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Forgot to add great hybrid mileage. Great car but could use better technology.

This car is not as technologically advanced as I would like it to be. You cannot link your phone GPS or audiobooks into the car's speakers nor it is own GPS screen. Many other cars do that. I also wish it had the sensors that you are going over the street painted lines. The great things I like is that it is easy to handle. Has the rain sensor wipers that come on automatically when it starts raining. It has the auto lights where you set the knob on the car and when you start your car your lights automatically go on even during the day and when you turn the car off, the lights go off. I am not very happy with the keyless entry due to the fact that you literally have to have the key within 6-12 inches of the car for the hand sensors to work. I have many times had my purse strap over my shoulder and it still will not work. I literally have to turn my body moving the purse closer to the handle in order for it to work. Also if I use the fob to find my car in a parking lot, it does not work unless I am 10 feet or less away from my car. Really defeats the purpose of trying to find your car since if I am 10 feet away, I should be able to see the car.

- Cindy B

Drives like a dream but brakes could be less touchy.

It performs great and drives very well and smoothly with practice. When I first drove the car, I did not care for how touchy the brakes were and how it felt a little too jerky for my taste. However, as I got used to handling the car, I loved how easily it was to switch lanes, accelerate and decelerate, and back up. One problem I do have with it is there are a few blind spots that took me quite a while to get used to. This also goes along with my brakes. They are very touchy and while I am used to them so they do not brake as hard when I am driving, I get many comments by others who have driven my car for a short amount of time about how touchy the brakes are. While this may sound like an annoyance, I am actually grateful for how touchy the brakes are because they have saved me and my family numerous times from getting into a serious accident. For how small the car is, it is also quite roomy which I enjoy.

- Savannah Z

Gas mileage and environmental features.

Has great gas mileage. It is heavier than the Prius so has a quieter ride albeit less mileage. But I am happy with 45. The rear seats lay down totally flat. Vehicle has great visibility. Cons for me personally is the air circulation is not as good as my old Honda and everything lights up at night such as foot wells, seat heater controls, cup holders, but the ignition key port does not. Maybe just my own pet peeve but if I can see where to put my coffee why shouldn't I expect to see the keyhole.

- Ali H

The cmax is a hybrid, its very roomy and convenient for a family.

The best thing about my car is the gas mileage, its a hybrid so it gets around 40 miles per gallon. It is also plenty roomy for your family, it also has the ability to lay the seats down and a hatchback so you can haul somethings. The ac will freeze you our but the defroster isn't so good, maybe because it has such a big windshield. It has plenty of charging ports even has 2 electric plugs in the car. No gas cap has prevented thieves from stealing my gas.

- Rita A

I like the options of gas, plug-in, hybrid. Car is good size for city.

Quite reliable. Love the options of gas+hybrid+plug-in. Great mileage. Good size for city getting around. Rather trouble free. I was so disappointed when Ford stop making c-max model. Only wish the battery for longer e-driving was possible. The car finishes are rather well done given this is not a luxury car. I was quite impressed by Ford as my prior 5 leased cars were with Audi. I left Audi/VW after they were caught cheating on emissions.

- Timothy O

High Performance with Savings in your Wallet

Great fuel mileage, usually 65 miles to gallon so going to the gas station once a month is great. The initial expense is higher than a standard model but saving on fuel costs make up for it. Easy to drive, providing rapid response when needed. Road noise is not a bother. The ability to interface with your Smartphone via Bluetooth not only allowing you to listen to your playlists but provides the safety of hands free calling.

- Magdalene S

It's a hybrid so is efficient, long-range, economical.

It's a hybrid so gets good mileage, yet has very good performance. As a hatchback it is versatile. Very quiet, hardly able to tell when the engine is running. On the down side, doesn't get quite as good average mileage as initially quoted; cargo space is limited due to the battery pack beneath the trunk and does not come with a spare tire, risking being stranded (I got a spare but that takes up space).

- Bill H

Animation of growing leaves (dash) offer visual representations of your driving.

The c-max hybrid is a very smooth ride and so quiet. It almost sounds like it is not even on when you are idling. It is very reliable, I have taken it on cross country road trips and never had any issues. Plus the gas mileage is incredible! I also really enjoy the hands-free technology. I can answer or initiate calls with my voice as well as change the radio with the steering wheel buttons.

- Mina S

Ford hybrid the best car on the market.

The ford hybrid is a wonderful part I use it to get back-and-forth to work he writes perfectly smooth it has been great tires with the most quality rapper when you are driving it feels like they almost half of the road the steering is very responsive. Also the charging is very fast not as fast as the tesla but very reliable they could Bing it for my uses.

- Nicholas A

2015 ford c max My great little car.

Love the car. Just wish it had more cargo room. Pick up is good and I have not had any problems with the car. Good pickup and the back seats are roomy enough to manspread. The car is quiet and the seats are comfortable. I have driven this car a lot of miles and it has never let me down. When it is in battery mode you forget it is running.

- Anne M

Quiet, quick and great gas mileage!

It currently gets 37.5 miles to the gallon. It's small enough to fit into parking places, but large enough to haul suitcases and other cargo, especially if the back seats are flattened. It's very quiet, so much so that there is an icon on the dash to let you know it's ready to drive. Great performance in snow, rain.

- Vicki C

Ford: the amazing car for travel.

There have no problem I am facing. The performance of the car was simply outstanding. Its very much reliable to me. I feel comfort. The color of the car was very nice to looks. My family members like it very much. The engines of the car works very good. I was really happy when I got the car. That's it.

- Jeffery J

Ford c-max is a great car.

I really like my c-max. It is very comfortable & reliable. I have not had any problems with it. Mpg is 40 which is why I bought a hybrid. It has more headroom than a Focus & plenty of room on rear seating. Hatchback hold plenty of groceries. The heated seats are also a great feature.

- Judy B

Great vehicle for comfort, gas, and all round ease on the body.

The C-Max is an amazing vehicle. Great gas mileage and really comfy to ride in. Plenty of room for passengers. It's only drawback is storage like having a trunk. It's a great car for long drives like we like to do. Almost 300 miles on a half-tank of fuel, which is like 7 gallons.

- Richard R

Being a hybrid it is more environmentally sensitive and uses far less fuel.

Less carbon footprint, rear seats fold down flat, good visibility, excellent mileage, and fun to drive. I get great customer service from my dealer. Dislike that everything lights up when you get into car except key slot to start vehicle. Ventilation could be improved.

- Ali H

Excellent fuel economy; save hundreds on gas every month.

I love the fact that I'm able to commute to and from work on just the battery (Energi model). It's a really reliable car and I've had no issues whatsoever with it. The gas mileage blows all of my other cars out of the water.

- Chris L

That it saves on gas and it is efficient.

I love that it is a hatchback. I like that it is small but has plenty of room on the inside. I like that it runs in gas and electric. I also like that it uses the energy from my brakes to charges the electric battery.

- Natasha M

It has excellent mpg. It uses gas and battery , switching back and forth.

Nice little SUV that sits higher than sedans. Easier for me to get in and out of it It has excellent mileage, averaging 43 mpg. It's color.is a beautiful black with sparkles in it.

- Penny V

Additional battery costs are not of set by increased economy.

Limited trunk space battery takes up too much room. Not economical at thruway speeds. Appears to run a fan even when battery is charged. Poor dealer/ Manufacturers communications

- Chris H

Love the amount of power and pickup even when going up hills.

I love the gas mileage. I love how comfortable the seats are. I love how reliable it has been. I like how it looks. I dislike that it does not have a spare tire.

- Kim P

The cargo area in the back is much smaller than expected as it is used for the storage area for the battery.

As a hybrid vehicle it gets great mileage and costs fairly cheap to fill the gas tank. The inside of the vehicle is very comfortable with a lot of fun amenities!

- Stephanie N

It gets good mileage, you jerks.

I like the mileage and the storage. I am disappointed in the overall quality. Right now I have a tire pressure sensor failure that apparently cannot be fixed.

- Brian W

How much it takes on gas, how many miles it has to start off.

I spend to much money on the gas I put gas on the car two times a week. Other than that it is a nice car and I enjoy it and gets me were I need to go.

- Kim P

All the technology and safety extras!.

I love the fuel economy. There are some design features that need improvement. Cleaning the front windshield is impossible for a normal person.

- John S

It's safe for families. It's fun to drive. It's very affordable.

I love that It's a hybrid. It gets incredible gas mileage. I wish it was a little more stylish but overall I love it. Amazing moon rooftop.

- Kristen s

Gas mileage on both city and highway.

Cannot work the my key settings. Horrible gas on highway. Big windshield causes rocks to crack big. The car gets great city miles though.

- Jennifer K

Comfort and great mileage!!

Vehicle handles well - gets 40+ mpg - no real issues - over 65k miles - turning radius is not very tight - lots of head and leg room.

- Patrice G

Saving lot on gas. As we know on summer time gas price is so expensive.

Saving a lot on gas. So far I don't have any problem with my car. I wish the car should a little bit wide so get more extra space.

- Sinta W

Great Mileage on the open road and in town.

Great car solid built, best feature is the gas mileage. I feel very safe on the road in this car, especially long distance trips.

- Don G

Best hybrid on the market

I love this car. Amazing gas mileage and much roomier than you would think. Have had very few problems. Would highly recommend

- Corey S

Hot and cold weather has a negative effect on gas mileage

High and low temperatures seem to have a negative effect on mileage Good gas mileage Sunroof is nice for long range driving

- Wayne B

That it is a hybrid so it will save you money at the pump, while also saving the environment.

So far I don't have any major complaints about my vehicle. I have loved the smooth drive and that it is a hybrid.

- Sheri W

it gets 35.2 miles per gallon and has excellent pick up and front wheel drive for bad weather.

It's economical, it's safe and attractive. It's a comfortable car, with plenty of room. It has good visibility.

- george w

My truck is very dependable.

I love how compact it is. I love the gas mileage. I do not like how the sunroof is not actually a sunroof.

- Emma W

It's a hybrid has a moonroof is rain sensors has a lot of room storage space

It's a really good dependable hybrid car what has a moonroof save this on gas it handles really well

- Edwin S

That it is a hybrid vehicle. The car has good mileage

I like that it is a hybrid vehicle. It has a lot of space and seating. It is easy to drive.

- Katherine H

It is very quick and responsive when accelerating.

It's a Hybrid and gets great gas mileage. Quick as a cat. Just the right size.

- Anthony G

It has gotten 80 MPG on average since it was brand new

Very comfortable seats, great gas mileage, especially in town

- Dale P