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The Subaru forester is a completely dependable car. I have owned it 10 years and it has less than 100, 000 miles on it. I have never had a problem with it. I take it to the dealership for maintenance and it runs like a champ. The crown Victoria is the fun car it is a former state highway patrol interceptor and has the equivalent of a 8. 2 liter v-8. It is a Ford so I have had problems with it. I had some battery cable problems and transmission problems. The problem with ford's is the newer models have parts that are designed to wear out quickly. This is so Ford can make money selling parts. This car is comfortable beyond belief, and will blow most cars off the road. It took me nearly a month to learn how to drive it because it is so powerful. It will go 0 to 120 in a heartbeat. Still because of the Ford policy of designing their cars to break down, my replacement for this car will eventually be a Dodge. The 1983 Ford van is a solid steel tank that was made when Ford still built good vehicles. Bought it in 2000 for $800 had to put a new carburetor and tires on it, but it runs like a champ. This is my camping/ vacation vehicle that is excellent for hauling stuff.

- Lloyd M

11 yr. old crown Victoria that drives like new.

It has 73000 miles. It sat for years without being driven so it acquired some electrical issues. It still has a smooth ride and is fairly good on gas. The paint is chipping from sitting but still looked almost as good as it did when it was purchased brand new from the dealership. I plan on keeping the maintenance up on the vehicle and to keep and drive it for many more years to come. I do not foresee any major issues to deal with in the near future.

- Felicia C

It is a very reliable, spacious and inexpensive vehicle to maintain. Truly one to take a look at for a daily drivers.

The Crown Victoria is a very reliable full sized vehicle. I been driving it approximately 4 years without any major problems. When it needs servicing the replacement parts are usually very inexpensive. It has great performance for the type of vehicle it is. It truly is one of the best passenger sedans (in my opinion) of the last two decades. Also there are many aftermarket upgrades that could be add to fit your style. It's a shame it was retired.

- Franco C

Solid vehicle great for a second family car.

It's a big, roomy vehicle. It rides almost like a truck. It's comfortable and can go over speed bumps and through bumpy roads comfortably. The trunk is HUGE! It makes it easy to go stock up on groceries at Sam's Club! It also has great crash test ratings. The worst part about it is the fuel mileage. I think it's around 17 MPG city/street combined. It's a heavy car with a good V8 but it has a lot of get up and go when you need it!

- Aline Z

It is an awesome car to own and drive.

I have the last year Ford made the crown Victoria. Bought it because I love the 8 cylinder engine, the comfort of seating, and the feeling of security having a larger vehicle is on roads where drivers are way too often distracted and driving on my side of the road. It has been reliable, solid, and has required only normal maintenance.

- Deb S

Police interceptor still has police numbers.

Overall the ford 2007 crown Victoria that I own is a great car. Recently the transmission began to slip and is causing problems but will be fixed soon. Used as a old police car it is very fast with a great engine. Good on gas. Spacious enough for me and the kids. Overall a reliable dependable car.

- Chan F

Big black is the name of my car and I really love interior.

My car goes up to 5 hours on a full tank, I feel that it is a great car, but it also have money problems, like for some reason my fuses keep blowing, makes my speedometer act funny, but other than that I really love my car, it has taken me from Georgia to new jersey with no problems.

- Joe M

Gas hog. Reliable. Great handling. Not good with gas miles.

Run and drives good but it is a gas hog. Handles well and always keep something heavy in the trunk in the winter. The back end slides a lot when the ground is wet. But a very reliable car. I need an air conditioner compressor for the car. My car is used first a cop car then a taxi.

- Des S

It has a black push bar, long, wide, vehicle. Blueish interior. Drives smooth.

My 2007 Ford crown Victoria, actually runs good. It's actually is wide and long. But the car itself, actually fast. I love how it goes over, rough patches in the road pretty smooth. I just don't feel like, it is a car for a women. Seems more like a manly car if you ask me.

- Margaret P

Retired police car gone rouge.

I drive a 07 crown vic police edition it is a amazing car with 350 hp with custom. Exhaust not issues but a amazing car with all the features you can expect with it an has all the power of a v8 an it can be a eye turner depending on how you mode the car to the public.

- Joshua R

Very fast, consuming, good fixer, spacious car.

Good car, very hefty for a vehicle. If you are looking for a car where its spacious, have lots of room, mileage on it is outstanding. Body is good. Easy to find body parts for car. Speed on it drives well. Good car, its known as it police car. Drives really fast.

- Chris S

Ford Crown Victoria review from high mileage owner.

The Ford Crown Victoria offers safety and reliability with speed and stability. Love the metal framing for extra safety, and I enjoy having a police-quality vehicle that I can rely on. Requires mild maintenance but is able to perform well even with high mileage.

- Jessica H

Wonderful car, great power, roomy and sleek. Only downside is some rust.

My car is a retired Police Interceptor, and I love it. It's roomy, and has GREAT power. My model is a flex fuel model, so it has the potential to save me money and the environment. My only problem is that it is starting to rust out around the wheel wells.

- Caryn C

Very smooth and reliable ride.

The 2007 Ford Crown Victoria is a great car. The car is also very reliable. I have no major complaints. The only minor complaint is a squeaking issues when you press on the brakes. The ride is smooth, it is very roomy, and the air condition is spot on!

- Hannah B

Well it is a basic gs model but it rides like a top model.

I actually own a 2008 mercury grand marquis and love it and for its year it looks fantastic rides great service issues have been maintenance issues only I did have was the traction control light did stick when it was really icy.

- Stephen N

It's reliable! It will run forever and ever if It's not cared for.

I absolutely love my current crown victoria, it is the fifth one i've had in my time owning cars. It is great on gas and my husband can remove everything under the hood and put it back better ;) Our favorite vehicle for sure.

- Veronica A

Drives smooth. I mean it is probably a car that most wouldn't be that interested in at first glance but it rides really smooth

I have had it for about three years and only this year have a had to do a major repair. There was a transmission sensor that went bad. When I got it there was already 70,000 miles on it so I don't think that's bad

- Michaela F

I love it! It rides well and is easy to transport people around.

I like the size - especially when transporting older people around. It has a great trunk for walkers and wheelchairs (and camping gear). My only complaint is the gas mileage isn't as high as I'd like.

- Bambi H

We believe there are no other cars built like this one.

My car has been the most reliable car we have ever owned. It is so comfort and quiet on a trip. We have only had to have routine maintenance such as regular oil changes and tires. It is a great car.

- Mary P

Most dependable vehicle for the price!

This is the most reliable car I have ever used. It's large and sturdy and very dependable. I never had an issue with any aspect of the car. Just need to do general maintenance and it keeps going

- Josef B

I like the added horsepower in the engine

i like the crown Victoria because its reliable,drives smooth and doesn't have a lot of problems.we have the police interceptor package with ours and the engine is even better

- lynda t

The truck is nice and rides good.

The engine to the truck is currently broken. . . It is in the shop getting fixed. Before we knew what was wrong with the truck it was shaking and leaking some liquid.

- Kend L

While a more than ride it is not nor was it ever intended to be a sports car. The police model is a different animal altogether.

The car rides well, has been very dependable, is attractive to look at, has very heat and AC. Dislikes would be the very cheap hubcaps which damage easily.

- James C

Heavy, fast, spacious Gucci gang.

My white 2007 crown Victoria is a very good and very reliable car especial during the winter it also has a lot of customizable parts to make it your own.

- Juan D

It is well made so safer than a lot of these newer cars.

It is well made so I feel safe in it. I don't' like the electric windows or the way the heat/AC works. Both are made with cheap parts that don't last.

- Zanne H

dependable roomy vehicle.

Really reliable car. Is a gas guzzler. Love the giant trunk that holds a lot of groceries and a wagon for my daughter. I feel safe when driving in it.

- Luna P

It used to be an old cop car.

Has a loose front end. It is very reliable it gets us from a-b. It is very comfortable. There is a lot of room in the car. We have no cruise control.

- Shavon C

Crown Vic's are dangerous.

Catalytic converter goes out, the steering wheel locks up. It use to drive really good but it is an old police vehicle that takes forever to run.

- Makayla H

lasts a long time, smooth drive. Big enough for my family but not like a truck (suv).

i love a big car that has a smooth ride. I do not like suvs. i would love to have a new car but the ones that are made now are not what i want.

- janis c

Great long-term car for a family

No issues, it's the best car I've owned. It's comfortable, spacious, decent gas mileage for the size, and is incredibly dependable mechanically.

- Miranda B

Crown Vic is a good car. With a few exceptions.

It is a very reliable car. The only problem I have had is squeaky brakes. The airbag light comes on and the oil change light never goes off.

- Joel F

The AWD is amazing! It is an amazing and reliable car.

I love the AWD for our rough MN winters. The car is classy and elegant. Love the leather seats, the sunroof and the powerful engine!

- Marysia B

The most important thing about my car is that it a very comfortable ride.

I like how much space I have with a large car. I also like having a V8 engine. I do not like that my car doesn't have good gas mileage

- Joshua O

It is a comfortable car that gets good mileage

I like the comfort of the car. The large size makes me feel safer when driving. Also it is more comfortable to carry more passengers

- arthur b

The paint peels and the headliner is coming loose and those are common problems

It's a high powered car and has a big and powerful engine. High ground clearance. And it is reliable and has few mechanical issues

- Dororhy C

Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

It's a tough vehicle and gets me around safely. It's big but comfortable and has a following of which makes parts easy to find.

- Martin H

If you take care of this car, it will be crazy reliable.

It's reliable and safe. But it gets poor gas mileage. I got it because it was cheap. It's hard to haul things in a sedan.

- Sarah L

It's more rugged than standard model. It has a panel of steel in the doors to protect from impact.

Police Interceptor has heavy duty hoses, clamps, etc. so equipment is less likely to be replaced as standard build.

- RobertB B

It's A Classic 4 Door Sedan

It's large -can seat 6 people. Has large trunk, great for travel. Reliable V8 engine and nice features.

- Walter d

It's a Ford it'll last long

What I like about my Ford crown Vic is that I always wanted one. It's roomy and cool to ride.

- Deangelo y

It may be kind of ugly but is fast and has good handling.

Love the power that it has. It is not the best looking vehicle. Drives horribly in winter.

- Logan S

The car is the best one i have had. It gets me where i need to go

Its a crown victoria. i like the power it has. I dislike how much it eats gas.

- kevin b

Don't make this comfortable, worry free, very good car anymore.

Excellent pickup. Very comfortable. Large trunk. Relatively trouble free.


It is easy to care for, but don't bottom out or you will pay expensive repair cost.

I like the features that were included. I don't like how big the car is.

- Jamie M

It is a reliable full size sedan that will last a long time.

It is very roomy. The car rides great. The car also runs very well.

- Dale S

It's a Ford and it's long lasting. I like Ford cars

I like it's a Ford and it last long. I dislike I have to work on it

- Deangelo S

it's paid for and the only model I would ever buy

Best riding car I have ever had and least maintenance cost.

- Paul S

Safe and dependable car with heated seats, air conditioning, good radio, cd player cup holder

Is a 4 door mercury milan that is a good dependable car.

- Bruce L