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2007 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab Pickup

I have a 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab Pickup. My favorite feature about this truck is that it is a mega cab, which is an extension of a crew cab so there is a lot of extra space in the back seat. This makes it very comfortable, bigger people can have plenty of legroom in the back seat and the people in the front can lean their chairs back as much as needed with the person behind them still having plenty of room. There's also a place for storage behind the back seats. One issue we have with it is sometimes when we start up the truck the A/C doesn't come on right away, so we have to kick the bottom part of the glove box on the passenger side to get it going. Another issue is the gas mileage, granted it is a big truck, the gas mileage isn't great. It gets about 12 in city and 15 on highway, and that's being a little generous. It does have a screen for the radio so you can get features like Sirius XM.

- Sierra B

Overall the 2007 2500 Ram is definitely a good reliable truck.

My 2007 Ram is a great truck. Mine is a 5.9L Cummins. It's an extremely reliable truck, it's a great tow rig. I've pulled 5th wheel trailers with it with full size trucks on it and it pulls very well. The transmission on these trucks are a little on the weaker side. You have you adjust the bands in the transmission or you will feel a slippage between gears. Interior on these models are very comfy. Only thing I'm not impressed with is even in 2007 these trucks did not come with a AUX cable port for the radio. Steering on these trucks do get a little sloppy and you have the chance of getting a 'death wobble'. This is fixed with buying a brace for the power steering unit. The front u- joints on the truck's do get sloppy, when you replace them make sure to use greasable u- joints for longer life.

- Don S

will get you to your destination consistently but will not be a comfortable.

Suspension is horrible, you feel every bump and get jerked around. If the bump is bad enough the back end will kick out from you. Also, the gas is bad. One thing I do like about it, is the roomy back seats. The truck is reliable, just the comfort is not ideal for long trips. The stereo is a bit of a reach as well. A better concept for that vehicle, would be to have it as cockpit style, so everything is easy for the driver to get to.

- Robert D

This truck loves to travel

I bought this truck used so have had the usual maintenance issues one gets with a used vehicle but nothing major. It has the 5.9 Cummins diesel and is a great workhorse. I have used it to pull a travel trailer through 10 states this past 2 years and have had great results. The truck is just shy of 200,000 miles and runs like it will go another 100,000.

- Bob H

I thought I just did that during the previous answer.

My Dodge RAM is one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever had the pleasure of owning. The comfort of my RAM is unbelievable for a big truck. The power of the Dodge RAM is over the top when compared to other vehicles in the same class. Gas mileage on the Dodge RAM could use some help. Keeping the Hemi in gas gets quite expensive.

- Dawn W

2007 5.9L Diesel Power house

Our truck has the 5.9L Diesel engine. Very powerful. We also have electric windows, locks and driver seat is electric. Very comfortable. We have had a few steering problems, replace power steering pump several times and now there is something wrong with power steering box. But we love it!

- Kris T

Cummins are built like a tank

Tons of power the Cummins is tank, ac has broke but over all the truck is a animal. This is my second Cummins I would definitely recommend them solid trucks for a good price, both have had ac problems. It has sheared the 2nd gear band in the trans but thankfully was a cheaper fix for a trans

- Cody C

Good family truck with enough space for multiple car seats.

Limited features besides the windows are electric. The vehicle is lifted and has 34 inch tires. Very roomy backseat and fits three car seats well. The vehicle does not bump all over the road while driving and is a comfortable ride. Haven't had many negatives as we just purchased this truck.

- Michelle H

It is lifted and I can't always see small cars and bikes.

I like that the body is actually made of metal unlike a lot of other vehicles. The mega cab is very roomy, therefore I can haul a bunch of stuff and everyone is comfortable. However, the interior could have been made better for the price that was paid. It also is not the smoothest ride.

- Chelsea W

Strongly recommend the dodge 2500 truck.

I love my Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon. The truck is reliable as well as very stout and has came in very use in situations that we needed a winch and a strong force behind to pull with. The truck has many options inside that are very useful and handy to have. I recommend this truck!!

- Laura T

Dodge Ram 2500 crew cab 2007

It has been a very good truck. I have had no problems with it and it has been a good vehicle overall. Very good for its purpose. I bought it to haul a fifth wheel RV and have been very happy with it. Only thing that I would change is the color because I don't really like red.

- Amy S

"Very nice Dodge RAM 2500 diesel, you want a real truck. Well here it is".

The performance on my diesel is outstanding the throttle is instant reaction time. Features include DVD/navigation screen, sunroof, cold air intake, twin turbos. The only problems I have ever had with my truck was when my transmission went out, otherwise it's been a great truck.

- Tad T

Read about this amazing truck. !!

Only problem I have had with my Cummins is I had to replace the turbo and manifold. Otherwise this truck has exceeded my expectations. The navigation screen really doesn't help me unless I am in a bigger city but my wife uses it no matter what. Even in her Jeep she's does it as.

- Tad T

The hemi motor has some get-up to it, and seems to be a reliable engine.

3/4 ton works well for towing, and the Mega-cab offers a lot of room, especially for someone who is over 6 1/2' tall. 4x4 offers peace of mind in bad weather. Gas engine drinks fuel like it's going out of style and I feel the blower motor is too loud on the heat-a/c system.

- Kevin H

Such a great choice overall for year and features.

Such a great choice. Its standard which makes it that much better. Multi-use and diesel is always just a great choice. Four wheel drive works amazing and such a roomy ride. Drives smoothly and if you do a few upgrades it adds amazing performance to your ride.

- Rihanna T

Built to Last.... don't buy a Dodge

Dodge trucks have a lot of issues and they aren't made to last in my opinion. It's the little things that matter when you own a vehicle for a long time. Things like the fabric staying in tact and the light shields not just falling off.

- Jen D

Great truck, great engine, expected to last over 500,000 miles easily

Great truck with the best Cummins diesel made; the 5.9L. Very reliable truck. As comfortable as a heavy duty diesel truck can be. Only problem has been with the truck going through 2 water pumps in 5 years.

- Andrew G

Great engine that needed to be paired with a stronger transmission.

I love the 5. 9l Cummins diesel engine. With proper maintenance it can last well over 500,000 miles. I do not like how much repairs for anything on a diesel truck can cost because of "heavy duty" title.

- Andrew G

2007 dodge ram 2500 diesel six speed

I drive a 2007 dodge ram 2500 with the 6.7 cummins turbo diesel and 6 speed manual transmission. It has all the power and torque you could ever need out of a pickup and has been super reliable

- Brandon H

2007 dodge ram blue color

The truck is a good truck. But the gas mileage isn't so good. It doesn't have a lot of power when taking off unless you put the pedal to the medal. But gets me where I need to go

- Robin V

It's my truck and keep you Hands off of it or I'll break your Arm

I like this truck . Because it a diesel and three quarter ton truck. It has a crew cab for comfort.It's a 4 wheel drive truck for the bad weather here in Michigan

- john s

As a diesel it is great for long distance trips, with infrequent fuel ups.

Smooth ride, durable engine, heavy duty. I am able to pull my cow trailer with my 2000 lb bull without any problem, and not even know the trailer is back there.

- Janice H

It drives nicely and is a sturdy vehicle that feels great when you drive it. It stands high and seats are quite roomy enough for

It is sturdy, rides nicely and is sleek looking. I enjoy the roominess and the size of the seats. Overall the truck is appealing an drives nicely.

- Tracy E

6.7L Cummins engine that has a programmer.

This is my first diesel vehicle. There was a huge learning curve but I think I have things under control now. Nothing beats a Cummins engine.

- Jason L

This car is very good to everyone and more comfortable.

Love it because make me comfortable and easy to handle and very perfect for our family. We love to vacation with our car and feel safe for us.

- Naw N

Its compact but once you inside it is super roomy.

It has a hemi engine. Runs very well. Never had a problem with it. Has 8 ft. Bed for plenty of storage. Has lifetime warranty.. Not 4wd..

- Br P

It goes pretty fast and if you are not careful you can start speeding.

I like how smooth it rides and the fact that I can make some money with it if I choose. It's more of a asset than a luxury.

- Larry Y

Power, four wheel drive, and load capacity.

Love the power, and the economy for a 2500 is outstanding. Rides better than you'd expect for a heavy duty, and looks good.

- Paul S

Versatile, has 8 ft bed, room for 6 people, and 4 wheel drive.

Love the power, hauling ability, 4 wheel drive, and very roomy cab. Hate the gas mileage. Complaints - Dodge death wobble.

- Mike M

It has a great Diesel engine with great horsepower and at the same time it's fast and good on gas consumption

It's a Diesel engine that if you stay on top of your maintenance will last for many years. It's also very good in gas

- Jose S

It is an older vehicle so it does not run well on the newer type of diesel products.

It is 5.9 Diesel, good transmission, built strong and sturdy, 4x4 and withholds several types of terrain.

- Ann W

It is still a very nice looking vehicle.

My only complaint I have with my truck is the fact that it is has 228,000. Its runs well and looks great.

- Corey C

It gets me places in style with the power when I need it.

Love the 5.7 hemi. Love the comfort of the seating. Hate the fuel economy. Love the four-wheel drive.

- John A

It's is a great vehicle for my family of 3, with plenty of room for all of us.

I like that it is big enough for my family. Also that it can haul things. I have no complaints.

- Rhonda W

It can do the work it was designed to do. No mechanical problems

No dislike. Love the vehicle ride. No repair cost. . performance is great.

- larry p

Having been in car accidents before I love the feeling of being in a bigger vehicle. Love Having a truck for the extra storage the back bed offers as well as the ability to go off roading. Dislikes would be mpg sometimes aren't so great.

The mpg aren't that great but all in all great reliable truck

- Jessica B