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It has the Bluetooth so you can connect your phone and other devices.

2014 FIAT 500

There has been a recall on a part that has to do with the acceleration. Occasionally I notice a little bit of a problem when I push on the gas pedal but most of the time it's good. I love this car. I love the backup camera and the fact that it beeps at me so I will not hit something or someone. It is small enough that I feel comfortable in driving it, similar to the size of a car but roomier than a car. And it has the back door that I can put all my groceries in that I don't' have to lean over to get out.

- Nikki N

Has a good amount of features that is nice for a little economical car.

2014 FIAT 500 Base

I have a fiat 500. As in reliability the car is good, I love how the car is good for 2 people if it's just you and your significant other and two people fit perfectly in the back as well. It's a pretty modern car has an aux cord input, Bluetooth and a sports mode, seat warmers which are my favorite features. Good on gas. The only problem I do have with the car is that it does take a while to hit a good amount of speed. So it does take a while to accelerate.

- Judith P

Great compact car! Amazing on gas!

2014 FIAT 500 Sport

It is amazing on gas and I love driving a small car. It zips around super easy. It does not fit many people in it which sucks. Also, driving it on the thruway is tricky because it does not speed up super fast but overall it is a great car. I have gotten in 2 minor accidents and it is been fine but I am sure it would have been a different story if they were big accidents.

- Rachel R

We are a family of 4 and this car is comfortable for us.

2014 FIAT 500 Sport

I honestly love my car. Have not have any issues with the performance, is a very reliable car inexpensive in gas and has more trunk space then a regular car. My kids love it and we get compliments everywhere we go. Perfect for single person or a small family. Parts and oki change are on the higher end but is because the car is considered a high end vehicle.

- Lina S

Good for one or 2 people but don't expect to drive all your friends around

2014 FIAT 500 Base

It's a small car but sometimes wish the back was roomier. For reliability it does its job very well, decent gas mileage, fast acceleration, easy to break, ideal size for parking situations. Dislike the window bottoms being next to the shift stick, air conditioning has 4 settings that range from bleh to arctic, USB port malfunctions and charges slowly.

- Bowen B

Fiat 500: a consumer's honest review.

2014 FIAT 500

I have never really had a problem with my fiat 500. I have about 43k miles on it right now, and I have haven't had to replace anything so far besides some fixing on the a/c. I am not a big fan of the outside appearance of the car at all, but the interior is absolutely beautiful. All in all, I am pretty pleased with this car.

- Marissa S

The car is really nice to look at and certainly fun to drive.

2014 FIAT 500 Base

The car generally performs well, it is easy to drive although it takes a while to get used to the gears and clutch, it is quite reactive and nippy when you want it to be and sturdy on uneven road surfaces etc, but when issues start arising the car can become quite difficult to drive and unnerving.

- Luka Y

Love my Fiat 500-C, Cute and Efficient.

2014 FIAT 500 Lounge

I love the mileage per gallon, the car's seats are comfortable, the trunk fits plenty of necessities, the rooftop is beautiful. However, the tires are quite awful and easy to blow. The cupholders are also not very functional, you can't fit more than one drink from a standard drive-thru.

- Lindsey M

Great car but not practical for all.

2014 FIAT 500 Pop

Lights come on often about random issues, oil changes/car repairs cost more than our other car because it is Italian made car/parts. Doesn't get great gas mileage. Plastic in car seems fragile, must be careful, feels like things will wear easily and fall apart. Not much of a family car.

- Alyssa T

My vehicle is a ( I think) 2010 Chrysler. There really not anything interesting.

2014 FIAT 500 Sport

The brakes of my vehicles are kind of laggy or lose. When I am speeding and trying to slow down, the brakes are practically useless. Also, the windows of the right side of my car don't work. They are just stuck and won't go down. Despite these problems, I still love my car very much.

- Aurora W

My car is very fuel efficient.

2014 FIAT 500

I love that my car is small enough for myself but big enough to carry my everyday items like groceries and books as I am a student on the go. It is the perfect size for me while still being efficient. It also does not hurt that it is super cute. No complaints here.

- Gabby G

This car gets excellent mileage. 25 MPG city and 32 MPG highway.

2014 FIAT 500

This is a small vehicle, but is roomy on the inside. I have more headroom than I had in BMW's. It maneuvers well and gets excellent gas mileage (25 MPG city and 32 highway). My only complaint is that when you step on the gas, it may or may not go immediately.

- Alan L

Fiat 500c: great design perfect for city driving

2014 FIAT 500

Fiat 500c is a wonderful car. It drives well, has good mileage, reliable, roomy, comfortable. Good design, particularly the retro inspired dashboard. Inside was roomy for such a small car. The size is very convenient for parking in the city.

- Karen W

It is incredibly reliable.

2014 FIAT 500

I love the 0-60 time. I love the mileage I get. It is so affordable to drive. I love the low-maintenance aspect of my car. I would prefer a smoother ride, but considering how low to the ground and how compact the car is, it is really not bad.

- Helen H

Economical and a sweet little ride

2014 FIAT 500

I have had no trouble with my fiat . There has been no issues with the motor. Mechanically this car's build will it sase money on gas I get 40 miles to a gallon the interior is leather excellent well made very stout little

- Kimberly F

It is electric, so I don't rely on gas. I just charge it and I'm good to go.

2014 FIAT 500

I like that it is electric so it is green. It also saves me money because I use free charging stations. I just don't like the anxiety of being unsure if you have a good enough charge to make it to your destination.

- Joann D

Dependable, quick, every day driving car, compact enough to fit in tight spaces.

2014 FIAT 500

Pedals are touchy, gas mileage could be better, needs stronger air conditioning. The seating is quite uncomfortable, needs butt warmers, a backup camera would help blind spots.

- Skylar M

My car is fun to drive, it is small but it is roomy and feels safe

2014 FIAT 500

My car is small on the outside but it has a lot of room on the inside. I like to zip around in my car. I like that I can park in places that large cars can't.

- Nikki P

It has more space than it looks.

2014 FIAT 500

The drive is great with a lot of space for a small vehicle. I do not like the location of some of the buttons like the volume. Overall a great car.

- Patrick L

It is fun to drive without having to much speed to get you in trouble.

2014 FIAT 500

I love the fun factor. Handling, speed, braking, it is all there. The only thing I might dislike is the rough ride, but that is to be expected.


It's got a decent amount of space, interior is rather uncomfortable however.

2014 FIAT 500

I like that it's very good on gas, and it's easy to drive and zip around. I dislike that its so tiny, doesn't have a whole lot of power.

- Dustin Z

My car is electric so while everyone else is paying for gas, I'm using a free charging station.

2014 FIAT 500

My vehicle is electric so I like that I don't have to buy gas. I don't like that the range isn't so great. I get range anxiety.

- Joann D

You will be very surprised at the size.

2014 FIAT 500

It looks like a small car from the other side but the interior is very large. It is very comfortable even for taller people.

- Patrick G

It has been a very reliable vehicle.

2014 FIAT 500

Very comfortable, good visibility, reliability. I dislike that I have to go to the dealer for much of the service needed.

- Linda F

Low maintenance and it is great on gas.

2014 FIAT 500

Looks, size, how it drives? Just everything. Have not had to make ant repairs and get cheesy mileage from a tank of gas.

- Leslie M

The car has a sport driving mode that you can turn on for greater turning control.

2014 FIAT 500

The car is fun to drive. It's small, yet has room for me 6 feet tall. I particularly enjoy the 5-speed stick shift.

- Tom G

Be cautious when driving it on the highway.

2014 FIAT 500

I enjoy driving my fiat it is easy to find parking and the perfect size car. I only wish it had more storage space.

- Melody P

its electric and can go about 60-80 miles per charge.

2014 FIAT 500

it is an electric car so you don't have to pay for gas, you can't go very far but it is good and has heated seats.

- Barbara C

My Fiat is the most fun car I've ever owned. It's like a mini sports car, complete with Ferrari-sounding engine.

2014 FIAT 500

I have the Fiat 500 Abarth. I LOVE it! It's cute, easy to maneuver, and reliable. I can't think of any complaints.

- Tanya K

Its old but still runs well.

2014 FIAT 500

The car is too small, and it has a lot of fuse problems and my tires are often getting low. My car is also.

- Kayla M

The Toyota has good gas mileage, very roomy, and is an attractive vehicle.

2014 FIAT 500

I have no opinion on vehicles. As long as it runs and has good gas mileage then it would be worth my time.

- Alina K

That it is all electric. No need to buy gas or pollute the air.

2014 FIAT 500

I love my car...sporty, fast and all electric so I never have to buy gas!~

- steve s

It is electric. I don't have to buy gas.

2014 FIAT 500

Love the small size, the ability to easily maneuver and the pep it has.

- Stephen O