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The Dodge Stratus is a great mid-sized single or family car: reliable, sturdy, and comfortable in it's interior design

The vehicle is physically comfortable, the seats are fabric, so they do not get too hot or cold. The car is sturdy and reliable. In nine years I've only needed basic replacements, including the serpentine belt, brakes, headlights, tires, and this year it needed a new starter. However, it has had no major problems, and considering the mileage and the constant city driving, the car has really stood the test of time and use. I do regular cleaning, oil change, liquid checks, and maintenance. If you take care of this car, it will last a long time.

- rachel p

Family friendly and very reliable.

The Dodge stratus was my very first car and I have had it now for four years. I love the fact that it has a sunroof and is sporty looking but not small. It's very reliable when taken care of, super comfortable to drive and fits 3 car seats perfect with a little extra room. Just now because its getting older it's starting to have a lot of things it needs replaced but honestly if it was the same car in a 2018 I would buy it again,

- Tammy O

Dodge stratus 2006 road trip ready!

The windshield wipers don't clean window adequately and the wipers malfunctioned and needed repair. The timing chain broke twice. But with several other problems, I love the ride and comfort of the dodge stratus. The stratus also has Sirius radio and a nice CD player with good sound. The transmission has run well since 2006. Two of the power windows had to be repaired as well.


Betsy the best blue car:).

This car was my older sister's before it was mine. I was originally very upset to get a hand-me-down, but after having it for now three years, I am very grateful for all the places it has taken me. It is very reliable and has great gas mileage. I have driven it to Mississippi multiple times (16 hour trip total). No issues so far. Great car for a person just starting out!

- Sabrina G

For a used car, it's been pretty good and reliable.

We bought it used, and for a very good price. It's had a few problems that we've had to deal with, but for what we paid for it, it's a very nice little car. If I had one big complaint, it would be that the automatic door lock/opening fob tends to pop the trunk at random when the battery in the fob is low, which means the car ends up with a dead battery in the morning.

- Dot O

It's a good starter car but its not gonna last in the long run considering how something new goes wrong every other day now.

She was a good little car when we got her but she's been falling apart over the last few years. She has trouble getting up steep hills and I often wonder if shes gonna give at and start rolling back. The windows work off and on and the drivers side window hasn't come down in months. She's been good to us but I think it's about time to get a replacement.

- Taylor G

The gauges that tell you how the motor is doing.

My car is very dependable, has very good suspension, has nice electronic gauges for importance of a safe ride. Hs plenty of room in front and back seat, is very good on gas with the 2. 4 engine that Its got, the interior is nice velour seats which ads quality and endurance to a much fabulous ride, air conditioner is very powerful and relaxing.

- Richie T

Dodge stratus-up and down.

This car is great on miles to the gallon, it is a 4-door and very spacious even with five passengers. The trunk is spacious also. This is the second stratus I have owned and both had some issues with transmission and head gasket work needing done. Because of expensive repairs I am disappointed with the purchases.

- Becky J

Low maintenance Dodge stratus.

Very reliable did not need any repairs and low maintenance. Gas mileage was average. Slow acceleration on hills. Interior design was average. Low wearing clothes interior. Great sound with CD player. Setting the clock was complicated. I liked the exterior design the most. Overall resale price is good.

- Darcy D

The only interesting thing is how far you can drive on a tank of gas.

We have had to put a new engine in the car about a year ago. The air conditioner does not work and the windows do not want to go down. The gas gauge is broken to. It is a good travel car because of the how far it can go on one tank of gas but in the long Rollin it is not worth buying.

- Betty R

Great first car for anyone.

My vehicle is amazing. No issues at all. Bought it second hand for only $800 and only 115k miles. My first car I have ever owned and I couldn't be more happier about it. Only issue was the stereo and the driver's side door panel but we got both of those fixed and it runs amazingly.

- Margaret A

Driving a car that was made famous in a Will Ferrell movie!

Car performs nice comfortable ride nice interior problem with catalytic convertors after only 80000 miles lots of get up and go body style is nice looking a bit sporty heater and air conditioners work well. Wish it had a sunroof! Good trunk space and plenty of back seat room too

- Patricia B

Great stratus auto, runs like a charm.

It has always run great, is comfortable, never any major problems with it other than driver window no longer works. All my Chrysler autos in the past have been good cars. Has always started even in frigid weather and run great. Would always recommend a Dodge or Chrysler .

- Karen H

A very comfortable & reliable car.

My car is a 4 door sedan and has lots of room inside with a large trunk. The trunk also has the safety feature of the inside trunk release. It is very reliable, have not had much more than routine maintenance & sensor replacements. It is a very comfortable and quiet ride.

- Patsy M

The reliability of the car.

The stratus is a good car. Have only had very minimal issues to include replacing the battery, replacing the alternator and replacing some fuses. The car does really well on gas mileage and also runs smoothly. The car also have a nice interior and sleek outside design.

- Kristina V

The gas mileage is really good. A full tank of gas lasts me about 2 weeks.

I find it to be a pretty reliable vehicle with pretty decent gas mileage. I can fill up my tank and it lasts about 2 weeks on average for my usual usage. I have not had any major mechanical issues with it and it's not broken down on me in the 3+ years I have owned it.

- Tammy B

It rides smoothly, but you can definitely tell it is over ten years old.

Since my car is several years old, there are some performance issues. The check engine light tends to come on a lot and then go off by itself within a day or two. The car will also make weird noises sometimes, and I get nervous about whether or not my car will start.

- Rachel M

Reliable Vehicle for anyone

A midsize sedan. Very reliable vehicle. Great car to have especially for beginner drivers. No issues that couldn't be resolved within a couple days or so, as long as you keep up with regular maintenance. Driving is smooth. Has much with the back seats and the trunk.

- Ariel C

My review of my 2006 dodge stratus.

My 2006 dodge stratus is a very nice car. It has been very reliable. The only thing I don't like is how low it is to the ground and the roof of the car is very low, other than that I have nothing bad to say. One thing I really like is it has a very large trunk.

- alex H

My beaten up reliable awesome stratus.

I mean it gets me to a to b but because it is used and older, it does have it is issues. But for the most part I love it; it has it is rust, oil issues along with the exhaust being busted. It is a reliable car and cannot wait to trade it in for a newer version.

- Ashley R

Possible vehicle problems with Dodges.

It's easy on gas, rides very good. Pain did not hold up well. From what I understand I bought it used and the dealer had it painted and they did not put clear coat on it. Ac only works when it wants too but I head that is a problem with some Dodge vehicles.

- Elizabeth E

This car lasts and lasts and lasts, and looks darn good doing it!

We bought our vehicle used from my daughter who purchased another Dodge.We have had it for 8 years. We have had to do minimal service on this car. We do all the regular maintenance and have had no big repair problems, we are still very happy with the car.

- Marijane R

A good car for students and new drivers

I really like my dodge stratus because it is pretty dependable. My only problem I've had with it is after ten years its window motor went out for one window. Besides that everything else has worked and stayed working beautifully for me.

- Tayler S

Very good and comfortable car, but better options available in market.

I like it very much because it is my first car which I got as a gift on my birthday. The only problem I have with it is since it is old, I get a lot of yearly expenses reaching approx 1000$ every year to pass the inspection.


It's expensive when work is needed, but is overall, low maintenance. It tends to use up tires.

This car has been pretty reliable over the years, but when it needs work done, it's always a hassle. Everything is in a place that's difficult to reach - even the tire has to be removed just to change the battery.

- Jenna B

It runs well and has air conditioning and heat that really works!!

I like that it runs and that the air conditioning still works. It's got a sporty look that suits me. The only thing I don't care for is that it sits too low to the ground and is a bit difficult for me to get out.

- Olga L

It's a really comfortable car and the ride is very smooth.

It's a great dependable car, it's also very comfortable. The a/c blows really cold which is always welcome down here in the south. It gets great gas mileage also. That's some of the reasons that i like my car.

- Craig K

It gets you where you need to go reliably.

My car is so reliable. Have hardly had problems with it. Repairs haven't broke the bank yet . Very comfortable for my bad back. It has a CD player that I love as long as I don't go on really bumpy roads.

- Desiree R

Gas mileage is great. It only takes about 30 to fill up.

It's powerful reliable car. I've rebuilt it a few times but it's lasted a while and I've gotten my money's worth. I don't like how the engine is installed but other than that it's a great car.

- Adam M

It is a solid car that has kept me on the road for 10 years

I like that it is still running after all these years and miles. I dislike that the battery is under the back seat, I also dislike that the front end needs to come off to change a lightbulb

- Sarah g

The car has low mileage and should last me several years

I like that it is reliable and gets good gas mileage. It has a few dings but that doesn't bother me much. It did not cost much and i am not worried about depreciation

- david W

The battery is located behind the tire so it requires the tire to be removed for battery replacement, total design flaw.

Vehicle has several mechanical issues that are expensive and difficult to keep up with. Size of vehicle is not the greatest for travel. Fuel efficiency is awful.

- Stephanie P

Keep up maintenance and it will last a good long time. Very reliable.

It's a great little vehicle. I was not super excited when we bought it but it has turned out to be a great car with easy maintenance. I would highly recommend.

- Michelle K

The Dodge Stratus Star!!!!

The dodge stratus has ample seating that is great for longer trips in the car. The trunk is large and able to store a large amount of things like groceries.

- kaitlin b

It's getting very old and still working great!

I love this car. It's lasted so long, it has now 200,000 miles and still going strong! It has loads of room, nice trunk, roomy seats and steers nicely.

- Holly L

It is a reliable and stylish vehicle.

My Dodge Stratus offers room for people that are tall. I like the way the car drives and maintenance is manageable. I wish it set up a bit higher.

- David k

Nice economy sporty sedan. Fun to drive.

It is very sporty, quick and responsive. Gets good gas mileage and is fun to drive. The part I don't like is that it already has 115000 miles on it.

- Manfred V

She is a reliable old soul.

This was my first car. I got her at 17 for $2,100. I have taken countless road trips, driven through storms and deserts. She has lasted me well.

- Bekah G

It has been pretty dependable for most of the years I owned it.

I like that it is fast and can fit in any parking space. I do not like that it is hard to access the battery and I cannot fit a lot in the car.

- Lisa J

people should know my car has been reliable for me for many years

i like that I have had my vehicle for 12 years. I know I can depend on my car. I like knowing I can have my car for a couple of more years

- rich w

How safe and easy it is to drive.

It's easy to drive. It gets good gas mileage. Very reliable transportation. It is very roomy. It is easy to get in and out of.

- Sharon R

It's reliable but some off the engine parts are in odd places

It gets really good mileage but changing the battery is a huge hassle because the battery is located behind the drivers tire

- Margaret H

It is very reliable. It has a smooth ride. Very roomy for a sedan

This is my husband's car. You did not have my car a Pontiac G6 I love my car. I have had no major problems with this car.

- Anne D

Needs struts, maybe tires but other than that good car.

Vehicle runs good, little minor problems but really good car! Had oil changed every 3000 miles and checked all fluids.

- Bobbi D

I got an amazing deal on my vehicle.

The gas mileage is amazing.. I would like a car with bigger trunk space. It's also starting to rust out underneath..

- Jaime M

It isn't very fast and has kind of slow acceleration.

My stratus has always been reliable. I like the car and gets me from point a to point b. It's also easy to maintain

- waylon b

It is reliable and very comfortable.

Air conditioning is not the best. Needs an improved stereo. The car is very reliable and comfortable and spacious.

- Mckenna R

Passenger side door can not be opened from the outside.

It is in rough shape. The paint is the worst. Peeling clearcoat. Plus an oil leak. And a transmission fluid leak.

- Keith G

It has been a very good and reliable car for the last 10 years

It has been a good car and very reliable. Just time to move on. Runs well, good on gas, has lasted a long time.

- Heather S

I has been really dependable. I have had no major problems.

I really like my car. The look and the shape are great.It has great pick up. Drives smooth.Has plenty of room.

- Janet S

The Stratus is a good car for a kid that's starting out driving. It's a 4 cylinder so it takes a little for it to up and go. It's a very comfortable car. I've had the normal maintenance done on. Nothing too outrageous.

It's a slow starter at up and go! With it being a bigger size car, you would think it would have more power.

- Lisa R

It's very pleasing to the eye and has very good gas mileage.

I like how it looks like a sports car. I dislike how low to the ground it is. I like how fast it is.

- Richie F

Great car. Plenty of room in the back seat for a child.

The hood needs to be replaced due to an accident. It runs great and it picks up speed pretty quickly.

- Jessica L

The suspension is weird. It can have cooling problems.

The vehicle gets me from point a to point b. But I have had a lot of expensive mechanical issues

- Joshua B

Warning signals may not always be accurate. Sometimes turning the car off and on takes care of the problem.

Sturdy structure and reliable with high mileage. Only complaint is exterior is prone to rust.

- Rebecca R

It is very comfortable ,safe , streamlined and gets good gas mileage.

It is very sporty ,gets good gas mileage and it has been very dependable for 3 years.

- Bonnie D

It is easy to navigate. It is a Comfortable drive.

Good gas mileage and is easy to navigate. It is only my second car and I enjoy it.

- laurie b

No repairs are needed. It's made well.

I never had issues with repair. It drives well.it is also very safe for my family.

- Dana P

It is awesome but i may have to get a new one

best car I have ever owned. minimal repairs needed. takes me on trips

- Joe N

It handles easily in all weather conditions. It is smaller than some, but is a good sturdy car. I get good gas mileage, maintenance is relatively easy and it is comfortable.

It has been very reliable and handles very well in all conditions.

- Patricia M

It's very safe and reliable, easy to drive and safe for a family.

It's very reliable. It's easy to drive. It's sae for a family.

- Sonia L

It works well low miles. The a.c. gets really cold.

I like my car. It isn't too bad. The a.c. works good

- Bryce b

good size car. safe as well. Love taking trips in it

it has been a good car. I would buy another easily

- joe n