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Fun with Fiats for the Whole Family

I purchased my first Fiat shortly after they started manufacturing them eight years ago. I loved the tiny little two door. It was perfect for city driving and super easy to park. I wish I could have kept it, but my family outgrew it. When my son upgraded to a full size cello, we needed a full size car. So we upgraded to the four door Fiat right after it was manufactured. It was perfect timing. The four door is still cute and easy to drive and has an unbelievable amount of space because from the outside it doesn't appear it would be as roomy as it actually is.

- Amy S

Amazing fiat 500l trekking but 1 problem with it.

I love my fiat 500l trekking. It is super reliable, the interior is comfortable. It has a pretty decent size trunk the back seats fold done as well. The dual clutch system is amazing. The only problem with the fiat 500l is its sensitivity to cold. If you are in a colder area I don't recommend unless you have the dealer put in the engine heater. Because if it would cold out it will not start.

- Gerardo M

Things that can make a difference

My car is Reliable, and vet comfortable. It was not my first pick but it is a great car. The only thing I will change is I'm not able to update the GPS. Also the take off is a little slow. Also there is no AC vent in the back in the summer time my kids are hot.

- She J

FIAT 500L: Bigger than you expect

The FIAT 500L is a great car overall. It is reliable and extremely roomy. Most people assume that the car is small on the inside, but are surprised by the size inside the car. The one issue I have had is that not many people are knowledgeable about FIATs.

- Cristina D

Fiat 500l great travel vehicle that provides comfort for all.

No problems love the back seat sits deep and even taller adults are comfortable. The hatch back is deep and holds several large suitcases. Great Gas mileage makes it an awesome travel vehicle. Extra safety features sold me.

- Gail R

In love with my fiat 500l trekking.

This is a great car! I love the trim packing on the 500l trekking. My biggest complaints are that it only has a 13 gallon tank and no spare tire. The spare was the fault of the spare was due to the dealership.

- Gwendolyn A

Has a plug to connect your phone or anything else.

I like the model of the car, the view that it has up on the roof, if horn beets, it is a very comfortable car, everyone likes my car.

- Karla P

Its performance, its safety, and its ease of driving are among their favourites

I really like it, both in terms of its appearance and its performance. It has a very large space, which is very satisfying to me

- Maez W

It's a lot faster than it looks

The car has only had regular wear on it after 3 years of use, and everything held up. No big issues with the car at all.

- Dale P

It's really roomy inside, even though it's a fairly small car.

Pro: Really fun to drive. Handles well. Great seat adjustments. Good gas mileage. Cute. Con: Seatbelt doesn't adjust.

- Rox S

It is affordable to purchase and easy to drive.

I like that it is small, affordable and good gas mileage. I do not like that it has had some small mechanical issues.

- Ashley S

Great mileage and comfortable.

Love this car. Back seat drops down allowing more storage space. Great mileage. Comfortable. Minimal maintenance.

- Helen L

Like I said....The gas is touchy....Turns great though

Acceleration is jumpy and uneven. gas pedal too touchy

- Bruce T

This car gets Good gas mileage!

Love the car, but I hate that it is a stick shift.

- Sheila P