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Space versus Gas Mileage is incomparably better to similar models.

The Ford C-Max is advertised as "Best in Class" for hybrid gas mileage and for size/internal space. The trouble is, the MPG advertised never lines up with actual MPG if you drive faster than a granny in terms of cruising, acceleration, deceleration, braking, etc. I manage to get an average of 31 MPG for daily driving around town, but highway mileage varies as once the car reaches 60 MPH the engine automatically engages and electric mode is not possible. That means your best mileage is local driving and not long-distance. It is rather spacious, the seats fold down flat in the back but the rear seat anchors to side beams which make the overall width of the back somewhat deceiving (it takes about 5 or 6 inches away from the overall width in just that section with the beam, which means you don't get the full space). The radio/stereo system is Microsoft SYNC which can be problematic if you do not have the latest firmware updates. Sometimes bluetooth will not connect with modern smartphones, and the only way to fully "turn it off and on again" is to turn off the car, remove the key, and open the driver door, then start the car again...kind of a pain if you lose bluetooth connection while traveling down the highway, as you might imagine. Other than that, it is a little crowded in the rear seats and they do not recline. It was difficult to find a model of car seat that would fit in the rear seats without crowding the driver or passenger leg room'all I can say is, shop around and make sure the return policy is good wherever you buy the car seat, those things are deceptively bigger once you get them in the back of the C-Max. Would definitely buy another, but 2013 is the latest year they produce and they changed the model starting with 2014 (I think it's called a Fiesta now?) so it's smaller and less efficient on gas to buy the same car as a newer model.

- Ryan S

Ford c-max is perfect. Even after five years.

My Ford hybrid c max (2013) is the perfect car for me, a single woman. I have an Australian shepherd who can fit either in the back compartment or backseat. She is 10 years old and because of her hips must use a ramp to get into the car. This ramp fits perfect.ly with my c max. The backseat. Collapses in two portions which makes traveling with luggage convenient. Both the front and the back seat have cup holders for 2 cups. As for mileage, over the five years I have owned this vehicle, I am accomplishing 44. 5 miles per gallon on each fill (with air conditioning on) using highway driving, city driving, and hills. The air conditioning comes on immediately as does the heater. The benches are very comfortable. I do have a back problem and so the comfort of both front seats is extremely important to me. The radio is clear and has many adjustments one can make to it. I plan on keeping this c max for a minimum of another five years. I love my hybrid c max, I feel I am doing something very good for the environment and my health.

- Diane O

The savings on gas. I currently get about 45mpg.

The best part of the c-max engine is the amount you save on gas. I tend to drive without thoughts of saving and get about 45mpg. It is also a smart car, so I enjoy hands free calls as well as all the options for the radio/etc. On the steering wheel. It is small enough that it fits into pretty much every parking space. I do also like all the extra features. The best being opening the trunk with your foot when your hands are full of groceries, etc. The negatives are outweighed by the positives. Having an energy car means there is half the trunk space. When I rented a normal c-max, I was quite impressed with the trunk and would need to consider that if I get an energy vehicle in the future. Also, because everything is automatic, you need to make sure your keys are on you a all times. . . Not always easy to remember after I leave the house.

- Yvonne S

It is gutsy, great handling and can use fast freeway lane.

I get great gas mileage in the city and on the road. Approximately 35 mi/gal in city and 38-40 mi on the road. I love the electric motor part of the car and it has helped me drive more safely when I watch how much I save when the engine regenerates. It is extremely comfortable and easy to handle. We have done road trips and it is a great ride. It accelerates extremely well and is very quick to accelerate. I fill my tank about once every 2 weeks or more depending on where I go and how frequently. But I do not think about that if I need to use my car. It has been very reliable and maintenance has not been an issue. I will definitely buy another cmax. It has sufficient room and I love the hatchback for all of my shopping and traveling to and from school. Great reliable car. Also qualifies as for a sticker for the fast lane!

- Roberta W

Nice and quiet when on eco. Lower fueling costs.

At the beginning my brand new cmax was in the shop a lot. Several warning lights kept going off for a long time. One of it is still on 4 years later. The original tires are very cheap and wore out uneven very fast. Interior charging outlets never worked. USB ports. Back door handle plastic broke off just by trying open the back hatch. It is electronic so I could not use the back hatch while waiting for the part. Indoor door handle cover fell off. Silver plastic part. It can not be ordered. Looks sad like it is. The mileage was advertised with 47 miles per gallon! I it barely makes 40. Car company admitted to have had the wrong calibration at that time.

- Annette W

My car is a comfortable, easy to drive hybrid with great gas mileage.

I like that it is a hybrid vehicle that utilizes the energy produced when I brake. It makes me feel like times I end up in city, stop and go traffic is actually productive and gives me new perspective. It includes a display that "grows" leaves as I drive in more environmentally friendly ways, which can be motivating. It's also roomy - even though it's a 4 door hatchback, it sits up higher and is roomy and comfortable for passengers of all shapes and sizes.

- Robin S

Great car: adequate interior; adjustable height and great gas mileage.

The battery will drain if you leave the phone charger plugged in even without it plugged into a cell phone. If it is overnight or 11-12 hours you may not have enough battery to start the car. In addition the car hydroplanes on wet roads. While it has been better when new tires were purchased it still hydroplanes. This is irritating on a long drive between Vancouver, CA and Seattle, WA.

- Susan S

Good affordable hybrid car

This car is reliable, gets good gas mileage and is fun to drive. Handles the road well and does great in weather with the right tires. Some mechanic won't work on a hybrid, so check first. We had trouble with our starter battery, we have to make sure all electronics are off before you shut off the car or they will run the battery out overnight. Otherwise no issues. Good car.

- Becca S

Fully charging it takes about 7 hours unless you have the quick charger and then it takes about 2.

The C-Max Energi is the perfect car for commuters. It will go 18-20 miles on all electric, but also has the hybrid engine so you can just keep right on driving after the all EV power is depleted. For a compact it is pretty darn spacious and can fit 5 adults more comfortably than some of the slightly larger cars. It also comes with more standard features and is fun to drive.

- Ben H

Great versatile car, can be use for many things, not just from place to place.

My car is very reliable and versatile. The back seats fold down, once down you can fit a twin air mattress in the back. I have slept comfortable in my car for camping. I have also transported large items, like the washing machine that I brought my daughter who lives 300 miles from me. The hybrid has great gas mileage. I can go over 500 miles on a 12 gallon gas tank.

- Elizabeth K

Ford see max hybrid. 2013 version.

That is far I have had zero problems with my car. I am currently up to 42 to 43 mpg. I love the navigation system. It is invaluable when I am looking for new places to go. It is quite comfortable and easy to go on long trips. I have extra tinting on the windows so it stays quiet cool in the heat here in Arizona. I’d like to use those Sirius radio option.

- Debra L

Great car, wish there was a spare tire.

Great gas mileage was the selling point. The car handles and accelerates better than the Prius imo. Also the leg and head room are great for driving friends and family. The only thing I do not like is that there is no spare tire. The tire mobility kit is fine but when you hit a Chicago pothole, you are getting a catastrophic blow out and not a small leak.

- Kim N

Very poorly made vehicle!

Bought it to tow behind my RV but it accrues miles when towed! It now has 15, 000 miles on it that the engine was not even on for. The resale value is about 25% of what I bought it for. It does not get the mpg they listed when I bought it. I usually get around 36 mpg. It squeaks and sounds like a bucket of bolts and has from day 1. It is poorly made.

- Karen B

The little c-max that could.

The Ford c-max is a reliable car, but the engine has issues with extreme temperatures and cannot handle high speeds over mountain passes. The inside of the car is surprisingly spacious and can carry a fair bit of cargo for its size. For Optimal performance, in-town driving and mild changes in elevation are both acceptable for this vehicle.

- Alan B

The Best vehicle Ford has ever sold.

OK this was our first hybrid vehicle we've owned. and we love this car. It gets great mileage 40 city 48 highway. It is roomy inside the seats set high so my legs don't cramp the fold down cargo area is great haul grocery's to tools never have had a issues with this car. we have got as high as 52 mpg it's the perfect car for us.

- john v

Due to the low profile it does not handle well in icy conditions.

My 2013 ford c max is my first hybrid car. I absolutely love it. I get great gas mileage. I gas up every 2 weeks. The interior of the ford c max hybrid is quite spacious and very comfortable. The only complaint I have is the blind spots. There is an inability to easily see traffic when looking out the rear passenger windows.

- Robin E

The reasons I enjoy driving our Ford c-max hybrid car.

Fun to drive, quick response, good on gas hybrid, lots of room, cute looks, enjoy taking it on long trips, comfortable seating with room in the back and it have an awesome stereo system. Downfalls it has an odd blind spot for the driver from the front window and it gets loud when speeding up and passing another car.

- Diane P

Interior design and quality of leather used.

The one thing I dislike about my new car is the fact the our really big and beautiful sunroof does not open. You can only look through it. The second thing about my car that I dislike, is the fact that it does not come with an aux cord. It comes with bluetooth but that is dangerous and distracting when driving.

- Reeves M

C-max is a best buy and fantastic all around car.

Have never had any major issues with the Ford c-max. Had the audio system stop producing sound, but only had to remove 2 fuses to reset the system and it has functioned perfectly since. Great acceleration, handling and a pleasure to drive. Enjoy it more than my BMW 335, and is exponential more reliable.

- Ryan C

My c-max is a great hybrid!

I bought my c max used and got a great deal on the car. I love having a hybrid and the gas mileage is great. The car is bigger than a Prius and sits higher for great visibility. There is plenty of room with the hatchback and even more with the seats folded down, overall, I am very happy with my cmax.

- Pepe T

My Ford c-max energy vehicle.

Its great on gas because it's also electric, it's fast, no gas fumes, reliable, a little pricey but for an energy vehicle, that's to be expected. Rides very smooth and has great get up and go when needed. Not a real good roomy car but the hatchback is a good feature as the ac seats also fold down.

- Janet T

Plug-in hybrids rule! Long live the c-max. Ford killed you too soon.

I live the high mpg that I achieve. It has been very reliable with regards to engine, transmission, and body. The only problems I have had are with the entertainment system. I have needed two module replacements for the sync 2 system. Otherwise, it is comfortable, quiet, and roomy. Fun to drive.

- Barrett W

It is economical to run and environmentally friendly.

I love the comfy seats, the almost silent ride, the fuel economy, and the bells and whistles like the trunk lid that I can open with a wave of my foot. I dislike the lack of a spare tire and the very small cargo area where I've had eggs and canned goods fall out when I open the hatchback.

- Evelyn M

Good gas mileage, plenty of space, good design.

Great multipurpose commuting vehicle. Good price for a used hybrid, less expensive than other hybrid models and gets acceptable gas mileage for its year. Battery issues with front 12v but no issues with hybrid battery. Entertainment system is not user friendly but easy to learn over time.

- Megan M

Good gas mileage and comfort.

My car is awesome. Great gas mileage, GPS system, comfortable seats for driving and stylish. I plug it in while I am home and I can go to the store and run errands without using any gas. I like the silver color and the sunroof. The hatchback is great for loading groceries and other items.

- Sandra W

The Ford C-Max is a Great Gas Saver!

I love my Ford C-Max! It is comfortable, compact, and fantastic on gas. It has more space than it appears to have and great features. The screen is a great siza and the backup camera works great. The only downsides are the turning radius is pretty bad and the visors are a bit small.

- Tami O

Great hybrid made by ford.

I really like driving a Ford hybrid. My car is very reliable and the gas mileage is great. The car is very comfortable and has great visibility. With both gasoline and electric, even though the engine is 4-cylinder is has great pick up, especially if you are entering the highway.

- Chris B

Reliable and safe with a great interior.

This vehicle has very reliable handling and responsive breaks. The seats are also very comfortable seats, and there are seat heaters for driver and passenger. I love the additional features like Bluetooth, GPS navigation, reverse camera. This vehicle also gets great mileage.

- Megan M

Very good gas mileage and very comfortable to ride in.

My Ford c-max has a lot of get-up-and-go has got comfort that has seats that warm up the radio is amazing the overall performance of it is outstanding I like the body shape I like the key that you punch I like the way the engine starts by just the push up push of a button.

- Susan D

Ford C-Max Hybrid performance

There are really no serious problems with the C-Max. I love this car and the gas mileage is phenomenal (up to 43 MPG). It can be expensive to repair since virtually everything is computerized and requires hooking the vehicle up to a computer to see what the problem is.

- Barbara M

Ford hatchback hybrid: the best!

I love my ford c max hybrid. I just recently bought it and it is everything I want. It gets great gas mileage, is very peppy, and has a lot of storage. It is perfect for local driving or longer trips and I know it is going to last me a long time. So glad I bought it!

- Alison M

Great gas mileage and functionality.

This is a very reliable car. It has amazing gas mileage and all the necessary functionality a person could need from a car. Very comfortable and spacious for such a small car. The only downside is it is terrible turn radius and it is not a necessarily attractive car.

- Ave C

It is a really good value for money especially when it comes to reliability

The Ford C Max is a great family car. We have two children and both fit in the back along with at least 4 suitcases in the trunk. It has been used for 5 years and continues to run well. The sound system is good and we have had no significant problems to date.

- Jack S

It is a hybrid, but not a good one. The mile per gallon was reviewed and Ford lied to its consumers. MPG is lower by at least 10% and I would not recommend this vehicle to others.

I have a Ford C-Max and I hate when I drive around town and don't use the engine it doesn't charge the battery to start the vehicle. So if it sits for a few days I can't start it. It has been in the dealership to fix this four to five times, but it still breaks.

- Andrew F

I needed a car to travel 80 miles to work and back the c- max has been perfect!

My c-max has been very reliable, drives well and gets great gas mileage. It is the right size for me. It has a great sound system as well. I am very happy with it! I love the color red and the interior colors that were offered. I haven't had any issues with it.

- Carol L

Great on gas has very low maintenance.

Good on gas very reliable low maintenance very quiet needs a little more trunk space good car for a single person or parent with one child great when long distance driving has a blind spot from the driver view comfortably seats three people back row folds down.

- Katrina L

Smooth ride for a hybrid. Great on the gas for traveling long distance.

This vehicle is very comfortable and reliable. I like the fact that you do not have to fill-up with gasoline as often. Great when riding on the city streets. Good I leave on the highway. It has power under the hood that I didn't expect and a very smooth ride.

- Mary B

C-max is energy efficient and dependable!

I love this vehicle. It accelerates really quickly and has a surprising amount of horsepower tucked away in a hybrid car. You cannot beat the gas mileage either. I spend forty bucks a month on gas. It is a great family car and will be with us for a long time!

- Sarah S

Bluetooth features and the blind spot mirrors

It goes 42/38 MPG on the Freeway. It can seat up to six people inside the car. It has the best Bluetooth and space for a minivan. I love the way you can put your foot on the bottom and trunk opens as well. I like how you can put it on cruise control as well.

- Alexandre O

If driving substantially, maintain tires and alignment.

Very reliable car that doesn't require much maintenance. Some interior fittings, non-functional, began to have issues within first year of ownership such as coverings and panels coming loose but not impacted the functioning or safety of the car.

- Candice A

Always reliable and economical.

With more than 100,000 miles driven, there's not much to dislike. It has been quite reliable. I would have to say the only negative thing is the decreased cargo area due to the high voltage batteries located in the rear of the vehicle.

- Rob Z

It's fuel efficient, but also has a lot of cargo room.

I like that my car is fuel efficient, has flexible cargo arrangements, and has enough room for our luggage/belongings and our dog. I really enjoy the heated seats and built-in navigation system. I appreciate the durable seat fabric.

- Connor Z

As a hybrid it doesn't need charging, it uses regular gas and it's economical to use.

I like that it's a hybrid vehicle and that it gets good mileage. I liked the entertainment system until a week ago when it needed a software update from the dealer. It isn't the most comfortable vehicle from a passenger standpoint.

- Mary W

Reliable Cute Car with Great Visibility and more Cargo room than you would expect.

I love my car! I love all the windows that allow me to see what is around me. I love the size. I love that it is a hybrid, but wish it had a mpg average closer to a Prius of similar size. I wish it had a tighter turning radius.

- Carrie B

I didn't know I would like this car as much as I do!

Just got it a few weeks ago, but so far it has been a great vehicle. Drives well, great sound system, and has enough get up and go even though it has a small engine. I love the hill assist since it has a manual transmission.

- Ben H

The most important thing to know about the Ford C-Max is that it is a hybrid vehicle.

I love my Ford C-Max because it is great on gas. Since it is a hybrid I can drive in the carpool lane by myself. It is very comfortable to drive in for long periods of time, which happens a lot here in a California.

- Matthew L

It is a beast goes up in the mountains with pep. The regenerative braking is so worth it. and our motor has less than half of the miles on it the rest are all electric.

I love my hybrid, the only thing I don't like is when we purchased it it was rated at 50 mpg. Now We get an average in the summertime here in Az around 40. Sometimes 32. The cmax is peppy, long lasting, and stylish.

- Elizabeth A

The ride quality is great!

I like the gas mileage, handling, and overall ride quality. The two issues that I've had are that the rear hatch needed repair and the radio will sometimes not shut off requiring me to remove a fuse to reset it.

- Joshua P

The C-Max is a great car that does everything you need.

We like the car because it is fuel efficient, has enough room for our stuff, and is comfortable for the most part. One thing I don't like is center console sticks out too far into the pedal well.

- Frank M

It's a bit under the radar as far as hybrids go, but it is a worthy contender to other models such as the Prius.

Overall I like the car, it has good fuel economy and is comfortable to drive. Having said that, I wouldn't mind if it was a little roomier. A back seat cup holder would be nice as well.

- Tom C

This car has great cargo room. It helped me move most of my things halfway across the country with a dog in it too.

i like the capacity to hold cargo inside, the height of the car, and the better gas mileage. I do not like the lower than stated gas mileage or how expensive it is to replace a battery.

- erika a

Large enough to be safe on the road.

Love the gas mileage and it is reliable. I love the style and comfort. It has a hatchback which makes it nice for hauling things. Flexible for seating. Nice options..... No complaints.

- Susan W

Comfortable and quick to drive with technology to spare for a very efficient ride

I really like the technology of this car. It makes it economical to drive and a fun to use. My only complaint would be the size of the cargo area do to the hump from the battery pack.

- Bill C

It is dependable and reduced my gas expenses exponentially.

I like that it is small and compact, stylish, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and high tech. I dislike how the light body makes it impossible to drive in winter weather.

- Lisa H

That I love my Saturn SL1. Even though it is from 1996, it works great and I don't plan to get a new one until I have to. Love the fact that I have no car payment.

That you do not have any cars later than 1996. Not everyone gets a new car every year. In fact, I have a 1996 Saturn SL1. You also did not have does not apply or none of the above

- Mary W

Small compact car. Feels like your driving an suv.

Saves on gas. The drive and reliability of the car is really smooth and comfortable. There are bells and whistles all over the car and storage areas where you would not think of.

- Robert P

Amazing gas mileage and comfort!

The gas mileage my C-Max gets is amazing. I've yet to have a single issue with the vehicle outside of routine maintenance. It is a comfortable ride for my 1 hour daily commute.

- Matthew P

Gets great gas mileage for both short and long drives.

Great mileage, pretty color, handles well. Uncomfortable for long trips. Few blind spots. Turn radius could be better. Squirrelly in wet conditions, even with regular tires.

- Bonnie A

The car has great gas mileage & is comfortable to drive.

My Ford C-Max has great gas mileage. It is easy to use the cruise control. The thing we have had trouble with is the rear license plate light which continuously falls out.

- Gail R

Its both an electric and gasoline running vehicle that saves on gas purchases

I like that it's both electric and gasoline. It's a very comfortable and easy riding vehicle. There's not mega room and I don't quite understand it fully.

- Janet T

Gas mileage 40 city 43 highway.

Does not allow me to reply to text messages. I love the hybrid battery. Gas mileage is great. Heated seat are awesome. Would love cooling seat feature.

- Tina W

It is very good on gas mileage.

I love that my Ford c-max is a hybrid and is better for the environment. I love that I can put my windows down before I get in the car to cool it off.

- Stephanie M

Awesome mileage. Good acceleration for a hybrid.

Like the gas mileage. Easy to drive. Roomy for a small car. Do not like the clearance. I am worried in the winter that I will get stuck in the snow.

- Ca N

how great the fuel economy is on it and it rides well

The biggest complaint on this vehicle is the sync system, it likes to go out every now and then and I have to pull the fuse to get it back working

- lll l

40 MPG gas Mileage while providing reliable transportation.

Comfortable car to drive. Good gas mileage, around 40 mpg. Like the sync system to connect phone and have many entertainment device choices.

- Alan P

It has a lot of space. It is not tight to get in and feel comfortable.

Like fuel efficiency and price.. Dislike entertainment system and computer programming. I like the big wind shield and the maneuverability.

- Meg M

It looks small from the outside, but the inside is surprisingly spacious

We bought our Cmax this summer and we love it! It starts with the push of a button and is quiet, has amazing gas mileage, and comfortable.

- Katie R

It is dependable it's just so dependable and easy to start you push a button.

Very modern very clean efficient great gas mileage it has get up and go when I need it to enough horsepower and I love the sound system.

- Susan V

The car has fuel economy...so we can go on long car rides and barely have to stop for fuel

I don't quite like the smallness of the car...there is not a lot of room...and things often break off of the car like the volume buttons

- Rebecka T

Gas mileage is 40 MPG consistently. Accessories you would find in a much more expensive car.

I love that it gets 40 MPG. It has everything you would want as far as accessories. I wish it was a little bigger and sat up higher.

- Jan J

Energi uses little fuel - very economical

It is the Energi version, which gives me about 20 miles daily of cheap electric driving. It is fully featured, so very comfortable.

- Jeff E

Great mileage. Low maintenance and handles great.

I like the hybrid feature. I can do errands around town and use no gas. I like the gas mileage. I like the way I fit in the seats.

- Sandra L

The c-max hybrid is do good on gas and it looks like a tiny tiny car but inside it is so roomy.

I like the quietness of the engine. I like the roominess I don't like not having a regular key I like the trunk opening feature

- Tanya D

C-max failures by dealership.

Expensive repairs. Replacing parts takes forever. No real supply chain. Dealers do not know the car make very well. That is it.

- Mark B

Save a lot of money on gas. It's worth all the money.

Not a fan that there is no spare tire, but I do save a whole lot on gas. There is a lot more space in it than it looks like.

- Michelle K

The ford c max is great on gas for traveling or just to drive to work and back.

Love the room ,the hands free phone option and that it does great on gas, don't like that I can feel every bump in the road.

- Delia G

Its hybrid and great on gas. Very roomy inside for being a small car.

Love how much I save on gas. I like that it's small but I can fit everything I need in it. I like the infotainment system

- Laura B

that it is a hybrid and gets god gasmilege and is economical to operaTE

I like that it is a hybrid gets good gas mileage is comfortable easy to drive has all the equipment I want and no dislikes

- Greg M

Mileage of 42 mpg and easy parking, but it's hard to see over larger cars and trucks

Love the gas mileage, but the car hates heat and cold. It has a hard time getting started during the summer and winter.

- Cindy C

My Ford c max hybrid gets fantastic gas mileage.

Great gas mileage. Comfortable. Many "bells & whistles". Great pep! Easy to get in and out of. Low maintenance costs.

- Allan T

the ford c max energi hybrid is a great addition to the all electric leaf that I own.

love it. great mpg. roomy and easy to drive. energi model is great, love the extra distance from the plug in hybrid

- john C

Good gas mileage but could have better efficiency and more storage. Nice and roomy.

I like the gas mileage can be even better, could have better storage. A lot of recalls but all taken care of free.

- Christopher P

It drives well but the turning radius is not very good.

I like that it is a plug-in hybrid. The interior space is large. I would like better range on the electric motor.

- N a

It's a hybrid and small but dont let that fool you

i love that it is a hybrid and i avg over 40 mpg. i love that it still has some get up and go and is not too big

- kierstyn p

That it is a really great car that has great mileage and has been very dependable.

It is a very reliable hybrid with great mileage. The only problem is that the battery takes a lot of room.

- Christie M

The greatest vehicle i've ever owned

great vehicle, its high endurance and very good mile by the gallon, it makes a good family vehicle for me.

- Snappy M

It is extremely reliable and amazing.

My car is reliable to the point I don't want to get a new car. I would really recommend getting the model.

- Derek R

If you are trying to save money on gas each month, this is the car for you.

I love how updated it is and how much space sin the car. Perfect for road trips and it saves a lot of gas.

- Julia R

Car made for families. Big storage places, lot of space.

Never had any problem with it. Comfortable, easy to drive, even for my wife, who doesn't like "big cars".

- Damian B

I like the size, it is compact and great for city driving/parking. I also love that it is a hybrid and gives me tips on how to drive more efficiently.

It's a hybrid and it's efficiency and compactness is great for city driving and makes it easier to park

- Joa L

It gets great gas mileage!

I love the fuel mileage. I don't like the automatic updates. I like the size. I like the heated seats.

- Stephanie P

It's got excellent gas mileage and a roomy interior.

Love the spaciousness of the vehicle and the mileage. Only dislike would be the smaller trunk space.

- samantha B

It's a hybrid and you have to learn a little about how to drive it to get the best gas mileage.

The car gets very good gas mileage once you learn how to drive it. It also has a lot of head room.

- Kenneth W

It is very easy to park. Goes along way on fuel. I like attempting to get the highest MPG by using cruise control. It feels bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. I truly enjoy driving it.

You will be surprised at what you can get into it. I picked up a full size washer for my son.

- Ann L

Doesn't handle very well on slippery roads. Poor traction

Too lightweight-handles poor on wet/slippery roads. Great gas mileage. nice space and quiet

- corinne b

It's a hybrid and good on gas.

I like the size. I love when people ask me what type of car as they never heard of it.

- Alia W

Forty seven miles per gallon

47 MPG. Nice features. Good legroom. Only complaints are about my servicing dealer.

- Greg H

I like that it is a plug in electric. It is comfortable. Have had battery issues.

That it is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that goes up to 20 miles on a charge.

- Tracey W

Good value for price and less trips to the gas station.

great mpg average. Comfortable. Perfect size. Roomy. Leather seats. Touch screen.

- John F

I love the energy savings that we get from driving the c max

I love energy savings. I love the compact size. I dislike the turning radius.

- kate p

Gas usage, truck size, safety

It's a hybrid but use a lot of gas. It's super soft to drive. Big truck size

- Leticia K

The amount of miles per gallon on this vehicle is GREAT!

I love my car. The gas mileage is great. It is a great car for the price.

- Samantha S

Great gas mileage, hybrid, sporty and comfortable!

Gas mileage is Awesome, comfortable, leather interior, good pick-up

- Tamara S

I absolutely love my c max hybrid!

- Ann H