2001 Ford Crown Victoria Owner Reviews & Problems


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Great vehicle for safety and comfortable drive.

Although this vehicle is no longer produced, it is reliable, sturdy and easy to drive. The adjustable seat makes it easy to find a comfortable driving position. Lumbar support is great. The side view mirrors are adjustable from the inside on the left drivers side armrest. It has airbags, traction control, a rear window defogger, and multi speed windshield wipers. The Crown Victoria has a very large trunk and lots of legroom. Handling on this vehicle is wonderful. It is easy to take around corners and easily handles during highway driving.

- Patricia V

For being an 01 and having 250, 000 miles this car is a tank!

This car lasts forever! It runs great with little issues and always gets my family where we need to go. Although it is older and I would like things like a better stereo, those are only minor details. It is comfortable and has lots of space which is definitely a must need, considering kids and even animals.

- Tiffany B

Older version of crown Victoria, spacious and smooth ride.

Smooth ride, no frills interior, v8 engine, not many features. Ac runs very cold need to watch how fast you are going don't even realize how quick you are going. Large four door sedan, with lots of legroom and spacious trunk space. My version of the crown Vic is a police interceptor.

- Christina A

It has a very reliable engine that will run forever if you do regular maintenance.

I love the car. It rides so smoothly and having a V8 engine its quick too! It seats 5 to 6 comfortably. Its an automatic, power windows, seats & mirrors. And the trunk is huge. The only thing I dislike is that it sits low to the ground as I was used to minivans before.

- Susan C

Big on everything even on your pocket book.

Its big and has lots of room the gas mileage is terrible. It runs really smoothly any very reliable. The trunk is very big. It has lot of speed. I likes lots of oil. Great on long drives. Power seats and windows are really slow. Power windows like to get stuck.

- William G

Crown Victoria spacious, reliable, and comfortable.

The car is spacious and comfortable. It has a huge trunk. The handling is not the best. The cruise control stopped working ages years ago. The car has not had any major mechanical issues since I got it in 2001. It is not great on gas. It has power windows.

- Emily P

It is something I got for a reasonable price and still does beautifully.

The car has lots of miles and still runs like a champ. There's a few minor things that still need replaced, as it does have a slight miss but it does not change the overall performance of the car.

- Owen B

It's willing to race you anytime.

I love my vehicle because my son gave it to me and it is paid for an real fast with police interceptor in it and it looks cool in both spotlights work.

- Anan B

Great older vehicle with a great engine built for comfort and driving pleasure.

Good, reliable running car to get from point A to point B. Enjoy its smooth ride when I hit the freeways and toll roads but it is getting too old.

- Jose R

No selection for correct vehicle

This is not exactly the vehicle we have. There was not a selection for the vehicle we own so this review probably won't help.

- Sapphire R

Don't want to sell don't want to sell

I'm not selling my car but if I was it's a great car it runs good and don't really have any issues with it

- Erica D

It's a great car and it is a Ford, the greatest brand in the world.

I like that it's a Ford. it's good on gas mileage. It has the radio controls on the steering wheel.

- Troy D

The transmission is fast to cause problems. The car also has electrical problems.

I like the comfort. I hate the size. I have the gas mileage. I hate that it always needs repairs.

- Brian R

It drives really nice and smooth and the color is beautiful.

I like the way it drive, it drives real smooth. I dislike the fact that it burns too much gas.

- Pierre R

I am very sad to say, unfortunately, it is not made any longer.

I love my vehicle, but it's a Mercury Villager, which was not an option on your survey.

- DeAnn K

It's very spacious, but the mpg isn't great.

It's large and comfortable, but it uses a lot of gas and the turn radius isn't great.

- Della B