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I like the fact that she is a larger American built car. I feel safer.

It is a 4 door lots of room 4 the whole family. It handles really well very easy to take long trips in. I fill safe in it American built luxury. It is a heavy car with a large mother and a good steel body safety it is gets a A+ but it being all that it is your going to spend a little more at the pumps. To me it is worth it. She runs great no major problems and being American made parts are easily found and someone to work on it is easily found. On a scale from 1-10 I give her an 8.

- Julie S

Big trunk space and security doors

The only thing I don't like is how expensive gas is to fill up a tank. The car is reliable and comfortable. I do like how big the trunk space is because I am able to have a stroller, a bunch of groceries and big items can all fit in it. I do feel secure in this car because it was made specifically to be able to chase after people and the security doors so my kids can't try to open the doors or windows while I'm driving.

- Kimberly R

My Lincoln is the best car I have ever had in my life. A nice comfortable ride.

The ride is so smooth and comfortable. The sound system is awesome. There are many features that will customize the car to fit the driver specifically, making it a personalize ride. The interior is leather which makes it not only an attractive ride, but a comfortable one as well. The cruise control feature makes driving on the expressway easier breeze. That may very well be my favorite feature on the whole car.

- Sheila G

Reliable, comfortable, good torque and horsepower. Gas mileage not great though.

Only problems I've encountered have been normal wear and tear except I did have to replace the gear shifter. The rest have been brakes, tires, struts, front end work. The car is very reliable. I like the comfort of it but the way I understand it my Police Interceptor rides a little rougher than the regular Crown Vic or a Mercury. I still think it rides very smooth.

- Dean S

Dependable car for normal conditions

Drives well, easy to work on, most parts are cheap to fix. Radio works but only has a tape player, which is relatively simple to change if you know how. Not a great vehicle for snow and ice but in normal weather conditions drives well. Electric windows and door locks, very large trunk. A good car all in all

- Marjorie T

Great car: dependable, comfortable and built to last!

The car has actually had few problems. We've replaced the window wiper motor twice; the alternator once and various little things like fuses. It is been a very reliable car and currently has over 215, 000 miles on it. It is a shame Ford discontinued the model. It is built like a tank! And very comfortable.

- Fran C

I love my car! Would recommend in a heartbeat!

Smooth ride, but I have trouble with the ac quitting on me. However, it does not guzzle the gas, and oil consumption is normal. I am the primary driver of my car. On occasion, I drive my car on the freeway and have had no problem with it. All in all, it has been a dependable vehicle. Driven in town daily.

- Cindy M

It has its ups and downs but Ford motors are the best

Keep an oil change and you should be good for years. Wear and tear are common but if you stay on top of it you shouldn't have any major problems. Aside from transmission and motor work. Mostly all the labor and parts are relatively cheap to buy. That's just my experience.

- Michael U

Ford should never have given up on this car!

No problems until this year. The transmission is slipping a bit. The air ducts are clogged on the front, but the defrost and floor work great. The car runs great otherwise and I will keep it until I can no longer drive. It is plenty big and rides very smooth and quiet.

- Gary H

Good car! Amazing purchase and very durable!

It runs fine as the day I first bought it. Never broke down. Very durable car and I never regretted this purchase. I recommend buying it. Go for a newer make, they'll last you till forever. You can ride it until the wheels fall off. Good at off roading as well. 10/10

- Jasmine H

This car has a lot of space and as long as it is taken care of is very reliable.

It's very reliable as long as you take care of it. Plenty of space for myself and my kids in the back seat. Having all that space inside is very nice to be honest. I would buy another one. I personally bought mine used but the man before me took decent care of it.

- Rebecca M

Even though it is an older car it is still a nice clean car and looks good and runs good.

I think Fords are will built cars. I like my car because it is a big car. I think my car is a nice looking car. I have no complaints.

- charles D

Great for first car or those in need of low cost reliable transportation.

This is a police interceptor vehicle. I have only had the car for about 3 months. The air works great. There is a minor issue with the battery and it will need replaced soon. It has 4 doors and is a v8. Power windows and driver seat work fine.

- Debra M

It drives very comfortably and is very responsive.

Our Crown Vic is a great little car. It makes decent gas mileage and fits the family comfortably. It is not a good-looking car, but that is not our main concern at our current place in life. I like the large trunk.

- Sarah W

It is not a regular vehicle.

It is a good car. Runs really good. I have no problems. Brand new engine. Lifted. Big rims. New interior. Bass and the trunk. Very fast. Has a lot of new things.

- Jeremiah S

It runs so very well. Ac still going.

It is old but at least we have a car for now. We do. Like Ford cars. The car runs great and even though it is an oldie. . But it is a goody!

- Peggy. Hernandez M

It's a safe car for your family I think. Plus it is roomy.

I pretty much like everything about this car. It drives good and I am nervous when it comes to driving and this car I feel comfortable in.

- Cody B

That it is very fast and rides great.

I like that my car have a police interceptor in it and that it is very fast and rides smooth. I love that it have lots of space in it.

- David M

It's just great. That's all I can think. It's a Ford so that means it's quality

I love my car. It's a big car with lots of room so no one feels cramped when riding in it,. It's just an all around great vehicle

- Billy K

It has a small v8 engine,and overdrive to help conserve fuel, it gets about 22-25 mpg on the highway.

I like the comfortable ride. The leather seats are really nice. The heated mirrors on the doors are great for the winter months.

- Daniel S

Crown Victoria is great, sturdy, reliable, lasts forever.

Everything still works great and it runs well. Heater no longer works but the engine and everything hasn't been replaced.

- Derek F

It's not a cop car its a regular crown vic.

Plenty of room. Not the greatest on gas but when driven accordingly its pretty decent. Has the acceleration when needed.

- Brian S

The most important thing is that the car rides smoothly.

The Crown Victoria is durable. The car fits up to 6 comfortably. The car is a classic. Also, it is very safe.

- Richard L

No cold air. Living in texas, a person needs air conditioning.

I like the dependability as far as running, but the air conditioning keeps going out and I do not like that.

- Cindy M

The trunk space is great, and it rides smooth and has a great engine

It gets me from point A to B but its not the best car ever or anything. I think it needs more interior room

- Lori R

It provides comfort for a long highway drive.

I like the room and simple features of the vehicle. I dislike the engine performance to weight ratio.

- Steven M

My car is very fast. My car is very reliable. My car is big on the inside.

I like that it has ac. I like that it it spacious. I don't like that it's horrible on gas.

- Andrea L

old but in great condition

The car has lasted from 2002 to today great car don't like dealer service

- Tom H

Makes passengers feel safe and comfortable while riding in car.

Offers great rides, ease of handling, and good mileage. No complaints.

- Ruth P

I love the fact that it has a huge trunk, great for a double stroller and groceries. I don't really dislike anything about it.

That the car is very roomy even though it may not look like it.

- Wanda M

I like that it is huge with lots of room to move around in. I like that it gets me where I need to go. I dislike the gas mileage it gets

That it's a nice car and that although it's big it is fast

- Olivia K

it's really comfortable when your riding in it on some bumpy roads.

i don't like how much gas it takes and how mpg is bad

- elias w