Nope, not buying another Dodge. They might be pretty, but they are worthless.

Beware of Buying a Ram, Go With F150 instead! Save yourself the trouble.

- Angel N

It's got lots of legroom, for passengers who sit in the back.

It is great for long trips. It has plenty of leg room and storage.

- Payden A

It is powerful ,good traction

I like the model ,I don't like the AC doesn't work


Beautiful red ram 1500 hemi short bed.

- Autumn R