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Dark green dodge stratus r/t coupe: amazing interior, ride, and car overall

This car is the best car I have ever owned. It has two doors and a moonroof. The car sits pretty low, though, so it is harder to get in and out. The car speeds up and drives well. Although low to the ground, the car rides smooth. It has leather seats and is very comfortable. The rear-view mirror has an automatic dimmer for night time. The moon roof is also an amazing feature! Overall this car is amazing and I have only had it for a few weeks but I love it.

- Madison M

Silver 2001 Dodge Stratus SE

I have bought this car pre-owned. There was already mileage and some problems within the car. It drives smooth but it is a lowrider car. Meaning the seats are low to the ground. The back seat is spacious but does get water on the back seat floor when it rains. I've been told it happens in all Dodge Stratus. I haven't had any major problems. It is a very reliable and comfortable car.

- Haley O

Very stylish.. I live for the sunroof.

I really like this vehicle. It is very roomy and stylish. I like where all the controls are located and the dashboard lights are in eye view. It is good on gas and a good highway ride. What I do not like about the car is the transmission went at around 70, 000 miles, I had it repaired because of low mileage, replacement parts are costly, and some parts are hard to find.

- Laura H

Great reliable and dependable car

Reliable care. Low maintenance. Rides really smooth. Electric locks and windows. Still in great working condition. Sits 5 people comfortably. I can drive this car on short trips and on long trips. And she still runs like a champion. I love this car. Great for the entire family. Can fit multiple car seats in it. Comfortable sitting and seats for everyone in side.

- Angie H

Ease of use and does not consume too much gas.

It is a white car, Dodge stratus 2001, very easy to drive and does not take too much gas. From time to time l will take it for oil change, and also to have it checked out for any leakage or issues. The car seat is very comfortable and soft, there is no difficulty in adjusting the car seat as a person of short stature, it is automatic and drive really smooth.

- Ola O

Blazing through the stratosphere an in depth look at the stratus.

The Dodge stratus we have here is a dependable car, but it does have minor flaws like the window panel breaking down and the tires that came with it are pretty balled. But overall has a smooth drive and is a fine automobile. I would recommend to buy this car if you are somewhat strapped for cash.

- Ryan E

That is this very unusual for a Dodge product to last this long with just repairable problems.

My car is 17 years old and has only given me a minimum amount of problems. What I've replaced on my car is only items that normally wear out. Tires, battery, belts, starter, fuel & water pumps. The only thing I have not been able to get repaired 100% is the A/C. I don't know why.

- Spike C

Great gas saver great for highway.

It is a very comfortable vehicle, very good on gas, I've had some issues with the engine that were a bit costly though. Has a nice 6 CD changer with an amplifier. Really good highway driver will save you money on gas nice leather interior and a sunroof.

- Richard H

A smooth and quiet Dodge stratus.

My Dodge stratus is a very quiet car. The ride is also very smooth. We have had some problems with the wheels, for example the axel, however, for the most part it runs very well. I would definitely buy this kind of car again.

- Ashley K

Others should know my car is a great running car for its age.

I like the pick up when a tune up has been done on it cuz it's not like a 4 cylinder vehicle. I also like it cuz it's easy on the gas. I don't like it cuz it's old and I want to replace it.

- Audrey M

It looks small on the outside but it is very roomy inside

I like that it is in good shape even if it is an older model. I dislike it has no connection for my phone to listen to music. I like how easy it is to park and drive in it since it's small.

- Adriana T

I think you need to know where the battery is located.

My likes for the car is a nice size trunk and good gas mileage. Now the dislike about it is your battery is not under the hood and a bit small inside for room.

- Carol A

It has performed wonderfully and I hate to retire it.

It has been a great reliable car and I wish they still made this model. I would have bought another if they made a newer model. Dodge cars seem dependable.

- Sandra D

It is loud and the radio sucks.

I hate my car because it is loud, every time I drive it gets louder. And I have to fill it up every couple days because it is terrible on gas.

- Macy L

The car gets good gas mileage and runs great and i haven't had no problems.

it is a comfortable car to sit in and drive. it is a bit hard to get in tho. It has good gas mileage and i have not had problems with it

- carol a

It has hibiscus on the hood and drivers side doors.

I do not like the stereo. I like the look and the feel of the car. I do not like that everything is falling apart with only 103k miles.

- Iris G

It is ok to drive a minivan.

I like that my vehicle works. I like its features. I dislike that I almost pulled the inside panel of the passenger side door off.

- Vicente W

Good to take on long trips across the us.

My care has been very reliable. I have not had to do much maintenance work. Fits my family. Good on gas.

- Jami V

My car is old but reliable, well-loved, and well-maintained.

My car runs perfectly well, especially for an old car; it just doesn't have a lot of modern amenities.

- Katherine G

Its my vehicle and is paid off.

Great on gas but has minor problems like window off track and floating gas gauge. Overall great car.

- Elisabeth B

It gets good gas mileage and if kept well it runs great!

I love the design and comfort of my car but when it breaks down the repair bills are high.

- Shawna C

Good gas mileage and good riding car! Enjoy my car!

I have 100,000 It is to low for me to get in and out, Good gas mileage Good riding car.

- Judith B



- George w

It is a Great commuter car. And a great family car

I Like it. But it's getting old. And tired. Very dependable

- Ang H