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Used car review could be different if the car was not as old.

I have had my used Dodge stratus for 9 months now and have had several issues with it and have had to take it to a mechanic twice each time costing me more than $500 each time. I purchased the car from a co worker and it was reliable to her seeing that her husband is a mechanic. Like stated above twice I have had to fork over more than $500 to fix. I think it could be just from age- I bet it was a great car when it first came out.

- Abigail O

They tend to over heat and the power steering goes out of them.

My car is great on gas and when it runs right it runs smoothly. Right now not so good I have a blown head gasket so she runs a little rough. The only bad thing about these cars are that they overheat, and sometimes the power steering goes out. Look at the bright side you get a workout with no power steering, lol. If you take care of these cars they will run literally a lifetime and not ever leave you stranded.

- Rachael P

It's a good used car for a teenager. It runs and it gets great gas mileage.

Well its a two door that sits really low to the ground. The sunroof doesn't work the a/c doesn't work. The driver side mirror needs fixed along with the bumper. It has an exhaust leak and no windshield wiper squirter. It's got rust spots and dull headlights. And could use a new paint job. The tint job on it now is horrible and needs to be redone. The truck doesn't stay open you have to prop it up.

- Michelle D

Good car to drive but with a tendency to break

A generally good car. The body is sturdy and barely took any damage when I hit a deer. However many repairs are needed. Feels like I'm always fixing something. I've had problems with the transmission, gas system, fuel pump, battery, fuses, etc. Entire transmission has been replaced and may need to be replaced again soon. Good car for winter driving as well in Michigan.

- Andrea G

It's a good car when everything is working correctly.

I loved the car when I first got it a 17. It had a nice sunroof and leather seats it was an great car till it started to have issues. I have had a lot of break issues were the brake lines have caused my brakes to lock up destroying the brake pads and rotors. I am now currently having transmission issues were it does not shift into the next gear when it should.

- Desi J

The internals of my car are beautiful considering how old it is.

I love my car, and it has always been very reliable especially considering how old it is. The one issue I have ran into more than once, is having to replace the back struts. They go out more often than I was expecting before I got the car. I was not sure if it was just me having this issue, but after doing some research, I am not the only one with this issue.

- McKenna A

Good vehicle for around town driving.

It has 215000 miles and still runs good. Not a lot of fast power at take offs. Cloth seats have held up pretty well. Paint is starting to fade and the headlights are turning yellow. Overall a good around town vehicle. Trunk is good size and the back seats fold down very easily. I have kept the engine tuned up and changed oil on a regular basis.

- Mike D

Gets you there, but not comfortably.

Overall, it is a decent care that does what it needs to do (I. E. I can get from point A to point B). My only complains are broken/problematic features that affect comfortability. The ac/heating has consistently been problematic despite hundreds of dollars of work. Only two of the windows currently open. The speakers do not work well at all.

- Abe R

The car has very nice cloth seats instead of leather. Which is nice because you don't slip and slide in the seats.

It is a very small vehicle two doors. To get in the back you have to raise the seat. The engine is Mitsubishi despite it being a dodge. Which means that getting parts for this thing is a bit of a bother and expensive. When it runs it is reliable and rarely breaks down, but getting it to run is a pain. It sometimes require specialists.

- Stephanie P

Great everyday working car for work.

The one problem that I really do not like about the car is that it need maintenance a lot I always have to be changing the cars shock absorber that is a big con but overall the car is great in every other aspect such as the performance and it is very also comfortable and reliable I would recommend this car and I would also repurchase.

- Jessica S

I drive a 2002 Dodge Stratus.

When I first got the car it was really reliable and cheap, but the car did not age well. Almost immediately started having problems, and they were not very cheap problems either. I had to put it in the shop multiple times. I like the car because it still drives but I would like to upgrade to something different.

- Jon A

Dodge sucks and would never ever buy another one.

Many electrical issues: bad on gas and horrible k frames, performance stinks; would not recommend Dodge vehicles to anyone; have had nothing but problems with it and will definitely be looking for another vehicle very soon; if there was a choice I would choose Toyota brand vehicles; they are the greatest.

- Steph S

A swift reliable Dodge stratus.

It is a very comfortable fast car it's good on gas mileage its a four seater and the kids have plenty of room. Its oil leaks a little but it's kept great in the summer it's great with room in the trunk and the seats come down so u can reach into the back if u need anything. The engine is great in it.

- Jean V

Kept it longer than expected.

Love my dodge stratus it did great this winter with all the snow and ice. Very roomy too. Great trunk space. Low gas mileage. Perfect size for a small family or pet owner. The fact that my car is 17 years old and still runs well is amazing. If I buy another car I will consider another dodge.

- Sophia V

New parts everywhere throughout this car. Would make a great parts car.

The car is old and little by little everything is breaking down and needs to be replaced. I use this car daily and it is reliable enough but it is definitely time to start looking for a newer vehicle. This would be a great parts car at this point because they no longer make this model.

- Michelle P

It gets me around and is great on gas!

It is good on gas but small and old! It has been reliable once I put a few bucks in it. I live in a small town and only put 20 dollars a month in the gas tank. It gets me around and I am grateful for that! I like the size of the automobile and the heat is great. Air is not so great!

- Debra S

It rides very low to the ground so rural areas may be an issue.

My stratus is comfortable and has great handling. It does take a bit in repairs but overall it is great. Easy to clean inside and out. The battery dies super quick though so I have to carry jumper cables lol. The original radio is outdated so a replacement is definitely in order.

- Noah S

Some issues, but still good!

I recently had to replace the crank sensor because the car wouldn't start with a brand new battery. The oil light comes on after driving short distances even when there is no leak and the oil was recently changed. Otherwise, it is a great car to drive to work and back.

- Abbie T

Good car with decent gas mileage. Very reliable and safe to drive.

This is my third stratus. I have found them very reliable and have had very little problems. The one i currently own has had its problems though. I don't think the previous owner took very good care of it. I have had these cars last 300,000 + miles.

- Shane H

even though they don't make the dodge stratus anymore it is a great car with good pickup and nice ride.

i bought the car from a single owner at 44,000 miles. i just hit 100,000 and all i put on the car were a set of tires, front brakes and a battery. the car has surpassed everything i could have hoped for. love it.

- nick w

I love my Dodge Stratus because it has excellent visual appeal. I also love that it has lasted me for over 14 years now which is amazing. Lastly, I love that it is big enough for my family but is still a cool car.

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it has lasted me over 14 years. This is important because I think it is exceptional for a car to last this long when bought used.

- Shannon C

It has three sets of ball joints that go out fairly quickly. And they cost a fortune to replace

It has great gas mileage for a 6 cylinder. Another advantage is that it is a 6 cylinder. A disadvantage is that I've had to make some costly repairs. The car does not age well

- Erin C

I love the fact that this car has tons of pickup

I love my car in the fact that it will get out of its own way (has pickup) and while I always so regular maintenance on it, it is an old can and I know it won't last forever.

- Michelle P

The most important thing people should know is that it's a great car for the value.

For as old as our car is, It still runs really well. I have no complaints about this vehicle and when we finally have to get rid of it, I will probably get another Dodge.

- Tracey B

it was great for city driving. if you live in a place with lots of hills i would pass on this car.

I am not that into small cars anymore i enjoyed it when i first got it but it was my first car. it did not accelerate very quickly and hills were a struggle.

- Mark B

It is reliable. I've never had any problems with it. While it may not be cool to them or new, it does what it's supposed to do.

I've been driving my Dodge Stratus since I learned to drive. It was given to me by my grandpa. It's reliable and I've never had any major problems with it.

- Kaylan H

I get a lot of mileage on gas.

I got it in good condition and it costs me less than $100 to put it on the road. This car gets out of its own way and I think this is my favorite car ever.

- Michelle L

Might not be the best for big families. 4 cylinder engine is basic and not that powerful but good enough for normal driving. Gas mileage is not that great.

The car is great with size and trunk room. There is good enough power but would like some more torque. Transmission shifts smoothly. Handling is ok.

- Ken W

It's good on gas mileage and is very durable for the most part. I'd say you could do worse when it comes to a vehicle.

The car has been reliable for the most part, but it is now 17 years old and it's been having some issues recently. I'm afraid it's time for a new one.

- Anthony M

It is a reliable vehicle. It is good on gas. It drives well.

It drives well. It is reliable. It is comfortable. It looks nice and sporty even though it is a four door. I dislike how the doors automatically lock.

- carol t

2002 dodge stratus 4 door.

The dodge stratus is a nice little family car. It has plenty of room in the back and the truck is very spacious. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Elizabeth S

200,000+ miles and still kicking

It has over 200,000 and is still running strong. It hasn't been without its problems but it definitely gets an a+ in reliability.

- Vince w

That Dodge Stratus get very good good gas mileage.

The car is nice and get good gas. AC in it went few times had to get replaced. Don't like too much, that body is pretty rusted.

- Wendy S

Gas saving economy friendly car review

Car runs good easy on gas and is dependable safe and I rely on my vehicle everyday to and from work outta town

- Neil C

It is sturdy and very reliable.

My vehicle is the perfect size for my household. I have minor mechanical issues. It is always an easy fix.

- Timothy E

It's a dependable car. With cold air and great gas mileage.

I would like to get a bigger vehicle. Something with 3rd row seating. But I like that it is good on gas.

- Miranda R

It is a reliable car that has lasted me a long time. I have used it for a while and never had any major problems. It is a good family car

I like the reliability of my car. I like the interior of my car. I like that my car has good gas mileage

- Kelsey A

It's a piece of garbage and is slowly falling apart.

It leaks oil. The AC is broken. It's all scratched up. the moonroof is broken.

- nah n

it's blue and fully loaded, nice stereo

it starts every day, and I have no problems with it

- Yun W

the ac works and the heater works

always starts and provides safe transportation

- James V