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The 4.6 engine has enough power to sustain the four-door sedan

Great dependable car! The only problem I have had is replacing a stop lamp switch. The crown Victoria gets about 22 miles to gallon has a great ride to it almost luxury very spacious on the inside with an adequate amount of horsepower-239 hp. It has tan leather interior. I love the leather because it's easy to keep clean a disadvantage is it's hot in the summertime. I would drive this car anywhere. It is quite inexpensive and easy to maintain it oil changes and various services are not expensive on this vehicle. It is a 4-door sedan. The exterior color is black so it's difficult to keep clean but after it is clean it is very beautiful.

- Tina F

The crown Victoria comes compact with the 4. 6 v8 engine is seats five people.

Crown victory it is a great reliable car the crown victory comes with leather seats 4. 6 v-8 engine it is a gas drinker the car has its pros and cons seats five comfortably the crown victoria is your go to car 4 long distance travels the car is meant to be on the freeway crown Victoria's are excellent cars the police use them as there cruisers the police does profile these cars a lot they come with great heat great ac the steering wheel is easy to turn it flows like a Cadillac and sting like a bee I love my crown Victoria.

- Justin J

2006 crown Victoria police cruiser.

My 2006 crown Victoria was formerly a police cruiser. It has a few oddities, thanks to the extra electronics that were necessary for the police to conduct their business. Overall it is a wonderful, reliable vehicle, in great shape. The trunk is huge, we've fit three suitcases and a cooler before for a trip. Also the air conditioner is great for hot climates, while the heat is amazing in winter. The cloth seats are quite comfortable and easy to clean. My favorite feature would be the moveable pedals.

- Mary J

Why I Drive Ford Crown Victoria

Very Reliable and interchangeable these cars will run forever if given proper maintenance I love the Crown Victoria this is definitely one of the best Ford cars ever made I would literally give one to my kids for a first car I've been driving them for over 10 years and the best model is 2006 and up the older models have a bad rep for front end suspension durability but overall this car will literally take you anywhere for however long u want it to if you take good care of it

- Ken S

I love my Crown Victoria.

My car has ice cold ac, drives super smoothly, has great visibility and runs into just about no errors. The gas gauge sometimes spazzes out and I have to turn off the car for it to work again, but that is an easy fix. The car also hydroplanes a hella lot when it rains, but once you learn how to control it/drive with it, it's not a huge deal whatsoever.

- Molly L

It's the police intrepid version.

It's good on gas to be an v8, the ride is very smooth and reliable. What I love about it most is the room in the inside for it doesn't have a middle console so that helps a lot and the trunk is very spacey. And given the year that it is it shows no signs of wearing down or aging for it hasn't rusted at all.

- Dray H

Nice punch of a v8 with a bunch of body.

Problems come from running her like a bat out of hell and not keeping up with maintenance. Vehicle is extremely reliable and comfortable enough to almost make the vehicle a regular sleeping place with no other options (homeless). Features are not too fancy but it has ability to be installed.

- Khalil J

2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Very reliable vehicle. Few small repairs since I've owned it. Large sedan with lots of room. Very large trunk space. It is a stripped down police interceptor, so I had to install a center console. Standard features: cruise, radio, etc... Does have some get up on it. Not an issue going fast.

- Dustin J

Old police car was maintenance.

My vehicle is a Ford old police car and drives great. It does not leak fluids. And I have seen now problems with it so far. The inside is very clean and all lights. And computer stuff works, but does not have a of computer stuff. I do not plan on replacing the car just got it.

- Karla S

I would rate the car as a 5 on scale of 1 to 10. It has had lot breakdowns.

The reliability is not that good. It has broken down on side of the road three times. When it run good, you cannot beat the performance with its v8 engine in it. The vehicle is very comfortable when going on long trips. The features could be update, but it is a 2006 model.

- Pat R

Still loving my crown Victoria.

My crown Victoria is an amazing tank. She has a huge trunk, capable of packing up for a week long family trip for three. She has fully adjustable pedals, and drivers seat. She also seats six, which is awesome when driving one car with family and friends.

- Mary J

It's got a lot of personality. It's decorated with stickers, pins on the inside mirrors. My favorite scent, pumpkin spice is always wafting around in my car.

My vehicle is a wide grey boat. Everyone moves out of the way when I come driving down the street, I love it. The only thing wrong about my boat is that it's quite the gas guzzler.

- Kayla T

The construction quality in this vehicle is great. Well made, very durable and safe.

I like the size as I can fit 4 adults very comfortably. It is also easy to get in and out of. I also love the nice smooth ride. It handles quite well. I also get good mileage.

- Linda M

Why you should buy a Crown Vic

I love my Crown Victoria. Nothing has truly ever been wrong with it other than small minor repair . It's a great get around car, but it also drives smooth

- Tia B

Meant to be dependable and pull my camper.

I love that my car has moveable pedals and fully adjustable seat. I am vertically challenged so it helps me see better. Also I feel safe in my car.

- Mary F

The dashboard clusters are known to go.

My Ford is a reliable car. It's good on gas being a V8. There is a recall on the steering column. These cars are good runners and worth buying.

- Derek Murray M

It takes a licking & keeps on ticking...Ford tough.

It's comfortable. It's fully paid for. It has a big trunk. It's a former cop car, so it goes fast when needed. Runs good...like a scalded dog.

- Kathi R

Crown Victoria is a police package

I have a 2006 Crown Victoria it's a good car but it's very powerful. As long as you keep your maintenance up you will not have any problems.

- Shante M

It is old but very reliable.

My car is reliable. My car has rust that is spreading quick, I do not like this. My car has a nice color. My car needs to be tuned up often.

- Derek S

It's a ex law enforcement car.

There's nothing about my car that I dislike I love everything about it maybe if it was another color and had bigger rims i'd like it.

- Jamal W

That for it being a V8 it gets good gas mileage and it is roomy on the inside.

I really like how much room there is inside. It gets good gas mileage for a V8. I don't like that the paint is peeling all over.

- Kathy S

Reliable, retains its value year after year. No mechanical problems. Great gas mileage.

Comfortable, great gas mileage, stylish, no mechanical problems. Retains its value year after year. Runs great.

- David G

Well maintained police car

This is an old police car and was well maintained by them. No problems so far. Fun to drive with a lot of power.

- Tom C

It use to be a police car.

I have no problem with my car it there is no phone charger in car it is a used car. It does not use up the oil.

- Karla S

Reliable. Comfort. Good handling.

Transmission and radiator does not shift correctly and the AC works when it wants to and overheats..

- Joshua A

People need to know that it is a cool car, but it is not for sale and they should stop asking.

The Crown Vick is a very safe feeling car. It is pleasant to ride in. The gas mileage isn't great.

- Sandy O

looks like a cop car, black, runs well, just goofy looking

has low mileage, but is a gas guzzler. low seats, not comfortable, but was cheap to get.

- Amanda N

300,000 miles. In bad shape. Use to be a cab. Interior is shot. Ac is broken.

It is very beat up. Used to be a cab. Has 300,000 miles. Ac is broken. Dash doesn't work

- Anthony B

My son gave it to me after he go his family a van because I needed a car. It had Bluetooth so I can listen to my phone. It has a cd stuck in it

I don't like the fact It's so big. Right now one of the belts is making noise.

- Bonita V

It is comfortable, reliable, and it lasts a very long time.

It's reliable. It is comfortable to ride in. It is very roomy.

- Karen X

we have very low ongoing cost to run this great car

it is a great on trip. drives good in city and low repair cost

- william j