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I really love my c-max hybrid.

I absolutely love my c-max hybrid. I get better mileage than the listed average. I have had zero issues with reliability. No mechanical or safety issues. The car is comfortable. My only complaints: 1. The a/c vents do not direct the air as well as I like. . 2. There is no spare tire so I need to put it in the trunk area. . 3. I wish there was a cargo net so packages do not fall out when I open the hatch. . 4. The foot activated opening of the hatch does not work well. . Aside from these issues, I love it. Seat warmers are great. The car is really cute and I love the changing blue/green color. I love the electrical plug! It has really just been a great car.

- Linda S

Amazing electric hybrid ford.

This car feels bigger on the inside than it appears to be from outside. It is extremely comfortable and provides a smooth ride. It does not have the longest range of hybrid electrics but if you do not have a long commute it is far enough. I routinely go a month or more without buying gas. You can select if you want it to run on gas or electric. Nice sound system. The navigation is okay but I prefer to use google maps. The electric range is shortened when it is cold outside. The thing I dislike the most is a poor turning radius.

- Jessica C

Best feature is the gas mileage.

The best thing about this vehicle is the gas mileage, averaging about 41 mpg in the city. I do not think the car is comfortable, so I do not like it for extended drives of 75+ miles. Some of the layout is awkward - the glove box is unreachable when driving, and not easy to use even when you are not. It is too deep to have things easily accessible. The visors are pretty much useless due to the very large windshield and the shape of the car. The sound system and voice-controlled features are lame, and usually do not work.

- Joanne P

Ford C-Max: A great little vehicle for the environmentally conscious

I love this vehicle. The fuel efficiency is amazing, it's really the biggest selling point. I've saved so much money on gas. It runs well too, good enough to get around easily. Not the most powerful engine out there, but that was never a concern to me. I've had no problems at all, although I have only had it for a few months. The only drawback is that the interior space is pretty small, so if you need lots of passengers, then this isn't the car for you. Other than that, it's great.

- Rachel B

Spacious little car that does well in snow.

Me and my family love the gas mileage we get and how spacious the car feels on the inside. It is also very convenient how the seats fold down if you need to haul something a little bigger. With that said our seat handle did become unlatched so we are no longer able to put one side of the seat down so that is very disappointing. Lastly it handles itself pretty well in the snow so we are impressed with that.

- Tom A

It is very comfortable to drive both locally and long distance.

It is a plug in hybrid and it is awesome! I looked at one 2 yrs ago that was a 2013 and bought a truck instead. When it came time to purchase another new/used car I went back to the C-Max and I have no regrets. There is only one thing they forgot and that is a button from the inside to close the door to cover the plug for the plug in. I am always forgetting to close that little door!

- Merle S

Even with a big battery I still have plenty of cargo capacity with room in back.

My Ford C-MAX Energi phi is great overall but best for short trips and city drives. Needs more range on battery to a better fit for longer trips and multiple short trips between charges. Smart collaboration with gas engine that I can select on demand to save battery for city start/stop high efficiency. I average 66 mpg effectively doing this.

- Randy B

Ford made an amazing hybrid car.

I really like our c-max hybrid it is great on gas, when driving around the town it is quick and responsive, one of my favorite things is how well it hugs the curves on the back country roads. One thing I have noticed is that it slides a bit in the rain, might be the style of tires that came on it, otherwise it is a great car.

- Diane P

Big car luxury ride in a powerful hybrid vehicle!

Love the gas savings, the heated seats in the winter and the excellent ac in the summer! The turning radius however, needs improvement! Chevy's is better. This smaller vehicle rides like a luxury large car and is wonderful for long road trips. It could, however, be improved with more luggage space.

- Debra R

The navigation system is great.

The truck space of this car is very small. I love the technology that comes with the car. The side mirrors have the little inset windows that are very helpful when changing lanes. The car does not come with a spare tire unfortunately which has not been a concern. The charging plug is a bit short.

- Kathleen L

Perfect car for a family!

I love my Ford c max energi. I get about 104 miles per gallon and plugging it my garage did not make my electric bill go up. Perfect car- fits 4 comfortably and although trunk is small we can do a load of groceries or overnight bags for a trip. Love the no hands phone system as well.

- Dee S

Ford c-max, good vehicle for commuting to work.

I currently lease a Ford c-max. It is a very reliable little car. Has a lot of get up and go and even though it is a smaller car, the way it sits makes it not feel so small. Only disadvantage to it is there is very little trunk space due to rechargeable battery being in the back.

- De M

Pros and cons for my ford c max.

Great gas mileage, love the Bluetooth phone and audio features, also the electric seat adjustments, and heated front seats and the plug in feature. Backseat is a little cramped and the cargo area is not very spacious,. But overall I enjoy my car and it works for my family.

- Jennifer W

It is been reliable & a great deal for the price.

I like that it is a nice in between size, not so small that you feel like you will be in danger of getting hit but yet small enough for easy parking. Also like the option of running on gas or battery power. Only drawback is small trunk space battery takes up most of that.

- Deb M

Ford review good and bad.

Wish it had more electric capability. I really like all the features like all the hands free features the lighting. Would like more trunk space. And the ability to fix problems without taking it to a mechanic everything is more complicated and expensive to fix.

- Sam Z

It is a fun car with good endurance.

Mpg went down severely after 50k miles. Namely it went from about 45 mpg to 32 mpg. It is transmission fluid ran dry around 100k. Also the smaller front battery kept running down without explanation. I replaced the battery 6 times in the last 3 years.

- Laurence R

I can drive electric with no gas for short trips.

I love the technology in the car. I do wish it had a rear camera and more sensors, but that was a more expensive model. I love driving gas free. The ac is starting to go out now but summer is winding down so I may just worry about it next year.

- Kevin T

that it uses half the gasoline that their car does.

I love this car. Very roomy for it's small size, Quietest car we've ever owned, hatchback with fold down rear seats, factory GPS, Ford Sync, and a plug in Hybrid power plant that has delivered 48.3 MPG since January 2016, 55000 miles ago.

- Bruno P

It is my first car and I have a bind with it.

Like that it is so great on mileage and is easy to maneuver in traffic. I do not like to park with it because there seems to be limited line of sight when looking back towards the rear side doors. Would have preferred more window areas.

- Gloria A

Superior head clearance than all other compact, high mpg vehicles.

The car gets great gas mileage. There is far more head and leg room than comparable cars. It is very peppy for such a small engine. I do not like that the turning radius is larger than my full size truck.

- jeff t

Gas mileage. I fill up my tank twice a month and that is coming from someone who drives a lot. Gas is also cheap. The tank fills for $25.

I love my car. It is a hybrid and I love the gas mileage. I only fill up my tank twice a month and as a coach who travels a lot this is a big help. It is quiet, a smooth ride, and very safe for my daughter.

- Marc Q

I would want people to know that a hybrid can be as powerful as a gas powered car and don't need to be plugged in.

I love the way my car drives and handles. I love the cargo capacity of my care. I love the fuel efficiency of my car. I wish my car had a cargo net in the hatchback because loose items fall out.

- Patti a

90 mpg and only $20 a month for gas is the one most important thing

My hybrid averages 90 mpg combined gas and electric use. I spend $20 mo. On gas. The is almost perfect but does not have the latest safety features like auto braking and other warning systems

- Ronald H

The hybrid battery is great, it charges and holds a charge up to 25 miles of city driving that's enough to get you around for a while. So that's nice!

issues with radio quitting, bad signal, plug-in hybrid is nice, but manufacturer recall because the plug melts and ours did. Other than that, it's great, I feel safe and it drives great.

- Sam W

I like that it runs of battery and gas. Save a lot of money

This vehicle is great on gas mileage, which makes it good for traveling. Has entry if leg room in the front and back. So far I have not had any major problems with this vehicle

- Krystal N

ford c max a great mileage car that drives nice and more horsepower than prius

tires are made for less rolling resistance from factory so not as good on wet roads. great gas mileage. nice space inside. good equipment and options. nice wheels.

- robert l

being a hybrid it is great on fuel and with more horsepower than the popular prius. better car than prius design wise and space.

it has great fuel economy and is spacious allowing plenty of cargo for it's hatchback area. Nice features, plenty of them and solid design looks good on the road.

- Robert V

the space and fuel efficiency combined are what make it special

i like that it is fuel efficient and spacious. i wish the carriage was higher. there's some things that should be better quality for how much it cost

- Caitlin A

It is a Hybrid vehicle that gets great mileage and saves on fuel costs

I like that it is a hybrid, so it saves on fuel costs. I like it's cargo carrying capacity. We fit a full sized dryer, in the box, into it.

- David R

it gets good gas mileages, it drives very well, love the car

it drives really good. I love the gas milages i get. i love the radio and air conditioner. The sun roof is nice. i have no complaints

- jeannifer j

It can be an electric car or a gas using car!

I love that it is able to use both gas and electricity! I also love how much room it has. But I hate how little of a charge it holds

- Tori G

Great mileage and God's amount of interior room

It has lots of room. It gets great mileage. It is easy to drive. It has lots of extras. I like all of these features. No complaints

- Gaynor D

They just quit making them.

Great car. Drives well, ride is good, performance is awesome. It has lost a little of the battery life from when it was brand new.

- Mark C

Best purchase I have made in a long time.

Great acceleration. Great miles per gallon. Has been extremely reliable. Fun to drive. Plenty of room for passengers and cargo.

- Karen M

Economical to drive but still OK to drive using hybrid function only.

plug in hybrid gets great gas mileage. All the bells and whistles come standard. It's red! A heavy vehicle that hugs the road.

- peggy s

The paint color is unique, depending on the sky, it is green, blue, or gray.

It is quiet. Gets great gas mileage because it is a hybrid. I love the color which depends on the sky. It helps the environment.

- Carol H

Excellent gas mileage. Roomy and comfortable ride

Sync connect is awful. Mileage is unbelievable. Comfortable ride and very roomy vehicle. Average mileage and 70 mpg.

- Robert B

Do not know really. It is a luxury car.

It has good mileage. It looks good. It is dependable. I do not know what else you want me to say to take up this space.

- Vicky S

It is fuel-efficient, so you can save a lot of money on gas.

It is small and easy to drive/handle. It is fuel-efficient and very quiet. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Sherry L

The Ford C MAX gets great gas mileage vs the Prius!

It's a Hybrid, love the gas mileage. Like the built in Nav system. Interior better appointed than Prius.

- Marilyn H

great gas mileage and comfortable for long trips . i have enjoyed my c-max

i like the moon roof, and the gas mileage is really good. and i also have seat warmers that is awesome

- terri j

It is bigger than it looks.

Good room for a family of four, great mileage, love the hybrid. Back seats aren't super comfortable.

- Matthew J

It's a hybrid, so it's fantastic on gas.

It's pretty, rides well and is great on gas. It has higher maintenance costs which can be annoying

- Derek A

hybrid engine with built-in navigation that has leather seats, easy access cargo area with foot activated opening.

I like the Hybrid engine, the size of interior and exterior. I do not like the turning radius.

- loren b




great fuel mileage, can get 40 m.p.h. and battery recharges when brakes are used

great on fuel mileage but expensive to purchase and battery replacement is expected

- diana s

That you can only go 20 miles on a full charge and it takes over 8 hours to charge on 110 volt AC.

Like that it uses electricity, dislike that it only goes 20 miles on a full charge

- Kevin G

I like that I don't have to buy gas hardly at all anymore. I dislike that it looks like a mom-mobile.

It is paying for itself with the fuel savings we've experienced.

- Cynthia M

it is a hybrid car that gets good mileage

easy to handle and drive. wish it had automatic seat adjusters

- diana b

Hybrid, saves on gas. Helps the environment. So easy to drive.

Love everything about it. Easy to handle. EAsy to get into.

- Linda L

i am happy with my car. i take care of my car regularly.ford is the one of the best car brand in he trends

it's easy to drive and comfort to seat everybody. ahh bingo

- Jack S

Plug-in hybrid, gas free for 20 miles

Can drive gas free. Limited to 20 miles. I like bluetooth.

- Robert D