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It is a 4 cyl engine. Great mpg. Great takeoff.

Great car, must replace engine soon. It is great on gas due to the fact I love traveling. The car itself was actually given to me. However I have had some good Dodge vehicles. It is the mechanics that cannot be trusted even at the shop. Thinking about putting some more tires on the car and a good sound system is a must due to my traveling buddies that love to ride with me.

- Maurice C

My car stalls on occasion, and sometimes it doesn't start right back up, requiring a jump. This isn't too important besides for other drivers on the road when my flashers turn on and I start to slow down more than usual.

This vehicle is the newest that I've owned out of four, and the most valuable. I got it for free from a cousin when my last car got stolen. There are a few issues with it that I should get checked out, but otherwise, it's a fun and mostly reliable car. I have an EVAP leak, the sunroof doesn't open, and it more than occasionally stalls, but otherwise I love it.

- Jayde W

Dodge stratus. We have had many long distance trips in it, it is a good vehicle.

To change the battery you have to take off the front driver fender and tire. Clear coat comes off of roof, great on gas, miles, looks nice. Vacuum leak in ac line. These are common problems. The electric door panel eventually falls apart, great cr I'd you keep the oil changed regularly. Smooth for long rides, all in all a good cheap vehicle.

- Andrea S

Great car but not for family.

The dodge stratus is very good for traveling around during the summer time and very comfortable. Not suitable for taller people or driving during the winter with the sports tires and not very suitable for anyone with children. It would be a great car for a high schooler. Never had any problems with it otherwise.

- Alyssa G

That I have 3 other vehicles and I rather drive the older car.

I bought it in 2004, I have 3 other vehicles and the Dodge stratus is my favorite because it gets better gas mileage then the other vehicles, I just drive it to and from work, sometimes on the weekend it all depends on how much gas is in it come Friday, I wouldn't sell it for double what I paid for it.

- Billy J


I love the spacious roomy interior and the sporty look of the car. I don't like the fact it nickel and dimes me on a regular basis. There is always something wrong mechanically. I don't like how there was so many models created making parts hard to come by. I also do not like how easy it rusted.

- lily m

After 16 Years it's Still Going Strong

After 16 years and 200,000 miles this car still gets me everywhere I need to go without any problems. As long as I conduct regular maintenance it works unbelievably. It's not a very fast car, but takes of from stops well, it just accelerates slowly. Typical four-cylinder sedan, nothing fancy.

- Mark M

It's a 2006 dodge Stratus sxt, the paint is gold and interior is black.

I really don't have a proper with my car. I like it doesn't drink much gas. But when I first bought it second hand. The timing belt snapped on it. Not even within a month of purchasing it. But other than that, there's really nothing wrong with after I fixed the problem myself.

- Kyle K

15 year old car riddled with problems.

This is a used car that has a leaky rear windshield, rattling engine at idle, malfunctioning ac control, and no rearview mirror. As for useful features, it has an aftermarket stereo which is always a plus. For now it seems reliable and comfortable for the price paid for it.

- Guy R

Dodge stratus is definitely a family car

The struts are not very good, rusts very easy. The wiring and lights go out all the time, but engine is very reliable. Horn is good. Body is very good. Safety is good as far as I know. Tires size is perfect for the car size. Trunk is very good sized. Seats are comfortable.

- Bobbi G

My red dodge stratus is great.

I really do enjoy my dodge stratus but, one thing I dislike is how low it is to the ground. The check engine light is on most of the time even if nothing is wrong. It sometimes is an inconvenience but other than that it is a very comfortable and reliable car.

- Katie T

Basic model with no fancy toys.

It is older and has high miles but otherwise it is a car that gets me from A to B with no issues. If I could complain about anything it would be that it is not very fast and is slower to accelerate.

- Tiffany P

It is a green blue color.

It has had air conditioning problems but is fixable and it is very difficult to change the battery because you need to take out the front tire to be able to reach it.

- Shayla R

They have AC and its automatic and you need insurance.

I like this car because it has good gas. I also like the interior of the car. The one thing I do not like about this car is the roof of the car too short.

- Jordan H

That it is 15 years old and I'm still able to drive it, it also has 185000 miles on it

Well the car has a oil leak that the mechanic haven't been able to fix. I've also had to get the transmission rebuilt for the leak that it had.

- David H

It drives great and also gets great gas mileage.

I love this car. I bought it used and it has been a great car for me. The only thing I had to replace on it has been the water pump.

- Danny J

It is out of production with no reasonable substitute

I love the way it handles. I have complete confidence when driving. I wish they still made them since I'm looking for a new car.

- Rhea B

It is very dependable, not had to spend a lot on upkeep and has lots of room.

The air conditioner has a problem. It works sometimes & others it does not come on. It has minor body damage & needs a paint job.

- Linda W

Stratus status: still kicking along

Extremely reliable car. Cheap parts and easy fixes. Don't believe all the hype about dodge. Great on gas, perfect commuter car.

- Rebecca M

It's made by dodge, so you know it's a reliable car. It was made in 2003 but runs like it's 2010

Car is in well shape, needs a new alternator but it still runs and drives really well even though it needs to be replaced.

- Makayla C

It sucks do not buy one bad car.

Bad gas mileage. Lots of repairs. Something going wrong all the time. The paint is already peeling. Headlight fogged over.

- Ruth Z

It is a sedan and fuel consumption is very good

The performance of the car is very good. It is very comfortable and it run well. It is air conditioner. It is reliable

- fides k

3 generation of first cars

It is to low and the roof is starting to come down.Older it gets more problems under the hood start to happen.


It gets me to work and back ,to see friends and family

It drives ok it is black on black , us n it for work, kids and family. Needs turn up and tires

- Deandrea C

It works. It is always there when I need it. It has never let me down. It has been great transportation since I have owned it.

I have been very happy with my car. It runs great. Always starts is cold weather.

- William C

Tough Dependable vehicle and low cost maintenance

Dependable vehicle for amount of miles that are on it

- William C