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Great, fun, reliable car to drive

I have had my car for over a year now and have not had any issues with it. I love how compact and driver friendly it is. It's usually just me and occasionally a passenger so it's enough room, I have had people in the backseat and it is comfortable but there's not a lot of space. The trunk is a bit small as well but the back seats fold down which provide more space. I usually don't have to fold down the seats though since the most I carry is groceries. The seats are super comfortable and all the controls are easy to reach for the driver. I love that it is also great on gas mileage. I usually like to keep the tank full but I have gone a couple of weeks without pumping gas. It has a fixed sunroof and large windows which allow for a nice clear view and light to come through. The seats are leather but with any car with leather seats they do become very hot during the summer months. Since the car is small it is easy and quick for the temperature to adjust once the heat/AC is turned on. The temperature settings can be set to a specific number and you can also adjust fan setting to a specific intensity using up and down arrows. After regular maintenance, I have not had any problems and it continues to be reliable. It also has a sport mode setting which allows for better control when turning the steering wheel and is quicker to increase speed.

- Norma R

Go anywhere, park anywhere, be seen!

I have had my Fiat for 6 months now and absolutely love it. I have had no problems with it all. I have a 5 speed and it is such a fun car to drive. It handles turns quick and smooth. doesn't have much pick up so you don't want to pull out in front of anyone. The gas mileage is phenomenal. I am always telling people how comfortable it is. Everything is well within reach. There is a back seat that would be suitable for a small child or a car seat. There is not quite room for an adult. The rear storage area is sufficient for groceries. I am always shocked at how much I can fit in this car. What I really love is that I can park this car anywhere with ease. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a small reliable, gas efficient, cool/cute car that can go anywhere.

- Karen H

Fiat 500L: Cute but slow off the line

I love my Fiat. It's a super cute car for a tiny girl like myself. Even though the car looks small, when you fold the back seats down it can fit a surprising amount of stuff in it. I even managed to fit a Big Green Egg in the back for my husband's birthday last month. Pros: Super cute, AMAZING on gas mileage, fits more than it looks like it should inside Cons: horrible pickup. You're not going anywhere fast in this vehicle even with the pedal to the metal. I find it weird that the buttons to roll the windows up and down are on the center console. Something to get used to I guess.

- Heidi S

Economy driven vehicle, the fiat 500l.

It is good on gas, but no get up and go power. Fiat 500l are reasonably priced. It is definitely a family vehicle, with quite a bit of space. There is no CD player but does come with satellite radio. It seats 5 and the front seats are heated. The fiat 500l has a hatchback that opens to a optional 2 tier trunk space. The ride is not the smoothest as you feel every bump you hit in the road very well. All in all it is a decent vehicle given the affordability which makes it easier to qualify or finance a fiat 500l.

- Tara H

My car is like a little toy, & I love it!

I love my little car. It is adorable! It is nice and small. I can fit in any parking space. The only negative is that the pick up is not the greatest, but I can live with that. Because of it is size, I tend to be bullied on the highway. Other drivers think I cannot go fast enough. They're wrong! My car is a convertible and I love riding with the top down instead of having to use the air conditioner.

- Kathy R

It is a reasonable price. Most people don't realize fiat makes an suv and ive had more than one person that are not familiar with fiat prices think it's a very expensive car (I'm not complaining :))

I love the look and style of my vehicle both inside and out. The size is perfect for me although the cabin is just a little smaller than my past crossovers. It has gorgeous light brown leather seats. I do not like it's traction control or the fact that the air conditioning and heat for some reason doesn't reach the backseat well and so it is normally either hot or cold back there.

- Angela S

Excellent gas mileage, easy to drive, and great looking.

I like the size, because it is small and therefore easy to maneuver in traffic and in parking lots. It also gets very good gas mileage, about 30 miles to the gallon. I like the styling of it, especially because I often get compliments on how it looks. At this point, I can't think of anything I dislike about it and I have no complaints.

- Jaclyn M

2017 Fiat 500 White with Sunroof

Very convenient for parking in a busy city where it's hard to park. Doesn't have the most power but that should have been obvious before purchasing. But there is a sport mode to help you on the freeways. I always have trouble with connecting my phone via Bluetooth but other than that, not much complaints. It's a cute and compact car.

- Ester K

Fuel economy and dependable

It's economical on fuel, reliably. It's feels while driving and it's able to maneuver in to small parking spaces due to its size. I bought it because the family car was too big for my daily activities. So far it's seem to performing well without any technical issues. In the nutshell it's the car for me

- Phil O

Some things about my fiat 500.

The fiat 500 is a good car but I don't like the fact that when I sit still my car shakes even without it having issues, fiats 500 are good cars if you're taking long road trips but not if you have a large family, it runs smooth and has a great radio and speaker system which I like.

- Amber N

My Fiat is great for tight spaces and I love the sport button on it. It's space enough for me.

I love my fiat. I traded in my smart car because I needed a little bit bigger car. I did a ton of research and in the end I got the Fiat. I feel that the size is perfect for me because it's small enough to foot in tight spaces and big enough to hold at least 5 people.

- Elvira P

Cute, fun to drive, handles well.

Cute car. Handles well. Decent gas mileage. I appreciate the entertainment options, i.e. The ability to connect a device multiple ways. Good sound system. Rear seats are quite tight to get access to. Receive many compliments on the color, s robin’s egg blue.

- Lisa S

It's a nice budget car that is good for someone who doesn't need a lot of car space.

I like that it is compact. I also like that it had a lot of features that came standard. I don't like that it doesn't accelerate as quickly as my previous car. I also dislike that there weren't a lot of interior options for color.

- Heather W

Fiat 500-Using it on a daily basis for a young professional

Reliability is great, never has an issue. Performance with the 101 hp engine is lacking but for a commuter car you do not need power, it is great for a single lower income person looking to get their first car.

- Keenan M

A great dependable car that is very economical.

It is a really fun car to drive, it handles beautifully. It is really easy to park it is very dependable I have had no mechanical problems. Have not been back to dealer except for routine service.

- James B

It handles very well. It maKes right turns and fits well in my garage

I like my Fuat because it's small so it's easy to make u turns and park. The mileage is good and I like the Bluetooth stereo system. My sons think it's cramped when three people are in it

- Sheila B

Love it. I would highly recommended it.

I love it. I haven't had any problems in the two years I have had it. The parts for it can run expensive though. It does sit lower to the ground than most cars.

- Haley H

my car may be small, but it is a very roomy car that can fit a lot of items in it

i like my vehicle because its small and very modern and updated. it has current technology and it has the right amount of room for my day to day needs

- elle b

Lightweight and sleek. Can only fit 3 sometimes 4 people.

My car is lightweight and sleek. It can go pretty fast and has a unique design. It can only fit around 3 sometimes 4 people. It has good Sound system.

- Tyler B

The car is fun to drive - like a go cart.

Love the gas mileage. Dislike the fact that it does not have a lot of trunk space for groceries. Like that it is roomier than it looks for seating.

- Grace T

A fun economical car but scary in traffic

It is a fun car to drive is also very economical . Have not had any mechanical problems. Love it but it is not a soft riding , fancy auto.

- james b

compact but well built great on gas built to last and for the freeway

so far no problems for a compact vehicle it can get up and go an excellent gas saver surprisingly comfortable and adequate room

- Rodney E

It doesn't pick up speed very quickly. This can be an issue when pulling out into traffic.

I have a Fiat 500C. I like that the dashboard has the same finish as the body. It gets good gas mileage. I have no complaints.

- Brandi J

Gets me where I want to go with a pleasant ride along the way

Fiat 500 has a nice look, handles well on road, easy to park, efficient interior console. Overall it is a cool small car.

- Stephen G

I love that my jeep is comfy and I like how it looks.

Economical fun to drive seats could be more comfortable great looking good warranty enough trunk space given size of car.

- Ken P

It is a fun car to drive and very comfortable and many extras.

It is very economy in gas. It is a very reliable small car It has very good equipment for a car of that sizes

- Jose S

Electric cars are the way to go. My Fiat has plenty of cargo room for any shopping trips.

Love my electric fiat for my round town errands. Only drawback is the limited mileage range.

- Patricia R

Great value for money paid. fun to drive and easy to maintain

500E all electric and I love it. the only drawback is not enough charging stations available

- tina m

It's a stick shift and is really fun to drive!

I like the stick shift. I like the Color. I get good mileage

- Elizabeth L

Heating/AC glitches, sturdy, quiet, range is arbitrary based on speed. Cute, stands out, easy to maneuver and park.

It's electric and the range depends upon how fast you drive.

- Tanya H