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My eighteen year old Dodge van.

My van is eighteen years old and needs work. I purchased it in 2010 when it was already ten years old. I drove this vehicle for many years without any major problems and was very satisfied with its performance. About a month and a half ago the mechanic where I bring my vehicle said that shortly I would need major work done to my van. I have been looking for another used van but so far no luck.

- John S

The truck keeps on working.

A lot of repairs but it is a good reliable vehicle and a very strong work truck. I have a lot miles on it and haul a lot of heavy loads. I will keep this truck but will most likely not buy another one. Good truck had been a good value for the money and will keep using it until it dies and is not worth fixing.

- Randy D

The 2000 Dodge Ram 2500,My personal experience

when I first got it I had no problems but that quickly changed,minor things break constantly and major problems occur every couple of months. The metal used in making the body is very poor and rust is a real problem, the steering has a lot of slack also but these issues seem to be standard on Mopar products.

- jesse m

It will go for another 18 years, with no doubt, and not lose power or comfort.

This truck is a diesel workhorse. It does anything and goes anywhere I need and want it to. It is economical for its size and has required minimal upkeep. I will be purchasing a new vehicle, but have no intention of giving up this truck.

- Anne G

It is fun to drive but it is not the best for everyday use in terms of efficiency.

It is a green pickup truck. It struggles to reach speeds above 50 mph when the air conditioner is on and it sometimes shakes when at a stoplight. There is just one row of seats, so it can fit 3 people. Overall I enjoy the truck.

- Jarrett S

It is 18 years old and still going !!!

I had owned this can for over 8 years. I bought it used and it has stood up they the years.The only bad thing about it is the paint or what is left of it , it has flaked off the roof and now the roof is rusted !

- John J

3/4 ton diesel workhorse. 22 mpg average.

260k miles, no mechanical issues other than small oil leak. Amazing diesel engine. Great transmission. Comfortable interior, good ac, decent maneuverability for a full-size truck.

- Sean D

It is a towing machine. 100 percent amazing.

Change the transmission to an upgrade one right 100, 000 miles, it will save you in the long run. Change the fuel pump to an fast fuel pump system to get the best mileage.

- Pablo F

Overdrive transmission shifts smoothly.

It runs really well never had any issues with it. I like how you can work on it yourself without having to take it to a garage and pay an out labor price.

- Dee L

It is dependable and Subaru is a good company.

I love trucks.. This truck has 12 valve Cummins in it pulls my 5th camper nice and it 4x4. The only thing I do not like is it need a fuel injector pump..

- Mindy R

It gets great gas mileage.

It is still running! Son, I will have to buy another used van! I do not know how I will be able to save for this since I am on a very fixed income!.

- John J

The truck runs on diesel fuel.

I like that the truck has plenty of power. Gets me where I need to go and is very reliable. One thing I dislike is that it is a gas hog.


It's big and it's solid it's an overgrown sports car

It's always there to run it will pull anything I try to pull it handles beautifully it's my overgrown sports car

- Terry R

Steady reliable Dodge truck.

My Ram has been a reliable vehicle, with it going steady at over 300, 000 miles. It is great to tow with.

- Natasha W

It is the most reliable truck that i have ever owned.

it is a great truck, i wouldnt get rid of it if i had the chance.

- trevor l

It is dependable, runs like a champ

It is dependable. It hauls a lot. It keeps me going

- Orville G