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My fiat convertible Rosie.

I fell in love with my fiat convertible when I first saw it on the lot. Rosie is bright red with a checkered pattern upholstery. The interior is black and white. My car is really fun and easy to drive and I can easily park just about anywhere. This is the perfect road trip car, Rosie gets close to 40 miles to the gallon on gas and the convertible top just makes road tripping a lot more fun. The price on the fiats is reasonable compared to similar cars and I haven't regretted buying her unplanned as the purchase was. The only thing I wish was different was that there were more options for service. My son is a tech for a Dodge dealership but is not authorized to work on fiats at his location. The other Dodge dealer in town is authorized to work on fiat but too often we take my car in for something and my son has to inform or correct the other dealership on diagnostics. It gets a little frustrating to not be able to take my car to my son for service. Good thing it does not need service often.

- Mickey T

Fiat 500 Sport - The Perfect Fit

The Fiat 500 Sport is perfect for my lifestyle. I do a fair amount of driving, so the gas mileage is amazing for me. Also, the hatchback feature allows me to pack up a surprising amount of stuff into my car if I need to. It is very comfortable for me, that being said, I am only 5 feet tall. However, I have much taller friends who can fit relatively comfortable in the passenger seat if they move the seat back. I have had to replace the wheel bearings a couple times in the past 5 years, but I think that has more to do with the amount that I drive than the car itself. I really enjoy the black leather interior, and the fact that it is a stick shift. It fits me and my personality and my needs very well, and I am very pleased with it.

- Ky A

Fiat 500 Pop: Small, reliable, inexpensive

The Fiat Pop is a great everyday driver. It's small enough to comfortably park pretty much anywhere downtown. I've had no mechanical trouble in the 3 years I've owned it, and the only maintenance I've done is regular oil changes. Small issues have included the windows becoming non-functional. Recently my axle has become bent but as long as I am careful it doesn't affect driving. In three years of ownership the most money I would need to spend on it to is only a couple thousand dollars. For an inexpensive vehicle, I rate the reliability very high. I've definitely gotten my money's worth and would recommend the Fiat Pop 500 to anyone. Comfort is very basic, very standard. The USB connectivity for music playback is spotty.

- Jenny G

Fiat: convenient, sturdy, and easy to park.

I really enjoy driving my fiat. Even though the car is small, it is very roomy on the inside and the controls are easy to reach, especially with shortcut buttons on the back of the steering wheel. The car cools down quickly in the heat and warms up quickly in the cold. The car is small so it does not accelerate super quickly, but it accelerate at a decent rate. Once the car is at a higher speed during one driving session, if slowed down it is easier to accelerate to the original speed. The parts seem to last long and hold up well, however when a part does need replaced they are difficult to find and expensive. The brake lights burn out very quickly, I have had to have them replaced about eleven times in two years.

- Megan O

I love My Fiat 500 Sport. It's like respecting car history.

My Fiat 500 Sport so far has been a very reliable car, even though journalist have preached differently. I have almost 100,000 miles on the clock without any major issues with the engine or drivetrain. It doesn't have all of the high tech features as most modern cars, it is meant for basic transportation which it does flawlessly. This car is very economically efficient because of it's high miles to gallon ratio and low maintenance cost. I love the sunroof and the performance of the car for it's class. The only bad thing that everyone agrees on is the space in the back seats. Two adults will not be comfortable sitting in the back seats for long trips. I recommend the back seats only for children.

- jo H

Fiat 500 review from student.

The fiat 500 is generally comfortable and stylish. I have had some minor issues related to the electrical section of my car and other minor things that I have had to have fixed. One other issue is the lack of storage because there is no console, the only storage is the glove box or trunk. The headrests in the backseat are also uncomfortable and some passengers complain about the front passenger seat not having an armrest and not being able to be raised or lowered. I do enjoy driving it though and the fact that it gets such great gas mileage is really a plus. It has worked for me for 4 years driving over 600 miles to and from college and friends' colleges.

- Meredith D

2013 Fiat 500 Pop Virtually maintenance free 😊

I love my Fiat 500 Pop. I did not think I would like it because it is a small car but it is virtually maintenance-free as long as you change the oil regularly and do the regular maintenance. Now there are some things you have to go to Fiat for that you cannot do yourself but most Fiat dealerships are very kind and helpful and offer great discounts. You cannot beat the gas mileage. 😊 For example spark plugs, in any other engine maintenance you need to go to Fiat they specialize in your vehicle and do a really good job. I have had my car for 3 years now and have basically put no money into it other than to buy it and the regular routine maintenance.

- Sherrie A

Responsive handling, great gas mileage with reliability and eye catching looks.

I love the zippiness of the handling on the car. Also the interior and dashboard are really beautiful. It feels a bit vintage and a bit colorful too. The lights on the ceiling are bright and always help at night. So far it is been very reliable. The seats are comfortable and I love the armrest. It is been a pleasant added detail. I also enjoy how much I can control from the steering wheel with the touch of a button. The a/c is cold and so appreciated on a hot day. And the car is just so tiny. I love it is gas mileage and how I can see what kind of mileage I am getting as I drive.

- London S

Fiat 500 pop review! Awesome vehicle to drive.

Fiat 500 pop - it is awesome! Sporty driving, get up and go when you want it, and lots of storage space when my back seats are down. Grocery delivery folks are simply amazed at how much space there is! My fiat has been extremely reliable, and has only been in shop for routine maintenance (brake pads), tires, etc. I do have the oil changed on a regular basis and use high grade synthetic oil. Currently I even have a car seat in the backseat and it is easy for this grandma to get my tot in and out of the car seat. I would definitely recommend a fiat!

- Tracy F

Parallel parking is a breeze.

I bought my Fiat 4 years ago today. Over the years it has been a pretty reliable car for me. The one issue I've had with it was the Bluetooth module breaking which cause the battery to drain quicker. It holds lots of stuff, just not a lot of people. I have a stick and that makes it even more fun to drive. We need to stop making fun of Millennials who don't know how to drive a stick, it's because their Boomer/Gen X Elders didn't teach them. Only thing I wish mine had was the ability to Bluetooth my iPod to my radio.

- Melissa B

Cute fun easy to drive and park.

I have had my fiat for 3 years now. Feeling like I have had done on it is changing the oil and the headlights. I have a 5 speed manual transmission it is fun to drive. It is easy to drive and easy to park. The back seat is very small my son has a hard time fitting in the back because he is tall. It is great on gas mileage I get about 30 to 40 miles to the gallon. The only thing is the gas tank only holds about 10 gallons. I get a lot of looks when I am driving around people really like the car. It is adorable.

- Jen P

Amazing and the Cutest Car Ever!

She is a little runabout! So much bigger inside than she looks from the outside, and great on gas mileage. The 500 Pop comes in super cute colors, and the inside is easy to clean and really comfortable. She has great pickup, and I never have trouble climbing hills or accelerating onto the interstate. Five years (and 2 oil changes) and never a single problem. My only complaint is when I take my two small dogs to the vet, the car tells me I have a passenger, and I need to fasten the seat belt!!

- Cathy W

Fiats are great little cars!

The car is great on gas mileage. The back seats fold down and allows a lot of space if one needs to haul items. The car seats 4 comfortably and is more spacious than it appears. I've had minimal mechanical issues and mostly only have to do routine maintenance to this car. The only issue I've found somewhat aggravating is frequent replacement of headlights and stop lamps about once per year. Overall this is an excellent vehicle

- Amanda S

The car is very fun to drive around, would not recommend as an everyday car.

The car handles very well. Suspension is a bit tight but that can probably be fixed. The car has great gas mileage. The acceleration is great and it speeds up quite fast. You can feel whenever the car switches gear, which is not preferred, but it is not that bad. The stereo system has great sound, but the radio itself is not the best. When on the highway, the car has a tendency to shake due to it not being that aerodynamic.

- Emilie E

Perfect city car and economical daily commuter.

It is a great city car, easy on gas and fits in tight spaces or small parking spots well. I drove this car across country from Florida to Oregon and it was exceptional, no issues. Some things I don't love. . . I wish it had more power in the pick up, a passenger side armrest, and digital controls for heat/air. For what it is and the average piece, it makes a fantastic daily driver.

- Jessica P

Superior mileage... great for those that work on the road.

I love my fiat, that is why I have kept it this long. I bought it brand new. Fun to drive, excellent on gas, great in the snow and has all the perks of a full size car... The dealership is courteous and very experienced in care of my vehicle. Have only replaced brakes in the 6 years I have owned it. Make regular oil changes and tire rotations and she purrs like a kitten..


Nice car, great value. Very few problems really gets up and goes.

Great on gas mileage. Easy to get in and out of parking spots.. Comes with gas pedal, brakes, steering wheel, air conditioning, radio, tires, and power windows. I have had the power window in the drivers side go out twice. Not sure if that is a normal problem or not. Lots of headroom for tall people. Not a ton of backseat room for a baby car seat so keep that in mind.

- Lisa F

It is a fun little car to get around small distances.

The charging of the vehicle is a real problem. Only allow up to about 50 miles range in the winter and takes over 24 hrs to charge if you have the regular charger. The range in the summer can reach to 100 miles on a good day. The dealer support is terrible and the leasing company Chrysler financial will rip you off when returning a lease with extra bogus chargers.

- Ari W

The Fiat 500 is often sneered at because it's a small foreign car but it has been powerful and reliable enough for me over the years.

My Fiat 500 is my best friend. He gets me where I need to go and also where I want to go. He's small enough for me to maneuver in tight traffic and tiny parking spaces. He is great on gas mileage and zips me to school with unrelenting reliability. I got him slightly used and, even though I am planning to soon purchase my first new car, I hate to give him up.

- Katie G

Small and fun to drive! Roomy. Good mileage. Minimum maintenance.

This is a good "runabout" vehicle. It is great for quick trips about town and does well on longer road trips as it gets good mileage. I have had no major maintenance problems. It is a small car but the interior provides lots of room to haul things when you put the seats down. I once carried a table (legs removed) and four chairs! Easy to park and fun to drive!

- Merry N

Small. Handles great. Heated seats.

My car is perfect for the city. The size and trunk is perfect to fit everything I need. Easy to park. Handling is great. I wish the 0-60 was a bit better but that is fixed with the abarth model. Love the sunroof and heated seats. Super comfortable for long drive and gets great gas mileage. About 35 to the gallon. I wish it held a larger tank.

- Riley C

Amazing space in tiny car.

I honestly love my fiat 500. It is reliable and I have never had any issues with the car. I love how small it is, it makes parking a lot easier! It also is a lot roomier on the inside than others would think. The gas mileage is probably one of my favorite things about the car, it is absolutely amazing! I recommend this car to anyone!

- Amy F

Fiat convertible 500 by Gucci.

I love my car, it is a special edition a fiat 500 by Gucci. It comes with a beats by dre sound system. My interior is Gucci, the seats and seat belts. I get great gas mileage. And it is a convertible. It is small on the inside, but a comfortable ride. Because it is small it warms up and or cools down quickly. And it has seat warmers.

- Toi F

The Coolest Car On The Block

This car is the most reliable car I've ever owned. It tells me exactly what's wrong when something is not working which helps me get it taken care of immediately. I love the space even though it seems to be tiny. I have never encountered an issue or found myself in a situation that made me feel like it is not a great investment.

- Anna H

2013 Fiat 500 Pop with automatic transmission

The 2013 Fiat Pop is a great little car. It gets mid 30's mpg. It is small and agile little care. Easy to park. Good luggage space for such a little car. One hundred and one horsepower may seem like too little, but because of its low weight is ample. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a small economy car.

- Michael L

Best. Car. Ever!! So in love with my Fiat

I haven't had any significant problems with my car other than routine maintenance. I love how the car drives and how fun it is. I get a lot of compliments on my car. It travels very well. I've taken it on two 10+ hour trips and have never had a problem with it. The gas mileage is amazing!! Honestly the best part of the car

- Ashleigh T

Fabulous Fiat 500 Impresses

I love my car - it is reliable, drives well and smoothly, However, it is small and is not great for putting lots of things or people in it. Great for small and longer trips and perfect for people who are looking for a single or two person car. The car looks nice and sleek as well as is comfortable and clean on the inside.

- Immy W

Fiat! The car for someone on the go!

The fiat is a great car. It is small enough to fit anywhere, yet big enough that you do not feel cramped. It is adorable, and stylish, at least for me. It comes with an option to be a standard, which I will always choose. In fact, if I cannot have a standard, I will choose another vehicle. And, the gas mileage is great!

- Conny W

The fast car with great gas mileage.

I have a fiat 500 pop. It has bucket seats with cream and red interior. It has amazing gas mileage. For example I drive plenty of places for work. I only have to fill up my tank one time per week. This is great because gas is so high. It is also a fast and reliable car. It is small enough to fit in any parking space.

- Stella M

Great gas mileage and smooth ride.

My fiat is an amazing car for gas mileage, my biggest issues are the prices to do routine maintenance on the car itself. The ride is very smooth, and the upgraded interior is a plus. Thankfully tires are relatively cheap. It is a great summer car, but unfortunately does not fair well in the Pennsylvania winters.

- Taylor S

Tiny but mighty, small size but plenty of room unless you are really tall.

Four seats in a small compact size. Two cup holders in the front and two in the back. Takes no time at all to clean because it is so small. You can also fold the back seats down to make a larger trunk in case you need to bring large things home. Easy to drive, beautiful car. One of the best choices I ever made!

- Susie P

My family and I love my Fiat 500 pop!

It is a reliable car. We take it on long trips and drive it to work everyday. Smaller engine so it's a slow take off but does drive and go no problems. The small size is perfect for my small family. For a small car there is a lot more room then you would think. This is my all time favorite car I have ever had.

- Cory B

White 2013 fiat 500 review.

It is very small, very easy to turn with. It has nice seating and is very comfortable. It has little to no room in the back, it has an option to go manual instead of automatic but has no clutch. The air conditioning is a amazing it works perfectly. It is still a brand new car and works very well on the road.

- Brandy C

Great base model stick shift.

Fiat is a very reliable car. The base model has a lot to offer. The manual transmission is the best part of this small car. The only issue I have ever has been related to the Bluetooth feature. It would be great if it allowed more than one connection as well as the ability to play music via Bluetooth.

- Nina B

Fun little car with great radio features

It's a great little car. Very comfortable and smooth. I've had zero problems in the 6 years I've owned it. The care is very reliable. I have Bluetooth connection so hands free calls and music. My speed shows up electronically and it has a temperature feature. These were all in the base model as well.

- Marissa H

Great small city car. Fits a lot of stuff & also into small parking spots.

Great city car, super easy to park, good gas mileage. I have owned this car for 5 years and had very few problems with it. I would buy this car again. It is good for a household that has another larger vehicle for hauling things, but you can fit a surprising amount in this because of the hatch back.

- Amanda P

It has Bluetooth for calling and to play music.

It is very comfortable, its very reliable, has lots of safety features, comes with a spare tire, good gas mileage, it is small so in the rain be careful because it is kind of hard for cars to see you, good stereo system, it has Bluetooth and car charge ports. Is bigger on the inside than it looks.

- Kaila A

Very comfortable & fun to drive.

I do not have any problems. The car is really good on gas and efficient. Very comfortable interior, good for long distance. Has a very good sound system & Bluetooth feature is great for phone calls. Compact size makes it easy to drive & navigate. Has enough room in the trunk for storage.

- Alex C

It's a cute car but european ones need more maintenance and don't last as long as Japanese ones like Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda.

I love the sporty and trendy look of the Fiat 500 pop as well as the unique color which is Blue Green. It's good on mileage and gas. But the car is quite temperamental and tends to need more stop light bulb and oil changes frequently and a new battery replacement every 2 to 3 years.

- Trina N

Definitely the best car I've owned.

I have had this vehicle since it was new and I have had very minimal problems with it. I seem to go through headlights more often than I have with my previous vehicles, but it's a minimal cost compared to the cost of other vehicle issues it could have. Overall, a great vehicle.

- Ashley R

I love that my car is so tiny and cute.

I like how little my car is but it isn't very fast. It picks up speed very slowly. I can't hold very much stuff in it and it can get kind of crammed. When I go past 55 mph my car starts to shake which can get scary when I get on the highways. I love that it's white and cute.

- sarah M

0 to 60 eventually in my Fiat

No pick up, breaks easily, parts hard to find, expensive oil change, battery change is difficult, blind spots dangerous, and I'm not even at 100,000 miles. Drives well until you realize you're going too fast, perfect for parking, and comfortable for long distance driving

- Ana H

Small compact car great for commuting

Love that this car can find parking spots because of how small it is. Hate how small this care is when I am trying to go around town with friends. There is no back seat space at all and the trunk is very small. Front of car for driver and passenger has a lot of space.

- Liz L

Great gas mileage and spunky!

I love my fiat after trading in my ford f150 supercrew! Gas mileage is incredible and the vehicle is very perky with a lot of get up and go! Plenty of legroom in the driver seat and I am 6 ft 2 I would highly recommend this vehicle!Not to mention a great price point.

- Larry E

Interior of my vehicle is red which makes the car unique.

Good on gas, comfortable to drive. Not good for family and children as the size of the vehicle is too small. A good commuting vehicle for young adults to school and or work. I plan on keeping this vehicle around for years to come. Have yet to have any issues.

- Sharon S

Compact, good on gas, nicely equipped.

The fiat 500 is a fun, affordable car. I was looking for something under $10k, that was small and good for my commute to work. This really fit the bill! The hatchback it great for groceries, and the seats fold down to accommodate my dogs. I love this car!

- Aubrey R

FIAT 500 - the cutest, most reliable car!

I love my FIAT 500! I bought it used, but it only had 9,000 miles on it, so it was just like new. It's reliable, comfortable, adorable, and fun to drive. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good commuter car - it has great gas mileage!

- Rachel M

That it is very small but reliable and the front seats are roomy.

I love this car, everything about it is perfect. It accelerates how I want, brakes how I want, the gas is cheap, and since the oil tank is only a fourth of a quarter it costs less than a regular car oil change! The only bad thing is space for others.

- Diane G

Lots of fun to be had with a Fiat 500

Love it.. Great for tight parking spaces. Sometimes a bit scary that cars often don't see me. Other than that, excellent car. NOTE: a little difficult to get service from a regular mechanic. Go to a fiat dealer or a fiat oriented shop for service.

- Jess R

The current fiats do not have the issues they did the first time they were introduced to the US.

I wish there were more areas inside for common items. It's a standard and gets great gas mileage. I have some sporty extras that I really enjoy. My seats are premium cloth, but they stain from just water. The seats are supportive and comfortable.

- Michele B

Deceptively roomy, much more head and leg room than you'd expect!

I like that my car gets such great gas mileage. I also am quite fond of the tinted windows, that has helped me stop having anxiety attacks while driving. I like that even though it's a small car it has loads of head and foot room.

- Sherri Y

It's a small two door hatchback with four seats (even though there's no way you can fit four people in the car at once)

The 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth is a great car for driving around the city, with enough get up and go to have a little fun on the side. The biggest drawback is lack of space. It's not a very practical car.

- Jerimy E

All electric compact car.

It is very comfortable and stylish. The inside feels high end my complaint is the battery doesn't last long enough for an electric car. It's a great value for the money and I would buy it again.

- Jenna M

This car has excellent pick up and is fun to drive.

The Fiat is an awesome car. I have the Abarth. It is sporty, fast and comfortable. The gas mileage is great. This is an economical car to drive but also provides the excitement of a sports car.

- Anne O

A lot of soul in a small space. Great engineering.

I love my car. It has a lot of personality. I love that it's a convertible. My only complaint is that the Bluetooth is for call audio only instead of including media through the speakers.

- Jubilee S

Value for money, both the initial cost and the upkeep and gas.

My car can go over 300 miles on one tank of gas! She can fit so much into the trunk, and is a real workhorse. I have driven her in snow, ice, off-road and she copes with it all.

- Catherine S

Electricity really cuts down on the gas cost

Fiat 500e great car as long as you have the proper charging capabilities, with a full charge you get anywhere from 80-100 miles in the city, on the freeway 60- 80 miles.

- Jorge A

It may be tiny but it has a lot of attitude.

I love everything about my vehicle, it was the best choice I could have ever made. I do currently dislike the breaks and wheels on the car but that is easily fixable.

- Amy P

Not all electric cars have to look like awful boxy station wagons.

All electric, looks very sporty (bright orange with white retro trim), great range, pretty much free to drive, and very fast for what it is. Easy to squeal the tires.

- Brent R

People cannot see you sometimes especially when they are in a large vehicle.

I like that it is small but that has also been a problem. I have had several people veer into me because they didn't see me. HAsn't broken down on me which is good

- Amy S

It is stylish, yet compact and economical.

I love the style of the vehicle. I am happy with the performance and look of the vehicle. The mileage is great, and it is small, so can fit in small spaces.

- Conny y

It is fuel efficient which helps to save gas.

I really like the fuel efficiency and I enjoy driving the car. I dislike the fact that there in only one arm rest in the front and the trunk is small.

- Jennifer M

My review for the Fiat 500

I've had very few problems with our Fiat 500. It has been a very reliable vehicle and I would recommend it highly. I definitely purchase a Fiat again.

- Kenn R

My vehicle is great and fits my lifestyle well.

Its fast.. Its handsome.. Its comfortable.. It matches my style and the way that I like to drive.. I embarrass many more expensive cars on the road..

- Richard D

This car has lots of space for such a small vehicle. This so surprises everyone when they see inside.

Everything! I love the size, that I can fold down the backseats for lots of cargo, the gas mileage, the sunroof, sound system, the cuteness!

- Susan D

It is a great car for city driving.

It is fuel-efficient, nimble, and distinctive-looking. It also has low mileage. The main drawback is the limited space in the back seats.

- Ben G

The right turn video is great.

I like my car because it is small... I like the fact that it is a convertible and the colors on it... It is also very good on gas..

- Sarah S

That it is expensive to fix even the smallest things. Headlight bulbs are $30!

I love that it's good on gas and fits into smalls spaces. It is great for living in the city. I dislike how expensive it is to fix.

- Page K

perfect car for someone watching gas mileage expenses

great on gas mileage and has some get up and go to it. fairly comfortable for just one or two people riding. tires could be better.

- Terri O

Gets really good gas mileage.

I dislike the size, like the color and brand. I wish it was a four door rather than two. I really like the stereo system though.

- Addison F

This car is great on gas mileage.

Speedy, smart looking, and can park anywhere. Visors are small and do nothing to block sub from the side. Roomier than it looks.

- Terry D

Affordable and practical.

Like look and feel small size easy. Dislike loud tunneling noises and feeling cramped. Needs more cup holders and organizers.

- Christina Y

It's fun to drive and easy to park just about anywhere.

I like the small compact size. I am able to park nearly anywhere. I don't like that it didn't come with a spare tire.

- Marie C

Owned it for three years and haven't had any issues at all.

The car is amazing drives really smooth gas mileage is amazing. Its compact, very nice interior I have no complaints.

- Tanya L

The most important thing to know is how reliable it is. It is worth the price.

It is cute, small and perfect for me. I love that it is blue. I can fit both kids in it. It is also easy on the gas.

- Jennifer C

My fiat and its pros and cons.

Acceleration is slow getting on and off highway and electrical window system intermittently works and does not work.

- Mary V

It's gas mileage and environmental impact.

I like that it's a small car. It allows me easy in-and-out. It's very good on gas mileage. I have fun driving it.

- Debbie R

It is very environmental, therefore good for nature.

It is easy to handle. It is fast. I find more parking spaces. It is environmental. Filling up the tank is cheap.

- Selina E

Small peppy and a blast to drive

Small and peppy, fun to drive. Storage space is lacking and carrying passengers Is difficult. Great city car.

- Dave H

It is so much fun to drive! However, the passenger seat is not comfortable.

I like that it is small and fun. I hate that it is hard to find service locations that are convenient to me.

- Susan H

Best get-up-and go car for city living. From fitting into tight spaces to coming and going from the grocery store.

Love the size, love the mpg, love the handling. Hate that there are no built in usb chargers in the console.

- jason s

Bad gas mileage, lousy electronics. Do not buy, ever

Bad gas mileage, faulty electronics, no storage space. Small gas tank, no pick up for merging with traffic

- Josh P

It is economically pleasing. It is very gasoline efficient.

It is small. It is easy to drive. It fits into pretty much any parking space with plenty of room to spare.

- Mary Z

It is small and shouldn't be bought with expectations of putting people in the backseat.

I love my car. I wish that it could accelerate faster but other than that I like it. Very clean nice car.

- Shelby W

My Fiat 500 Pop is a cute ar which I have had a lot of fun with over the past few years. However, I have now outgrown it and I am searching for a different car. I hate how loud my Fiat is and would like an SUV now.

It is not as small as it looks! People think it is so tiny but it actually has a decent amount of space.

- Macy d

It has a very nice audio and dependable break. It runs smooth as well.

I like that it is a small car. I don't like that I can't find the fog lights. The parts are expensive.


I dislike that I am unable to lock and unlock the doors of my car from the inside. I also dislike that it has no room for a spare tire. I love the size of my car, the speed, and the look.

It is faster than you think, and they are so worth it. Literally can park anywhere you want.

- Lasett L

Great for city driving and parking.

This car is compact and I can park it anywhere. It has a lot of cargo space. No complaints.

- Troy S

It is easy to park! It is a gas saver and its so cute

It is loud and often cannot keep up with winter storms. But it saves me gas so that's nice

- Holly C

It is a good mileage car. It is nice and small to park. It is bigger inside than it looks. The cargo area is a little small.

It's a good mileage car. Nice and small to park. It's bigger inside than it looks.

- Akiko M

How cute it is and how small it is and that it gets good gas mileage.

My car is so cute. My car gets good gas mileage. My car brings a lot of attention.

- Brandy R

My car is eco-friendly and I feel that it's a good step for the automotive industry to help with the environment.

I like that my vehicle runs on electricity. No gas required and is very reliable.

- Henry R

I don't care that I drive a small car. It gets me where I'm going a lot faster than you might think.

Great gas mileage, cute, responsive. I wish she had more bells and whistles.

- Stephanie P

It is very small. But has a very top of the line sound system.

Very fuel efficient. Just keeps running. Easy to park. Cons: only 4 seats.

- Madison M

it is a manual transmission which gives me more control when driving

i love the gas mileage and that it is a manual transmission.

- maria h

Very Fuel efficient car , reliable and easy to care for

Zippy , fuel efficient , economical and easy to drive .

- Carol G

It's great for parking anywhere

It's small but good on gas. I like the look of it too.

- Jessica A

Good gas mileage no maintenance issues

No complaints gets good gas mileage have had no issues

- Jessica T