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Comfy, quiet and fuel efficient compact SUV.

This car is perfect for those of us who love compact SUVs. It has an awesome infotainment system with a large touch screen. You can listen to podcasts, and just about anything you have on your smartphone. It has push button start and stop. The vehicle is quiet. We have had a cold winter and the heated seats have come in handy. I also like the way the heating/cooling systems works quickly to defrost windows and humidity from car. Now on the other hand, the space is limited. There really is not a trunk, more like a small storage space in the back. I keep an emergency kit and compartment bag in my truck and it takes up most of the space. I do not have room for many groceries. Also the car takes a while to get up speed on the highway. I commute daily on the highway and it takes a bit for the car to speed up to 60 mph. If you are looking for a fast car, this is not the car for you. However, it does have good highway miles for fuel efficiency. Also, the blind spot safety features on the side mirrors are great. Since it has a large screen, the rear camera is great for backing up into spaces. The driver seat is powered and adjustments are great for providing leg room and easy of reach for us short leg drivers. I enjoy my ford ecosport and can sit idly listening to music or just having some alone time while I wait for the kids to get out of school in the evenings. I feel safe and comfortable in the vehicle.

- Cookie M

I love my Ford Ecosport SUV, it is just my size. Lots of comfort when driving.

Smaller SUV an just my size. No problems so far. Reliable, comfortable with plenty of legroom. The Vehicle can started it from an app on your smartphone you can lock your doors and you can unlock your doors as well . The app provides vehicle information such as places. To eat, buy gas. Wipers start with rain. Easy to use climate controls, Adjustable steering wheel. Push button to start the suv. Rear parking aid. Easy to use cruise control. Easy to learn and use sync controls. Seats fold in the back to extend the trunk. Four wheel drive. The engine helps to reduce fuel consumption by automatically shutting off and restarting the engine is stopped. The engine starts when you release the brake.

- Noreen H

It has modern lines and is kind of trendy.

I upgraded the engine to the turbo and I cannot imagine driving it without it (it is still slightly underpowered despite the upgrade). After my oldest turned 18 I knew I wanted a compact 4wd/awd SUV and this fit the bill. It is basically my grocery hauler and majority of the time the only ones in the car are me and my 11 yr. It could accommodate my family of 4 (3 of us are over 18 yro) but not very comfortably for an extended period of time. I have not yet driven it in a heavy snow but so far the ecosport has met my expectations.

- Jessica T

Compact, more affordable four wheel drive.

The Ecosport, is a more compact alternative to the Edge. If you are looking for a car with four wheel drive on a budget, this is a great option. It surprisingly has more legroom, than its more expensive counterparts. A downside is the touch screen/ navigation can seem a little oversized, but this is made up for by its compatibility with your smartphone. Decent gas mileage, but has a strange feature where the engine momentarily shuts off when stopped for awhile. This saves gas, but can be unnerving.

- Jonathan S

Great safe ride! Handles well and comfortable.

Back seat is too small for an adult if the ones I the front are tall and the seat is pushed back. Drives well, easy to handle. Comfortable to ride in the front seats. Back seats are great for kids. The large monitor is awesome. Moonroof is fun. Back up camera is excellent. Safety features (lane change signal on mirror) is a great help. Drove it 600 miles and it did great except for going up a steep hill, the cruise control shut off because it could not keep up to that speed.

- Susan C

It is the perfect compact vehicle without being the smallest guy on the road.

This car is so comfortable. It is perfect for city driving. I didn't want a car, like I normally go for, as I hate being the little guy on the road. The Ecosport is perfect in the sense that it is bigger than a typical car but small enough you can maneuver around the city easily and parallel park with a breeze! The moon roof is perfect for summer driving, and it is got a good kick in the engine (always a must for me). Decent gas mileage as well!

- Autumn R

Great performance, handling and miles per gallon. Weak on comfort, space and storage. Recommended for a couple not a family.

Really surprised & disappointed by the difference in storage and legroom from the 2015 escape I previously had. Non aesthetically the car drives well, though it is lacking in the acceleration. That does not affect me but it has caused issues for my wife and her lead foot. Overall car performs very well, but take any family members on the test drive alone so you can be certain to comfortably fit in as a group.

- Edward C

It's 4 wheel drive and it's high off the ground. Great in bad weather so far

Drives nice but every other time I get out of the car and press lock one time about 30 seconds later sometimes the car horn goes off like he says f the doors is open or the hood and they are not. Dealership still can't fix after two months of reporting and two tries. Gas mileage only 22 mpg despite 23 to 28. Like that it is 4 wheel drive and raised high above ground great for going through flooding and snow

- Mark R

The new 2018 Ford that is a size down from the Escape.

Very comfortable, one size down from the Escape, easy driving, large GPS system that can be controlled by voice or by touch, it has a backup camera, blind spot to let you know if there is some in you blind spot. The one thing I do not like is the size of the gas tank. It only holds about 13 gallons of gas so you have to fill up more. You get less than 300 miles to a tank of gas.

- Deborah W

The Ecosport is small but packs a big punch!

This vehicle is compact yet so much room inside! I went from the Focus to Ecosport and I am happy! I have an 85 lb. Doberman who jumps right in the backseat and loves it! The touchscreen is amazing! You will not be disappointed in this vehicle! Gas mileage is great and the sunroof is an added bonus! I compared this to the Escape and you get a lot more for your money!

- Christina S

A small SUV with the same but similar to an escape.

Bought the car brand new and wasn't too keen on it since it was one of those 'I have to buy a car' type situations. Over the past month I have gotten adjusted to it and am liking it more and more. I like that it is not huge and but it is still an SUV. Both front seats adjust up and down manually and it has enough umph for me to get up and go.

- Kimberly V

Cuts off to save gas when you come to a stop.

Ecosport is great on gas, drives like a car, small enough to get in small parking areas. It is comfortable to ride in. Rear seats fold down with push of a button when you need to haul large things. You can hear texts while driving. Steering wheel buttons to make & receive calls. Lots of airbags. Have not had any problems.

- Barbara S

Smooth driving Spacious Comfortable for my baby.

My car is comfortable and rides smoothly. Its spacious for my little family. Does not require a lot of gasoline. Everything just works really smooth. My baby always falls asleep from how smooth it is. It's great for when I go food shopping. When I fill the tank it last me up to 2 weeks and it's great for most cars I know.

- Kimberly C

A smaller SUV that is great in the winter weather and provides a great ride.

The only main thing that I do not like about my vehicle is the gas mileage. I feel like I have to refill my tank all the time and it gets expensive and I found this ridiculous considering the word eco is in the title of the car name. I also do not like how it lacks get up and go unless you really floor the gas pedal.

- Taylor D

Ford Ecosport 18. White 2018 Ford Ecosport great on gas mileage and technology.

The Ford Ecosport performance is excellent runs smoothly. Technology within the car is great. Features keyless entry to car, handsfree set helps with navigation and you can Bluetooth your cellular device, offers charging ports for passengers are easily accessible. Great gas and also features heating for seats.

- Kayla D

I think ford was very creative when building this car.

Almost every time I walk away from my car after locking it, the car alarm goes off. Also, while I am driving, every 5 minutes or so, the car shuts off and back on. Other than that, it drives smoothly and it is good on gas and the size is very convenient and I think ford was creative when building this car.

- Jessica B

Overall a fun and safe car to drive.

My car drives very well. Very comfortable. Awesome features including easy navigation, heated seats and sunroof. Cons, the gas mileage and back seat is cramped for passengers. Auto start/stop feature is annoying because it is noticeable. Does not speed as fast as other cars on hills or freeway entrance.

- Mani M

Very great vehicle. I would recommend this if you're looking for a first time car.

I love this car. Very easy to drive and very versatile. Small and convenient when driving. Easily maneuverability along with easy handling. Rear view camera and sensors helpful. Easy turning of the steering wheel and very useful information. Helpful tools installed and electronic application compatible.

- Dan B

New Ecosport is a fantastic car for small families or the single person.

Problems: auto start-stop is finicky at times (I. E stopping very abruptly or restarting too soon. ). Performance: excellent mpg. Reliability: extremely reliable. Comfort: small but still comfortable. Features: auto start-stop technology, sport mode of driving, electric powered seats, moonroof.

- Allison G

My Ecosport is almost perfect.

I do not have any problems with my vehicle except that every once in a while the air conditioning fan makes a loud noise. I never know when that will happen. I also need front wheel mud flaps since water splashes on the side of my car when I drive through a puddle even at slow speeds.

- Terri T

Small but mighty 1st year model SUV.

Loving this small but not too small SUV. It gets great gas mileage, and is comfortable for long (12 hours) trips, as well as the short local stop and go driving. There's plenty of storage in the back with a side opening door. The back seat easily seats 2 adults with plenty of legroom.

- Mary C

Awesome clean dependable good prices vehicle.

It is a nice vehicle. It has good cold air and tires. Also get good gas mileage. It has a lot of room and wasn't real expensive. It has cruise control, adjustable seats, and tinted windows. It has a good radio system also. There is a lot of room for my kids, family and friends.

- Christina V

My car is a nice white color with tan interior.

My 2018 Ford Ecosport is great. It has the best touch screen display I have had in a car before. I love driving it because of the great four wheel drive it comes with. I also like how good gas mileage is. The sun roof is great too and let’s in a good amount of bright light.

- Nick G

It is wonderful. I had a plug in hybrid which I loved for the gas savings but needed to have more cargo space and 4 wheel drive.

I love this car/compact SUV. It is comfortable. It looks sleek and sporty. There is decent cargo space and has 4 wheel drive. There are 2 things I would change, a locked gas access door and a lock in the back gate to lock the vehicle after unloading groceries, etc.

- Mary B

Great vehicle to have, very reliable.

I have had my 2004 Ford van since new and the only major problem I had was the transmission went on me. I had never had any major problems just oil changes and the usually regular things to do. This vehicle has been great to have and I would recommend it to all.

- Ronald K

Nice little vehicle perfect for getting around in bad weather.

The back seat and cargo area are a little small. It would be nice to have a little more room. The thing I really love about lit us the AWD.The AWD is great in the snow. I had no problems getting around in bad weather. Walk around it is a nice little while.

- Lori W

Great vehicle with excellent features.

I love my vehicle. The features in the car are great! The best part(for me) is the rear view camera. Normally, on other makes, the screen is smaller. On the ecosport, the camera is crystal clear! I also like seeing all the notifications on the dashboard.

- Rhiannon C

The features that you get with the Eco Sport do depend on the model that you get. It is a great car for everything from Shopping to Traveling with the family.

My vehicle is great it comes with Navigation, Heated Seat, Satellite radio, I can even set up WiFi for the car. It lets you know if there is someone beside you while driving in case you plan to move to another lane. It is a great car at a great price.

- Chavonne S

Resale value and safety features.

It has less space in the back than I would like, but I knew that before buying. Easy car to drive on long road trips. Good gas mileage. Hard to get used to the car powering down when you are at a light. Understand the reasoning behind it though.

- Sharon K

It drives really well and the interior is spacious.

I like the features it has inside of it such as personalized lighting and the touch screen. I am not a big fan of where the air conditioning controls are because they require concentration to access which makes it sort of unsafe when driving.

- Victoria S

Perfect for a small SUV! Fits my family perfectly!

I like that even though the vehicle is smaller, it is still very spacious inside. I like that it is smaller and allows for easier parking, especially when on-street parking is the only available option. It's very quiet and efficient on gas.

- Monica B

I love that it is a small SUV and the Ecosport has an Ecoboost engine that stops when braking and restarts when foot lifted off the brake, good for fuel economy. I love how it looks and being a short person, it gives me a great, high view of the road!

Only issue I have is with learning how to use the trip odometer, should not be that difficult! I prefer an easier format than the one supplied in the owner's manual. I will have the dealer show me, I learn better by showing after reading.

- Eleanor D

It offers great gas mileage and is awesome on the interstate.

Excellent for both town and travel, back roads and interstates. Plenty of room in the backseat, with a small covered cargo area in back. Easy to park, great gas mileage. I recommend this vehicle for both singles and small families.

- Mary C

It is fun to drive ,it was very easy to get used to all the new bells and whistles since my old car was 15 years old with a key and camera.

It is a crossover vehicle that has been fun to drive. It has great pick up and has been great to get used to. It has great air conditioning in this hot weather. The only bad thing is that the gas mileage could be a bit better.

- Patricia D

Small SUV with great gas mileage!

Excellent gas mileage on this smaller sized crossover. The room in the backseat is pretty limited though. However if you are looking for a smaller vehicle it is an excellent value with great gas mileage.

- Ashley H

There is no CD player. This vehicle is strictly Bluetooth or USB

My 2018 Ford Ecosport is absolutely awesome. I love the touch screen radio! It has a backup camera. I also like how when I am at a red light my vehicle silently idles. Highly recommend this vehicle

- Anna G

Helpful screen and keeps track of how many miles left before it's completely empty

I like the screen that can hook up to my phone. It drives really well. The chair is a bit uncomfortable, I feel like it curves so either I'm pressing my neck down or I have to lean back really far.

- Brent M

It's a gas friendly vehicle that is stylish and rides well.

I like that it has the start/stop technology. Also, it gets pretty good gas mileage for an SUV. I do wish that it were larger, though. I don't have a lot of space to store things for the baby.

- Cortnee C

Smaller SUV perfect for those who'd like a little more space than a sedan, but not quite as big as a SUV.

4 door, 4wd, small SUV. It's a good size to transport people and objects. It's mileage is pretty good. It has built in navigation and bluetooth. I wish the gas mileage was a little better.

- Denise B

It has mood lighting! I have mine set to purple.

It is a nice little car. 4 wheel drive is awesome, it automatically shifts into 4 wheel. I like the way that the tailgate opens but, I do not like back window, it's a dust collector.

- Mary ellen W

A machine built for driving

It's a really great car for safety but can really suck a lotta gas money from your wallet not entirely fuel efficient. Rides smooth like butter on bread on the highway and backroads.

- Cally V

It is easy to drive and turns on a dime.

I like that it is a small SUV. Do not like the gas mileage. You would think that the manufacturer would make sure the gas mileage is more than 21 miles per gallon.

- Deborah W

It is real, real, real trash.

I like how moist my car is as I wrap my cold hard bulging hand around the grip of the steering wheel. Oh, so juicy. The gasoline I pump into my car is so yummy.

- John P

Great car bad customer service.

The only issue I have is that they don't give you a spare and to buy a rim and tire takes weeks on back order. Ford does not have good customer service at all.

- Michelle K

The car is too small. Do not buy this vehicle, worst one we have ever owned.

It is too small, it is not comfortable. The dealership overcharged 10k on it and we are now upside down. Been trying to get rid of it for 3 months now.

- Katie F

I worked hard to get it and really can't afford it so will be working hard to pay for it too. lol

I just got it 2 weeks ago and am still learning it. Rides nicely... wish it had heated seats and Sirius satellite but it is good so far on other stuff

- Pam C

Value for Money and a Fun Package

It is a reliable, peppy and energetic car with enough space for everyone. It has good interiors with adequate entertainment systems for a fun ride.

- Yash T

It's a very nice truck to have as it can be used for carrying large things.

It drives me from home to work and other places when and where I need to go, it's a fun truck and I may end up buying another truck in the future.

- Sowebat S

Perfect ride if you want an SUV that is not too large but has the same performance. Better gas mileage than the large SUV.

Smaller suv and is the perfect size for me. Lots of room for comfort. Could be better on gas. Performance is an 8 on a scale from 1 to 10.

- Noreen H

Comfortable seats, good gas mileage, spacious interior for a smaller car.

I like the height of the car. I like the navigation system. I like the hands free sync. I dislike how small the gas tank is for the car.

- Megan P

its reliability and performance, are the main reasons

It is an excellent vehicle, I have not had any problems, I love it, it is very comfortable and spacious, we recommend it to anyone.

- Evan e

Quality of Ford manufacturing. The excellence in service and the incentives for purchasing are great

I Love the options offered that came standard on the car. Great service from the dealership. Priced right for a fully loaded car

- Jackie M

It is very economical in these times of high gas prices.

It is a cool smaller version of the Escape I used to have. It is good on gas. And saves gas by cutting of the engine at stops.

- Scott B

Brand new. Economically friendly

Ford of Franklin hooked me up with one of the best ford ecosports. I really love my vehicle and the fact that it's brand new .

- Christine J

You don't have to have the key in the ignition for it to start.

No complaints. I love the way the car handles on the road. The big screen on the dash makes using the bells and whistles easy.

- Tina W

2018 Ford Ecosport SE 4WD

My Ecosport Se is perfect for me.It can turn on a dime,the pick up is just unexplainable. It's not showy,but that's my style

- Mary T

It is a very nice size for a petite woman like myself. I love the big screen on it for backing and navigation.

There is nothing I dislike about. If I were to improve anything it would be making the leg room in the back a bit bigger.

- terry g

Great Size and Features Galore

I like the size of the vehicle and the ride of this vehicle. I like the display and all the features this vehicle has.

- Lisa R

Really cool Ford EcoSport

I like the car's reliability and fuel economy. It helps me get where I need to go. I would really recommend this car.

- Kyle K

has fantastic infotainment options

it's a very useful compact car has fantastic infotainment options it is of economic maintenance good rear -seat space

- daniel w

It has a high safety rating.

I like that the vehicle is sporty and has 4 wheel drive. I do not like that the back seat is smallish for passengers.

- Judy W

It is a small sports utility vehicle.

I have only had my vehicle a couple of months and broke my foot right after I got it so haven't driven it that much.

- Susan F

It's somewhat compact, and fits about anywhere really.

I love my Ecosport. It's an awesome vehicle. Is it tall, robust and trustful. Never had any major problems with it.

- Thiago P

It gets great gas mileage when traveling between 50 to 60 mph at a steady pace.

I like the gas mileage, which is excellent. I do wish it had more storage space but we can survive with it for now.

- Judy F

It's a compact SUV that is 4 wheel drive.

I haven't had it that long yet, but it seems to be great driving and has some nice features for safety and economy.

- Christie B

very reliable car works every day

is a very good car and the gasoline last long time so I recommend this for the people who is looking for a new car

- Marc B

It doesn't get the good gas mileage that it advertises or says on the sticker.

I like the price I negotiated. It doesn't have good pick up. I feel the gas mileage that was advertised is false.

- cathy d

Eco sports are a great combination of SUV and compact!

The car is comfortable and easy to handle. The room for carting things is ample. The mileage is good.

- Richard R

That's it's eco friendly. It's an American made car as well.

I love that's it's eco friendly and right for the environment. There is nothing I don't like about it.

- Terrence L

Very reliable, I never worry about being left stranded.

Very reliable, low maintenance, easy handling, looks good and moves my family down the road, safely.

- Kim C

The EcoBoost takes a bit to get use to, and the push to start us a bit picky

Love the side door trunk. Warning system is a bit frustrating I did not need the moon roof

- Sarah C

The car is extremely environmentally friendly. Even though it's an SUV, it is great on gas mileage.

The only thing i dislike about the vehicle is that it turns off randomly while driving

- katie h

It is great on gas. very compact so driving around is much easier. very comfy inside

great on gas, compact. Dislike the trunk size. wish it was a little bigger

- shelly S

It is much more comfortable, and the engine is excellent

The car is one of the best established in the market thanks to the brand

- William E

It has All wheel drive, and usb plugs and sunroof

Small, all wheel drive, phone apps, sunroof, wheels, color

- Nancy J

Very good on fuel mileage. It is a very user-friendly vehicle that helps you to be hands-free.

Easy on fuel. Smooth ride. Stylish car. I love my new car.

- Candice B

it gives me the necessary security

I really like this car, it's light and very comfortable

- Bradley M

One thing that people should know about my car is that it not going to be the Same as yours

It's the perfect vehicle in my personal opinion

- John D

It's a good SUV for the money we really love it.

- Randy S