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Awesome 2010 Ram 2500 Laramie!

My engine housing cracked and was leaking oil, I get poor fuel mileage because the exhaust get routed back to my engine to re filter it for environmental reasons, my tire sensors always get wonky, and my windshield washer reservoir always cracks. But other than that I love my truck! I looks good, performs well, and the interior is spacious with all the bells and whistles!

- Samantha B

Like the heavy duty beefed up Dodge but found some issues with towing on one.

Love Dodge and its tow capacity, I've had several, from 1500 to 3500 dually. It is reliable however 410 is best for towing horse trailer 373 rear end and lower is not. The 410 easily pulls, the other rear ends did not have the towing strength. Also front ends seem to get out of line and wear tires along with the check engine light issues.

- Linda L

It doesn't smell like farts.

A/c still goes out despite fixes. The fuel filler valve also does not work well. It will only manage a few cents of gas at a time and still won't fill up all the way and bothers me every time I have to fill up with gas. This Ram has a quiet ride and good suspension but it has little things that irritate me.

- Phillip O

It has an extended cab which is great with traveling and/or buying furniture!

There has not been any problems with the truck! It's reliable and gets us from point a to point b plus it's a great travel truck! It's comfortable with a lot of room for us, our animals & luggage when we travel! It looks nice & you have the option to get Bluetooth & Sirius radio!

- Kayla H

My vehicle is gold and brown. The feature I like the most is the power outlet.

Front end is really heavy, wheel hub is bad, I also had a problem with my transfer case. It went bad while I was driving. I put an air bag system in and when my transfer case went bad, it cut the air lines. I also have had issues with the wheels. Alignment issues have also been a problem.

- Michael C

I am a very short housewife and this is a very tall truck

With smaller tires the ride is smooth. Very spacious in the cab. 4x4 works wonderfully great work truck. My husband has driven a gas powered van for years there is a clear digoxin fuel costs. There are ways to discount this though if you use club points. We are pleased with the truck

- Lindsey O

Comfortable & reliable farm truck

Love the full bed pickup. The crew cab gives plenty of room for friends, pets, or groceries. It's great and reliable for pulling gooseneck trailer. It is the perfect farm vehicle. The hemi engine gives plenty of get up and go. Smooth ride and comfortable seating for longer trips.

- Ice S

Ram is a great performing truck but could be unreliable.

I have had issues with the check engine light coming on frequently. We have worked with local dealers and the corporate team. I also have had several issues that were covered in the drivetrain warranty. I love the truck, but question the reliability.

- Patricia N

Good vehicle, hard on tires

Biggest issue is tire wear. We travel a lot on a dirt road and it eats the front tires. We are on our 3rd set and less than 50000 miles. We purchase $300 tires recommended by the tire shop an each time have gotten a credit because of the warranty

- Karen F

American cars have a bad rap but they are actually good and reliable.

I like that my vehicle is big. I like that my vehicle is intimidating and manly. I dislike that my vehicle is a gas guzzler. I also dislike that my vehicle is too big to fit into some parking spaces. But, I have no complaints.

- Justin M

It can save you a lot of money on gas. Also large so I have groceries you have plenty of room for it. Also a lot of people can fit in it since it's l also lotta people can fit in it since it's large.

I like it because it saves money for cash. I also like it because it pretty and doesn't break down easily. I Also like it because it's large so it can carry a lot of things for it. For example, the groceries fig easily.

- Yanna P

Our dodge is a great pickup especially for towing while hauling a family inside.

Our Dodge has been a joy! Really comfortable seats and very roomy cab. Nice to drive and also a smooth ride. As of right now we have not had any issues with our dodge and highly recommend the dodge ram 2500

- Heidi W

My truck is grey and it been customize.

It does not have any problems at the moment. IT performs incredibly and its always reliable. I have never had any issues. It is the perfect size and comfortable for me and all that I have to take to work.

- Diana R

My Dodge Ram has the horsepower to take me anywhere.

I love my Dodge Ram Pickup. If takes me everywhere I want/need to go. I love that it is four wheel drive and yet, it is perfect for the city too. There is absolutely nothing I dislike about my Ram.

- John M

The most important thing others should know about my car is it has great sentimental value to me.

I like the overall look of my vehicle. In addition to the look of my vehicle I also like the performance of it. And finally I really like how comfortable it is to drive in.

- James W

Most people do not think of trucks for family vehicles but this really fits our needs better than a SUV.

There is enough room for our family and providers more storage room than an SUV. We are able to easily haul our travel trailer and boat as needed. Easy to keep clean.

- Joe B

Gas hog! Dodges everything but the gas stations

The only problem I have about my truck is it's a gas hog. It drinks the gas around town and when we go on trips other than that I love my truck.

- Jeri M

It is very safe. There is lots of room in the back seats for kids and adults.

It's a great truck. The valve stem air pressure sensors went bad and are too expensive to replace. Also the rocker panels are starting to rust.

- Monica B

Doesn't matter the weather Dodge can get you thru.

It is American made, 4x4 tuff, room for all the family! No complaints Mopar power all the way! I have been a Dodge fan since I was little!

- Michelle R

don't run into it tires can get very pricey being a dually.

Dam radio don't work other than that it gets from A to B not bad on gas Its diesel has giddy up and go overall It's a truck does Its job.

- Michel L

That the interior is dated.

I like the room and how it drives. I do not like because the seat material didn't hold up. Also I like the motor it has a lot of power.

- Helen B

Roominess and Bluetooth, also love the backup camera system.

Should have heated back window and leather seats as standard, very roomy and love the bed of the truck even with the extended cab.

- Jamie M

The epic adventures of a Dodge Ram

So far it has been great. It needs tune ups but has a lot of love. Eventually i will probably have to get another vehicle soon

- Joey E

The perfect hauler, always ready

It is good to use for hauling. It is a bouncing ride. The engine is good and powerful. It has not caused any problems.

- Mary C

How well it drives and how easy the maintenance is on it

I love everything about this truck the way it looks and the way it rides I have not had any problems with this vehicle

- Liam T

Lots of power. Very comfortable.

Awesome truck love it. Has a lot of power. Delete all the emissions to get better fuel mileage. Lots is power to tow.

- Shane M

Great running RAM tough truck perfect for any man

No Problems, Runs Great and couldn't be happier. The truck runs like a champ, but the gas mileage can be a little low

- Robert T

It's a great truck for the money.

It rides very smooth. Can pull anything I need to pull. It has great interior and gets good mileage for a big truck.

- Tyler S

Dependable strong motor tough and durable stylish interior

Great leather interior trim and paint Great power from the Cummings diesel. Rugged. Great haul capabilities

- Curtis F

It is their "top of the line" model. It has everything but for a $73,000.00 price tag it should.

Actually it is a 2018 RAM 2500 with the Cummings diesel. I don't feel there is a better truck on the market.

- Spencer B

It's functional, takes me from point a to point b

It's a work truck, has the bare minimum and it costs so much to fix anything, I really like to get a new one

- Ross M

most replacements are cheap

the truck is too comfortable very robust but with its touches of subtlety to handle very familiar very good

- darwin d

Bad on gasoline. A 400 mile trip would entail at least 3 stops one way.

Roomy, beautiful, low noise, made for safety, high up to see better view, outside temperature. Gas eater.

- Molly R

It is heavy duty. You can do a lot of things for it.

It is big enough for things especially I am a person that always move things up. I love my truck a lot.

- Angeline M

great gas mileage - this truck is a must buy

I like it's look, I like It's durability. I like It's gas mileage. There isn't anything I don't like.

- Timothy c

Good towing, easy corners and plenty of room for everyone. Never had any problems

Great truck for pulling out camper & toys. Not bad on gas & gas plenty of room for the wife & dog too

- Aaron V

It's a great car for the whole family. U wont be disappointed.

it's the best car i've ever seen, its big and can fit the whole family. Its my dream car. I love it.

- ben p

It is powerful and is a real work horse. It uses diesel fuel.

It is powerful. It is useful to our lifestyle. Maintenance is reasonable. Performance is superb.

- Barbara W

just because It's big does not mean that it can hold everything

I like how big it is and how much it can hold. I dislike that i can't fit in small parking spots

- Robert C

If maintained well it will last forever. Very go vehicle.. worth the money

I like how reliable it is. I like the engine. I dislike the color. I do like the room it has..

- Joe P

It is a very reliable car.

I love that it is diesel. I hate the DEF system. I wish it was easy or less costly to remove.

- Amanda R

It's a cool truck! I'm adding things to it to enhance the appearance.

It's reliable. I wish it was diesel, but other than that, I have no issues with it.

- Chad c

It's big and useful for pulling things like trailers.

It is a very nice truck. It can pull a lot. Able to store a lot of things inside.

- Cameron M

I have a 2018 dodge 2500 all black. It was the best thing I ever bought. Not only is the exterior nice but so is the interior. It's all black with a touchscreen the size of an 8x 10

Back up cameras, a touch screen, heated steering wheels and heated seats

- Savannah K

high quality and durable,reliable but accesories is a bit pricey

I like It's durability and i don't like the maintenance

- russ L

String motor. Very good at pulling

Good motor and interior. Good strength. Bad shocks

- Curtis W

How much gas i am going to spend in a week and the safety of the vehicle overall

Gas spender and to big for a small person like myself

- Natalie A