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Roomy and comfortable performance sedan.

The oxygen sensor went bad a couple of times and had to be replaced. It was a pain when it went out because it caused the car to stall and cut out. I personally do not like where the battery is located, it makes it extremely difficult to jump if the battery would happen to die. The car for the most part was reliable and handled well with ample power. One thing I did notice was the quarter panels did seem to sprout surface rust fairly quickly. The car is roomy as well as having a nice factory stereo system. I am pretty happy overall with the vehicle.

- Jeff M

My vehicle has a weightiness to it--which feels secure.

It is high maintenance and the repairs are so costly because of how the engine is arranged..everything has to be removed just to get to one thing to fix. For example: just to change a hose that is cracked or a rubber seal, I've been told too many times by mechanics that the engine is to compact to get to anything and will have to be removed to change a simple part. Why dodge made it that way..I don't know. But it is a major headache.

- Lati H

Small compact car good on gas.

My vehicle was super reliable and good on gas. Now it is falling apart. I have had to make several repairs in the last year. Which has hurt me financially. It is a small vehicle and when working well got me where I needed to go on not to much gas. It performed ok in the bad weather. My tires weren't that great. It was had good trunk space and was roomy inside. For the price I paid for it I guess it was worth it.

- Renee A

Overall our vehicle is a great vehicle for it to be over 10 years old.

The only problems we've had with our car in 13 years is the thermostat went out. Our car drives smooth, is amazing on gas mileage, and is very roomy. The only thing we wish is there was more room for storage. The cup holders are underneath the dash under the radio and we wish there was a USB connection to charge our phones in the car.

- Callie H

The stratus is a decent car for students.

The engine makes a weird screech when I press the gas. It stalls when there is a minor engine problem. However, when it is running correctly it is reliable enough to drive miles and miles without stopping. It is decently comfortable. It has good gas mileage, so I only need to stop once to travel across state to get to university.

- Bailey S

Long lasting car build with American pride.

Over 100,000 miles and I finally need to repair something. This car has ran great for years and now I have a leak in my coolant system. Once the leak was repaired, the car was back to its normal self. It usually take about $25 to fill up the tank and it will last me for a little over one week.

- Aaron M

Just a basic car. Gets me where I need to go.

My car drives really well... It is good on gas and comfortable seating. It has air conditioning and heat. Power windows, CD player, and a keyless entry. There is some minor body damage on the front fender and passenger door. It has two brand new tires on the front but needs new ones in back.

- April O

Reliable car if given proper care.

It is a very reliable car, this particular car was a police car so it was very well taken care of. It can hit high speeds with no problem, the braking is iffy, only because I need to replace the brake pads. It is spacious in the front and back, and provides a lot of room for people.

- Eliza B

Blends in with the crowd.

The battery location gives mechanics trouble for some reason. But this car is reliable, handles well, has a roomy interior and is easy to maintain otherwise. It's given me years of reliable service with regular maintenance. It's pretty peppy, too with the six cylinder engine.

- Dallas S

It is a cute reliable car.

I have had this car for 2 years. At first it was very reliable. Years later it has some wear and tear. It is very good on gas. It is small and compact. It does however take bumps hard since it sits so low on the ground. I got it for a really good price so I cannot really complain.

- Renee R

It does get good gas mileage and I enjoy driving it.

I have a lot of mechanical issues with my car, but it rides really comfortable for being a smaller car. I would not recommend this car to anybody. It does have a good heater and air conditioner, and the stereo is pretty good. I have a lot of trouble with the brakes also.

- Donna H

How to keep an older car! I service it regularly and keep it in the garage.

It has 49000 miles on it and works perfectly. I maintain it well and use it for running my errands and local travel. It has working a/c, comfortable seats new tires. I feel very safe in it. I will probably use it for one more year and then search for a midsize SUV.

- Emily L

It still runs great, no major high cost maintenance issues yet.

It still runs great and has not needed much high cost maintenance work. The only this that I dislike is it is starting to get rust, but it is old and that is expected. The only complaint is the floor vent does not work and has not worked since I have had it.

- Shelly R

I love it! It's sporty and great to drive

I absolutely love my car but I've noticed it needs new brakes approximately every six months . I do love the motor and the parlor get this car has. However it is kind of old so I put a lot of money into it including purchasing a new catalytic converter

- Denise D

It is uncomfortably small.

I like the look of my vehicle. I like that it has some pep. I like that the seats fold down, enabling access to the trunk. I do not like how uncomfortably small my vehicle is or how the air conditioning causes it to devour my gas.

- Kimberly B

It's easy to drive in all kinds of weather/

I love the how everything is set up and easy to see. I hate getting out of the car because it feels like you have to roll out. I love the space in the trunk. I love that you can fold down the back seats and haul long items.

- Richard A

It makes a lot of noise. Between the lifters and shocks, you can't go anywhere without the squeaking and ticking giving your position away.

There is a lot wrong with it at the moment. The lifters are bad, the shocks are bad, it needs new ball joints, and needs new struts. It's been reliable though. It's never left me stranded. It just doesn't run that well.

- Brandon T

It tells me when my trunk is slightly open.

I love my car it drives very nice it is very reliable and it gets me to wherever I need to go I would recommend it to everybody who needs a car so far it is been a good reliable vehicle.

- Misty R

It is very reliable and needs minimal work.

My car is very reliable. It's blue with black interior. It has four brand new tires and brakes all the way around. It need rear struts and it would be good all the way around.

- Chris H

It Gets good gas mileage. A tank of gas usually lasts me a week and with gas prices the way they are it's important.

I really like my car, it's just the right size, not too big not too small. My car gets good gas mileage. The car is a little on the sporty side and I have had it for 12 years.

- maria L

Cool and sporty!! Lots of get up and go, go, go!!

Love my car! Has a lot of power. But the brakes need replaced every 6-7 months. Very comfortable and sporty! I faithfully change my oil which keeps my car more reliable.

- Denise M

It is great for any age and is very safe.

I like the gas mileage. I do not like that it is not AWD. The insurance is affordable. It is roomy for a sedan and the automatic starter is great when its cold out.

- Jennifer C

That it will die going down the road.

When I purchased the car it had a lot of miles, I've had many days of it being broken down. It needs tires and fuel pump and the shocks are out in the back.

- Jackie I

Engine is very clean as well as the interior

Very nice vehicle. it is great on gas. Acceleration is pretty good. Some minor problems with the calibers but they can be fixed. Needs muffler work as well.

- Christian R

The perfect first car for a teen.

My electric seat is broken on the drivers side so the seat does not move. Very roomy back seat. Reliable. Big trunk. It is my first car and I recommend it.

- Alexis P

That it is good on gas and easy to maintain.

I really enjoy my car, it is easy to drive and because it is not an overly large car it is easy to park. The care is good on gas and easy to maintain.

- Maria C

2005 Dodge stratus: if you find one for less than $2, 500, buy it!

Cloth seats-very comfy; easy to see out all the windows; drives quieter than the Civic I owned; heavier than most cars but that is great in the snow.

- Cate S

Horrible car, not reliable in any way. Seems to had a dominos effect once the first issue comes up

Lots of electrical issues, and issues with the engine as a result, I would not ever buy this model of vehicle again. I do not recommend this vehicle

- Sherri G

It is a pretty sturdy car.

Needs to be more comfortable for driving on longer rides. So far it seems to be reliable. I have not had any big issues with the car so far.

- Pam S

My car is paid off and I love not having a car payment. It's a great car but they don't make it anymore.

I love my car. I wanted the Stratus for a long time. It looks sporty, nothing bad about it. Only thing is they don't make it anymore.

- Joann R

That it has wonderful gas mileage and can zip up the mountains with ease.

I Love my Dodge Stratus.It is a reliable band well built car. The gas mileage is great and it is very comfortable to drive/ride in .

- Sabina C

It runs well and the Air conditioner works! Gets good gas mileage!

Our car is 13 years old, still runs good! We're very pleased with our Dodge Stratus ! We would definitely buy dodge product again!

- Sara G

Head gasket and transmission problems

I like that it is a 4-door and that it is roomie. I do not like that I have had two of these and the head gasket went in both

- Robert V

It's a grey car. The air conditioning is broken.

It has needed expensive repairs in the past, but it's mostly reliable and I've had it for a long time, so you could do worse.

- Geoffrey M

My car is very reliable. It may be older but it gets me from place to place.

I dislike that it is an older model. It has good air conditioning. The stereo system is very clear. It rides very smoothly.

- Mikayla K

Good on gas before it blew a head gasket.

Nice car but it blew a head gasket. The air conditioning control only works on high. But it is a nice looking car still.

- Amanda M

Looks good on the outside. The interior looks good.

Passenger door holds water when it rains. Needs a muffler. Passenger side windows won't go down. AC broken. Overheats.

- Ronna H

It's low to the ground so things like snow drifts are dangerous

I love the size and how it handles. But I hate that now it's getting some funny little problems that are adding up.

- Carolyn S

Great on mileage and great reviews

Great car, great on mileage and rides good. Brought his vehicle because of the performance and good review online

- Marg M

Handles very well, good fuel economy.

There is not much engine power as well as outdated instrument panel. Squeaking in rear despite attempts to repair.

- Miranda B

Silver stratus with fully loaded with tinted windows.

New tires. . Silver with tinted windows. . Air conditioning works. 123000 miles. . Little rust on the bottom.

- Angela F

It is a great car because of its gas efficiency and safety ratings.

It is mine and I own it outright. It is solid but getting older. The car is also rusting in the wheel well.

- Molly B

This car eventually becomes costly.

Gas guzzling and expensive on repairs. Becoming costly to keep running. Looking for a newer genet vehicle.

- Tatiana R

It is a very reliable car. I would recommend a Pontiac Sunfire to anyone.

The vehicle I use was not listed. It is a Pontiac Sunfire 2005 and it is a very good car and dependable.

- Kathy H

Older Dodge stratus very reliable.

2005 Dodge stratus very reliable, love it. Have had absolutely no problems with it, a very reliable car.

- Leanne V

I have enjoyed having this car. It's been a really good family car for 5 people, it even was able to fit a large car seat in it with no problems.

It runs really well. Has been really well in the snow. We haven't had many mechanical issues with it.

- Helen B

Good on gas, comfortable, roomy

I like the freezing air conditioner..it's comfortable, good on gas.. don't like it's starting to rust

- Laurie h

when you are trying to get to your destination, it accelerates fast.

it is paid for and i love it. i like its color, red. i like its speediness when accelerating.

- kim s

I love my car. I am a very small person, and it is just perfect for me. I like the fact that it is a four door sedan. The only negative is the trunk is very small.

It is great on gas..very comfortable..ice cold air, and a heater that will run you out of it.


struts go early and it rusts easy underneath.It gets decent mileage for being a 4-door sedan.

I've had the car Since 2005. The only thing I don't like is the shocks and strut.s

- Steven T

It makes a lot of noise when I hit a bump

I need some repairs to the can but it gets me from point a to b.

- Kyron B

That it's my man's car and no other bitch is welcome in it other than me

I don't have one however my husband's car is fun but it's old

- Sherry F