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Cop car anyone? You can even lock someone in the back! (lights not included).

My crown Victoria is a used cop car so it has wires that are hanging out from the dash which does not really bother me because I just cover it up with duct tape. Also it is very loud which I do not like, but that does not mean it is a bad vehicle. My radio has been deactivated due to the fact that it was a cop car. The back seats will not open from the inside (again because it is an old cop car. If these things didn't exist I would love my car a whole lot more than I already do. It is very comfortable inside. It rides very smooth and I would totally recommend getting this vehicle, but maybe only the ones that were not previously a cop car!

- Daniel F

Crown Victoria: a sensible family vehicle.

My car has a sunroof and a lot of horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 in a few seconds. It always provides a smooth ride. Its big and hefty, and makes me feel safe. If you were to get into an accident, the car would take 99% of the damage. The entire car is spacious inside. There is plenty of room in the back for the kids and plenty of room in the front too. The middle seat in the front is made of two arm rests so that both front passengers can be comfortable, but when needed the armrests are easily converted into another seat, making the car able to carry up to 6 passengers.

- Colleen T

Former police cars are better than you think.

For a former police car it was extremely well taken care of before I bought it. The engine is easily modifiable to overcome the low power levels of the engine, the vehicle was originally ordered with an open differential and lower gear ratio which helped with the fuel economy and top speed but can easily get stuck in snow. Versions ordered with the higher gear ratio automatically received the locking differential and would have no issues with this. The ride is very comfortable and it is easy to spend all day driving.

- Mike B

Has Leather seats and performance is very well

My car is a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria it has been registered to one owner and minor problems here and there like the steering pump going out, the A/C going out but other than that I have taken real good care of this vehicle. The interior is leather seats and very comfortable. The performance of this car is very well except when you have to turn since the vehicle is very long.

- Dustin P

Reliable, solidly built, and it is a highway patrol police interceptor.

My car is a police interceptor. It was driven by a woman who was a highway patrol officer. It is solid, reliable, and very safe to drive. My husband and I bought it in 2009 with 85, 000 miles on it. The performance is great and I have had only minor problems with it. That was repaired right away, and at a very reasonable cost. I love my car. I feel safe when I drive it.

- Betsy L

My grandchildren like my car because it is an old police interceptor.

My gas tank needs to be replaced fuel is leaking. That is probably one reason my temporary agency ended my job. The place that I live is complaining about fuel leaking on their parking lot. It is very reliable performance wise. It starts up. Is an old police interceptor. Had the windshield replaced last spring. Have new tires on the car.

- Teresa R

Loving my crown Victoria, supercar.

My Ford Crown Victoria is one of the best cars I have ever owned. I have had it for 4 years and it is never given me any problems. Regular maintenance and she runs like a dream. Very dependable and comfortable seating for 4/5. There is a problem with some of there air conditioning units, and a little pricey to fix. But I love my car.

- Deborah K

Age-15 years. Mileage-86,000 V8 Rear Wheel Drive. Good Condition.

I bought this vehicle new in 1/05. It has been a very reliable vehicle, with few mechanical problems in all that time. Rear wheel drive, it is NOT good when driving in snow, or slippery conditions. I consider this the ONLY drawback to this car. I plan to trade it for an all wheel drive Ford Taurus, when I replace my car..

- Jotu K

Buying a old Crown Victoria.

04 Vic is my dream car I want 3 total getting another 1 next year. But my Vic is strong reliable I have no issues so far except for the headlights turn off from time to time other then that she's a good car old but good as long as I continue to change fluids and fixing issues shell last forever.

- Luis F

Lights come on automatically if you touch handle or unlock door. They go off.

It looks really great. Very comfortable and driver's seat can be adjusted to fit your particular needs. Air conditioner works great. Electric windows all work. Beige interior with cloth seats. You can open trunk from inside as long as you do not lock it from inside or use key on outside to open.

- Patsy M

Big engine. Low miles. Not great but not horrible on gas.

I love my car. My car has a lot of room in it for me and all my kids. It's not the greatest on gas mileage, through. But overall, I love my car and it's in great shape with low miles. My car has never given me any problems since I've gotten it. I just love my Ford Crown Victoria!!

- Emily R

Easy and reliable Ford Crown Victoria

The Ford Crown Victoria has approximately over 127,000 miles on the original engine, only repair, the typical maintenance. Other than that the car is in good working order. The car is one of the easiest of the Ford models to repair on and the car is one of safety.

- Paul V

Honest opinion on crown Victoria.

It is a good and reliable mode of transportation. Which any maintenance costs is cheap. Buying a car like this is money spent well. It is lasted longer than my other cars... Only received good mileage on the highways. Driving throughout the city will cost you.

- Nicole E

Old cop car. You really have to get the feel of this car. Lots of space.

I like that there is plenty of room in front and back seats. Love the trunk space. What I don't like is when it's raining the car slides and the brakes stick. And also the headlights malfunction as well as the wiring for the windows.It's a good car all in all.

- Jennifer F

While it may look like a car for someone older, it's NOT just for grandpas!

It's a terrific car that runs reliably, is very comfortable, and is a very smooth ride. I enjoy the get-up-and-go in traffic when needed, and it surprisingly maneuverable for a larger sedan. I don't like the gas mileage, but overall a terrific drive.

- Jered R

it is very dependable, very economical for the size of the vehicle

I really like my Crown Victoria, I only wish I has purchased it new not pre- owned it had many mechanical issues when I purchased it from the dealership , after repairing all issues I could not ask for a more dependable vehicle

- Cheryl T

It is as low mileage vehicle

It was a high mileage car when we bought it, but now 14 years later it is low mileage car. It now has about 70000 miles and it is a 2004 model. the worst repair cos was when I had to have drivers window motor replaced.

- Stephen S

It's an awesome car and runs great!

My car runs great! I've had it for about 5 years now. It has a really great ac in it. Blows super cold. It has a CD, plus tape player. There are 22' inch rims on the car. It runs really good and smooth on the road.

- Monica C

Size and comfort. The ease of getting into the car both front and back is great

I love my car! It's a great size and the trunk space is awesome. I can fit an entire months of groceries in there. There's lots of room in the back seat. The car fits 5 comfortably. The engine still runs smoothly.

- Susan B

Great ride with room to hold passengers and packages/groceries/golf clubs.

Love the roominess and power of the vehicle. Very comfortable ride. Trunk space is outstanding. As car ages it is becoming more expensive to maintain and there is nothing on the market comparable anymore.

- Don R

Comfortable car, good for traveling, and fun to drive.

It is a great car, very comfortable, all the luxury items, fun to drive on trips. Down side, maybe gas mileage could be some better. May consider hybrid in the future.

- Steven S

The safety features and handling make it a very safe car.

I love the low maintenance of the car and good mileage. It has a good motor. Roomy vehicle. I dislike the radiator, it is easy to burst. I dislike the power windows.

- Tracy M

It has been a loyal friend. The engine runs very well.

I have had this car for 14 years. It now is a low mileage vehicle and runs like a top. most serious problem it has had was to replace the drivers side window motor.

- Stephen B

It is reliable and comfortable.

It is a great car and ride smooth and in rarely has any problems. It performs well. It is just a good everyday car to drive and I would buy another one if I could.

- Mike N

Very well built, hardly ever breaks down.

Smooth ride, good gas mileage, runs quiet, seats are very comfortable with multiple adjustments, leather interior, really nice music system, lot of trunk space.

- Charles A

its safe. It's good on the road, and its big so there is plenty of room

I like that it's good on gas. I like that it doesn't need much maintenance. i like that it has a lot of room. I don't like that it's a car though i want a suv

- Deidre H

Reliable, American made.Can easily find parts and it is easy to repair.

It is very reliable, even though it is 14 years old. I love that my husband can fix it easily, and get parts fast. Very comfortable, it all works still!

- Alecia S

Just need to get a new oil pump and a tune-up.

Needs a oil pump needs a tune-up needs new tires needs a new paint job the car drive real good it just need a few adjustment to it the car runs good.

- Damon L

It has a very good strong motor and drives well. Also I love all the space it has, especially the extra large trunk.

It is a nice dependable car and has lots of passenger space. It has lots of horsepower and drives well, but it doesn't get very good gas mileage.

- Kathryn G

Ford made. It's easy to find parts and get it fixed.

It runs! Drove it on a long vacation- with a/c, and it did wonderful. Windows all work, heat, wipers, all of it. Starts every day- very dependable.

- Alecia C

It does a weird vibration thing when it drives, but it is fine.

I do not like that it is squeaky. I like that the engine is powerful. It has good safety features. I like the radio. I do not like the armrests.

- Katherine H

This car has a very smooth ride.

I love the smooth ride and so easy to handle. The gas mileage is not that great. The leg room in the back is small. The trunk has lots of room.

- Kathy E

It is good on gas on the highways.

The size, power, comfort, reliability, image, and looks are all positive reasons for my having this car and it's an american make.

- Helene C

The car takes very low maintenance.

It is a smooth ride and very stable. It is a comfortable car and gets great gas mileage. I love how it handles in all weather.

- Chris G

It is dependability, and needs very little maintenance.

Perfect size, four doors and runs great. Air conditioning needs work. Love the color. Very dependable and semi good on gas.

- Deborah K

It's the best brand on the road today.

I really like the vehicle for multiple reasons. First reason that its small. Second reason that it does not take up gas.

- Tony A

Fast, Sleek and Sooo Cool.

It's a police interceptor model. Natural gas vehicle that gets great gas mileage. Runs great. It's a tank. Love it.

- Susan F

It was my first car that I could afford when I began my college career.

I love the motor. The v-8 engine has an efficiency of a diesel motor. The fuel economy of the motor is bad though.

- Reggie L

It can go fast so be careful.

My vehicle is very clean and runs good. It is very reliable and it does not eat up gas. It also gets good mpg.

- Nick H

I have an original model car no work done on it an it under 100k miles.

I love my car its the first one I brought myself. The only thing I hate is that it burn gas fast in the city.

- Krystal C

My love for my car. It's amazing

Just take care of it vehicle and everything should be fine....I like my car but it does drink a lot of gas

- Latasha H

it's a great car is recommend it to anyone looking for a nice smooth ride!

I love pretty much everything about it. only thing I dislike is the seats are very uncomfortable

- Shaina J

My car has exhibited great dependability over the years.

I bought the car new. It has been very dependable. I've enjoyed owning it. No real complaints.

- Jack T

This car is a very nice & smooth luxury car for being a bigger sedan.

Very comfortable ride. Car is good on gas. It has a spacious trunk for groceries etc.

- Michelle C

The car is very roomy and I am not over crowded! y

II love my car. It gets me where I want to go with no problems. It is roomy.

- Martha B

I love it it drives well and gets me to where i need to go that's all what is this a school essay???

It's old and a gas guzzler but reliable. It is fun to drive and comfortable

- Ricky W

It's in great condition. Great road car for trips.

Love the room and the size. don't like that the AC has gone out!

- Larry C

Dependability, smooth ride

I love the ride, and dependability, stereo is great too

- Roy F

it's a dependable and reliable vehicle

smooth ride, comfortable seats, always starts

- Alan S