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My fiat, a car review for you.

My fiat runs very well and gets good gas mileage. That said, fiat cars are quite expensive to repair, particularly compared to some competitors. So, this will bring the overall dependability down. The fiat does not look that cheap. On the contrary, it is quite fashionable and distinctive, its rounded and nicely detailed look having aged well. Fiat also offers all sorts of customization possibilities including fun colors and a variety of trim packages.

- Larry E

Mostly Pluses, but some minuses

My car is great for me, A 5' 7' female at around 150#. My husband however does not find the seating comfortable. I enjoy all the bells and whistles, but occasionally the stereo doesn't sync with my phone as quickly as I would like. At times the transmission does struggle to find the right gear but I try not to worry too much. Already the car has had one recall which is of course concerning as well, but the dealership took care of the issue.

- Anna D

The fiat needs major improvements.

The car can handle in the snow considering the type of car it is. I have had an electrical problems with the car and it is barely 2 years old. It also is not great on gas. I would not recommend the vehicle. It is functional if you have a family of four and live in a city area. The trunk is too small for my liking. Also a spare tire should come included in the sale of the car.

- Angela R

Cute commuter car with good gas mileage

My Trekking is adorable and good for my long commute, but it seems to have some maintenance issues which I was surprised by being my first brand new car. We've already replaced the lights several times and it can drive roughly, feeling like the transmission is slipping without warning. All in all in 2 years it hasn't needed any major repairs and it's great on gas.

- Brie R

The vehicle is very stylish and has modern car features many people can use in today world.

I purchased Fiat back in June and I really enjoy the vehicle and the exciting features like cruise control and Navigation and press to talk (hand free). I have the option to warm up the seats in the Winter and I had to defrost the vehicle last year and it took only 5-7 minutes defrosting. This saved so much time for me in the morning.

- Tina H

I like the display. It's very modern and attractive.

It's a very nice car and it runs great. The ac acts up sometimes. The car is extremely smooth on the road, but when the ac acts up it makes really loud noises out of nowhere. It gets annoying but stops after a few minutes. Everything else runs great and overall it's a good car.

- Paris I

It has a racing mode! I love that it has that in the car!

I don't really have any issues with my car. The only thing would probably be that I wish the seats were more comfortable. It has touch screen display and I have connect my phone via Bluetooth so I love it. However it is fast and it is good on gas, so I am very happy with it.

- Logan D

That it is amazing. Good on gas. Love the sports mode.

I love my car. Bought it brand new. It's a limited edition. I love the sun and moon roof. I love all the electronics. Always finding something new. Hate that I can't figure out how to make lights turn on when car doors are open.

- Kathryn S

It is fun to drive. Handles well on mountain roads and on long trips.

My Fiat offers me style as well as fuel efficiency. It is considered an SUV, so the four doors and collapsing back seat allows me to carry larger loads than other cars in this size bracket.

- Jounda z

I like the vehicle but after only 2000 miles, it runs rougher and sounds loud. I brought it back to the dealership and they it is was "normal". It was not this way when I bought the car....

It is a smaller crossover vehicle. Many people may not like that. I do like it because it is so much easier to maneuver.

- Destiny C

3 row seats safe family SUV.

It is easy to drive. Compact size but big enough to be an SUV. I do not like the limited features in the basic model.

- Taylor S

I get really good gas mileage and it's easy to drive.

Likes: comfortable, reliable, lots of safety features and modern technology... There is nothing I dislike about it..

- Rebecca B

It is spacious without being obnoxious and gets great mileage.

I love how peppy and spacious my car is. The only thing that I dislike is that there is no Bluetooth in it.

- Torrey Z

Pricey compared to other cars in the size range but it's a fun car.

Love the speed of the car. Handles well. Easy to park. Comfortable seating. A little cramped at times.

- Iva G

looks can be deceiving. it only looks expensive but It's really affordable

Feels pretty new to me still. Great quality so far. Drive it every day. could be better on gas mileage

- Nick D

presenta 4.273 mm de longitud, 1.796 mm de anchura y 1.608 mm de altura, así como una distancia entre ejes que asciende hasta los 2.570 mm.

mi vehículo está hecho a mi medida y no hay nada que no me guste de él

- jhon s

It is much more roomy and luxurious than it looks.

I like the size, color, body style and features. I dislike the gas usage.

- Hilda R

es un auto innovador y sofisticado que tiene 160 - 180 CV

mi vehículo es fantástico, no tengo nada que reprocharle

- brayan s