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The car every single person should consider. Think rational size and stop thinking bigger equals better.

I cannot believe that this car isn't a best seller. It is quiet, comfortable and has a ton of room for storage. I get wonderful gas mileage. We took a trip to the coast and average 55 miles per gallon. What are Americans thinking not buying cars like this? It was absolutely affordable as well. Visibility is great. Why do so many buy large SUVs and trucks for one person to rattle around in. The CMax is great for a family of 4 and we only fill up about 4 times a year. When the next financial hiccup occurs people won't be able to afford their large vehicles - it's ridiculous.

- Jennifer B

You can't get better fuel mileage.

I use very little gasoline. With the charging system and the braking system adding energy, my fuel consumption is low. Even when vacationing and not plugging in the recharge , I will get over 45 miles to the gallon. The crossover is exceptionally comfortable to drive and hugs the road well. My only complaint is lack of cargo space compared to non-electric cars.

- Paula W

You can get around town without using gasoline by driving a hybrid.

I like that it is a hybrid that we can plug in at home to charge. We rarely buy gas anymore. It has enough of a charge to get me to the store in town and back home without using gasoline, but I like having a gas tank for a backup just in case. I don't have to worry about not making it home. I have no complaints.

- Mic E

Economical with good ride for size of vehicle.

Ideal for my lifestyle as a retired person where we usually do not drive more than 25 miles a day which is max charge. No problems other than small storage. Good headroom and comfort for small car. Very satisfied except Ford discontinued the model and would consider a similar replacement in a couple years.

- Jim A

Minimal cost to operate especially if operating less than 30 miles a day.

Small, energy efficient, perfect for our retirement life. Requires minimal maintenance. Comfortable with plenty of headroom for small vehicle... Hard to list any complaints except that Ford has discontinued producing this model and will not be able to replace when the time comes..

- James A

Enjoyable ride in an extremely economical vehicle.

Absolutely enjoy the 40+ mpg. Have 60, 000 miles on it and no problems. Seating comfortable for 5 adults. Trunk space not large enough. Handles nicely in snow! Very quiet ride. Easy visibility. Adequate standard safety features started easily in our cold Wisconsin winter.

- Thom V

A car for a new generation.

Excellent gas mileage. Seat warmers. Compact. Satellite radio. Silver, stylish. Hatchback. Smooth driving. American made. Spacious. Plenty of room if you do a lot of home improvement projects. Fits 6 passengers easily. Never spent more than 25 dollars to fill the tank.

- Raymond G

Great gas mileage! Also, this car can be towed with all four wheels down, which is important because we tow it behind an RV.

I love that it is a hybrid and uses very little gas. I also like that the seats are higher and provide me with better view of the road. I do not like where teeh cup holders are placed, and I wish it had a bit more storage up front.

- Marjorie M

It actually has a smooth ride for a car of its size.

I like that it's a plug in hybrid and that it sits slightly higher than my previous car, which was a Prius. I don't like that it gets 15 mpg less than the Prius and that even though it looks bigger has far less truck/storage space.

- Trina R

Ford C MAX - A Gasoline Saver

This car is a hybrid that runs on gasoline and battery power. It has a screen that shows you when you are running on gasoline. It has a built-in GPS. The ride is very smooth and the interior is comfortable.I like this car a lot.

- Jana W

It's horsepower is incredible, with a high-powered battery that can get me anywhere I need to go.

It has wonderful horsepower & durability that gets me where I need to go with little issues. The car's performance is top-notch & because of it, I'm sure I'll be able to use the car for years to come. I love my car a lot.

- black w

Ford C MAX hybrid is an excellent vehicle.

The ford C Max is extremely comfortable to drive, it exceeds all of my expectations for a hybrid vehicle. Not only is the pick up fast, but it drives like a sedan with all of the extra room and comfort of a hatchback.

- Jen L

It's surprisingly roomy inside with great passenger space and a decent size trunk space for cargo.

I love the excellent gas mileage, getting 40+ mpg for my commute. I also love that it sits higher off the ground than most cars, and has a very roomy interior with lots of headroom for my husband who is over 6" tall.

- Jessica P

It saves a lot on gas and you can drive 500 miles on one tank (13 gallons).

Very economic for gas usage, never broke in the almost 2 years I own it. Have carpool tags, so it helps a lot during morning rush hours. Like that I am helping environment. Like the interior of the car.

- Susie M

Great value for money, American made.

Pretty consistently get over 35 mpg. Lots of space for size. Smooth ride. Love the heated seats. Do not love that there is only one vent in the back. Makes it hard to heat/ cool the car.

- Anita N

It's reliable, worth the cost that I bought it for, and that gets good mileage. It also has a great braking system and very responsive steering.

I like the upgraded sound system, its compact size, the mileage that I get. It is a reliable car. I don't like that it isn't electric (could be more environmentally friendly).


great for the kids and the golf clubs

very comfy and spacious, the drive is so smooth and the dash has everything i need in all the right places. The gear change is in the right position not like some ford cars

- Dave H

Good mileage, easy to drive and comfortable seating.

The car is a hybrid and we get very good gas mileage. Good size for a woman to handle. Comfortable seats and smooth ride. There is nothing that I dislike.

- Christine O

Great mpg, runs smooth as silk

I love this c max hybrid. 45 overall. Plenty of storage space . Very comfortable sporty looking. It it superior to the honda crv s that i have had

- Keith R

C Max Ford great Mileage for the user.

It's a hybrid, great mileage, easy to drive and the security package is great, it has the right size too, it's like a mini SUV. I really like it

- Patricia C

It is very efficient. You fill the gas tank up and you get almost 500 miles.

I love the gas mileage that the car gets. It is very reliable. I do not like how small the car is and the leg room in the back seat is minimal.

- Heather K

Mpg is better than they tell you.

Super great mpg, runs smooth, can sit back and enjoy the ride. Fit easily into all parking spots, can travel long distances on a tank of gas.

- Janice Y

The most important thing to know about a Ford C-Max is that it has an extremely small trunk.

I have a black hybrid Ford C-Max. I like it because of the fuel mileage it gets. I dislike it because it has very little trunk space.

- Ellie S

It is can run really fast and with least gas.

I like how comfortable I feel inside the car. I like the ac. I like how fast it can move. I like how all my family can fit in it.

- Austin A

It is a hybrid, it is not a plug in car.

No complaints, I like it. It is a hybrid so I get the most fuel economy and it is spacious compared to my last one, Ford fiesta.

- Jenny G

Plug-in hybrid is economical to use and it's very peppy

Love it's size, seating configuration and easy trunk access. Love it's a plug-in hybrid. Wish it had more electric mile range

- Rita C

The mileage makes it very economical to drive, and it uses regular gas.

VERY posh and economical. Lots of both safety and comfort features, with around 40.5 MPG overall. Lots of carrying capacity.

- Brad S

It is a plug-in hybrid that gets around 23 miles on a charge.

I love having very good gas mileage. I wish the tires were all-weather tires. It's terrible for maneuvering on winter roads.

- Nicole M

Costs a lot to plug in at home.

Comfortable good mileage Ford enjoy driving it like that it is electric no dislikes not sure what else to say like this car.

- Laura J

Compact family car. Will save gas and a very smooth ride.

Really reliable car. Very good on gas mileage and a very smooth ride. Would recommend for small families for sure.

- Tim D

My car can save you money,and is very comfortable and rides smoothly

Love my Ford C Max rides smooth,very quiet, barely put fuel used electric most of the time, so saves money

- Michelle A

It is very good on gas, and when you do not want to use the gas, you can charge it as well

It is so quiet and very easy to drive. You don't feel any potholes when driving and the car is very smooth

- Rebecca D

Why I love my C-MAX by Ford.

Comfortable ride; easy step-in seat level; heated seats are a bonus; push-button tailgate open and close.

- Susan B

It's fast, powerful, has great mileage & has done everything to give me my money's worth. My life was in shambles before my beloved ride came along, but my beautiful ride has done nothing but improve it. My only complaint is that it hadn't entered my world sooner.

The only thing I think people should know about my fantastic, sexy car is just how damn amazing it is.

- yamato s

it is plug in hybrid and gets very good gas mileage

it is a plug in hybrid. has ample room. plenty of seating room for driver. gets good gas mileage

- gred w

fuel economy is greater than others

economy is great.small for parking.I like it.dont want to change

- sergei C

Great gas mileage, hybrid. Great car. Easy entry and exit.

Hybrid, great gas mileage. Easy to enter and exit.

- Layne L