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Fiat 500l could actually be a huge l for you.

My vehicle was just placed in the shop for a faulty battery. It's only a couple years old. The dealership made us wait 3 weeks for an appointment. The ride is a little shaky and not smooth at all in comparison to the smaller model. The push to start sometimes does not recognize that the key fob is in the car.

- Tez B

Eye-catching, comfortable, trendy and reliable.

My car is reliable, trendy and spacious although its considered a small car. I have had problems with the headlight wiring which was a simple fix. I recently changed the tires at 29000 miles. The ac is reliable and powerful as is the engine. I just wish I had satnav. I recommend this model.

- Nadine V

The smoothness of the ride.

No problems. Excellent vehicle. Nice quality and rides very smooth. Best choice I've made. Just simple oil change but nothing major. I would most. Likely really recommend this car. Great tires great engine, really safe and just truly great all the way around.

- Brian N

It's very tough and reliable car that I think most people will like.

I like that it has great styling and handles well. And can carry lots of cargo. But it constantly needs to be tuned up and the mileage for gas is not good.

- Garzey L

I think they should know that it doesn't always start right away.

I like that it is very well mileage and I can drive it whenever. I like that it's clean and runs smoothly than my other cars. I dislike the tires.

- Echelon H

All the space and comfort you need

It is a comfortable crossover for the city but not bad even for dirt tracks, spacious and spacious inside and has moderate consumption

- Gay r

When people hear fiat, they think tiny car, but my 500L is actually quite large and fits plenty of things. Plus, the price is amazing for the decent quality of the car.

I love the size and especially the speakers. I also like the turbo, but it has had to go in for a few repairs for various things.

- Paige G

It's great no problems great interior highly recommend

Perfect car no problems great space it's better when u have weathertech floor liners so yeah my car has no problems

- Thomas B

this is a European car and the gas mileage is good This is a good size car that can easier fits 5 person. the style is unique..

Is a god looking car and the style is good. Has good handling Does not use too much gas

- Alexa y

Great in town and highway car that gets excellent gas mileage.

Handles well on the highway. Good gas mileage. Lots of legroom. No complaints.

- Alexis S

the color is the most special unique color out there

it is a very nice car that has enough room for our small family

- morty L