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Fast, roomy, easy on the wallet at the gas station.

For a hybrid it is fast! Love that I can drive back and forth from home to work and still not have to fill up the tank but every 7-9 days. I drive about 50 miles total a day. I have the sel and love all the extra features, heated leather seats, panoramic roof, ambient interior lights, GPS, Sirius radio, CD player, USB connection, and hands free phone connection. Myself and husband are 6 ft tall and 6'4 and we have plenty of head room and leg room. We have two giant car seats in the back and our tall kids have good legroom as well. Having the hatchback gives us extra storage space so we can pack for a long trip and even weekend camping trips. We prefer taking the c-max because of the great gas/electric mileage for most trips and quick errands. Imagine getting to your destination 7 hours away and not needing to fill the tank until it is time to leave.

- Ashley C

Ford c-max: highs and lows.

I love my Ford c-max. The only thing is space is a little small in the front and the trunk. When you charge it, you only get about 20 miles of it before it switches to gas. Luckily I do not drive very far each day so not too big of a deal for me. We have a little one and it is fine for the 3 of us but when we have another baby we will definitely need to upgrade to something more spacious. The interior is very nice. I love the leather seats and the music system. Overall a great car.

- Savanna M

This is a very reliable and gas efficient car.

I have found the vehicle to be very reliable. I have only done routine maintenance on the car. My gas mileage averages about 44/gallon. The car is comfortable enough. The only thing that bothers me is the glove compartment which has space between the shelves and the cover so everything slides off the shelf. Same with the rear storage. The hatch is not flush with the floor of the cargo area so items get between it and the hatch and fall out on the ground when you open it.

- Barbara H

C-max hybrid is great for a small family!!

I love this vehicle. It is the perfect size for my fiancé and our two dogs, one small and one medium sized. It takes about 26 bucks to fill the tank and a full tank normally lasts about 2 weeks. It is very comfortable and very smooth. When you turn the car on you cannot even hear the engine! It is so quiet! The battery charges super easily, in fact it even has a little "game" you can do to help with braking to charge the battery! So far it is been very reliable!

- Morgan B

My c-max with sunroof ( ).

No problems with this vehicle, over 45000 miles - great mileage and plenty of pep. This may be the perfect marriage of gasoline and electric propulsion (no gears as we used to have) the appointments are luxury all the way: navigation system, premium sound, leather seats, express up and down windows... Who could ask for anything more?

- Mike B

It is a hybrid so runs on battery which. Does not need to be plugged in.

I like the energy efficiency of this vehicle. It is a hybrid and we only fill the gas tank every other week. It is comfortable to ride in for long distances. It has plenty of cargo capacity for when we take trips. We have had no maintenance issues and it is easy to get service for routine maintenance at a nearby Ford dealership.

- Susan H

Very quiet in garage. Note, I-25 speeds gas motor engages above 47 mph.

Our driving does not yield very high miles per gallon. Typical is around forty(40) miles per gallon. Too much I-25 driving, maybe. Really good back seats, good upright feel and head room. Heat and air seem to be enough. Good visuality from all seats. Worried about main battery lifespan!??

- Patrick O

If you drive only relatively short distances and have a place to charge your car, you can go for months at a time without buying gasoline while always having the option to fall back on gasoline if the hybrid battery is depleted.

I currently am averaging 125.6 mpg in just over slightly more than 18,000 miles driven. This is because my C-Max is a plug in hybrid. In the future, I will buy only a car that is either a plug in hybrid or totally electric. I have not purchased any gasoline since December 2017.

- Joe T

The reverse sensors on the car are temperamental and go off far to early.

I've had the car for over 3 years now and I've had no major issues with it. However the rubber seals around the doors where coming away. Probably the result of sitting in prolonged heat for too long... gorilla glue fixed it though. Everything else seems to be alright though.

- Matthew P

Great gas mileage and comfort also.

My car is a hybrid it has regenerative charging. I can go as fast as 85 mph when on ev mode. It as navigation and several information screens you can modify for your needs. The cargo space is really good and the back seat fold forward and flat so you can really carry a lot.

- Charles R

It's a hybrid and I rarely have to get gas, and it's a cute hatchback.

I like that it's a hybrid and gets really good mileage. I don't like that the doors are so low that it's impossible to park next to a curb without scraping the door when you open it. It has poor pick up. I like the navigation interface.

- Valeria K

It's spacious for a small car and handles very well.

It feels like a big car getting in and out, sits higher than most cars, very comfortable and this is coming from someone that drove vans for over 30 years. We love the gas mileage. It's also flat towable to pull behind our motor home.

- Gail S

It gets fantastic gas mileage!

I like the size and height, as well as the gas mileage I get. I wish the bottom of the car was a bit taller for getting through snow, and I am not a huge fan of the touchscreen - I feel they promote distracted driving.

- Katie B

Gas mileage is amazing. A fill up is only about $40 for over 500 miles.

Nice looking, plenty of room, great gas mileage, and plenty of power. First 25 miles, when fully charged, is all electric and after that the car re-charges when breaking or not using gas pedal (coasting).

- Bob M

It is a hybrid and that means it leaves a small energy footprint on the planet.

Our car is a reliable, economical hybrid. We chose it because it would be dependable and importantly, a hybrid. The red color is a bonus. Our car performs well and is a reasonable size for us.

- Ann S

It's wonderful gas mileage. Because it's a hybrid, on the average I get over 40 miles per gallon.

It is easy to drive and visibility is good. It is very economical because it's a hybrid. The size is compact so it is easy to park. Love the safety features on the car.

- Nancy C

By far you get the greatest gas mileage that is around to my knowledge.

It is the best thing for gas mileage, get between 46 and 69 miles per gallon. Really bought it for the easiness to get in and out of. Could be a little more sound proof.

- Janet S

There are secret compartments in the trunk and below the floors!

I love the fact that my car gets great gas mileage. It is almost as big as an SUV and I can haul a large amount of items. It's extremely quiet for night time driving.

- Sarah L

Family friendly and great on gas.

The only problem I have is the Bluetooth disconnects randomly when driving. The car does great on gas. It's a great size for kids, the car seat fits with no problem.

- Jacqueline M

the great gas mileage, never had a car go so far on a tank of fuel!

it's a hybrid gas/electric that gets great gas mileage. Being disabled it's easy for me to get in and out of. I wish the dual climate control worked better though!

- Jeffrey R

It's a an affordable, reliable hybrid with great gas mileage.

I like the body style, and the even though it looks small, it has a lot of room inside. The navigation system has been confusing at all times, though.

- Jennifer G

Good car great deal everything.

I like because it is smooth to drive. I have nothing to dislike about the car everything is great. That is all I can say about it everything is cool.

- Jane M

It is silent, and the gas mileage is great.

Great gas mileage. Love the back-up camera. Leather seats, yum. Perfect size. Love hatchback. Love listening to books on CD player.

- Kari K

This car is very car efficient.

Drives smoothly, holds onto the road when rain/snow. Never had any electrical problems. Very convenient and comfortable to drive.

- Roza M

I think the gas mileage most important.

It gets great gas mileage. Is very roomy. So far has low maintenance I have had no problems with the car since I bought it.

- Barbara H

The car handles like a dream,.

It has great gas mileage. There's lots of room for moving stuff. Not much I do not like. I wish I had shaded windows.

- Angie G

Hybrids are awesome and economical

Quality, Great mileage and so much fun to drive. Storage is wonderful for family trips. Very roomy and comfortable

- Angie C

It doesn't really have room for a spare tire- that's a problem.

I love the great mileage from my hybrid car. It's very spacious for a small car. I wish it had a backup camera.

- Debbie L

Outstanding, economical vehicle

It provides a well designed, very comfortable, safe, and economical ride that has a reasonable purchase price.

- charles k

It is very economical and user friendly.

I like the fuel economy. I dislike the lack of storage in the hatchback. I like the comfort.

- David s

I like that it is half electric. I wish the charge would go further. It would be nice to use less gas.

It is Eco-friendly by being half electric, half gas.

- Cheryl B