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Big red the 2500 beast from Dodge ram.

My Dodge RAM 2500 pickup truck is awesome! It hauls just about everything I need and is very durable. I just had to change the brakes and calipers which were an easy task. But so far nothing too extreme has needed replacement. The interior is comfortable with the bucket seats and a center console that folds up with seating underneath. Along the back interior there are plenty of compartments for storage. The radio plays CD's and no power windows (I am glad because I hate when the motor goes out and you cannot even use the windows). Not bad on gas mileage, approximately 15 miles per gallon. Overall, this truck has had few issues. I had to pull a fifth wheel r. V. Recently with this truck and although it put some strain on the truck, we were able to pull it with no damages at all. Ole' Betsy pulled that r. V. Like a champ! I would recommend the Dodge RAM 2500 series truck to any truck buyer over the competitors trucks any day of the week!

- Allison B

It's a big asd truck and it is very loud tube kids call it the monster.

Its roomy fast good for all of us and by all I mean three dogs two kids myself and my boyfriend. We can all go on a vacation together. It has so much storage so with the seven of us the kids each have a bag my boyfriend and I each have a bag and the dogs have there bag and we are still comfortable next year we might bring a friend for the kids. I love the overall performance of the truck. It has a great stereo sound really nice. And it will last for something that can be passed down from my boyfriend to his son and so on. We just painted the truck it was green but now it's black. There was nothing wrong with it just wanted to change color.

- Stacy S

I have red lights underneath my wheel wells that light my whole undercarriage.

6 inch lift, 20 inch chrome wheels -44 offset. 37 inch tires, aftermarket paint job, mirrors, handles and antenna base paint matched, roll pan, 5 inch turbo back exhaust with duals to 2 8 inch stack tips under the roll pan. Aftermarket intake, grille (painted black), fender flares and a foot wide around entire body on the bottom outside (along with roll pan and front bumper) rhino lined. Aftermarket interior speakers and deck. Window tint. 3 gauge pillar pod with get, trans temp and boost gauges installed. Fox shocks all around including steering dampener. 4 new core suspension adjustable control arms.

- Cory N

04 ram 2500 pros and cons.

I love my 2004 dodge ram 2500 because it is just as reliable as the day is long. I have over 250,000 miles on it and I would still trust it to take me across the country. The straight axle front end makes it easier to work, so that keeps repair costs down. The truck has just enough options to make me feel comfortable, but not too many options to overcomplicate things. One of my favorite options has to be the heated mirrors. Not something I never thought I would ever need, but I won't buy a vehicle without it from now on.

- Andrew T

Good truck but Dodge has a few defects

2500 ram diesel is a very dependable truck, but there are a few problem defects that every owner seems to have to fix at a very high cost, 1: a switch within the temperature fan that goes out very quickly on every truck, and the really expensive defect is the working harness for the turn lights and brake lights on the towing systems are defective and have to replaced repeatedly at around d $1500. The problem is the wiring for the blinkers and brake light on the driver side goes bad on the towing .system.

- Val C

04. 5 RAM 3rd generation 5. 9 ltr diesel.

Dodge RAM diesel engine, automatic transmission. 4 drive long bed, 4 wheel drive. Great fuel economy for a truck this size. Can tow almost anything. Comfortable on long trips. Easy to drive. Just the right amount of features, air conditioning, power steering, multi media entertainment center, intermittent wipers, on the fly 4 wheel drive. Power seats, power windows, power door locks.

- Phil N

Great family vehicle for a family of 4-5 with great gas mileage

This truck fits a convertible car seat and a booster car seat comfortably. Reliable, my primary vehicle for long trips. Great on gas mileage for a diesel vehicle. Love the sound of the dodge Cummins turbo diesel. This vehicle is a standard with enough power to start in second gear, I only use first gear in heavy traffic no need to press on the gas pedal

- Danielle L

We love our Ram 2500 aka Silver

We really love our Dodge Ram 2500. It's been driven across the country and towed a trailer while doing it and handled it like a champ. I just wish the interior held up better and by that I mean that the seats didn't start to lean after frequent use. It is a 2004 and it's got a good look to it compared to the newer generation. Overall it's reliable.

- Nikki S

Great truck, could be a money pit if you cannot do the work yourself.

Surface rust on bed side panels, steering gets loose, exhaust headers start to rust early and are impossible to remove without tearing down the entire engine bay. Poor fuel economy, suspension wears out very fast leading to a rough ride. Most parts easily replaceable or repairable by owner which reduces visits to auto shop.

- Sean S

Trucks and very useful vehicles.

It gets me to and from places it is nice cause I can put big/heavy objects in the back end and it can be used for many different things. It is been used at a drive in movie witch is really nice. It is used to take fair projects and pig supplies to and from fair. Does not have a lot of miles on it for it being 15 years old.

- Sara C

Towing & off-roading with room to spare.

Very reliable, good diesel gas mileage, roomy, lots of storage space, great towing capabilities, quiet for a diesel, good off roading capabilities, nice interior, very comfortable, maintenance can be a bit pricey, intermittent windshield wipers have had some problems, tires can be very expensive.

- Don H

Dodge RAM 2500: durability and comfort at its best.

This vehicle will not give you many problems. It is reliable and sturdy and you’ll enjoy every trip. You'll make great use of the large trunk which can hold many things. The interior design is comforting and relaxing. Very strong vehicle that gives me a sense of power in the steering wheel.

- Tommy T

Dodge - Cummins turbo diesel.

The Cummins engine cannot be beat for reliability, simplicity and dependability. Dodge has assembled a very solid platform from the transmission, . Transfer case and axles. Dodge had a cutting Edge front end design that Ford has chosen to copy in their latest heavy duty models.

- Ben H

Rolling rust bucket that needs complete rebuilt

Prior owners didn't maintain it. Undercarriage is completely rusted. Gas tank is held on with bungee cords. The bed is about to fall off. Been slowly trying to fix it. Needs new driveshafts. 4 wheel drive shaft rusted off. Ball joints need cut off so they can be replaced

- Crystal V

It has been a very good, dependable truck.

I like the cummins engine oh, it is very easy to work on. It has 480000 miles on it, and the only major problem is the transmission has been rebuilt at 230000 miles. Other than that it is normal maintenance items. It has started to rust around the fender wells.

- Les H

My vehicle has amazing gas mileage.

My vehicle is over 14 years old, and it still runs fairly well. The vehicle is hard to warm up in the winter but once the engine is warm it runs very well, but if not given sufficient time to warm up, it does have problems shifting into higher gears.

- Emily D

It's nice I've enjoyed it for many years now.

Does not have 4 wheel drive. Its very nice and rugged. Its capable of carrying a lot of stuff in the bed. Its roomy for up to 6 people ride in. It has decent sound speakers for music. Its high up when seated so easy to see the road and other drivers.

- Stefan M

It is well worth the money.

I like my truck for towing and hauling capabilities.. I like my truck for the driver and passenger roominess and comfort.. I dislike my truck being a manual drive, but not a disqualifying factor in it..

- Lisa K

It's tough for everything I Need it to do! I love Dodge's truck style!!

I like my truck because it is able to pull out camper very well! I also love the spacious inside and it's toughness!! I love ow well my truck drives and rides too!

- Evette F

They should know it is reliable and will get them where we are going.

I like how reliable it is, as well as how versatile it is. The cost of ownership can get high, but ultimately I am very satisfied with my truck.

- Tye W

it fits my lifestyle and my personality

It's a dodge 2500 , diesel truck , crew cab , used in my business to pull trailers , and haul gear , 4 x 4 and It's fun to ride dirt roads

- tommy K

This Truck has a good engine, although the maintenance a pain to do, they did not make it easy

I dislike the Gas Mileage, however durability is good. Changing bulbs on it is a pain, and comfort of the inside is nice.

- Eric P

It gets good gas mileage and controls well in all weather.

It is a diesel and very dependable and it is a pick up that holds a lot. I wish it was more comfortable and newer.

- Sandra S

It has lots of power, with a good sound system. Also has been well maintained.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my vehicle. I like the style, but am struggling with the reliability lately.

- Ty W

It has been very reliable. Properly maintained, this vehicle will perform well and be reliable during its service life.

It has been a durable reliable vehicle. It is very comfortable and have served our family well

- Mack R

Our Truck is diesel so it requires diesel fuel that is not sold at every gas station

I like that's big. Has 4 doors. Lots of room to haul stuff. Can you a camper

- Donna A

It's a Dodge, American company, reliable, has style.

Drives and handles very nice. Has lots of power for towing. Love the color.

- Terry W

How many miles are on it and has it been taken care of, such as oil changes, tire rotation, tune up Etc.

It's nice and big. It's a guy truck not a girly one.No Complaints s0 far.

- fred M