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Ford c-max is a hybrid and saves you money on gas.

My c-max gets great mileage, approx. 44 mpg is what I am getting. The back seats lay down to give you extra room if you need to transport stuff. The gas savings alone makes this car purchase worth it. Back seat has an arm rest that comes down in the middle with additional cup holders. There are extra cup holders in the doors as well.

- Teresa K

My cmax was an excellent purchase!

My c max gets excellent gas mileage (around 45 mpg) and is roomy and comfortable for passengers in both the front and back seats. I am able to haul just about anything I need to because of the ability to put the back seats down to enlarge the storage area. It handles nicely and has plenty of get up and go!

- Laura P

The Ford c-max is a peppy little puppy.

Like it. It’s peppy. Faster than the Buick we had. We like the fact it is a hybrid. Hardly have to put in gas. We like the electric seats. Don't like the way the air conditioner comes on when the car starts. It comes on full blast. Every time. Other than that, it is spacious.

- Mike G

Nice design and great fuel mileage.

At first I didn't think I would like it is a hybrid. It grew on me fast. It has all kinds of room handles great. The best thing about is the fuel mileage and you do not have to plug it in because it charges when your moving or pressing the brake that is why it grew on me fast.

- Zachary R

The car is so comfortable to drive, even for long distances.

I love that it is a hybrid so very easy on gas. It is also very comfortable to drive. It is quiet when running so I sometimes try to start it when it is already running. I have no had any problems with it in the 8 months I have owned it.

- Loretta N

Great value. Lots of space, and great hybrid mileage.

The gas mileage is outstanding. 40 miles a gallon. The most important thing is space. This is a 40 mile a gallon hatchback. Folding back seats. I am six feet, weighing in at 258 pounds. I have no problem getting in or out.

- Rick T

It is comfortable and easy to handle and very fuel efficient

I have NO complaints. We love our car it is the second one we have owned. The idea that we only have to fill up once a month is great. We get about 48 miles on average to a gallon of gas

- Marsha C

Its economy and the fact that the battery charges itself as the car is running.

Like the fact it helps the environment and saves money, it is quiet and rides smoothly, has head room, camera and other tech features. One drawback is the lack of trunk space.

- Judy M

If you are a person who values or has concern regarding the environment this is the perfect car for you

I like that my vehicle is both hybrid and electric. The thing that I like the least is that there are so few charging stations in the community or surrounding area.

- Laura M

The motor shuts down at a stop. Gas mileage is very good.

Gas mileage is good. It is easy to see out when in traffic. Like the sensor for car coming up beside you. Does not get as good gas mileage as our first c-max.

- Heidi M

If you are going to drive it, slow stops and starts are the key to good gas mileage.

I like that it is a small car but has lots of space to haul things still. Car seats fit in it amazingly well. It gets good gas mileage for the size it is.

- Deann N

It's a hybrid. Get great gas mileage. Very peppy.

It's very peppy and gets great gas mileage. Not the nicest looking car. The console screen is kinda tiny and the whole radio thing is wonky, too.

- Mike G

You get great gas mileage.

The gas mileage is great. I can go like 3 weeks without needing gas. I wish it sat higher up. I also wish the trunk area was a bit bigger.

- Sheila L

It is a great value for the cost and comfort compared to other hybrids on the market.

I like that it is a hybrid. I don't like that it isn't an all-wheel-drive. I also don't like how hot the car gets in the sun.

- Peter H

Its brand new and very fast.

The only problem I had was a flat tire and low on gas. Nothing else more. I had no more problems. Everything is good.

- Christopher C

The great gas mileage, 40 MPG.

Love this car. How can you beat 40 MPG and is roomier than the Fusion I owned before it. Ecoboost is a godsend.

- John G

Flat towable and efficient.

All good. Great mileage, efficient and apple play. Color a comfortable too. Flat towable. Reliable and quiet.

- Joanne C

It is a hybrid. Got great gas mileage.

Like the gas mileage. Like the fact that it is a hybrid. Do not like the screen inside. It is too small.

- Michael G