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My First Diesel. Big on power and heavy load carrying ability.

She's tall and powerful. Easily hauls my hay. Because she's taller than a car, I am able to see far ahead as well as behind allowing me to adjust to highway conditions much more quickly than a smaller, lighter vehicle. I enjoy driving her and stay very alert and aware. Other women have commented that she is a safe truck for me to drive. The extended cab gives me adequate room for my tools and horse equipment. On the down side, I wish the bed were larger, I am currently having a problem with an oil leak which I have been able to locate and will soon mend. The ride is a little stiff, and she's a little awkward for me to maneuver in tight places as I am a short person.

- Barbara D

Great engine; heavy duty truck; it'll run forever.

It's getting older so minor things are starting to fail such as the water pump but it's easy to work on and the engine itself has never given me a single problem. It's a durable truck and it gets really great fuel mileage for being such a heavy duty truck. Iv had it for almost 5 years and it's never had a major issue. It's a cummins with 180k miles on it so it's barely broken in. My last cummins still runs and it has 450k + miles on it they're just such solid engines.

- Brook W

Dodge cummins 2002 2500 diesel

I bought the truck from a guy in Oregon and it needed a new fuel pump and steering stabilizer. Once it had that it drove perfect for about 3 years but now the transmission is about to go out. Overall it is a great truck really fun to drive and comfortable. I drive it to work and back everyday just across town and it has never once failed me.

- Ryan P

I like that it is a good, solid vehicle.

It has the power needed to pull a trailer, but it needs another gear for better mileage. It is reliable, and I wouldn't be afraid to drive cross country with it. I did have a little problem with the air conditioner / heater directional switch, but found it was just a vacuum hose came loose. Easy fix.

- Tony O

Dodge, better built more reliable than any other.

I love my vehicle. Inherited it when my dad died, it only has 40,000 miles on it this 19 years later it has 90,000. I have only had to replace tires, battery and radiator hose. Would not own anything else but a dodge. Best vehicles ever made. Very reliable and safe.

- Teresa B

It's a lightweight truck that I can easily park anywhere.

I love the performance of my truck, runs good, it's not too big for parking. It does not consume a lot of diesel. I love the color. I has not given me any hard issues for a year, just regular maintenance. It drives very good in the winter.

- Seth M

Runs Great and continues to be a very reliable vehicle.

This truck has been amazing and has had very few issues in regards to performance. It is a gas guzzler which is the only negative thing I can say about it.

- Michelle K

That it is extremely comfortable.

Good truck, always runs good, it looks good, dogs have their own back seat. Diesel is expensive that is the only drawback.

- Sherry L

Dodge Ram extended cab is great for any family that is looking for a reliable vehicle

Very reliable vehicle. Runs great and can haul a lot. Great for winter driving and is comfortable for my family of 4

- Brian R

Great towing and OK gas mileage. Reliable and comfy to drive.

Used to haul a fifth wheel camper. Low miles diesel engine. Tows great and drives OK. Suspension is bouncy

- Eric J

It's a diesel. very good on fuel and looks very good.

It's a very strong running pickup with lots of power.

- Gene F