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Great truck would buy another Cummins 6 speed in a heartbeat.

Tows great, semi-comfortable, very reliable only thing that left me by the side of the road was when my radiator got a hole in it, really quick when you need to get out into traffic, 6 speed, cummins diesel, 4x4, added a pac exhaust and engine brakes for towing, has a gooseneck ball, upgraded the steering to the 2009 style way stronger design, front wheel bearings tend to go out once a year (probably cheap replacement part), I do all my own work which is nice, because Dodge lets you do that.

- Nate G

Dodge is my go to vehicle.

I have had very limited issues. It has been so great, I cannot bring myself to trade for a newer model. Dodge, has always been my go to vehicle, as this is my 3rd Dodge. With it being a older model, it doesn't have heated seats, & the extra features on the radio/cd player, which no longer works anyway. A comfort ride, depends on tire pressure, so always check this before a trip.

- Jane W

2005 Dodge RAM 2500 with Cummins engine 6sd manual transmission.

I have a 2005 Dodge RAM 2500 4WD with the cummins diesel engine. It has the six speed manual transmission. I bought it new and it has 218,000 miles and still running great. It is bare-bones stock. The only upgrade that has been done is I installed lock-outs on the front axle. Other than general maintenance items. Like oil / brake changes it is a maintenance-free truck.

- John M

The interesting highlight of my truck is the suspension. And a lot of room it has.

U can feel every bump in the road. Not much spring to it. That is all. We have enjoyed it. It has a lot of room for our family. We haven't had a lot of problems with it. The heat and air works great immediately.A lot of room in the back of the truck. It has a liner which works well. Plus a cab that covers in the back.


Overview of the RAM 2500 05'.

Dodge makes some of the best trucks on the market. The 5. 9 Cummins is one of the best. It drives great, sounds great, and should easily last 300, 000 miles. Only thing that sucks is the transmission needs to get rebuilt in order to work properly. Overall I would say it is one of the best rams ever built.

- Dalton P

2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Review

My truck is great! Super reliable and dependable! It has never broken down in me. It has well over 300,000 miles on it. I've replaced the fuel pump two times in the past 6 years. But that's all I've ever had to have done besides regular maintenance like oil changes and differential services.

- Matthew Y

The extra storage and split seats are great.

Great dependable truck. I, love the Cummins diesel engine. It tows great! Love all the extra storage and the fold up seats for extra storage in the back seat. Like how the back seat splits too. Very well built truck and stylish too. I have a new Dodge RAM 2500 and prefer the 2005 instead!

- Lo I

We have always been a Dodge family!

Never any problems. maintenance is consistent, performance is great. I can count on my Dodge always. I prefer a big truck for highway driving, it's safer. This truck is comfortable, has just enough features to comfortably travel. Very spacious for 4 adults, ac and heat work great.

- Lea Ann C

Nice family vehicle that works hard when needed.

This truck has a lot of power. It has very good tow capacity. Steering not the best. Very spacious interior. Fits 6 people nicely. We have a car seat in back and fit two more adults nicely. Having the vinyl floors make easy cleaning when have kids who like to make messes.

- Holly M

My favorite part of my truck is the size.

I really like my pickup. It rides really smooth, has a lot of room which is convenient. It is big so I can pull trailers of all sorts of weight. I live on gravel roads it travels really well. I get great mpg. I have a big tank that I can find almost once every two weeks.

- Brittany H

The most interesting thing about this truck is the bright yellow color.

It has been very reliable. I like the way it looks and the way the inside of the cab is set up. The only thing I really do not like is that being so far off the ground it is very hard to get in and out. I like all the storage it has between and behind the seats.

- Lillian E

2005 dodge ram 2500 truck review

The truck runs great. But gas mileage is only about 11-12 mpg.haven't had any problems with the motor or tranny.I've started to replacing the alternator at about 175,000 and the fuel pump at about 190,000. Starter about the same. So just minor things replaced

- Alex G

Diesel dodge ram 2600 14 years and running.

Our dodge truck is 14 years old and still runs great. It still looks great except for some rust on the back fenders. Even in winter we plug in the oil heater at night (diesel) and it starts up right away even in the coldest weather. And we do not garage it.

- Lori D

it is very reliable and comfortable

it's a great truck, does what i need it to do. drives well and gets pretty good fuel economy for a large truck. it is easily able to handle the camper on the back, take loads to the dump, navigate dirt roads and comfortable for road trips.

- dave m

Replace the stock ball joints with heavy duty, rebuildable ball joints.

It's diesel. it's the last year of the good engine. It doesn't require the new emissions. It's roomier and more comfortable than new models. I don't like the color. I would prefer a manual transmission than an auto.

- Roye Y

It is a really reliable vehicle.

I love the power and pull my vehicle has. I dislike the low gas efficiency and how it is not great for the environment. It is comfortable and great performing but I feel a little guilty driving it.

- Lisa H

Pros and cons for a dodge diesel.

It has leather seats, which are nice. I wish the rear window opened. I've had to replace the tires which are pricey. Everything costs more with a diesel. It is lifted which make it ride very bumpy.

- jessica a

Tough like a truck, rides like a car.

Love the roominess and comfort, backup camera is awesome but would love heated back window, truck beds should come with automatic protection.

- Jamie M

Very comfortable a/c works great heat does too easy affordable maintenance

Drinks gas but reliable 4d Doors plenty of room easy to work on comfortable but loud we enjoy it it gets us from point A to B and back

- Kathy J

It is a big truck and takes up a lot of the road.

Like that is its diesel, reliable, fast, loud. Dislike that it is getting rusty as well as putting fuel in can get expensive.

- Cody L

It is a good truck that has low miles and it is safe

This is a good truck that is dependable and stable. It is comfortable. It rides really smooth and no road noise

- Randy G

Diesel engines last for high mileage use.

Diesel very strong to tow. Great mileage. Can see road ahead because of height. Can carry a lot of payload.

- Mark P

It was my first diesel engine and I would have to say I love it.

I like the power this Truck has. We bought it brand new in 2005, to date, my truck only has 92000 miles.

- Donna H

It is a diesel engine with amazing gas mileage.

Diesel truck with loads of power, aftermarket engine accessories and enough growing room for the family.

- Jodi W

It does well in all types of weather.

I love that my truck has good fuel mileage. It is also very spacious. I dislike nothing about my truck.

- Harley P

Turbo diesel with tremendous torque

2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Diesel with 163000 miles. I like the durability, however it is getting old

- Thomas W

it can haul thing with ease and easy to use. I really like using it

It's nice to haul things in. perfect just for me to use. never had a problem with it

- Dawn C

the way it performs and handle on the road.rides 4 comfortably

like the ride.dislike the repairs. enjoy the comfort

- philip s