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2003 Dodge RAM 2500 24v Cummins.

After many years of owning a truck, I decided to buy my first 3/4 ton pickup. I use it for multiple thing, work, camping, home projects and also just daily driving. I thought very carefully about buying a truck before settling on the Dodge RAM, with a 24 valve Cummins engine. It gives me the most bang for my buck when it comes to horsepower and pulling ability while also pulling whatever it is behind it at a affordable rate. Features I like power, ease of use, power seats and windows. Some issues I have had the front end sometimes floats and is not straight as could be, it does take 3 gallons of oil every oil change, but does run between 5 and 7 thousand miles. Overall I think my choice for my truck was a good one and have been pleased with the overall experience of it.

- Bradley D

Dodge Ram 2500 gets it done with towing

I find my truck to be very reliable, but it does have too much torque when starting out and that can be a problem in low traction situations. It is very comfortable to drive/ride in. A few features that I wish it had are navigation and backup camera. One feature I don't like is it honks when you are backing up with the door open, which I sometimes need to do when towing. It has plenty of power for towing my thirty foot toy hauler through mountain ranges and is much better in fuel economy than other trucks I have owned.

- Rich M

Rugged truck, handles any light duty truck duties with ease.

Rides like a typical truck, somewhat rough, but bearable for sure for your average buyer. Mileage is not great but power and reliability is good. Tows and hauls well. Many experience similar problems with the transmission, but overall drive train is very dependable once the transmission kinks are worked out. As far as the interior goes, it has enough space, but back lacks a bit for the passengers if driving a quad cab. Dash will crack, but the rest holds up fine.

- Jt D

That it has plenty of powerful performance for any job.

Our truck is very spacious and comfortable. We easily pull our travel trailer around the country even in the Rocky Mountains. The only problem we've had is with the cruise control. It's a double cab with a full bed so we have plenty of room for hulling even large items.

- sharon r

Great old pickup! Sounds like a country song!

Just wish that it was a four door truck. Not enough room for a family of 6, with teens and tweens. I love the truck otherwise. The dash has cracked significantly, but it is old and it was not garage kept. No problems other than normal wear and tear for a 2003.

- Carlos G

Don't buy one. Very cheap product

The dashboard cracked and fell apart 4 years after I bought it new. Has a squeak I can't get rid of. Fan motor and the defrost box were defective within 2 years. This all happened with less that 10,000 miles on it. No issues with the drivetrain

- Ron H

The perks of owning a Dodge Ram 2500

I've never had any problems out of my vehicle. It runs great, gas mileage isn't too well but that is expected with this size truck. The 2500 is made for towing/hauling and it does a great job of that while keeping you comfortable

- Logan H

We added a cold air intake to make the truck perform better. It is very good on gasoline now, for a large truck. It is really sporty.

I love our truck because we can purchase items and haul them home with us instead of paying someone to deliver them. I love the color of our truck. It is iridescent and shines differently during the daytime vs the night light.

- vi k

Diesel-good mileage-good towing ability and hauling ability.

Have had maintenance problems with it since I have owned it. Have spent 600-1000 in repairs each year since I bought it. It does get good mileage for a truck and a lot of the newer diesels don't get as good mileage.

- Brenda R

It's a big vehicle. Has a blind spot in the rear and can easily damage tailgate and bumper.

I enjoy driving the truck. It handles well. I have had very few issues with the engine. Down side is the gas mileage. Besides using the truck for main transportation we haul a 22 foot trailer for camping.

- Carin M

The fact it has plenty of power to get just about any job done

I dislike the fact the dashboard broke apart. I also dislike I've had to put 2 engines in it. I like the overall size and power of the truck. I also like I can tow or pack pretty much anything with it.

- David W

My truck is a beast. That drinks too much gas.

My truck is currently in the shop being worked on. List of problems are radio not working, alternator problems, blinker problem, muffler problems, oil change, and check engine light.

- Charlie B

dodge is awesome. it helped me get home in the 2013 snowstorm

I love my truck. It's great for hauling furniture or dirt. the whole family fits. 4 wheel drive if we feel like mud bogging or just in case we get stuck.

- john L

It's a very hard working truck. It's very dependable.

I like that I can take it anywhere. I don't have to worry about getting stuck. it has lots of power. It looks really nice going down the road.

- Bobby H

It's loud. Seat Belts are loose. It's taller so hard to get into.

Doesn't get greatest gas mileage. Seats are older and worn from use. Windows are scratched from dust. It's a desert truck so always dirty

- Tristan S

Dodge Trucks are the best full size trucks on the market

I love my Dodge Ram. It's a great truck that runs really well. It handles all weather really good. It also holds up to six passengers

- Shane R

Great setup but poor cruise control

My truck is pretty reliable. I love the room and space, as well as the setup of the interior. The cruise control is temperamental.

- Pamela W

It is 15 years old and performs like it was brand new.

I like the space in my cab.. I like that it does everything I need it to do... I do not like the cost of registration.

- Amber W

Great handling and very versatile. Go for the full size bed like mine.

Love the color the great handling. Very versatile vehicle. Had wanted one for years before I could afford one.

- E D

Really cool truck love the details.

I haven't had any major issues since I bought my vehicle. Definitely love the cosmetic details with it also.

- Amanda G

It is fast! It has a Hemi motor.

It is maroon in color. I put in a cold air intake. I make sure it is always properly maintained.

- Dave C

Has a 5.7 hemi engine. It gets about 13 mpg around town.

Tough, reliable. Gas mileage isn't great especially with gas prices. I love Rams body style.

- Jeff H

It has had regular maintenance. The tires are new. It is diesel. It gets good mpg. It pulls really well

It has held up great. It is easy for my husband to work on. Good truck

- Carrie E

Keep it maintained, and it will take care of you. Use good gas, keep proper air pressure in the tires, and regular oil changes.

My truck is old but have had very minimal repairs ever!

- Michael W

It's not little, and the ride is a bit ruff, but it pulls very well

It's very dependable, ants has great diesel mileage

- Daniel S

low mileage on odometer for a diesel

good mileage, turns easy, can haul almost anything

- doug C