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I love the panoramic sunroof it really brings in so much light!

I love my car it is good on gas, it rides smooth. It has a little bit of hesitation to really get moving. It has more than enough room in back and in hatch. It is so much fun to drive it is like a split between sporty and SUV. Everyone that gets in is really impressed with the interior. The stereo system is amazing the sound is clear and crisp with great speakers. The seats are so comfortable and are very easy to adjust, also the seats are heated as well. The back seats do fold down so it is great if you need to pick up something large. I would definitely recommend this car, it was very different from previous car. I had a Chevy sonic so going from that to this was really out of my comfort zone but I must say I made the right choice!

- Kim W

Electrical issues with the lights going out & dim headlights.

We've had our fiat for about 2 years. In the beginning I absolutely loved it. It is very roomy for a small car. Love the backup camera & Bluetooth. Heat and air conditioning have done well. Looks fun and sporty. Also drives decent in snow. On the down side, the headlights are not strong enough. On dim it is hard to see. Also, we've had issues with running lights & brake lights burning out frequently. Just recently, it is been showing the temperature in the 30's and it about 90 degrees out, so the "possible ice on road" flashes constantly. It was a fairly reasonable car to buy so things are a bit on the cheaper side as far as inside.

- Lisa B

I would not recommend the Fiat 500L it�s overpriced and hard to find parts

It does NOT start in the winter when it is 20 degrees you better Uber or call someone for a ride to work. It chugs gas like crazy. I had to replace a headlight and it was outrageously priced. It's hard to find parts in part stores. I needed to change my breaks and I had to call 10 different stores and drive 25 miles out of my way to get the parts. There is a mirror to you can use to see your children in the back and I love that feature! The seats are pretty comfy. The truck could be a bit bigger.

- Casey K

My fiat 500l: benefits and concerns.

It is a fun car to drive because it is a manual. It has a good amount of space so I have no trouble when I get groceries, take my dogs to the park, or fitting luggage when we travel somewhere. I am a little worried about the transmission going out in a few years which means I may have to buy a new car as soon as this one's paid off which is not ideal. I would rather it lasted a long time but I've heard manual transmissions go out sooner than automatic transmissions. I guess we'll see.

- Jemima G

Amazingly reliable and spacious car

I've only ever had one problem with my car and it was a result of a bad mechanic, nothing wrong with the car itself. It drives well, steady, and quietly. The car is quite compact on the outside, which definitely helps with parking; but the inside has so much room. As a person who is almost 6 foot, I have so much leg room and it doesn't feel like a small car. I love the backup camera and the turning lights at night. It's a wonderful reliable car.

- Haley P

Love my fiat 500l best car I ever had.

I love my fiat 500l, it is a four sedan. It is a small car, great on gas (I get 22 mpg), and I drive pretty fast. My car has navigation, heat seats, ac, AUX plugs, hands free phone hook up, usb cord hook up, etc. The car is great for anyone ( from a first time driver to your most experienced driver. My car does both manual and stick shift. It has cameras which makes it easy to reverse. A give the makers of this car five stars.

- Erica M

The stereo system is super cool. I really enjoy the touchscreen functions!

The car is a really nice car appearance wise, and I genuinely enjoy features of this case as far is it's stereo system. However the transmission of this car seems to be pretty unstable. The car stalls sometimes and does not get up to speed quickly but it's a very okay car when it comes to how it drives otherwise. Not the best, but definitely good for getting me where I need to go safely and in style.

- Savannah G

Fiat 500l is a big "small car".

Plenty of room, even for tall husband. Lots of cargo space, back seats flip down, front passenger flips down also. Rides higher off ground. Looks good. Room for 5, with plenty of legroom in back. Mileage is decent. Love that it has Bluetooth and GPS built in. Power steering and power windows. Defrost functions quickly and well. Handles well enough in snow with snow tires.

- Linda G

Unique. Different looking and much bigger interior than one would think.

I really like the uniqueness of my fiat, but 2014 has a dual clutch system which I was not informed about when I bought it. If it is not driven Accordingly for a dual clutch, the clutch system can overhead in stop and go situations. They changed the transmission the next year. Otherwise, I love my car and it is done well for me. It is the perfect size.

- Cathy B

Fun to drive and fun to look at

My husband and I drive a bright yellow Fiat 500L. We actually just purchased it a month ago, and have had no problems with it whatsoever. We even took it on a 3 hour trip last weekend. We are proud owners! Especially love the window roof all across the top. You have the option of whether or not you want it open, of course. It's a fun car to drive also.

- Sara R

Great for the first 4 years. Trouble on year 5.

Great for the first few years had a few recalls that caused headaches and towards year five started having issues with the parts that were recalled. Had to pay for them to get fixed out of pocket even though it was due to a recalled part. Didn't make any sense and was an inconvenience considering the car came like that. Other than that great car.

- Diana J

It is spacious on the inside, but compact on the outside, like a TARDIS.

I like that it is compact, so that I can park in tight spots, but it is also pretty roomy inside, which is important for my family. I like the interior and features. I like the look of the exterior. I do not like the way that it drives in certain situations. It can be kind of jerky when it shifts from gear to gear.

- Rebecca D

Comfortable car but expensive maintenance

My vehicle is very comfortable, however the maintenance is very expensive due to it being a foreign car. And although it is expensive, that does not mean it is a very reliable car. I have already needed to replace the entire transmission. TWICE. I really enjoy the features this car has, but I wish it was more reliable.

- Elena P

Small car but bigger on the inside.

The fiat is a great car for day to day driving, its quiet, reliable and gets great gas mileage. It's comfortable to drive long distances and has plenty of legroom in the backseat for taller passengers. Its large enough to fit a lot of stuff but the car itself is small enough to fit into tight parking spaces.

- Martin D

Fiat 500 l. The cutest, most stylish, quick car!

The car is a lot bigger on the inside with all the windows. It has plenty of space for car seats in the back seat. The hatchback makes it easy to haul anything. It rides so smooth and the turbo is a fun little addition to the car. The roof is all glass and opens halfway for the sunroof. I love my fiat!!

- Brooke S

I think the most interesting detail is the windows on the side of the windshield

I really do not have any problems with this vehicle at all, it is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The mileage is AMAZING and I love the overall look of the car as well. It rides so smoothly, is very spacious for a fiat and I genuinely can't get over how amazing the gas mileage is!

- Hope D

Roomier than it appears from the outside

This vehicle is very reliable and I receive compliments about how roomy the interior is frequently. I love the amount of light that comes in from the oversized sunroof and corner support windows. I find the transmission to be a little tricky and seems to slip or be slow to respond at times.

- Eileen G

Sedan interior in a coupe exterior

I've had a very good experience with the Fiat 500L, spacious interior, drives well, only drawback was it needed an computer update that wasn't done by the previous owner, so that needed to be done before it would pass emissions testing. Other than that I've had no problems. Good little car.

- Veronica W

The Fiat 500l is a great car to drive.

I bought the car in 2015, I have no real problem with it. The handling is greater than I expected. Right now I need to replace the upper ambient air temperature sensor, and front brake pads but that all part of general maintenance and is expected with any car on the road today.

- David C

Sassy girl on 4 wheels, light on fuel

I love my vehicle because it is very light on fuel. It does not look big from the outside but once you open the doors and the boot you are very surprised on how much space there is. Easy to do parking as well. I will definitely encourage anybody to buy this type of vehicle.

- Yolanda L

The Fiat 500L is fun to drive! I love the way it stands out from other vehicles.

The car does not like extreme cold temperatures. Some days in the winter my car would not start. The seats can be a little hard and the armrest is not wide or long enough for 2 arms. I love that the car has more space than you'd expect. Overall I'm very happy with my car.

- Melissa S

I love that my vehicle is so unique.

The windshield is prone to cracks from hits from rocks on the highway. Mine has been replaced twice now. It has major blind spots for both driver and passenger sides so I really have to check when changing lanes. Other than those, I really have no issues with my car.

- Kimberly W

Best little car ever made

It is easy to handle on the road, although it's considered a small car it is very big on the inside. I love the trunk space. Gas mile is great also. I have the Beats sound system in my car and it is the best. The dashboard is very helpful to keep track of maintenance

- Sophia O

Amazon four door black fiat with alloy wheels and rear view camera.

I love my 2014 four door black/tan 500L fiat. Great on mileage and if you're a student and working part or full time it's great to help you get by. Very affordable car whether you lease or finance. Very spacious car compared to how small it looks on the outside.

- Eve Y

Although it is a nice car inside and out, it doesn't have power.

I like that it is spacious in side and fits four adults comfortably. I like the size and shape of the car. I don't like that it doesn't take off fast. The ignition is slow. I don't like that the company isn't easily available any more, at least in the states.

- Rosie P

Interior roominess and large amount of cargo space.

Love the ride, size, mileage per gallon. Interior is very roomy and comfortable. Problem with double clutch system and battery life if car is not locked. No spare tire available. No auto garage opener. Cooling system slightly inadequate.

- Deborah D

We are happy to be part of the fiat family and we love our little Carlita!

No vehicle problems--a few recalls but taken care of at dealership and no major problems. . . Just had brakes done after four years! It is great not to have to service car except for oil and fluids basically.

- Stephanie M

Fun, roomy, comfortable, distinctive car to drive for all ages

It's fun to drive. It's very spacious and comfortable. It took some getting used to, but I like the side windows on the front windshield. It is distinctive and doesn't look like every other car on the road.

- Meridith S

It is so much bigger inside than it looks.

I like that my car gets great gas mileage, is compact, yet is really roomy inside. I dislike that I feel like my car feels so small on the road compared to other vehicles.

- Jennifer C

That it fits a lot more than it seems to from It's small appearance! It really is a spacious vehicle.

I love the size and how much it fits, and that it is easy to park. The main complaint I have is that it needs a lot of service and I can't change the lights myself.

- Kelly H

My vehicle is the absolute best

This is simply a great vehicle it drives so smooth and had the best ac components it has insane mileage and a great great foundation all and all just a good car

- Earl B

Never buy a Fiat, no matter how great you think it is.

Our car has been nothing but trouble. The trunk wont open, sometimes it doesn't want to start or go into gear. This is not what I expected from a new car.

- Karollea D

My cute compact and safe car.

My cars name is bailey. She’s a black 2014 fiat. Though she’s an Italian car, she is very reliable. She gets me from where I need to go all the time.

- Shea B

It is fun to drive short distances as well as long distances.

It is a small yet capable of carrying lots of things car. It is fun to drive and gets great gas mileage. It is sporty yet 4 door with a hatchback.

- Jesse H

50 plus miles to gallon, but expensive to work on!.

I love the size its very roomy inside. I love the interior design. It drives really well too. It has a turbo engine which helps on the freeway.

- Victoria S

Retro style and colour and that it stands out better than other cars you see

Unsure nothing major as not had it long but i like the shape and size and the colour and trim and how it slightly resembles mini cars

- R H

That they car was one of them that been under water. . And rebuilt.

My car needs new brakes alone with new rotors but it has brand new tires own it. . . But to back glass is almost about to fall out.

- Doris R

It looks really small on the outside but is very spacious on the inside.

It takes a while for the speed to pick up even when the gas pedal is floored. Before it used to sputter when the brake was applied.

- April M

Make sure you do not live in a flooded area, this car sits really low.

It's great on gas and i like the size, but it is very expensive to maintain. I don't like that it does not come with a spare tire.

- Stephanie B

A solid car for the person who wants to be stylish while being utilitarian.

I love the way the vehicle handles. It has great gas mileage considering the amount of cabin space. I also enjoy the sound system.

- William F

Has the beats sound system in it, my music sounds amazing!

No problems since buying it. Love the way it looks, love the way it feels, it drive smoothly. . . It is an awesome car!

- Michelle K

It is spacious on the inside.

I had a recall on the computer system in my fiat. The headlights continuously go out. Good gas mileage. Spacious.

- Jill H

It gets 30 miles a gallon.

I like that it gets good mileage. I like the small size, but it still has a roomy interior. It maneuvers well.

- Alan L

It is a one of a kind Gucci edition.

I love the design of the vehicle. Even though it is compact it can carry a lot of items.

- Lo T

I love how it zips around. I love the roomy interior. I love the backup camera.

Roomy! fun to drive. Looks great! Comfortable. Nice trunk area.

- Debra G

Gas mileage and great it is.love it a lot yes a lot. Very happy

Great gas mileage , good size, great performance and no issues

- Al G