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See the road in luxury with the smooth crown Victoria.

I love my crown Victoria. I do not have very many problems with it but when I do, I can usually fix it myself and I am a 58 year old woman. It handles smooth, gets average gas mileage and is very roomy. It currently has issues with the headlights, but that is okay as it has a recall for them and I will be taking it in soon for the repair. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Angela J

If you are looking for a wide body that is safe and reliable, go with the crown!

The brakes and handling of the car is great in most conditions, but because the car is so heavy, it can slide around in wet or icy conditions. Other than that, the car is pretty much ideal, it's very safe and reliable. I would encourage others to get this car, and I have people come up to me looking to buy it from me every week.

- Noah W

Love my crown Vic! Fast & reliable.

I love my crown Victoria. She fast and if you keep up with the maintenance she will run for forever. They are big so I feel safe and feel that my kids are safe. They are really good cars. And people tend to move out your way. The only negative part is that they use a lot of gas. Unless you're all highway miles then your ok.

- Angela E

Crown Victoria ups and downs.

The car seats are really comfortable and there is plenty of space but the car is way to big on the outside and the fact that the transmission is on the side of the wheel is a little awkward for me. The air conditioner is really nice but the car is not gas saving wise. It runs really nice but it has broken down a few times.

- Nikki R

The Qualities of The Crown Vic

My vehicle has only 86000 miles so I haven't had any major engine or performance problems. Being a 2003 the underbody is somewhat rusted but it's nothing a few replacement parts can't fix. The 4.6 v8 engine purrs and rides like a dream. I have an aftermarket exhaust so it's compliments the engine sounds very well

- Anthony N

Great car, excellent condition.

I have no issues with my current vehicle, it drives really smooth, it's nice and quiet. The only issue that I have is a small one, which is my windshield wipers only work on high. Outside of that the car is in great condition. I would recommend this type of vehicle to anyone looking for a durable car.


Great crown Victoria I love it

I don't have any issues with my vehicle it rides smooth comfortable great gas mileage. Interior is soft and comfortable. Plenty of room a/c works great. Tires does not wear down easily I love my car wouldn't trade in for nothing else I've had this car for 7 years and it still drives like new.

- Rochelle P

Oldie but goodie still running after all these years.

It's a very reliable car it may be big but that ads to the smoothness 0f the ride. One problem though it has a v8 engine, but on the other hand it will get up and go, it has leather seats, cruise control, AM/FM cassette, DVD player, electric everything, it has leather seats and a huge trunk.

- Vivian Z

It is a fast car an I live to play in it.

It is amazing on road an on dirt roads. It is very comfortable to drive had amazing handling it goes about 130 miles on highway it needs new ball joints and a tune up need to get a new tier it is showing wires needs new sensors needs new front end and hood other than that it runs just fine.

- Kimberly S

The perfect car: the crown Victoria.

The crown Victoria is the perfect car for any individual. They are not very expensive, but they are extremely reliable (350k+ miles) powerful, and comfortable. They can get up to 28 mpg on the freeway if they are p-71's, and 18 city. They have large trunks and set 5 people comfortably.

- Nicholas G

It is an easy vehicle to get fixed or to fix yourself.

I really love my Crown Victoria. it gives me a smooth drive and handles well. The only concern I have is with the headlights. They blink in and out. I recently found that there is a recall on the vehicle for just this problem and will be taking it in to get fixed. Love my car.

- Angela J

A great running vehicle when you need to get from A to B reliably.

Do not have any problems except need new, struts and shocks might buy them online currently no other problems but it is an older car, not too experienced with old cars, you have to keep up the maintenance on them always or then you start having problems.

- Andrea R

Performance and safety when you need it!

I love my crown vic. The performance is great and the safety is there! Been in 2 accidents (not my fault) with very minimal damage, was still able to drive home afterwards. If you do not want it for yourself I'd consider getting for your new drivers!

- James R

It is easy to drive and very safe..

My car is still running like new, never has had any problems, despite being 16 years old. At times it can seem too big to maneuver, especially on rural narrow roads. Then again, the size gives a sense of protection if involved in minor accidents.

- Sharon H

It is not the best car ever, but as far as getting from point A to point B, it gets the job done.

My Crown Victoria isn't my dream car, but it gets the job done. I can get from place to place and it gets decent mileage which is all I can really hope for at the moment. It is a good car, but all in all not much to write home about.

- Levi B

That it is very dependable.

I inherited the car from my Mom. I don't usually have a larger car. I usually drive a smaller car that gets better gas mileage but I have three grandchildren so the extra room is nice.

- Joyce B

Don't drive it on a hot day, as the Air Conditioning won't work.

I hate that the air conditioning doesn't work, and we have a tough time figuring out what is up with the engine. I like the car in general though, and it reminds me of my grandfather.

- Debra B

My experience with the Crown Vic P71.

I love the car. It has plenty of power and space. Mine has 130,000 miles and I've had normal parts go out this year. Replaced alternator, and battery plus a few suspension parts.

- Victor W

it is a good highway traveling car for road trips

this is one of america's best cars. it run extremely well under any conditions. when the fancy ones don't move this will. just keep up the regular maintenance and it will be fine


Very comfortable and easy to handle.

It is a great car for traveling, has plenty of horsepower and very comfortable. Around town the gas mileage is not nearly as good as on the highway.

- Ron P

My amazing 2003 Crown Victoria

I like that the seats can be moved in many different ways. I also like the nice leather feel of the seats. I also like the V-8 engine inside.

- John M

It gets good fuel mileage.

I have had good luck with car. I would like a smaller car. I inherited this car from my mom. I would like a car that got better gas mileage.

- Joyce E

It very dependable, and it have low miles.

My 2003 crown vic is very reliable. It only been driven 80, 000 miles and it have a good paint job. Run good, CD player air. Very good car.

- Michael C

that it is an older model, and is still running, and it is true what they say fix or repair daily

I dislike it because the repairs are so expensive, local ford dealers are too expensive, and it is hard to trust independent repair shops.

- Dennis V

It is very comfortable to drive and ride in.

Very nice for long distance travel. It has a great deal of room and will not cause fatigue. It does not get good gas mileage around town.

- John E

It can get up to speed pretty quickly.

It has get up and go. Massive trunk space. Easy to drive. I dislike that it is commonly used as a police car so people think I am a cop.

- Heather D

runs smoothly and quietly

the vehicle is very reliable. the engine is very dependable because its a v8 engine. no major problems when i purchased it.

- delores b

It is a longer car than most people are used to driving so turns and parking may be difficult at first.

It does not have a way to connect my phone so that I can play music. I like the spacious room. I also like the trunk space.

- Teresa A

Very comfortable and reliable Easy driving ability

Drivers window doesn't open. Passenger door not aligned with car. Police Interceptor. Very fast. Good driving on wet roads

- Cheryle G

It is very spacious and very comfortable.

It is a very cool car. It is super comfortable. It is very spacious. It is very reliable. It is my favorite car.

- Tara W

It is sensitive to accelerating and braking.

It is a reliable vehicle but it is older than I would like. It is a v8 so it takes a lot of gas to fill her up.

- Jimmy P

I bought my car used with only 69k miles on it.

The Crown Victoria is a very reliable car. The only problem I have ever had was a factory recall on headlights.

- Angela R

Crown Vic Comfort all around

This car has really nice suspension and rides extremely well. Very good for long trips and for family travel.

- Chance K

Luxury car, very good if your involved in a accident

It's a luxury car full power air conditioning 6 passenger, leather interior, 426 engine handles well in snow

- David S

The is a good car. It runs smoothly and dependable.

Had lightning issues, and front windshield issues. The issues were fixed and now the car runs great.

- Marty L

Amazing car love it will get another

I have a 2003 mercury grand marquis. I am in love with my leather seats great stereo and power seats

- Angel T

Transmission good and engine good. Can hit high speed.

My car is very reliable. Needs a paint job. Needs new door speaker. Needs new mates and door handle.

- Larry W

Smooth ride. Motor oil stays clean a long time. Good mileage.

Careful with the suspension! It's easy to ruin it; be careful over speed bumps and potholes.

- Valerie D

Never gave me a problem

I like it has all-out of hey up and go I line the way it has plenty of room

- Vivian P

Roomy, comfortable, big car with reasonable gas mileage when driven mindfully. Large trunk, wide doors make for easy access for people with mobility issues. Extremely dependable. I'd buy it all over again.

Dependable luxury car with economic performance when driven mindfully

- evelyn l

It is a 4 door sedan with power windows that was the first thing that went out on them and the only real problem that it had for many years. It's old now, and the air conditioning is out, and the head and tail lights randomly need repair, and everything else was either simple or major due to age and mileage.

It was used when I bought it and was a police car.

- Francis B